The Reincarnated Assassin Is A Genius Swordsman Chapter 899

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Episode 900

Oh my gosh! 

Raon and the Gwangpungdae swordsmen walked to the center of the training ground along the path opened by the Sieghart Armed Forces. 

They completely erased their usual playful eyes and stood in front of the podium, emitting sharp energy waves that resembled a sword. 


The audience, who had been applauding and cheering, lowered their hands and held their breath at the solemn yet heavy posture emanating from the Gwangpungdae swordsmen. 

The prosecutors who were performing the sword ceremony also swallowed their saliva as if surprised by the force. 

The serious energy flowing from the Gwangpungdae, lined up in front of the podium with his hand on his sword, seemed to show the spirit of a hero saving a battlefield in crisis. 

It had the power to silence the noisy and busy gym at once. 

“… .” 

Raon stood at the head of the wind band and nodded to Chad. This meant that you could proceed to the next step. 

“Uhm… .” 

Chad nodded, letting out a low groan as if he had been suffocated just by looking at Raon. 

“Power right away.” 

The prosecutors who had been bowing to his instructions returned to their original positions, and the audience also took a deep breath while sitting in their seats. 

We only had to face the force of the storm band for a moment, but cold sweat was rolling down everyone’s foreheads. 

“Whoa… .” 

Chad let out a shaky breath and took a step forward. 

“The Gwangpungdae contributed the most to winning the war against the North and South Alliance, solidified the alliance with the elves by stopping the dragons that attacked Seifia, and saved the Gray Hammer Guild from the demons, making all of Sieghart’s swordsmen. “We have created an opportunity to obtain weapons made from dragon bones.” 

In a tone full of weight, he recited one by one the achievements that Gwangpungdae has achieved so far. 

“Furthermore, in the last mission, the Great Lord of Gwangpung cut down the Four Sword Demons that were threatening the Iron Squadron, making Sieghart’s name shine in a higher place than the Five Hwangma. He also achieved numerous other achievements and gained fame. “With the consent of all executives, including the head of the family, we will upgrade Gwangpungdae to Gwangpungjeon.” 

Chad turned back the slightly crumpled document due to his trembling hands. 

“First, I will give you some words of encouragement from the head of the family.” 

He glanced at Glenn, who was sitting on the throne, and then stepped back again. 


Glenn cleared his throat and got up from the throne. He quietly looked down at Raon and Gwangpungdae with his eyes shining with red lightning. 

“Uhm… .” 


The prosecutors standing in the lighthouse and training hall let out low groans as if they were suffocating just by receiving Glenn’s gaze. 

“Gwangpungdae’s first beginnings were weak. Danju was an old swordsman who still had the aftereffects of his injuries, and the members who were barely over 30 were kids who had just started walking the path of the sword. “No one expected it.” 

Glenn smiled faintly as if he was remembering the first frenzy. 

“However, as the non-annualist said, Gwangpungdae has done a lot of work since the time of Gwangpungdan and spread the name of Sieghardt, which had been sinking, throughout the continent. According to a recent black market survey, Gwangpung Daeju was selected as the most respected person by prosecutors on the continent, Gwangpung Daeju was ranked first as the person they most want to resemble, and Gwangpung Daeju was ranked first as the most handsome person… .” 

Contrary to the exuding of a thuggish spirit, he slowly began to curl the corners of his mouth by saying that Raon was ranked first in all popularity rankings. 

“It’s not just this. Gwangpung Daeju was ranked first as the swordsman with the highest potential for development, and of course he was ranked first as the person who will break the balance of Ohwang Oma in the future… .” 

He kept listing only the categories in which Raon ranked first, to the point where he didn’t know where or how he did his research. 

“Go, matriarch?” 

Chad’s dry lips trembled and he called out to Glenn in a very quiet voice. 

“Now is the time to give a word of encouragement…” .” 

“ah… .” 

Glenn seemed to have finally sensed people’s blank stares, and he cleared his throat and lowered the curled corners of his mouth. 

“Do you know what jeon means?” 

He turned his dry eyes again and looked at Gwangpungdae. 

“It means a pavilion or palace.” 

Burren answered the previous question without hesitation. 

“right. It means a palace or a palace. However, there is another meaning in it.” 

Glenn looked into Burren’s eyes and smiled thinly. 

