The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 96

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 96>

* * *

Diego Massid has been showing rapid growth since becoming a wizard.

His level was already 21, as he was able to get first place easily.

If you continue to maintain this growth rate, you will be able to participate in the silver promotion battle this month.

However, other party members did not know that Diego Massid had changed.

[Sophia: Ah! Masid! I know. God of soccer! Have a good game today!]

[Mikhail: Ah, he… Please take care of him.]

[Barron: God of soccer? Phew! I think you brought in someone who is suitable for the current situation. Masid, just don’t interfere!]

They only remembered Masid as a loser who received a ridiculous SSS-level gift called the God of Football.

Sophia and Mikhail still didn’t show much, but Barron sarcastically threatened Masid not to interfere.

[Masid: I will do better than you, so you don’t have to worry.]

[Barron: Bravado… Tsk. Let’s try to lean somewhere.]

‘This bastard has a dirtier temper than before.’

Seong Ji-han clicked his tongue when he saw Barron arguing for no reason.

‘If Masid had been at the same level, he would have beaten Barron. ‘It’s a shame.’

After the tutorial, the two best wizards were Baron and Diego Massid.

Among them, Barron was a classic type of wizard who unleashed tremendous firepower from the rear.

Although Diego Massid is a wizard, he boasts movements as agile as those of a warrior and feels like a battle wizard who is active in all weathers.

Strategically, the strengths of both were different depending on which map it was on.

‘Still, if I had to choose between the two, it would be Masid.’

Compared to Vulcan Baron, who could not demonstrate even half of the power of the Force, Diego Massid boasted crazy control, perhaps due to his harsh Bronze life.

Barron is showing off like that now, but once Mashid starts chasing him in earnest, it will be hard to keep smiling forever.

[Seong Ji-han: Then let’s try again.]

Seong Ji-han played the game again with the formed party.

[The average power of the party is too high. Matches the map of the New York 1 Gold League.]

[Do you want to run the game?]

[Sophia: Is it gold again?]

[Barron: Oh… Tsk. I guess I’m too strong!]

[Mikhail: This isn’t easy…]


No, I also wore bronze to the party, but does it still match gold?

It was absurd, but there was nothing I could do about it.

After the drawing of lots was made.

Mikhail left the party, shouting, ‘I can’t believe I’m in last place again!’

And the person who came in instead… … .

“I have to count.”

“Eh? Could it be me?”

“There is no way. “You didn’t play games today, did you?”

“huh… … “That’s right.”

“let’s go.”

Seong Ji-han invited Yoon Se-ah, who was watching the formation of the party from the side, to the party.

Only then.

[Matches the map of the New York 1 Silver League.]

[Do you want to run the game?]

‘It’s finally happening.’

Is it possible to play on the Silver map if I have two Bronzes?

It was a truly restrictive system.

In this way, Seong Ji-han ended up completing a party consisting of 3 silver and 2 bronze members.

[Barron: Ha! I have to carry two pieces of luggage.]

[Sophia: Jihan… … Can we break it?]

[Seong Ji-han: Of course.]

Even though Yoon Se-ah, who was not going to be of any help to the team, was involved.

‘It is enough to cover one empty seat.’

If Masid plays its role, it can be easily broken.

Seong Ji-han started the game, recalling Count Nasheed’s strategy.

* * *

[You have been summoned to the Canyon of the End.]

[You are from the devil camp.]

[Help the devils and take over the angel camp.]

-oh. It has begun.

-It’s an invasion map.

-Seong Ji-han is going to go around the jungle and destroy it again.

-Bollong~ Who is today’s player on the sacred bus?

Viewers flock to Seong Ji-han as soon as he starts broadcasting.

They looked at the invasion map and looked forward to the first Penta show in a long time.


-Teammate…is he strange?


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-Hey, isn’t that Barron?

-Sofia is there too. uh. Yoon Se-ah? Why is Bronze here?

-There is also an axis mastid.

Upon seeing Seong Ji-han’s party members, the chat window quickly became chaotic.

“Nice to meet you, everyone.”

Before the game starts.

Seong Ji-han explained this situation simply.

“Today we are going to catch Count Nasheed.”

-Count Nasheed?

-It starts with the Platinum map.

-How can I catch that on the silver map?

-Jihan, how did you organize your party like this?

“You will understand how to summon and catch an earl after a while. The party… … You know you surpassed that league last time, right? “I benefited from that.”

-How can you make a party like this even if you surpass the league?

-and. You really play a different game by yourself.

“It’s another game. “Other people will be able to do it like me if they get first place more than 40 times.”

Seong Ji-han tells viewers how to plan a party like this without hiding anything.

-Ah, yes, I see~

– Hahahaha the secret to 1st place number 40 has been revealed. It’s so easy. Huh?

-and! It’s so easy! It’s fun! Hahaha

An enthusiastic response followed.

“under… … If we transcend the league, is it possible to organize a party like this?”

“uh. “You should try too.”

To Barron, who has consistently spoken informally since the last broadcast, Seong Ji-han is equally comfortable speaking.

