The Reincarnated Assassin Is A Genius Swordsman Chapter 901

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Episode 902

“See you, matriarch.” 

Raon climbed onto the red carpet of the throne room and knelt down. 

“Get up.” 

Glenn waved his hand, saying there was no need to say too much. 

-Does that old man like greetings? Do you hate it? 

Lars wrinkled his nose and said, “If you don’t like being greeted, don’t do it in the first place.” 

“… yes.” 

Raon straightened his back awkwardly and approached the podium where Glenn was sitting. 

“I heard you called me.” 


Glenn lifted the finger he had placed on the armrest of the throne. 

The golden chair that had fallen to the ground and was damaged had already been repaired to good condition. 

“Roen, are you looking for something?” 

Because Loen is called the King of Sal, he asked the question he was curious about with anticipation. 

“no. “They say they keep searching Montiro, but they haven’t found anything special.” 

Glenn shook his head, saying he had found nothing so far. 

“is that so… .” 

Raon chewed his lips thinly. 

‘Well, discovering it would be even stranger.’ 

Sagumma said that he was able to discover the Black Tower because the demonic energy of the demons and his own morale were similar. 

Roen was an assassin, but he was trained in traditional martial arts, so it was natural that he would be difficult to find. 

“Fortunately, it seems like we are still in contact.” 

I felt an ominous feeling as I sent Roen off alone, but fortunately, it didn’t seem like he was in trouble. 

“okay. “I received a call this morning as well.” 

Glenn nodded, saying he had received word that the search would continue. She seemed to trust Loen completely. 

“They are searching all over Montiro, changing their faces and identities, but they say it is difficult to find even a single demon, let alone the passage to the Black Tower.” 

He lowered his eyebrows, saying that it seemed to be more difficult than expected. 

“I guess so.” 

Raon sighed briefly. 

‘If it was going to be easy to find, I would have found it a long time ago.’ 

Montiro is a tourist destination known to many people. 

It was a place that even powerful people on the continent would visit at least once, so if it had been poorly hidden, the Black Tower’s stronghold would have been revealed long ago. 

“So we are trying to increase the number of people investigated.” 

Glenn looked at Raon and nodded briefly. 

“So you’re saying you’re leaving that investigation mission to Gwangpungjeon.” 

“okay. Since the Gwangpungdae and the Cheoljeondae had fought against those with the most recent morale, I thought they were qualified to take on this mission. and… .” 

He quietly opened his twinkling eyes. 

“Because you are strong.” 

“Because it’s strong… ?” 

“This mission will begin with an investigation and end with war. “The moment we find the path leading to the Black Tower, a battle will break out.” 

Glenn nodded heavily, saying that it would be better for Gwangpungjeon to move in order to win the fight. 

“hmm… .” 

Raon bit his lip and nodded. 

‘I’m sure so.’ 

There is no way that a dirty force like the Black Tower would just investigate and then let it go away. 

The moment you discover the location of the Black Tower and open the entrance, a fierce battle with them will occur. 

“I am willing to take on this mission not only because I am familiar with fraud, but also because I believe in Gwangpungjeon’s strength and unity.” 

Glenn lowered his wrinkled hand onto the armrest of the throne, explaining the reason for entrusting the search mission to Gwangpungjeon. 

“Can you do it?” 

“I think the investigation mission will be more difficult than the battle, but I will do my best.” 

Raon let out a small sigh as he thought of Marta, Runan, and Dorian, who were likely to have an accident during the search. 

“But… .” 

He raised his head again and narrowed his eyes slightly. 

“What should I do if the Black Tower jumps out the moment I discover the location of the Black Tower?” 

If the Black Tower jumps out and blocks the path, you won’t even gain time even if you step out. 

Since they would not be able to escape at all and would be annihilated, a countermeasure was needed. 

“You don’t have to worry about that.” 

Glenn nodded, saying he was prepared to stop the Black Tower. 

“It could not be possible that the head of the family himself… ?” 

Raon sighed as he looked into Glenn’s peaceful eyes. I couldn’t help but think that if he was going to say something like that, he would come forward himself. 

“No, there was a guy who wanted to go instead of me. that… .” 

When Glenn slightly lowered his eyebrows and shook his head, the air in front of the podium parted and a yellow lollipop popped out. 

“It’s me!” 

A girl wearing a wide-brimmed hat came out with a sonorous voice that did not match the heavy atmosphere. It was the Grand Wizard Chamber of the movie. 

