The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 98

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 98>

* * *

Valley of Count Nasheed.

Barron, who had arrived first and was waiting for the other party members, chuckled when Sophia and her group came first from the tower.

“Sophia. Looks like you used some strength. You push the top tower first. “No matter how comfortable I played in American dramas.”

“Mashid did everything. what.”

“her. “Bronze?”

“You’ll be amazed when you see it in person.”

“Yes, he is the god of soccer… … joy.”

Was he annoyed that the tower was pushed before him?

Although Barron was half-arguing.

“Thank you for 100GP. Lim Kang-in.”

Masid did not show any interest in this and was busy thanking him for his support.

This game attracted attention when Seong Ji-han said he was hunting Count Nasheed.

When American superstars Barron and Sofia were also included in the party, viewers were flocking not only from Korea but also from overseas.

Perhaps because so many people gathered, the normally empty Mashid Channel began to become quite crowded due to the trickle-down effect.

Especially before the advent of, many people who liked soccer were visiting him and giving him support.

-I liked soccer back in the day.

-I lost much interest after came out. Still, it was fun to watch the World Cup.

-Do you remember going to the World Cup semifinals in 2002?

-Ajaeyo, when are you talking about enemies hahaha?

[Cheongyong Kim sponsored 100GP.]

-Watching soccer brings back memories~ After watching the 2002 World Cup, I wanted to become a soccer player too… … Masid, I would like to send you a small but generous donation!

“Cheongyong Kim, thank you for your support. “I remember the 2002 World Cup more because our country was away.”

Watching Masid trying hard to communicate in Korean when the water comes in.

Barron pointed at him with the tip of his chin.

“What are they doing?”

“I think they’re probably saying thank you for the support. “It’s been like that ever since.”

“under. “How much do you get paid?”

“It’s like that in 100GP too.”

“100… … “Wow, this is ridiculous.”

Barron grinned and no longer showed any interest in Masid.

You’re so obsessed with sponsoring 100GP.

He decided that he was not in a position to deal with it.

“It’s a little late. sorry.”

“I’m sorry~ hehe.”

At that time, Seong Ji-han walked along with Yoon Se-ah, who was driving the bot lane.

“It’s too late. “What have you been doing?”

“While we were clearing the enemy base, my nephew’s level also improved a bit.”

“What level is it?”

When Sophia asked with an interesting face, Yoon Se-ah drew a V with her finger.

“It’s 15.”

“… … 15!? Wasn’t it 6 earlier?”

Barron was astonished.

Even though this is a silver map, how does the level increase by 9?

I couldn’t even guess how much Seong Ji-han drove the minions.

“Everyone works hard to level up, but you benefit from having a good uncle. “Do you like taking the bus?”

Barron was very sarcastic towards Yoon Se-ah, considering that he had grown comfortably by receiving double the experience points thanks to the effect of the two status windows.

“yes. So good. “The bus is the best!”

In fact, Yoon Se-ah responded with a bright smile.

“… … ha.”

“Don’t start a fuss, just get ready.”

Seong Ji-han said something to Barron, who was left speechless when the other person acknowledged it.

I walked toward the purple puddle at the bottom of the valley where Count Nasheed was hiding.

“How do you plan to summon Count Nasheed?”

“like this.”

Seong Ji-han took out the ‘Archangel’s Sword’ fragment and the ‘Reaper’s Scythe’ fragment from his inventory and threw them into a puddle of water.

with a plop!

The fragments of the Archangel’s sword, which was emitting pure white light, and the Shinigami’s scythe fragments, which were engulfed in dark red flames, quickly lost their light as soon as they fell into the purple puddle.

And soon.


A strong howling sound echoed in the puddle.


A huge mouth popped out and swallowed the two fragments.

[Now that light and darkness have declined… … .]

Creeping –

From the center of the lake, a creature jumps out.

A huge snake with translucent purple scales, four huge horns, and seven red eyes.