“It is not just a building such as a palace or a palace, but everything inside it.” 

“everything… ?” 

“House, clothes, food, weapons and people.” 

He folded his fingers and nodded. 

“Don’t ask me again. “What do you think Jeon is?” 

Glenn shook his head briefly and looked at Raon. 

“droughty… . “Are you from a small family?” 

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Glenn and the audience sitting behind him. 

“Yes. It has an independent position among Sieghardt’s armed forces. There are many cases where decisions are made based on one’s own judgment, beyond the control of the family head. As you said, it’s no different from running a small family.” 

Glenn slowly turned his gaze to look at Karun, Denier, and Balder sitting in the audience. 

“So the other name given to Jeonju is successor candidate. By running a small family called Jeon, you will have the opportunity to hold this gigantic Sieghart in the future.” 

He nodded, saying that becoming Jeonju was the same as becoming a candidate for successor to Sieghart. 

“If you are greedy for the position of head of the family, you will have to build up a track record of not losing to them in the future.” 

Glenn smiled softly, saying that even more difficult times would come from now on. 

“The same goes for Gwangpungdae. If Jeonju is the head of the family, you are Gasol. “If Gasol causes trouble, it will tarnish the face of the head of the family, so he needs to be more careful with his words and actions than he is now.” 

He looked at Gwangpungdae standing behind Raon and briefly lowered his hand. 


The Gwangpungdae prosecutors placed their hands on their hearts as if they would never disappoint and poured out answers that shook the training hall. 


Glenn stepped back as if he had finished what he had to say. 

“Then, next, I will award you the certificate of Gwangpungjeon. “Please come up to the stage one by one, starting with Gwangpungdaeju.” 

Chad proceeded quickly with the next step so as not to damage Glenn’s dignity. 


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Raon nodded to Chad and went up to the stage to stand in front of Glenn. 

“You said you became interested in the family home to protect the people you cherish. “I look forward to more in the future.” 

Glenn handed me a golden plaque with a cold look in his eyes as if he had never laughed before. 

It was similar to the gold plate I often received, but instead of a flaming sword, a green wind-blossoming sword was engraved in the center. 

It was the appearance that he and the entire Gwangpungdae wanted to remember Rimmer. 

“thank you.” 

Raon received the Gwangpungjeon card after sweeping away the requiem sword. It was a small slap, but it felt heavier than receiving a piece of metal, perhaps because of what Glenn had said. 

“I believe in you.” 

Glenn said that he believed so that no one else could hear. 

“I won’t disappoint you.” 

“I don’t think that will happen.” 

He tapped me on the shoulder and said something that could be interpreted in several ways. 

“… thank you.” 

Raon bowed his head to Glenn and retreated to the end of the podium. 

When I looked at the Gwangpungjeon card in my hand, the image of Rimmer came to mind. 

[Are you not interested in becoming the head of the family?] 

[If you become the head of the family, do you think you will do better than anyone else?] 

[Think about it. Feel free. huh! Feel free! Don’t pressure yourself, just think. No, I’m not saying it’s a burden… .] 

Rimmer once a week asked if he had any intention of going up to Gaju. 

Perhaps the reason I became even a little interested in the position of head of the family was because of what he said. 

‘If you saw this, you would have liked it.’ 

Rimmer was a person who enjoyed his own promotion and growth more than anyone else, so he seemed to be more happy than his family today. 

-It must have been so. 

Lars clicked his tongue and nodded. 

-Because that bastard considered you guys like his younger siblings. 

The guy let out a short sigh, saying that they looked more like family than teacher and student. 


It was when Raon was smiling bitterly. 


The requiem sword sounded a clear sword sound as if it knew his thoughts and created a green wind. 

What can I say? It felt like Rimmer, who had already left, was standing next to him and congratulating him on his promotion to Gwangpungjeon. 

“Team 1 leader Martha Sieghardt. from now on.” 

Martha went up to the stage at Chad’s words. 

“Your courage and dash have always been a great help to the Gwangpungdae. “Please take care of me in the future.” 

Glenn gave Marta advice and handed her the Gwangpungjeon card. 

“yes! Do not worry!” 

Martha bowed confidently as always and received the plaque with the wind engraved on it. 

“Buren. Your greatest weapon is not only your precise and sharp swordsmanship, but also your calm personality. “Take care of it like you are now.” 

