The Reincarnated Assassin Is A Genius Swordsman Chapter 900

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Episode 901

‘That… .’ 

Raon’s lips trembled as he looked at Denier’s sparkling eyes. 

‘What does laughter mean?’ 

Denier’s smile was a color I had never seen before, even in my past and present lives. 

It felt like anticipation was building up, as if the time had finally come. It also felt like it was laughing, and it even gave off an empty feeling, like a doll acting out human emotions. 

“Lord Gwangpung Jeonju?” 

As I was chewing my lips, I heard the voice of Chad, the non-banquet owner. 


Raon hurriedly turned his eyes to look at Chad. 

“You need to go down now.” 

When I looked down at his hand, I saw that the windshield next to me had returned to its original position. 

The only people left on the podium were myself and Glenn. 

“… sorry.” 

Raon bowed his head to Glenn and Chad and then went down the podium. 

“Your Majesty, there are times when you get bruised too, right? “Have you been thinking about something from the past?” 

Dorian grinned, glad to have something to tease. 

“Staying blank is the best… .” 

Runaan said well done and patted his arm. 

“Now it’s not Daeju, it’s Jeonju. “It’s better to change things up from now on.” 

Buren nodded his chin at Raon, telling him to raise his title. 

“… .” 

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Dorian, Runaan, and Burren. 

‘Didn’t everyone see it?’ 

Seeing that all the Gwangpungdae swordsmen were smiling, it seemed like he was the only one who saw Denier’s bizarre expression. 


Raon just rolled his eyes and called Ras. 

-Of course I saw it. 

Ras did not betray his expectations and nodded slowly. 

-Desire, relief, and emptiness were mixed. Even this king does not know the identity of that person. 

The guy frowned, saying that just thinking about denier gave him a headache. 

‘Are you and I the only ones who saw it?’ 

-The smile itself was very short-lived, but since everyone here was looking at your sword, no one would have seen that guy’s expression. 

Lars nodded, saying it was natural that he couldn’t see it. 

‘I guess so.’ 

Since it was the moment when he expressed his feelings about becoming Jeonju and took a bow, he must have been the only person looking at Denier. 

“Then this concludes the promotion ceremony.” 

Glenn personally finished the promotion ceremony and turned his back. 


A frenzy! A frenzy! 

Raon! Raon! Raon! 

The Sieghart prosecutors and the audience once again gave applause and cheers to Raon and Gwangpungdae. 

“Gwangpung Jeonju.” 

When the cheering subsided, Glenn made a gesture and called out Raon. 

“Now that the Gwangpungdae has become the Gwangpungjeon, we need to build a building and a training hall suitable for it. “Do you have something in mind?” 

He nodded as if he could use any empty space. 

“Then, can we develop the road from Yeonmujang 5 to Bukmang Mountain?” 

5 Since the road leading from the training center to Bukmangsan Mountain is wide, it seemed that if the area was developed, a new building and training center could be built. 

“Are you saying that the 5th Training Center is being torn down and built?” 

“no. “I would like to leave Training Center 5 as is.” 

Raon shook his head resolutely. 

‘I want to leave it alone whether we use it or not.’ 

Rimmer cherished the place and memories to the extent that he set the safe’s password to 5-point range. 

I wanted to protect the 5th training camp until the day Sieghart disappeared. 

“Non-banquet owner. “Can you do it?” 

Glenn nodded slightly and called Chad. 

“I thought Gwangpungjeonju would say something like that, so I did some research in advance, and it seems like it’s enough to raise a new training center.” 

Chad smiled slightly, saying that there was quite a bit of space. 

“You did your research in advance?” 

“yes. “Jeonju values ​​memories.” 

He said he had expected it and bowed slightly. 

“… thank you.” 

Raon also looked at Chad and said hello. 

“no. “This is also our job.” 

Chad waved his hand with a calm expression. 

“Then I will go first. “There are a lot of places that need to receive blueprints.” 

He left the two people, pledging to create the best building possible. 

“It’s a little light, but it’s reliable in getting the job done. “There is a reason why I retired because I trusted the non-banquet owner of the previous generation.” 


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Glenn nodded, saying it would be good for young people to become friends. 

“yes. “I felt it too.” 

Raon nodded, looking at Chad’s back. 

‘At first I thought it was Karun’s three works, but it wasn’t.’ 

Chad’s words and actions were so kind and cautious that at first he thought it was Karun’s attempt to steal information from him. 

However, he was not on Karun’s side, but was completely neutral, and did his best as a non-banquet owner to the point where I felt sorry for doubting him. It seemed like he would have to apologize sooner or later. 

“Congratulations again.” 

