Worthless Regression Chapter 112

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After hearing the information, Seongmin Lee crumbled the crystal ball that had turned gray. As the powder fluttered in the wind, Lee Seong-min fell into thought.

Baek Sogo is alive. He knew about it because he heard it from an old beggar, but he received certain information from Ere Brisa.

‘Your sister-in-law left the Murim Alliance?’

It was said that the withdrawal itself was sudden. Baek So-go, who declared withdrawal from the Murim League, said he was leaving the city of Kron and heading south. Eria is so large that it was impossible to know exactly where you were going just by looking at the direction, but if you head south from where Cron is…

‘You’re worried about me.’

The distance from the crone to the dungeon is very long. It seems that he was able to instantly teleport to Cron using a scroll from the dungeon, but it takes several months to get from Cron to the dungeon using the normal method. Even if we assume that Baek Sogo reduces the time he eats and sleeps and drinks the energy recovery potion like water to expand his energy, it will take more than a month.

“Is it possible to send a letter to Muk Shin-gwang?”

“It’s not difficult.”

Nevel nodded his head and answered. Looking at the nebulae that appeared no matter where they were, the concept of ‘distance’ did not seem to be that important to the brokers of Erebrisa.

“Is it impossible to transport me to where the ink flash is?”

“That is impossible.”

It was a question I asked just in case, but as expected, Nevel shook his head.

“We are not restricted by space. But not member Seongmin Lee. “If you were to move through space in the same way as us, your body would be shattered because it would not be able to withstand the torrent between spaces.”

Nevel gave him advice with a serious face.

“I can get you a long-distance teleport stroller, but it’s not a very convenient tool. Usually, all you have to do is move to the specified coordinates. Moreover, such scrolls are very expensive. “The reason why teleportation scrolls are expensive is because they are based on the concept of purchasing ‘time’ to move.”

“… “Then what about letter delivery?”

“That’s no problem. “I just have to do it myself.”

Nevel shrugged his shoulders and answered. As Lee Seong-min heard those words, he had questions about the brokerage guild, Erebrisa, and the brokers belonging to it. Right now, people who are called intermediaries are able to move through space without any problem.

Even as Lee Sung-min, who is at the peak of his powers, Nevel’s strength cannot even be guessed.

“What on earth is Erebrisa?”

“It’s a brokerage guild.”

Nevel answered Lee Seong-min’s question without changing his expression. Even if she asked, it didn’t seem like she would give a proper answer.

“Can I get some paper and a pen?”

“I’ll give it to you.”

Nevel moved his hand. Eventually, he put his hand into the gap and took out a thin piece of paper and a pen.

“Are you lending it to me?”

“… “I’ll just give it to you.”

Lee Seong-min collapsed on the floor laughing. He put the nib to his paper and took a moment to gather his thoughts. What should I talk about? I’m fine so don’t worry?

I am sorry for having to tell you about your life and death through a letter like this.

I am okay. There were no injuries and he survived safely.

I am glad that my sister-in-law also survived. private residence. I don’t blame my sister-in-law. I went to that dungeon for my sister-in-law, and I hoped that she would live there.

So please don’t worry or feel guilty about me.

I am okay. It’s really okay.

After writing this far. Seongmin Lee stopped his pen. Can I tell Baek Sogo where I am going now? If you let them know, Baeksogo will come there due to his personality. Is it okay to leave it like that? The direction Seongmin Lee is heading to is north. There was no telling what other incidents and dangers might occur there.

at last.

Lee Seong-min did not inform Baek So-go of his destination. I want to meet Baek Sogo. He wanted to go on her journey with her. yet… He didn’t hear what he wanted to hear from Baek Sogo. You’ve increased a lot. You’ve become stronger. Words like that. Seongmin Lee put down his pen.


First you have to go north.

“you. “He was a great guy.”

After sending Nevel away, Seongmin Lee started moving again. As he combined light attack and haste, he tried to get used to the speed and handle it perfectly. He also made running a practice.

[Do you finally understand?]

Heoju said proudly. The information Nevel delivered also included information about Heo Ju.

Heoju was active more than 400 years ago. Heoju had existed before then, and Heoju was the monster leader who had reigned like a nightmare in the southern region of Eria.

“Even so, I lost my body and was sealed.”

[The number of pages the guy threw at me to seal me was in the tens of thousands. Wizards, warriors, knights, spiritists, etc. At that time, everyone who was doing it was trying to subdue me.]

“Why didn’t you run away?”

[Because I didn’t want to run away.]

Heoju’s response was quick.

“… “Is that all?”


“From what I heard, it seems like it was really great. Although he was not a king, he ruled like a real king in that area. “It is said that among the indigenous people in the south, there are still tribes that believe in you.”

[That’s what it means to be human. When you see wonders beyond understanding, embrace faith. Those who see lightning splitting the sky and call themselves gods are humans.]

Heo Joo’s voice as she said that was heartbreaking.

[If we get a chance someday, let’s go south. Because I said I would give you my treasure.]

“Where have all your men gone?”


Heoju answered. After that, He Ju did not speak any more. It seems that telling old stories wasn’t very pleasant. Lee Seong-min also had no intention of asking any more questions.

‘It’s the south.’

I’ve never been there. In fact, I hadn’t even been to the north, where I was heading now. But exactly where north should we go? When you think of the ‘North,’ what usually comes to mind is the big city of Trabia. Past Blood Heavenly Demon

It was a place where Baekmu-seon reigned, but when Wijihoyeon cut off Baekmu-seon’s arm, Travia became a place of conflict. Originally, the Blood Heavenly Demon was suppressing the places where the Madou were dominant, but as the Blood Heavenly Demon lost its power and was insulted, the Madou got out of control.