“Raon. A long time?” 

Chamber lifted his chin, putting a yellow lollipop in his mouth. 

“I heard that something happened while we weren’t seeing each other… .” 


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She narrowed her eyes as she examined herself. 

“It’s worth it. “I guess I can’t treat you like a child anymore?” 

Chamber whistled briefly, saying that his status itself had changed. 

“Long time no see. Mr. Chamber… “You’re still the same.” 

Although he looked like a child, he talked a lot and it didn’t change at all from when I saw him before. 

“An attractive woman is always the same.” 

Chamber said it was natural and brushed his hair away with the back of his hand. 

“But you had an accident worse than catching the Four Swords Demon?” 

She broke through the cracked space and came in front of me. 

“… Do you mean the Black Tower?” 

Raon tilted his head as he looked at the chamber emitting a sweet candy scent. 

“okay. “If the Black Tower is really hidden in Montiro, it would be a completely different achievement than catching the Four Swords Demon.” 

Chamber put his chin down, saying it was a very impressive feat. 

“You don’t have to lift it too much.” 

Raon waved his hand. He never thought it was that much because it was information he obtained by chance. 

“no. I’m serious. Because I created an opportunity to catch Oma, who was hiding like a rat and gaining strength. “If the Black Tower is really there, I will do everything I can.” 

Chamber tapped his chest and told him to just say anything. 

“Hehehe… .” 

Glenn couldn’t hide the slightly raised corners of his mouth, as if he was happy that Chamber was openly praising Raon. 

“ah! “Even if you ask me to marry you, I’ll do it!” 

Chamber nodded, saying that although it would be a bit of a loss for him, he would be willing to do it for Raon. 

“Even if I’m like this now, if I grow up a little… .” 

“Chamber… .” 

Glenn wiped away his smile and wrinkled the bridge of his nose. 

“Please pay for the night… .” 

He let out a shaky sigh as if trying to come to his senses. 

“This is the price of the night!” 

Chamber stuck out his little tongue at Glenn. 

“Well, let’s talk about conservatives later… .” 

She snapped her finger, and the throne room twisted, splitting in two. It felt like a world of mirrors, and the world itself seemed to be split in half. 

“I will take on the role of protecting you. I will kill the Black Tower lord before he targets you. You do not have to worry.” 

Chamber pointed out that although it would be difficult to help with the search mission, he would be at the forefront of the battle. 

“From what I heard… .” 

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the chamber. 

“I heard that Mr. Chamber and the Black Tower Master don’t get along well. Are you okay?” 

“Because we developed a way to reverse that. came here “I’ve gotten over it now.” 

Chamber raised his small fist as if he were confident. 

“… .” 

Raon looked at Glenn. He gave her a small nod as if it was okay to trust her. 

“And there’s no one else to go but me. The muscle mass is still writhing, the little king has to protect both Owen and Valkar, the unemployed man in the corner is unable to come out, and your grandpa… .” 

Chambers fell silent while talking about Glenn. 

“Anyway, when I discover the passage leading to the Black Tower, I am the only one who can open it. “It’s right for me to go.” 

She said she had no choice and told me to trust myself. 

“Of course I believe it.” 

Raon nodded, looking at Chamber’s confident expression. To be honest, I trusted her more because of Glenn than because of her. 

“Then when does it leave?” 

“You will need training about the Black Tower, so let’s do it in three days.” 

Glenn held up three fingers as if he had a plan in mind. 

“All right. Then we will prepare according to that time.” 

Raon nodded, thinking about what to say to the Gwangpungjeon prosecutors. 

“And not only the Gwangpungjeon, but other armed forces will also participate.” 

“If it were another armed force… .” 

“Considering the power that the Black Tower has accumulated, you alone are not enough. “At least two more armed forces must be attached to reduce sacrifices during battle.” 

Glenn said that even with the magicians brought by Chamber, they might be overpowered by the Black Tower’s power, and that additional personnel would be added. 

“… All right.” 

“Then go and see.” 

He waved his hand telling me to go out quickly as there would be a lot to prepare. 

“Let’s see you before we get to Montiro!” 

Chambers waved and said he would see her later. 

“yes. then… .” 

Raon bowed his head to Glenn and Chamber and left the throne room. 

“… .” 

As soon as Raon left, Glenn’s expression hardened. 

“Are you sure you’ll be okay? “Maybe it would be better for me to go?” 

