Worthless Regression Chapter 110

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Lee Seong-min opened his eyes in a drowsy sensation. Because it was a familiar feeling, Lee Seong-min easily realized what was happening.


This isn’t my first time having a lucid dream. When he underwent the dream trial at Mt. Mushi, Lee Seong-min had many lucid dreams in his nightmares. The dreams I had back then were so terrible that I shudder even thinking about them now. When you say a lucid dream, you would expect the dream to change as desired, but the lucid dream that Seongmin Lee experienced was not such a convenient thing.

So I didn’t have any expectations this time either. Seongmin Lee got up and looked around.

“Are you awake?”

voice. Seongmin Lee was not surprised and looked in the direction from which the sound came. It’s different from a nightmare. It’s different from an ordinary dream. In a sensuous sense, it resembled the mental world entered through Denir’s power.

The owner of the voice was Heo Joo.

He had a shaking spirit as his body. There were no eyes, nose or mouth where his face should be. His whole body was like that.

“Why are you looking like that?”

“Do you want to see my real face?”

Heoju asked while laughing. Lee Seong-min wondered why Heo Joo was in his dream, but he first nodded his head. At those words, the spiritual power that made up Heoju’s body swelled greatly. Eventually it became bone and then flesh. Heo Joo became a giant with broad shoulders and a head taller than Lee Seong-min. His hands were big enough to crush a head in his hands.

“You look more human than I thought.”

Lee Seong-min commented like that in a calm voice. Since it was called a great youkai, I imagined it to be an ugly monster with horns, teeth, and claws. When I first saw Heoju, his appearance was not much different from that of a human, except that he was taller and larger.

“Because monsters resemble humans. “If I had to classify it, youkai are not monsters but demi-humans.”

“Like an orc?”

“Don’t compare yourself to those lowly bastards.”

Heoju grumbled and waved his arms.

“It’s not real, but it feels good to have a body for the first time in a long time.”

“Why are you here?”

“I tried it as a test. By lending my strength to you, I became spiritually connected to you. So I tried to see if I could do it… I can interfere with your dreams while you’re asleep. Although he had no control over his body.”

“I guess I gave it a try.”

“Because it was a good opportunity. But I failed. Even my strength couldn’t break through your little protection. I couldn’t break through your mental power in Sleeping Forest… This time, I was pushed aside by a force other than my spirit.

“No decent being would be able to take control of your mind.”

There was something to point out. Frescan’s mental magic could not pierce Lee Seong-min’s protection.

“so. Are you done with your business? In that case, I would like you to leave. “I’m tired and want to sleep.”

“There are a few things I’d like to ask.”

Come here. Heo Joo gestured to Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min frowned, but came closer to Heo Joo.


“Didn’t I tell you? “There are a few things I want to ask you.”

“So what is it?”

“You guy. “What are you doing?”

Heoju immediately asked a question.

“When I lent my magic power to you. At that time, I had a strong spiritual connection with you and was able to receive some of your emotions. That’s the feeling you felt when you fought that half-pin monster. And your feelings after that when you faced that woman who didn’t seem like a human being.”

“You read whatever you want.”

“I just felt it. “That’s something I can’t do.”

“What exactly do you want to hear?”

“What have you been doing all this time? And the relationship between you and that girl. “What you want to do in the future.”

“There are so many things you want to hear. “Why do I have to tell you that?”

“I’m going to be spending a lot of time with you, so there’s no harm in getting to know each other, right? And you owe me.”


“If I hadn’t helped you, you would have died fighting that Banpoon.”

know. If Heo Joo hadn’t added his strength at that time, Lee Seong-min wouldn’t have been able to handle Wi Ji-ho-yeon’s doppelganger. The limit to the Gucheonmugeukchang that Lee Seong-min can perform with this body is up to Sacheon Guryongsalsaeng, and the limit to Muyeongtalhon is up to Samshikin Lee Bogeopsal. Although I know martial arts beyond that and have experience practicing them in the mental world, I was unable to fully demonstrate them with my current body.

In fact, it was nonsense. Lee Seong-min’s body is that of a complete, transcendent warrior who has undergone a complete metamorphosis. No matter how excellent martial arts Gucheonmugeukchang and Muyeongtalhon are, there is no way that it would be impossible to perform them with a transcendent body.

It’s not that there is a lack of endurance. Lee Seong-min’s skill level is rather high compared to other experts.