Glenn said he had worked hard and patted his shoulder with a gentle hand. 

“thank you.” 

Raon bowed to Glenn and turned around. 


When I heard Glenn’s regretful voice and was about to turn around again, I heard rough footsteps in front of me. 




Sylvia and Edgar ran towards him with their arms spread wide, and Aris, with an open expression for the first time in a long time, called out that she was her nephew. 


Sia waved both hands and called him younger, as if imitating Aris’s nephew. 

“Ha, one by one… Ugh!” 

He told them to come one by one, but the four of them hugged themselves at the same time as if they were surrounding the criminal. 

“young master!” 


“I knew you could do it!” 

The maids, including Helen and Judiel, also had tears in their eyes as they said their congratulations. 

“Thank you. “It’s thanks to everyone’s help.” 

Raon bowed his head to his family and maids who had taken care of him since childhood so that he could be where he is today. 

“You did well.” 

“that’s right. What did we do… .” 

Sylvia and Helen shook their heads, saying it wasn’t them, but Raon didn’t back down from greeting them. 

“Yua and Julius did well too.” 

Sylvia sniffled as she hugged Yua and Julius, who were behind Raon. 

“that’s right. It must have been difficult to train while working at the annex… .” 

“You really had a hard time.” 

The maids also had tears in their eyes as they hugged Yua and Julius. 

“I was able to do it thanks to everyone’s help.” 

Julius shook his head with his nose turning red. 

“yes! “I’m kind of amazing!” 

On the other hand, Yua confidently placed her hands on her waist and lifted her chin. 

The two children’s contrasting appearances brought big smiles to the faces of the people in the annex. 

-After all, she is a pineapple girl! 

Lars nodded as if he liked it. 

-If you are the King’s servant, you must have such a confident appearance! It’s no fun to be humble like you! 

The guy grinned, saying there was a reason why Yua liked him. 

‘It looks good.’ 

Raon pushed Ras away, who mumbled that he had raised the child, and looked at the other Gwangpungdae swordsmen. 

“I am now the former leader… !” 

Runaan bowed his head loudly, saying that he had now become the leader of the Wild Wind War. 

“If you went from being a major leader to becoming a former leader, you missed out on promotion… .” 

Rokan, Runaan’s father and the head of the Slyon family, lowered his eyebrows as he asked if that was really true. 

“Just say it worked!” 

Runaan’s mother, Clara, slapped Lorcan on the back. 

“… .” 

“… .” 

Karun and Buren just looked at each other without saying anything. 

“Gwangpungdae has become Jeon, so you will probably become Bujeonju.” 

Karun narrowed his eyes and opened his lips first. 

“yes? “My, I want to drink Bujeonju?” 

Buren opened his mouth wide as if he didn’t understand. 

“It’s not that you’re great, there’s only you.” 

Karun raised his hand and pointed at Marta and Runaan. 

“ah… .” 

Burren swallowed his saliva after taking one look at the fierce Runaan and the fierce Marta. 

“Bujeonju is not a place to joke around behind Jeonju’s back. Rather, there will be many times when you will have to take on troublesome and difficult tasks instead of Jeonju, so you will need to be well prepared.” 

“yes… .” 

He answered, but wrinkled his nose as if he didn’t know how to prepare. 

“Follow me. “I won’t teach you, so you have to see and understand for yourself.” 

Karun clicked his tongue briefly and turned his back. 

“Oh, yes!” 

Burren followed behind Karun with a brighter smile than when he was promoted to former level. 

“Now you too will take the position of great lord.” 

The thief, whose face was red as if he had just had a drink, looked at Mark Goeten and waved his hand. 

“If that happens, I plan to refuse.” 

Mark Goeton shook his head resolutely. 

“You refuse?” 

“yes. I have never led anyone before. Since I was not part of the group at Gwangpungdae, I think it would be better to become a defender.” 

He clenched his fists, saying he wanted to fight in an independent position like now. 

“Well, maybe it’s not that bad. However, you do know that in order to protect the law, you must have confidence in your military power beyond that of Daeju and Danju, right?” 

Do-gae briefly shook his head and lowered his hand. 

“yes. So, I plan to focus only on training for a while.” 

Mark Goeten nodded, saying of course he knew. 

“Your eyes look better. good night. Follow me. “I will help you develop skills that will be worthy of the name of Gwangpungjeon Defense.” 

“Elder… .” 

“If you don’t like it, I’ll kick it out right away, so be prepared.” 

Dogoe left the bottle of alcohol with Mark Goeton and left the 5th training camp. 

“of course.” 

Mark Goeton followed behind, holding the bottle of liquor in his arms. 

“Oh thank you!” 