He narrowed his eyes as if he was worried about Chamber. 

“I said it’s okay. I was just confused because I didn’t know that the Black Tower master had absorbed all of the power of the artifact. “If I face you again, I can win.” 

Chamber shook his head, saying he could stop it this time. 

“And if I get pushed, I can make you and my kids run away, so don’t worry.” 

“It’s not that I don’t trust you. “The Black Tower lord has used dirty tricks before, so I’m just worried.” 

“I’m the one who has dealt with him the most. “No matter what happens, it’s right for me to go.” 

She waved her candy-dusted finger. 

“Besides, you don’t have much time or leisure left… .” 

Chamber lifted his hat slightly and frowned. 

“It won’t be that difficult to defeat the Black Tower Master with your power, but he is persistent. He will eventually end up using the Heart Sword, which will greatly reduce the amount of time you can be in this world, ultimately setting the stage for the fall of the Five Emperors.” 

She smiled thinly, telling him to save his strength for the final war. 

“hmm… .” 

Glenn lowered his eyes as if he had nothing to say about that. 

“You’re serving more than three people just by holding on to that throne. “Trust me and your grandson this time.” 

Chamber waved his hand, telling him to trust and wait. 

“But… .” 

She narrowed her eyes. 

“Who are the kids I’m going to send with? Are there more than two armed forces?” 

“It is one.” 

Glenn calmly shook his head and smiled faintly. 

“He’s a guy who would fit in quite well with Raon.” 

*      *       * 

<Status Window> 

Name: Raon Sieghardt. 

Title: <Transcendant> 

Status: None. 

Characteristics: <Rage>, <Sloth>, <Jealousy>, <Gluttony>, <Lust>, Ring of Fire (9 stars), Water resistance (11 stars), Fire resistance (10 stars), Sense of tales (11 stars) Manga Ball (9 stars), Glacia (9 stars), Blood Curse (5 stars), Sneak Attack (13 stars), Indomitable Will (9 stars), Yogi Adaptation (10 stars), Bright View Index, Poison Resistance (6 stars) star), Mystical Eye of Anger (10 stars), Spiral Power (7 stars), Water attribute affinity (6 stars), True Interpretation (2 stars), Fire attribute affinity (5 stars), Silver Screen of Tale (5 stars), Blooming in the Darkness Divinity (8 stars), Morale Resistance (6 stars), Legendary Barding (9 stars), Tale Absorption (4 stars), Legendary Spear (4 stars), Rage Release (2 stars), Flame that Overcomes Death (5 stars) ), a blade that cuts through death (6 stars), divine power resistance (1 star), blood path (1 star), Askara’s fighting spirit (4 stars), secret spirit (1 star), celestial death (1 star), power enhancement (1 star) ), light resistance (1 star), fraud detection (2 stars). 

Strength: 1451. 

Agility: 1483. 

Stamina: 1442. 

Energy: 1458. 

Sensation: 1496. 

Anger: 250. 

Sloth: 150. 

Jealousy: 150. 

Gluttony: 100. 

Lust: 50. 

Raon let out a small sigh as he looked at the status window that appeared in front of him. 

‘It’s hard to read now.’ 

As the number of characteristics and abilities increased, it became difficult to view the status window at once. My neck hurt from raising my head. 


Lars let out a groan that felt like he had stopped breathing. She just looked at her status window without looking at him. 

‘The trait is lustful.’ 

The <Lust> I received from Rust was placed in the status window, and its value had also increased significantly. 

I haven’t felt much of an effect yet, but if that number exceeds 100, my abilities will be fully demonstrated. 

‘But… .’ 

Why doesn’t sneak attack change? 

Concentration became 12-star and changed into a clear view index, but sneak attack remained at a standstill even though it reached 13-star. 

It seemed like the name would only change as I gained more experience. 

‘Well, that’s no different from the ability I’ve had since my past life.’ 

In his previous life, he killed people not with force, but with assassination techniques. 

Since my abilities were outstanding from the beginning, I felt like I needed to achieve a little more. 

‘Askara’s speculation is a good achievement considering it was obtained late.’ 

Since the original fighting spirit was changed to Askara’s fighting spirit, even though it was acquired late, its rating had already risen to 4 stars. 

Since I felt the importance of fighting in the battle with the Four Sword Demons, I felt that it would be of great help in the future. 

‘Fraud detection is 2 stars… .’ 