“Let’s decide the line first.”

Send Sofia and Masid to the top line.

He assigned Baron to the mid lane, and himself and Yoon Se-ah to the bottom line.

“We will first push the enemy team to the base, obtain 200% of the buff, and then proceed with Count Nasheed’s try.”

“good. “I will push the tower first.”

Barron goes to mid with great momentum.

“Please take care of me. Masid.”

“Please just buff me on time.”

“of course!”

As Masid and Sophia also headed to the tower, Seong Ji-han looked at Yoon Se-ah.

“and. I didn’t expect to party with my uncle already! What a symbolic day! lol.”

“That’s right~ I really like it too! “I also have parties like this with my nephew.”

I never would have dreamed of something like this in my last life.

For Seong Ji-han, this situation felt like a dream.

“But count.”


“Are you dressed lightly?”

As Seong Ji-han said, Yoon Se-ah’s attire consisted of tight leather armor.

Compared to the full plate mail I wore while training in the game in the past, it looks very light.

“ah. Today is not a training day, but a real battle. So, I dressed appropriately for my class.”

“no. Training is more efficient if you do it on the silver map. ruler. “Let’s put it on as armor right now.”

“Eh… … really? “You want me to train again?”

“uh. “There’s not much left, right?”

As Seong Ji-han said, there is not much left to achieve the rare stat Guts.

Yoon Se-ah, who has grown even more than last time, can now gain grit by increasing her stamina by 10,000 more.

[There, in this mission. You might have to grab Count Nasheed and force the game to end.]

When Seong Ji-han sent a message to Yoon Se-ah so that it would not be revealed on the air, she blinked.

If you force quit, you will definitely be in last place.

Why do you do that?


[You can’t go beyond level 10. I need to get the Guts stat.]

Rare stat Guts.

To obtain this, you had to increase your stamina by 10 through training within 100 days without exceeding level 10.

The experience gained from killing Count Nasheed will not raise you to level 4.

If you beat the invade map and enter the settlement stage, you could go beyond level 10.

That’s because the current map is different from Yoon Se-ah’s level.

[But if you increase your stamina by 1 here, you don’t have to force quit.]

“ah… … Is that so?! okay!”

Yoon Se-ah was convinced by Seong Ji-han’s words and calmly put on the full plate mail from her inventory.

It seemed very heavy in the past, but it didn’t seem that difficult, perhaps because my abilities have increased a lot recently.

“It looks light.”

“I’m a little stronger.”

“good. then. Ariel. “Would you like to stick with Se-ah and add some weight?”

[i get it.]


Black energy emanated from Seong Ji-han’s left arm and stuck to Yoon Se-ah’s armor.

Then, her movements suddenly became slower.

“huh? Sleep, wait a minute. Why is it so heavy! “I can’t move!”

[This is terrible. You can.]

“no. Because it’s not a big deal… … !”

[Do you think I don’t know the limits of the lowest race? This is a measure that takes everything into consideration.]

thud. thud.

Every time Yoon Se-ah took a step, the ground caved in.

“Stamina 1, perfect! Let’s post one. “Sea, you know how uncle feels, right?”

“ah. I understand that… … “Uggggggukgeuk.”

“ruler. Instead of walking to the bottom tower, run. “I’ll go first and straighten the lines.”

Seong Ji-han, who was watching this with satisfaction, waved his hand and disappeared first.

-Wow, the real devil was here lol.

-Even when you come to catch Count Nasheed, you take care of your stats hahaha – Mad nephew love bengppong…

So, Seong Ji-han arrived at the bottom line first.

“hi. Mr. Castle.”

“Welcome to the New York League.”

He soon saw two Americans from the New York League greeting him in English across the street.

Two players with impressive orange marks on their armor.

‘They’re the Orange Guild kids.’

He was a player belonging to the Orange Guild, ranked second in the United States after American First.

“You said you were going to catch Count Nasheed? It must be difficult. Shall we help you too?”

“How about having the angel and devil camps raid at the same time?”

“Instead, just lose the game to us. “We have to win this time to advance to the promotion match.”

“ah. Don’t you know English? Should I try chatting?”

Seong Ji-han looked at the two players who said that in a grumpy manner.

“are you okay.”

I lightly swung the phoenix poem horizontally.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill


Hoengsocheon County Army


The bodies of the two players holding the tower were split in half at once.

[First kill!]

[Double kill!]

[Player Seong Ji-han recorded the first kill.]

Seong Ji-han achieved a double kill very easily.

-People look like jelly…ㅎㄷㄷ

-There’s nothing special about the New York league, right?

Seong Ji-han, who came in first place on the Gold map and even brought Diamond to his knees, had no way of being held back by the Silver player.

‘I need to tidy up properly before Se-ah comes.’

I told Yoon Se-ah to run and come, but it would take a long time for her to be able to bear that weight.

Don’t let them even think about resisting before you arrive.

While Seong Ji-han thought so, he waited for his fallen opponent to return to the line.


The one that arrived before them.

“Heh… … Hehe… … .”

Unexpectedly, it was Yoon Se-ah.

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