“gift? “These are supplies from the South, right?” 

“Hey, I didn’t do anything! “Our great lord did it all!” 

As expected, Dorian was surrounded by many people, receiving gifts and congratulatory greetings. 

Besides them, most of the Gwangpungdae prosecutors were having a happy time receiving congratulations from their family and friends. 

‘there… .’ 

Raon turned his attention to the two people with the warmest smiles. 

“From now on, call me Daeju! “The father and daughter are now the head of the household!” 

Marta proudly raised her chin in front of Denier. 

“then! “I should call you Lord, not just Lord!” 

Denier nodded, saying he would even use the honorific title. 

“At first, I wanted you to join our Hyeonmujeon, but now I can only say that your choice was right.” 

He erased his regret and smiled with eyes filled only with joy. 

“Honestly, there were many days when I wanted to give up, but I was able to do it because of the kids at Gwangpungdae and my father. thank you.” 

Instead of looking harsh as always, Martha lowered her head, revealing a slightly soft look in her eyes. 

“No, I was always happy thanks to you, too.” 

Denier gently reached out and hugged Marta. 

He smiled softly at Martha, and unlike when he showed it to himself, the smile was the very image of a kind father. 


Denier made eye contact with him and congratulated him in a low voice. It was definitely a calm voice, but strangely enough, it sent a chill down my spine. 

-This is a bit scary now… . 

Lars also sighed as if it was absurd. 

‘I don’t know.’ 

I couldn’t read Denier’s intentions and thoughts, either through my life as the assassin Raon or my life as Raon Sieghardt. 

It seemed like there was definitely something going on, but I was more frustrated because I couldn’t openly suspect or question it. 

‘Because I’ve never actually done anything suspicious or been caught.’ 

Although Denier has demonstrated incompetence, he has never acted suspiciously. 

He escaped the audit that Glenn personally conducted, and since he was an executive with better public sentiment than himself, it was impossible to openly doubt him. 


As he was biting his lip, a pure wind flowed from the requiem sword and enveloped him. As if she was telling me not to worry too much. 

‘… Yes.’ 

I nodded, feeling the cool and gentle breeze. 

‘We must make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again, Master.’ 

Raon clenched his fists, vowing not to lose anyone. 

*      *       * 

A bar in a busy back alley of Cameloon even though the sun has not set yet. 

Raon’s name was heard at the end of a bar crowded with rumors from all over the continent. 

“Did you hear that story?” 

A middle-aged man with black hair and eyebrows as thick as a caterpillar lowered his glass of beer and lifted his chin. 

“What story? “Are there one or two stories going around in Cameloon?” 

A muscular middle-aged man with red hair that looked like seaweed frowned. 

“Not those kind of rumors! “Raon Sieghardt!” 

A middle-aged man with black hair hit his beer glass violently. When he mentioned the name Raon, the noise in the bar became quiet for a moment. 

“Ah, you caught the Four Swords Demon? I heard it, but I have to believe it… .” 

The red-haired middle-aged man shook his head as he picked up a peanut and ate it. 

“Everyone knows that the usurper Raon Sieghart is strong, but the Four Swords Demon is different. It was a wall that had not been broken for decades. “You want me to believe that a kid who isn’t even 30 caught that?” 

He shook his head as if this wasn’t the case. 

“Soon the Four Swords Demon will come out and yell no.” 

“It’s not strange to think that way. Because I thought similarly. but… .” 

The black-haired middle-aged man tilted his upper body forward and shook his head. 

“Evidence about him is coming out one by one.” 


“okay. Raon Sieghardt, who returned to the family, was promoted from Daeju to Jeonju. There is no way a cold-hearted person like the King of Northern Destruction would reward false achievements with Jeonju.” 

He lowered his eyebrows, wondering if he knew Glenn’s personality well. 

“Well, that’s right… .” 

The red-haired man nodded. 

“There’s another one. The movement of the Four Black Lotus, headed by the Four Sword Demons, has completely stopped. “They said they don’t even receive taxes.” 


“okay. They said that the people who were gradually preparing for outdoor activities were locking the door and not coming out. “There is no reason to do that unless the leader is dead.” 

“Uhm… .” 

He blinked as if fascinated by the black-haired middle-aged man’s words. 

“The last reason is the Four Sword Demons and the Four Black Lotus.” 

“Four Sword Demon and Four Black Lotus?” 

“okay. Even among the Five Hwangma and Shinju Oryeong, the Four Sword Demons and the Four Black Lotus are very concerned about their rumors. If there was someone spreading false rumors, there were many cases where they went to him and beheaded him. but… .” 

The black-haired middle-aged man took a bite of the cold sausage and shook his head. 