The reason it cannot be displayed is because the level of martial arts that Seong-min Lee ‘remembers’ is high rather than the level of martial arts. Because the level of martial arts that Shim Deuk experienced was so high, his body could not keep up. When receiving assistance from magical power, he was able to unfold the six-pointed sword of the Nine Heavenly Demonic Spear, but if he tried to unfold the empty sword with his current body, he would not be able to unfold it properly.

“… “Didn’t you say you helped me because you liked me?”

“That is also true. “Aren’t you going to tell me gently?”

“Let’s talk about something.”

“Are you embarrassed?”

“There is a little bit of that too.”

“young. It’s expensive too. Boy, do you know? “You have a problem.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You selfish bastard who only wants to listen to your own questions. “If you want to know, tell me what this old man is curious about.”

Heoju threatened. Lee Seong-min looked at Heo Joo with a shocked expression on his face. Actually, it wasn’t that difficult to tell Heoju the questions he was asking. I just don’t feel like it. However, I was concerned about the ‘problem’ mentioned by Heoju, which I couldn’t ignore. Seongmin Lee let out a short sigh and opened his mouth.

Since Heo Joo knew that Lee Seong-min had died and returned anyway, there was nothing to hide. Lee Seong-min told Heo Joo many stories. He met with Weezy Hoenn in Xenavis, and somehow became entangled with Weezy Hoenn, and what promises they made. And then he met Baek So-go on the mountain of Mushi, and after training, he came down from the mountain of Mushi. What happened in Behenger. Frescan and the Black Heart, Aine. Training in Shaolin and volcanoes… Even Denir.

Because the story was long, He Ju sat on the floor and listened to it. Heo Joo, who had been listening to the story with his arms crossed and a somber expression on his face, opened his mouth as soon as Lee Seong-min finished speaking.

“Why don’t you use magic?”

“… uh?”

Lee Seong-min’s eyes widened at Heo Joo’s sudden words. uh… As he trailed off, Lee Seong-min opened his status window.


I forgot. In the mountains of Mshi, Lee Seong-min learned several magics from Scarlett. Patig Recovery, Mind Cleaning, Strength, Haste. In fact, the reason Lee Seong-min was able to survive on Mushi’s Mountain was because of the support of those four magics.

“I sense magic from you. “I don’t know exactly what magic I learned.”

“… “A few auxiliary spells.”

“Is it some type of buff?”

“There’s that too…” ”

“You idiot. After learning those things, why don’t you use them? “If I use martial arts and magic together, will I get a disease?”



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Heo Joo scolded bitterly. Seongmin Lee had nothing to say so he kept his mouth shut. When was the last time you used magic? In my training in the spirit world, I only used martial arts, and as I retained those memories, I forgot the existence of magic.

“If you combine attack magic with martial arts, you may become an idiot who can’t use either one properly, but if you use auxiliary magic, you can use it in parallel with martial arts. “Have you tried it?”

“A long time ago… ”

“You idiot.”

Heoju chuckled. Then he suddenly got up.

“Well, let’s say that’s true. “I quite liked you.”

“… why?”

“I like honest idiots.”

Heoju smiled, showing his teeth.

“I’m telling you frankly. Even if one more year passes, it is impossible for you to stand in the same position as that woman called Wijihoyeon and Socheonmani.”

“I know.”

“God’s trials are tricky. You practiced for 2100 years in the spirit world? Tsk tsk! Somehow, you used martial arts skills that exceeded your talents… What you lack in talent, you make up for with tremendous time. “It’s funny that after 2,100 years of this shit, that’s the best we can get.”

“Are you weak enough to be ignored?”

“I will admit that it is more powerful than human. “But it’s not enough to compare to those who have transcended humanity.”

Heoju declared and spat out.

“That girl is transcending humanity. If you really want to become that girl’s equal, you should become like that too. “It is not enough to say that we bring the martial arts of the spirit world as it is.”

“… “There’s nothing we can do about it.”

“There are many ways to become non-human.”

Heo Ju narrowed his eyes and looked at Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min tilted his head as he looked at those knowing, seemingly unknown gazes.

“The easiest way is to become a vampire. Or maybe it’s Lycan Slope. They are the most common people who are both human and non-human. “The method is not difficult.”

“I don’t want to do that.”

When Lee Seong-min heard the word “vampire,” he thought of a sword demon. It wasn’t a very good memory.

“Are you stubborn about wanting to remain human?”

“It’s not like that. “I just don’t feel the need for it.”

“haha! I don’t recommend it either. The hierarchical relationship between vampires and lycan slopes is absolute. If you become a vampire, you will never be able to disobey the mother who turned you into a vampire. “It also creates annoying restrictions.”

