The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 97

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 97>

* * *


“omg… … omg… … I’m really dying… … .”

“Huh… … “How did you get here already?”

Seong Ji-han looked at Yoon Se-ah, who was sitting down gasping for breath, and tilted his head.

If you look at the footprints on the back, the weight of the armor is the same as before.

no way… … .

“uncle. “I guess the silver map is really good.”


Yoon Se-ah sat down and drew a V with her fingers.

“My stamina has increased.”

“you. Then no way… … .”

“uh. “I finally ‘achieved my goal’!”

Is it because the intensive growth achieved by Lee Ha-yeon was applied?

Yoon Se-ah’s physical strength had already increased by 1 in that short period of time.

‘Finally, physical strength has turned into grit.’

I saw that Ariel was able to jump like that even with added weight.

It must have been changed to the rare stat ‘Guts’, which is twice as effective as physical strength.

“good. Then, let’s take off that armor and prepare for battle.”


As if she had been waiting, Yoon Se-ah unequipped her full plate mail and raised her bow.

“Now I have to seriously level up!”

Yoon Se-ah is burning with motivation as she fires an arrow taken from her inventory.

Now that I have gained grit, the only thing left is to level up drastically.

“okay. “Today, I will take care of you and raise you.”

“oh. really?”

“then. “I’ll bring a minion, so just shoot.”

With a relaxed expression, Seong Ji-han stretched out his hand toward the enemy minion unit, which was shaped like a small angel.

Then the minion’s shadow turned into a sword and stabbed them from behind.

hooked! hooked!

A group of minions with swords stuck in their chests and unable to move.

Although they were small in size, their actual level was about Silver level 50, so they were powerful.

There was no resistance at all to Seong Ji-han’s shadow sword.


Seong Ji-han suppressed the enemy troops without moving a single step.

Next, he used the force to drag the skewered minions and display them in a row in front of Yoon Se-ah.

“One shot at a time. All you have to do is hit the last hit.”


-It’s a super express bus, really haha.

-What is a bus? This is first class comfort.

-The level is raised completely.


Yoon Se-ah excitedly shot arrows at the dying minions.

Normally, the minions would have deflected all of Bronze’s arrows.

Since they were already suppressed by the Shadow Sword and unable to move, they died one by one.

I think we caught about ten like that.

“and. “I’ve already leveled up!”

“Level 7 then? “Let’s keep running until we pass 10 today.”

“I’m good! Hi-Hi.”

During the spare time until you collect 200% of the buff before catching Count Nasheed.

Seong Ji-han decided to raise Yoon Se-ah’s level as much as possible.

“ah. “Isn’t it really too strong?”

“castle. It was a joke earlier. Since you don’t have to lose to us, shall we just try Count Nasheed together?”

The two players who died earlier and were resurrected by Seongji spoke to him as they returned to the line.

“no. “Please give me experience for my nephew.”



As if subduing a minion, Seong Ji-han dragged the two and placed them in front of Yoon Se-ah.

“Tsk… … ! “This is no manners!”

“uncle. “They say they have no manners?”

“are you okay. “It was their fault for coming back here.”

– ㅇㅈ…

-But it was a mistake to leave it and come back haha.

What is the importance of hearing people say they have no manners?

It’s important to raise Yoon Se-ah’s level.

Seong Ji-han makes a gesture of slitting his own throat with his finger.

“If that’s the case, I won’t hesitate!”

Yoon Se-ah eagerly fired arrows at the two people who became targets.


“We’ll see… … !”

The two players died with such venomous faces.


“ah… … really!”

“This isn’t right!”

The second time, he tried to stand in another line and was helplessly taken away.

“Can’t I at least hit a minion?”

“I want to avoid being last on my team… … .”

Even though they towered in a different line the third time, they were dragged in without any resistance, so instead of getting angry, the two begged to be allowed to at least hit the minions.

“I can’t afford that. “SeAH’s level has already risen by 10.”

But Seong Ji-han was adamant.

“Please come back alive quickly.”

“Erai-san… … .”

“it’s okay. are not you playing games!”


Two dead players with their middle fingers raised.

After facing death for the third time, he never returned to the line again.

I just decided to give up on this game.

“Sea. How much buff has accumulated?”

“150 percent. “200% is Max, right?”

“hmm. Then it will be over soon. I’m going to take a walk around the jungle. “I’m filling up the remaining 50% with Ariel.”


Seong Ji-han summoned Ariel to the line where the enemy player gave up the game.

“Please take care of Se-ah.”

“i get it. master. “Can I push the tower down?”

“okay. Let’s break it down slowly.”

As a preliminary task to capture Count Nasheed.

It was necessary to push the enemy back to their base.

Until now, I’ve been taking a while because of Yoon Se-ah’s level up, but now I need to move on slowly.

“okay. “Then I’ll push first.”

Ariel spoke confidently.

[The first tower of the angel camp has been destroyed.]

A message has already appeared saying that the tower has been destroyed.

And that’s not the American drama that Barron was heading for.

“… … “This?”

Masid went, and it was in the top line.

* * *

‘what… … this person!’

Sophia looked at Masid with an expression of bewilderment.

‘God of Football’ Mashid.

He possessed an SSS-level gift, one of the few in the world, but due to the restriction of having to have a soccer ball attached to his feet, he went from being a soccer player once revered as the best in the world to a laughing stock.