‘I heard there are not only martial people, but also black magicians. ‘I also wander around outside the country.’

Maybe you’ll meet Frescan there. Lee Seong-min actually hoped for that. In that case, he would be able to ask him about the Black Heart without having to go looking for Preskan.


The man’s appearance was strange and sudden. Baek Sogo stopped his running steps and took a deep breath. She gazed warily at Nevel, who was standing not far from her, and Nevel raised both his hands and spoke to Baek Sogo.

“I am not your enemy.”

“… Dragon?”



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Baek Sogo hesitated for a moment and then asked that question. At that question, Nevel opened her eyes blankly and immediately burst into laughter.

“This is my first time hearing such a misunderstanding!”

Nevel couldn’t suppress his laughter and burst into laughter. Even though Baek Sogo heard such laughter in front of him, he did not feel particularly embarrassed. In fact, his appearance was so surprising that Baek So-go misunderstood Nevel as a ‘dragon’.

The empty space split open and I walked out of there. It seemed to be of a different class from Teleport or Blink, which only archmages could use, and Baek Sogo was not even properly aware of Nevel’s existence and could not even glimpse its strength.

“ah… sorry. I laughed so hard. Dragon, dragon… okay. “You could misunderstand it that way.”

Nevel said that and approached Baek Sogo. As Nevel approached, Baek Sogo raised his self-defense flag, showing sharp hostility. But Nevel did not slow down his walking pace.

“Didn’t I tell you? I am not your enemy. just… “I’m just an errand boy.”

As Nevel said that, he put his hand into his bosom. What I took out from inside the suit jacket was a well-folded envelope.

“This is a letter from Seongmin Lee.”

“… yes?”

Baek Sogo’s expression suddenly changed.

“Lee Seong-min sent you a letter.”

I wanted to immediately reach out and snatch that letter. But Baek Sogo persevered. She took a deep breath and swallowed the threat she had raised. The white self-defense flags were scattered.

‘Even if they tried to take it by force… ‘Could it have been stolen?’

Baek Sogo always had such doubts. After Baek Sogo put her threat to rest, Nevel grinned at her and handed her her letter. After she handed Baeksogo her letter, Nevel disappeared through a gap in space just as she had appeared. Baek Sogo read her letter in silence for a while.

“… “He was alive.”

It’s a simple letter.

Even though he couldn’t completely believe it, Baek Sogo believed it. It was not a handwriting or anything like that, but the existence of the unknown Nevel, which became the foundation for the trust that Baek Sogo felt. Baek Sogo held his letter dearly and muttered in a low voice.

“I’m alive… “The priest is alive.”

At the end of the relief he felt deep in his heart, Baek Sogo felt a small question.

‘How did you come out alive?’

It was a natural question. Read the letter again. Where are you, where are you heading? It would have been nice if such a story had been written down. Baek Sogo stood up feeling sad.

‘If I were stronger… There would have been no need for the priest to step forward to buy time.’

Baek Sogo chewed his lower lip. The only priest I’ve seen in a few years has grown to an unbelievable level. When I saw him just a year ago, he had not even entered the Transcendence Level, but the priest he saw in the dungeon seemed to have skills equal to or better than Baek Sogo.

I decided where to go.

Baek Sogo got up from his slumped position. He folded the letter neatly and placed it in his arms. Looking at the place where the ‘mountain’ is, which is too far away to be seen from here. Baek So-go recalled the conversation she had with Lee Seong-min before breaking up.

The words that told me to run away.

“… “That’s what I should have done.”

Baek Sogo muttered that and headed towards Mushi Mountain.


Although Travia was the destination, there was no reason to rush. This is because there was still time until winter.

“This damn homeless person.”

Rubia made a complaining sound. Seongmin Lee was roasting game meat on her campfire when he heard Rubia complaining and glanced at her.

“You seem to have a lot of complaints.”

“If you’re going to sleep, it’s better under a roof and a better bed.”

“Has Envirus never been homeless?”

“The owner even lived in the open air nobly and elegantly. “He always built a wonderful house with his magic and slept there.”

“What a troublesome person you are.”

“What do you mean?”

“I sleep well even if I sleep on the floor in a place without a roof.”

Seongmin Lee answered like that and tore off the whole roasted rabbit leg and handed it to Rubia. Despite the many complaints, Luvia accepted what was handed to her. She carefully grabbed the rabbit’s leg, opened her mouth, and bit it.

“How long are you going to stay homeless?”

“Until we reach Trabia.”

“I’ve been homeless for a month so far. And it will take another three months to get from here to Trabia.”

“I know.”

“You want to stay homeless for three months?”

“I don’t think it will be difficult. “You can find food by hunting, and there is plenty of preserved food in the subspace pocket.”

“What else are you going to do with daily necessities?”

“There is a way.”

“How did someone like you become a member of Erebrisa?”

Luvia clicked her tongue and muttered. Lee Seong-min’s shoulders trembled at those words. He looked at Rubia as she narrowed her eyes.

“Did you know?”

“You didn’t even hide it in the first place, right?”

Rubia asked back. He had nothing to say to counter that statement. Because it was Lee Seong-min who called Nevel without paying attention to Rubia and Heo-ju.

[I know.]

Heoju hummed. He secretly thought so. Heoju didn’t show any surprise when he saw Nevel suddenly appear.

‘It looks like it has a surprisingly long history.’

As far as Heoju, who was active 400 years ago, knows, Erebrisa existed at that time as well.

‘Were you also a member of Erebrisa?’

[I received an offer, but I declined it.]

“… Is Envirus a member of Erebresa?”


Luvia answered with a lively voice. Seongmin Lee asked while staring at Luvia.

“What on earth is Erebrisa?”

Heoju and Rubia. It was a question for both of them.


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