“What do you want to say?”

“There is a way to become a monster.”

Heo Joo’s eyes lit up.

“Yokai is a being that belongs to both monsters and demi-humans. “Some humans turn into monsters, some are just born, and some are born when a monster and a monster mix together.”

“… “Are you asking me to become a youkai?”

“It’s just one of the ways. Haven’t you experienced this magic too? In the first place, your heart belongs to a monster, not a human. “If I focus on that and mutate with my magical power, I could become a very interesting being.”

Heoju said with confidence. But Lee Seong-min was not so reluctant. He had lived as a human until now, so it was natural that he could not easily accept the idea of ​​suddenly becoming a monster instead of a human. Heo Joo chuckled as he looked at Lee Sung Min’s expression.

“what. There is a way to do that. I’m letting you know because I like you. And know that this is not a bad opportunity. “Because I am receiving this old man’s grace.”

After leaving those words, Heo Ju turned into fog and disappeared. Seongmin Lee felt his dream close and sighed.

“He comes into someone else’s dream at will, says what he wants to say, and then disappears.”

When he grumbled like that, Lee Seong-min’s consciousness drifted away.

I opened my eyes to the sound of birds chirping. Seongmin Lee pushed away the blanket covering his body with his hand. When I heard the sound of breathing nearby, I looked down and saw Luvia curled up and sleeping under the bed.

“I forgot.”

Lee Seong-min stood up while muttering that. He picked up Luvia’s body and placed it on the bed. Perhaps because she was half asleep, Luvia only made the sound of her wheezing breath but did not open her eyes. The window with Heoju in it, erected nearby, hummed.

[What are you going to do today?]

‘My body hasn’t fully recovered yet.’

Even though I drank the potion one after another, my body still had many problems. Seongmin Lee ignored his frustration and sat down on the floor. Then, he took out the split half of the great hwandan and the magic stone from the subspace pocket.

Heoju had said that eating it would not cause any major problems. Seongmin Lee first put half of the Daehwandan in his mouth. The internal energy was accumulated in the Danjeon without any trace of fortune. The Danjeon had grown significantly compared to a few days ago. It was natural since I had taken Daehwandan, the best arcane elixir of Shaolin. Seongmin Lee checked the size of the Danjeon and absorbed the magic stone.

‘I understand why you’re rolling your eyes at the dungeon.’

After confirming the increase in power due to the magic stone, Lee Seong-min stuck out his tongue. Lee Seong-min is not particularly concerned about the benefits of magic stones, but it was amazing to receive an immediate increase in strength without any refining process. The amount of internal strength that Maseok improved was not much lower than that of Daehwandan. Not only can you obtain such efficient magic stones, but you can also obtain Orichalcon of such purity that even a meister blacksmith would turn a blind eye, so it was natural for many people to wander around the dungeon in search of it.

‘Now that I think about it, there were eighteen dragons.’

Lee Seong-min took out the secret card of Xiangryong 18jang from the subspace pocket. How should I dispose of this? I thought about selling it through Erebrisa, but I didn’t think I could get a very good price because there was a precedent for Hundred Treasures.

‘Should I bring it to the open area?’

Of course not right away. First, you must receive information related to Baeksogo and Heoju requested through Erebrisa. Then we had to chase Frescan, and ‘we had to go north too.’

There is also something to see in the north, which the spirit that dwells in Bulyeong said. Since we had to go until winter, we still had some time to spare, but we didn’t have time to stop by the opening.

Seongmin Lee used Jahashingong and entered into a state of fortune. Meanwhile, Seongmin Lee became aware of the existence of a strange power at the bottom of the Danjeon. The power that remained alone and not mixed with internal energy was a magical power.

‘What is this again?’

Lee Seong-min stopped eating fortune telling and spoke to Heo Joo. Heoju answered those words with his displeased face.

[These are my remnants. It is a trace of a spiritual connection between you and I.]

‘It’s annoying. ‘Can’t you clean it up?’

[Leave it alone.]

‘Isn’t this magical power having a negative effect on me?’

[You have a monster’s heart stuck in your body, but you’re worried about trivial things. There is no problem, so leave it alone.]

In response to Heo Joo’s answer, Lee Seong-min nodded his head while savoring his appetite. Lee Seong-min entered a trance while immersing himself in his own work. With each breath, an enormous amount of internal energy enveloped Lee Seong-min’s body, and the purple energy of the self-made energy floated around him.

When I opened my eyes, it was already noon.


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