[The time for ascension has arrived!]

It was Count Nasheed, the boss monster of the Canyon of the End.

“uh. It really came out… … !”

Count Nasheed revealed his presence so large that his body reached from the puddle to the top of the valley.

When he appears, the sky turns purple.

On the surface of the cliff surrounding the lake, strange characters began to be engraved.

‘That’s it.’

Seong Ji-han’s eyes lit up as he looked at the letters.

The count’s emblem carved into the cliff.

That’s exactly why a team was needed in the Count Nasheed raid.

‘While the emblem is active, Count Nasheed’s defense and regeneration power are greatly enhanced.’

Some of the team members attacked the emblem to block the strengthening effect given to Count Nasheed.

The remaining team members fight Count Nasheed.

This was the basis of the attack on Count Nasheed.

Therefore, the ‘2:3 strategy’, in which two people focus on blocking the pattern and three people battle Count Nasheed, was the standard method.

“ruler. “Then, we will proceed with the strategy agreed upon in advance.”

Let’s talk about Seong Ji-han holding his sword and spear.

“I’m really going to go with the strategy you mentioned earlier… … ?”

Sophia asked with concern in her voice.

That’s right too.

The strategy that Seong Ji-han mentioned before entering the game was not the 2:3 strategy.

“How are you going to handle that by yourself?”

This was an extreme method, with the four attacking the pattern on the cliff and fighting Count Nasheed alone.

At first, I wondered if this strategy would be possible since it was Seong Ji-han who also defeated Diamond.

‘It looks so strong… … .’

The Count Nasheed that I actually saw was of unusual size.

How can you handle such a monster on your own?

“why? You said you were confident. “Try it!”

Barron crossed his arms and raised the corners of his mouth.

Although he also participated in this party to attack Count Nasheed.

‘Until that bastard begs for help, I won’t cooperate.’

Barron, who was left alone with his emotions, secretly hoped that he would fail and ask for help.

To do that, you have to taste the bitter taste of failure at least once… … .

And the party members immediately recognized his intentions.

‘Ugh… … It’s petty… … ‘It’s petty.’

Sophia just thought about it and didn’t say it out loud.

“As expected, Barron. I’m narrow-minded. owner. Just tell me. “I will help you anytime.”

Masidman openly criticized Barron.

Ever since he received the Orb of Arachne and was able to truly bring out his soccer god abilities, he has been giving Seong Ji-han unconditional trust.

“it’s okay. Everyone, just attack the symbols well. “I will take care of the rest.”

“… … all right. “Then, I will give you my blessing.”

At Seong Ji-han’s words, Sophia sighed and gave various buffs.

Upon receiving her blessing, he felt his body instantly become lighter.

‘Trinity. As expected, the effect is amazing.’

Supporter Sophia’s gift is ‘Trinity’.

The effect of this SS grade gift was simple.

As befits the name Trinity, the buff can be stacked three times.

‘Sofia became the world’s strongest supporter with this gift.’

Although her grade was SS, her blessing efficiency was ridiculously high, so she was able to rank 3rd in the world during the final 10 countries.

“Thank you. “This is enough.”

“no. “If you need healing, please let me know anytime!”

“I am grateful, but that will not happen.”


Seong Ji-han smiled confidently, holding the Shadow Sword Eclipse in his left hand and the Phoenix Poetry in his right hand.

“Because you won’t get hit even once.”

* * *

The hunt for Count Nasheed went smoothly.

[Mortal! Do not resist!]

At first, Count Nasheed shouted with great vigor.

[This rat-like guy… … !]

[You’re so good at avoiding it!]

[Ugh!! Kaaaa!!!]

As Seong Ji-han said.

Without even being able to land a single hit, he was only screaming out his anger.

During the 5 minute battle.

The purple, translucent scales were covered in gold.

In three of the seven eyes, the red color had already disappeared.