‘I wasn’t expecting much because it was mentioned so many times as an SSS-level failure… … ‘Isn’t this crazy?’

A waiting guild where only the world’s best prospects have gathered.

She had wondered why there was someone like Masid here, and now she knew why.



This is a common attack spell thrown by low-level wizards.

But when Mashid unfolded it, it looked completely different.


The Chugoku ball at his feet burned red and soon swelled to an enormous size.

This is not a ball, but a huge rock.

Masid casually trapped the huge fireball with his foot and kicked it towards the enemy camp.


“crazy… … shield! Shielduuuu!”

“100 million! The shield melts! Why is Bronze so strong!”

“Was Sophia’s buff that good?”

“no! “It’s not that much of a scam!”

Maybe it’s because we’re from the same New York 1 area.

Orange guild members who know about Sophia’s buff.

The two tried to block Masid’s fireball, but were soon buried in the fireball.

“Buff… … .”

“ah. yes yes!”

At Masid’s feet, the light-out ball returns.

He leisurely enchanted the ball and subdued the minions.

Despite being a level 20 Bronze player, Mashid was the one leading the battle alone.

‘Your movements are also very fast.’

Although the minions he faced were much higher level than him.

Masid easily avoided their attacks and used magic at close range.

While it is essential for a wizard to maintain distance, Masid actually narrowed the distance on his side.

“I will push slowly. Lightning.”


This time, an electric orb.

phut! phut!

Masid suppressed the minions one by one as if passing.

Although the destructive power did not seem to be stronger than that of the fireball, the skill in subduing each and every one with precision was excellent.

“Wow… … .”

Sophia let out an exclamation without realizing it.

It was clear to me that Masid was once the god of soccer that dominated the world.

‘Is this a craftsman?’

A lonely craftsman who only thinks about soccer.

He must have been unable to clean up his messy and rough beard because he was so focused on soccer.

When she was giving such a generous evaluation of Mashid.


Masid, who was kicking the ball hard, suddenly stopped moving.

“Seongyong Kim. Thank you for sponsoring 100GP. Ji-seong Lee. Thank you for sponsoring 200GP. Youngpyo Park. “Thank you for sponsoring 300GP.”

Masid expresses his gratitude for each support in unfamiliar Korean pronunciation.

Sophia looked at that and tilted her head.

I don’t know exactly what they say because it’s in Korean, but the way they looked into space and kept lowering their heads seemed like they were saying thank you.

‘Is support pouring in?’

Even though Barron received sponsorship, he just nodded.

‘He looks like he’d be a corpse if he didn’t have pride, but he’s also very personable.’

Good is good.

Although Sophia was evaluated so favorably.

“thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks… … .”

Even while surrounded by minions, Masid continued to express his gratitude, and soon he began to feel frustrated, as if he were full of sweet potatoes.

“Mashid! what are you doing! “We’re surrounded!”

“I need to say thank you for your support.”

“When fighting, you have to cut off moderately!”

“I gave you 100 GP, how do I quit?”

“100 GP? I barely got that… … .”

“Barely? How difficult is it to earn 100,000 won? Ah, the mission… … !”

The viewer’s mission fell before the eyes of Mashid, who was looking at Sophia as if she were an immature child.

[Heungmin Yoon sent a viewer mission.]

– Destroy the enemy tower first.

-Reward: GP 3,000

“3, 3,000 GP?!”

Masid looked at the channel mission and immediately bent his back to 120 degrees.

“Thank you! Yes! The first turret is now mine!!!”

A voice more polite than ever.

But when he lowered his head, his eyes were burning brightly.

“supporter. Full buff! hurry!”

“Why, why?”

“3,000GP! Tower, I push it first! Fireball! Lightning! Magic Missile!”

Masid begins pouring all his magic into the orb.

The orb swelled as if it was about to explode, and the three magics fused together.

“hurry! buff!!!”

“all right!”

After receiving Sophia’s buff, Masid began pounding the tower in earnest.

bang! bang! Quang!

A magic lump as large as a house struck the tower.

In the game, a tower that is second to none in terms of sturdiness.

However, let’s hit the tower several times with Masid’s Orb as if it were a repeating self-propelled artillery.


In an instant, more than half of the figure collapsed and was reduced to a rag.

‘what. It’s really broken… … ?’


Anyway, it’s bronze, right?

No matter how much of a full buff you have received, no matter how much of an SSS level gift you have.

Is it okay for the tower to collapse like this already?

“I’m awake.”


As she watched the tower completely explode, Sophia looked at Masid with meaningful eyes.

‘… … Robert’s going to hit me hard.’

A player who is desperate for money and bows down again and again even for small amounts of sponsorship.

When it came to recruiting such a person, there was no one better than American First’s chief scout Robert Gates.

“Heungmin Yoon! 3,000 GP! Thank you so much! “Yes!”

After clearing the mission, Sophia smiled slightly as she looked at Mashid who was reacting in Korean.

‘We might soon end up belonging to the same guild.’

It was a natural decision for her who did not know that Masid owed money to Seong Ji-han.

* * *

So time passes.

“Let’s catch it now.”

The holy party, who had completely cornered the enemy and received a 200 percent buff, gathered near the valley where Count Nasheed was hiding.

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