“There is no response to this incident. “What do you think is the reason for staying quiet even though your reputation is plummeting to the ends of the earth?” 

“… Because it’s true?” 

“okay! “The Four Sword Demons were really killed by Raon Sieghart, so we can’t respond!” 

He nodded, saying it was clear that Raon had cut down the Four Swords Demon. 

“Besides, I also heard about the battle between Raon Sieghart and the Four Swords Demon.” 

“Well, how do you do that?” 

The red-haired middle-aged man widened his eyes. 

“This time I got the items from Sieghardt’s area. “The rumor has already spread there.” 

The black-haired middle-aged man took a long sip. 

“How did that happen… .” 

He was about to talk about the battle between Raon and the Four Sword Demons, but his eyes turned away. 

The bar, which had been noisy like a market place, became silent as if it had become a library, and all people’s eyes were turned in this direction. 

“Hmm! “I’m a little thirsty.” 

The black-haired middle-aged man cleared his throat and slightly shook his empty beer glass. 

As a man who loved gossip and gossip, he knew that this was his chance to win big. 


“Two beers over there!” 

“Two more drinks for me too!” 

“Bring me snacks too! “Hang it with my name!” 

“I’ll give you money! “Let’s get started!” 

The drinkers at the bar ordered drinks and snacks with their own money to listen to the story of the black-haired middle-aged man. Some people even threw money. 

“Huh! “Then let’s start again.” 

The black-haired middle-aged man took a gulp of the newly brought beer and grinned. 

“okay. Because I’m curious. “Say something quickly!” 

The red-haired middle-aged man trembled with curiosity as if he were filled with curiosity. 

“Actually, in order to strengthen the lost arm and morale, the Four Swords Demon sent his subordinates… .” 

I was so focused on his story that I couldn’t even hear the sound of ants passing inside the bar. 

However, this situation did not only occur in this bar. 

As Roen moved south, the stories he told were passed down through people’s mouths, and Raon’s story was naturally spreading throughout the continent. 

*      *       * 

[The entire continent was astonished by the feat you achieved.] 

[All abilities increase by 10 points.] 

[The level of the attribute <Flame that overcomes death> increases.] 

[The level of the attribute <Blade that Cuts Death> increases.] 

[The level of the attribute <Fraud Detection> increases.] 


Raon stopped swinging his sword and opened his eyes blankly. 

‘what’s this?’ 

I was just training in the training hall, when a reward message suddenly appeared. 

-What is this? 

Lars, who was happily taking a nap after eating beaded ice cream for dessert, suddenly woke up. 

-Why did the reward suddenly appear? 

Lars shook his chin, saying he couldn’t understand. 

‘The continent was astonished by my achievements…’ .’ 

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the first message. 

‘I guess it’s a reward I got because the rumor of catching the Four Swords Demon spread throughout the continent?’ 

In fact, since he himself still didn’t believe it, it was no wonder that the entire continent was surprised. Of course, I never thought that such a reward would come. 


Lars held his head and let out a groan. 

-What a damn system! It seems like he’s only thinking about how to harass the real king! 

The guy got angry and shook his head, saying he was going to leave. 

“hmm… .” 

Raon looked at the reward for a moment, then grabbed the Jecheon Sword again and performed Cheonreegong’s swordsmanship. 


Lars frowned as he looked at Raon. 

-Are you not happy? 

‘I’m happy.’ 

There was no way I wouldn’t be happy after getting such a reward. 

‘But even if there is such a reward, I must ultimately become stronger myself.’ 

It is true that you become stronger due to the system’s rewards, but it is meaningless if your own power is at a standstill. 

In order to protect everyone in the future fight, it was necessary to at least develop a military force capable of confronting anyone from Shinju Five Spirits. 

-Anyway, I said I liked it or not. 

Lars crossed his arms and snorted. Her lips were pouting, but her eyes showed joy. 

‘Because that’s right.’ 

Although he defeated the Four Swords Demon, he is still lacking a lot. Since he had no guarantee of defeating the five spirits of other divine beings, including Emperor Huigeuk, it was time for him to focus on training. 

Chiri ririn! 

As Raon was practicing his swordsmanship using Cheonreogong’s brain power, the door to the training hall opened and Chad, the non-banquet owner, came in. 

“Lord Gwangpung Jeonju.” 

Chad bowed to him, calling him a title he was still unfamiliar with. 

“Non-banquet owner.” 

Raon lowered the Jecheon Sword flowing with brain energy and bowed his head to Chad. 

“What brings you here?” 

“The head of the family has called the head of the house.” 

Chad lifted his lowered head. His eyes sank heavily. 

“It’s about the Black Tower.” 

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