-Wow… it’s an art of movement…

-I’m teaming up with Count Nasheed haha.

-It’s really on a different level…

Even in an intense battle for 5 minutes, Seong Ji-han showed no signs of fatigue and was fine.

Most attacks are easily avoided.

Unavoidable blows can be slowed down with the Force, countered, etc.

Seong Ji-han was continuously showing the best moves he could make.

It’s like looking at a well-organized sum.

-Sung Sang!!! The wwww goddess is waiting for you to come to Japan~(Laughs) -AF and you work well together. Mr. Sung. America always welcomes you 🙂

Foreign viewers who came to watch Silver’s hunt for Count Nasheed were impressed by Seong Ji-han’s one-man show and plastered the chat window asking him to come to their country.

-Oh, there was foreign content on the channel ㅡㅡ

-It’s become global, right?

-But even if they plaster it all over the place, Seong Ji-han won’t be able to see it anyway, right?

-I’m glad that the sponsorship starts from 10 million won haha.

-Shh! Then, Gates Up happens again…

Koreans were annoyed by foreigners’ chats being automatically translated.

Still, he didn’t react as sensitively as before, perhaps because he thought that if Seong Ji-han was going to go, he would have left long ago.

-But the attack seems to be hitting well, and Count Nasheed lasts a long time.

-Is there a shortage of deals?

-Originally, Pleo deals with 3 people. It seems like it would be hard to catch it alone.

-ㅇㅇIn general, wizards and archers have stronger damage than warriors.

If you look at the structure of the battle, it was one-sided.


Count Nasheed spouted huge thorns from his scales and spit fire from his mouth.

Tuk. Tuk.

Rather, Seong Ji-han used the thorns as a stepping stone and ran around, approaching Count Nasheed.

The shadow sword Eclipse suddenly became huge.


The giant snake’s scales cracked again.

“under… … .”

Barron, who was watching this from afar, clicked his tongue.

That guy fights so well.

Even when fighting a great monster, how can a person act like that?

Don’t you deserve a humane slap in the face!

“The damage is not enough.”

“is it so? Still, I think I’ll catch up now. “The original hunt for Count Nasheed took more than 10 minutes for the first time.”

“no. “It’s not enough.”

Barron dismissed Sophia’s words and rolled his eyes.

Actually, I know.

I don’t think there will be a shortage of deals.

In this battle, Seong Ji-han did not use any of the special techniques he had used so far.

I just damaged the scales with my sword.


‘If he catches Count Nasheed by himself, I will be nothing more than a bridesmaid.’

In front of countless viewers from all over the world.

The shining main character is Seongjihan Hana.

Barron is only at the level of ‘Sung Ji-han’s party member 1’.

This is why there is no point in participating in a raid party!

‘good… … ‘I take the last hit!’

Among the patterns currently engraved on the cliffs in the north, south, east and west.

Masid was in charge of the south, and Se-ah Yoon and Sophia were in charge of the west.

The patterns on the cliffs furthest to the east and north were covered by Barron.

‘The patterns of the East and North can be prevented from activating with even a weak attack.’

Barron took care of the cliffs to the north and east, while also trying to deal with Count Nasheed.

“Sophia. “Buff.”

“yes? why? “It’s still enough.”

“It’s annoying to keep using weak attacks. “I need to use Fire Wave strongly.”

“what… … “If that’s the case.”

As Sofia added the buff, the corners of Barron’s mouth rose.

done. This is enough!

“Fire Wave!”


The cliffs to the east and north are completely on fire.

And, the huge wave of flames doesn’t stop there.

They started moving towards Count Nasheed.

“Barron! “What are you doing!”

“There’s no deal! “We have to finish it quickly!”

Barron proudly responded to Sophia’s words.

He did not hide the smile on his face as he thought about hitting the final blow.


“under… … “I can’t stand it for 5 minutes.”

Seong Ji-han looked at the fire wave and clicked his tongue as if it was pitiful.

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