Glenn clenched his chin and reminded Buren of his strengths. 

“I will never forget it.” 

Buren seemed thrilled to have heard Glenn’s advice and hugged Gwangpungjeon’s card with trembling hands. 

“Runan. Thanks to you always supporting us, the entire Gwangpungdae was able to move forward. “Thank you for taking on this difficult task.” 

Glenn drew a deep smile as if he was glad that Runaan cared for others before himself. 


Fortunately, Runan did not speak informally, but she gave a very short answer and took the Battle of the Storm card in her hand. 

“uh… .” 

Glenn was embarrassed, but when he saw Runaan’s fierce expression, he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t continue his words and just let him go. 

“Dorian. Being scared all the time is not a good attitude for a prosecutor, but you gave everyone courage in another way. “I look forward to the future.” 

“Hehehe, hehehe… .” 

Dorian gasped as if his heart had disappeared and grabbed the hand of Gwangpungjeon. 

Looking at his flushed complexion, it seemed like he would have collapsed like that if he had been a little more nervous. 

‘You really enjoyed it.’ 

As if Glenn was watching the entire Gwangpungdae, he praised all of the prosecutors and told them how to improve in the future. Just listening to him made his heart beat so loudly that it felt like it was going to explode. 


Glenn gave Gwangpungjeon’s cards to all the Gwangpungdae swordsmen and then clapped his hands lightly. 

“A tribute to Gwangpungdae that marks the end and a new beginning.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, the prosecutors in the training room and in the audience stood up and drew their swords. 

Chiri riri ring! 

Hundreds. No, more than a thousand swords seemed to be connected in one line, turning backwards and emitting a silver brilliance. 

“Salute to Gwangpungjeon!” 

Second courtesy. Greetings from the Sieghardt swordsmen, filled with even deeper reverence than the first, poured out toward the Gwangpungdae. 

The prosecutors of Gwangpungdae, who stood in front of the grand and solemn greeting, clenched their fists and held back tears of emotion. 

“Please tell us your thoughts as a representative of Gwangpung Jeonju.” 

Chad said it was the last turn and called Raon forward again. 

“hmm… .” 

Raon stood at the end of the podium like Glenn and looked at Sieghart’s prosecutors and the audience. He exhaled slowly and spoke the words he had prepared. 

“At first I didn’t have much feelings for Sieghardt. If there was, it was more of malice than good will, and that was also the impression Sieghardt left on me. “Since he was a child, very little good has happened to him.” 

At those words, the immediate superiors and executives who had bullied him since childhood chewed their lips and lowered their heads. 

“But there was someone who told me how important family is and how important people are.” 

Raon made eye contact with Sylvia, who was looking at him with her hands clasped together. 

“Thanks to that person, I learned the importance of relationships. From simple colleagues to comrades in arms, a family that was colder than others began to connect little by little. “I felt that the hand I extended for someone later became a hand that helped me, and the relationship between people was truly amazing.” 

I turned my gaze away from Sylvia, who was shedding tears, and looked at Sieghardt’s swordsmen. 

“Thanks to you, I learned what was and wasn’t a path for my family, and I had a small dream that I wanted to achieve for my family. “I will continue to do my best to achieve that dream.” 

Raon made eye contact with the swordsmen and pulled out his sword. He turned the silver blade upside down and returned the awe they had shown him. 


While he was smiling at the prosecutors who seemed thrilled by his greeting, a small vibration occurred behind him. 

“Sigh… .” 

When I looked back, I saw Glenn hiding his face behind his back and laughing openly. 

I felt like I would relax if I continued to look, so I immediately looked away. 

‘Mother and father are also happy.’ 

Sylvia and Edgar were openly filled with tears, and Sia waved her hands vigorously, as if she was happy that she was receiving attention. 


Aris waved his hand, clutching the railing as if he were the same mental age as Sia. 

“hmm… .” 


Karun lowered his eyebrows and opened only one eye as if he was okay with it, and Balder waved his large arm as if to ask him to look at him. 

‘Those people have changed a lot too… ah?’ 

It was when Raon nodded slightly and was about to finish the ceremony. 

‘That person…’ .’ 

Denier was smiling. 

Not a gentle laugh like always, but a twisted laugh, as if he had achieved the evil deed he wanted. It was a very sticky and bizarre smile that gave me goosebumps. 

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