This is a bit of a waste. 

This is probably the trait that will play the biggest role in the search for the Black Tower, but it was disappointing that it was still only 2 stars. 

I felt like I needed to keep using it and increase my achievements a little along the way. 

‘… How much has your ability level increased?’ 

In the reward message, thanks to the power of the Demon Lords, the number had risen by approximately 500 compared to the last time I looked at the status window. Even when he saw it with his own eyes, he was dumbfounded. 

‘This is why my physical abilities are not inferior even to transcendental beings.’ 

The reason why his physical ability was not inferior to the four sword demons that ate the living sacrifices was because of that ridiculous figure. 

In the world of masters, the importance of Aurors and martial arts increases, but physical ability is just as important. 

The efficiency of his abilities has decreased, but unlike others, he can grow steadily, so he will be of great help in the future. 


Lars finally couldn’t stand it anymore and screamed. 

-Why are there so many? It’s so bad that you can’t see it clearly! 

‘You can’t see it anyway.’ 

Raon tilted his head. Lars can see the content of the message, but can’t see the status window itself, so I don’t know why he’s making such a fuss. 

-You can’t see the content, but you can see the size of the status window! It’s enough to cover the sky, doesn’t the King know? 

Lars gritted his teeth as if asking why he was making fun of himself by bringing up the status window. 

‘I’m not making fun of you, but I checked the characteristics beforehand because I don’t know what will happen during this mission.’ 

As there are so many characteristics, it can sometimes be difficult to even use them if you don’t check them properly. 

I just checked in advance and knew what I could do. 


Lars gritted his teeth at the status window, which he couldn’t even see properly, as if he couldn’t hear what he was saying. 

-The King’s blood and sweat are all here! 

The guy shouted that it was unfair and scratched the air with his round hands. 

‘I covered my ears again…’ .’ 

I shook my head and left Daeju’s office. 

The Gwangpungdae and Cheoljeondae had completed their mission preparations and were lined up in front of the podium. 

‘Now the texture is a bit similar.’ 

Raon went up to the stage, satisfied with the yellow light in Cheoljeondae’s eyes. 

“Are you ready?” 


The prosecutors of the Gwangpungdae and Cheoljeondae nodded as if they were perfectly prepared to go out. 

“This mission is an important task to find traces of the hidden Black Tower. “The mission could fail if the identity of anyone here is revealed, so we must not make even the slightest mistake.” 

Raon lowered his chin, saying that from the moment you enter Montiro, you must become a tourist, traveler, or mercenary, not Sieghardt’s swordsman. 

“Don’t worry! “If I get caught, I’d rather end my life.” 

Matra patted her chest as if she was confident. 


Raon shook his head heavily. 

“The Black Tower is a huge yet organic force. “If your identity is discovered, it means that everyone in the Black Tower has already found out, so cherish your own life.” 

As I had learned from Derus, I had no intention of completing my mission through someone else’s sacrifice. 

Now that he has changed from assassin Raon to swordsman Raon Sieghardt, he will not watch his colleagues die. 


“Jeonju… .” 

“… All right.” 

The prosecutors bit their lips slightly, as if surprised by the unexpected words. 

“The situation is urgent, so the organization of Gwangpungjeon will be decided as soon as we return. “Now, as before, we will move in the name of Gwangpungdae and Cheoljeoldae.” 


The prosecutors below the podium nodded as if they were more comfortable with that. 

“Finally, I hope that everyone returns to this position without anyone leaving.” 

Raon came down from the stage after giving orders and wishes to the prosecutors. He walked between the Gwangpungdae and the Iron Squadron and opened the door to the training hall. 


Prosecutors from the Gwangpungdae and Cheoljeondae followed him, wearing pitch-black uniforms and blood-red uniforms, respectively. 


As if responding to Raon’s thuggish spirit, the swordsmen of Gwangpungjeon walked down the main street with a serious yet sharp force like a sword. 

‘Not bad. Areas of future growth… hmm?’ 

Raon narrowed his eyes as he headed towards Sieghart’s main gate, feeling the energy of the frenzy swordsmen who seemed to have already become one. 

‘Is it them?’ 

The armed forces that Glenn had said he would send together had arrived first and were waiting. 

As I was approaching the front door, looking to see who it was, I saw a familiar face. 

“You’re late.” 

Karun Sieghardt. His noble red eyes bent towards Raon. 

“Gwangpung Jeonju.” 

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