The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 95

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 95>

* * *

“and… … !”

Lee Ha-yeon, unable to withstand Seong Ji-han’s pressure and accept the Akashic Page, opened her eyes wide.

“Wow, the gift level has gone up!”

She was excited and showed her gift window to Seong Ji-han.

[Gift – Training (Grade S)]

-This is a supporting gift. Help other players grow quickly.

-You can grant ‘Intensive Growth’ to 3 players.

-When using ‘Intensive Growth’, the existing growth rate bonus is doubled.

In the past, gift training had a one-line description at the top.

Hana has been upgraded to S class, and intensive growth has been added.

‘I heard from Ariel the other day that the support gift ability will temporarily increase… … This time, the grade has gone up.’ Seong Ji-han looked at the newly added gift text with slightly surprised eyes.

“Intensive growth… … .”

The ability to double the existing growth rate bonus for three players.

Lee Ha-yeon made an ambiguous expression.

“By using the Akashic Page, the power is doubled for three people… … “Is this a good thing?”

I knew that Seong Ji-han valued growth rate.

Isn’t it too inefficient for using those expensive Akashic pages?

Lee Ha-yeon made an uncomfortable expression.

“This is a very good result. Please write this to me and Se-Ah. “As for the other one, Hayeon, please do whatever you want.”

Seong Ji-han was smiling as if he was extremely satisfied.

‘As expected, it was a good decision to appoint Lee Ha-yeon as the guild master.’

Is it possible to achieve such efficiency with just one Akashic page?

Of course, the value of that one piece was astronomical.

If I had sold this and made money, I might have accumulated a huge amount of money by the end of the tutorial.

Then, there was a possibility that he would have had the funds to buy three or five Akashic Pages at that time.


‘The immediate moment is more important than anything else.’

Even when he was ranked 7th in the world, money was piled up.

There was just no place to use it.

All the items sold in the battle market were of little use once you reached the top rank.

Rather than making more money, investing in the growth rate to immediately increase one’s abilities was ultimately a profitable business.

Seong Ji-han thought so and looked around again to see if there were any changes in the guild buff.

Perhaps it was because the grade went up, but there were some things that changed.

“In addition, the guild buff effect has also increased overall.”

“uh… … “Is it real?”

Lee Ha-yeon’s training effect doubled the guild’s growth buff effect.

However, the gift grade rose to S grade, and 2x was upgraded to 2.5x.

In addition, the experience buff has increased by an additional 10% compared to last time… … .

[You will receive an increase in growth rate. Growth rate increases by 275 percent.]

[Experience gain increases by 40 percent.]

“I guess I’ll have to pay more rent for this.”

Lee Ha-yeon’s eyes lit up at those words.

“What you said is correct, owner. The buff effect has increased, but I need to get more from the people who rent it.”

That way, it won’t be a waste to use the Akashic Pages.

Seong Ji-han said this without much intention, but Lee Ha-yeon took it seriously as if it was a mission given to her.

“And intensive growth… … “I’ll have to auction off the remaining spot and get an extra payment from one of the five players!”

“… … “Is that what you want to do?”

Seong Ji-han thought that Lee Ha-yeon would naturally focus her growth on her bodyguard Lim Ga-young, but it was surprising that she instead decided to hold an auction.

“yes! “We have to make up the 300 billion somehow!”

Her eyes were burning brightly with the will to repay her debt.

Seong Ji-han tilted his head.

“Hayeon, why are you paying me back?”

“of course… … “I got this expensive thing, I have to pay it back!”

“Everything I did was an investment. It’s enough for me to be in charge of two intensive growth positions. Hayeon takes all the income from the remaining position.”

“to… … .”

I really don’t have to repay the Akashic Pages I received?

Lee Ha-yeon was dumbfounded.

“hmm. But if this ability becomes known to the world, people from all directions might rush to scout Hayeon.”

“yes? “Oh, no way.”

“no. “I’m sure it will.”

At first, many people wondered why Lee Ha-yeon became the guild master.

Thanks to Seong Ji-han breaking the big news and turning off all the aggro, interest in her abilities had faded.

However, there was a concern that once people started to show things like intensive growth, their interest would be rekindled.

‘Lee Hayeon’s gift is the core of the waiting guild. ‘We can’t have it already taken over by another guild.’

Seong Ji-han spread his fingers.

“Five months. Please give Gayoung Lim five months of intensive growth. “Then I will consider my debt to the Akashic Page to have been paid.”

“ah… … To Gayoung?”

“yes. “Gayoung must have a heavy mouth.”

Then, Lim Ga-young, who had been standing like a folding screen behind Lee Ha-yeon, quickly opened her mouth.

“yes. That mouth is heavy. It never opens.”

“That’s right?”

“ha… … all right. Gayoung. “It’s a good thing you followed me to the waiting guild, right?”

“yes. There are times when I benefit from the lady… … “I am deeply moved.”

“Shouldn’t you just give me a buff?”

“i love you. sister.”

“You’re my sister only in situations like this, right?”

Lee Ha-yeon looked at Lim Ga-young and rolled her eyes.

“all right. Then, I will use intensive growth on Gayoung for 5 months.”

“yes. And in the meantime, please keep this ability a secret.”

“of course!”

Lee Ha-yeon puffed out her chest as if telling people to trust only her.

* * *

next day.

Seong Ji-han and the four players timed it and formed a guild party.

Players belonging to the waiting guild are invited to the party window one by one.

The first to enter the party was Sophia.

[Sophia: Wow. Is this really going to be a party? 😀 Nice to meet you~ Jihan!]

Party chat window automatically translated.

Sophia couldn’t hide her surprise.

[Barron: How did you create this party?]

Barron, who had been misbehaving with the sponsorship chat on the previous broadcast, came in for the second time.

Now it seemed like he had decided to quit altogether.

[Wanglin: It’s amazing that it’s really possible… … .]

[Mikhail: Hello.]

The other two players also joined the party one after another.

Before we knew it, the party was filled with 5 people.

‘What a party it is.’

Originally, forming a guild party was only possible with guild members belonging to the same league.

I had no idea that beating the League Beyond Achievement would bring benefits in this way.

[Seong Ji-han: Nice to meet you, everyone. Today’s target is Count Nasheed in the ‘Canyon of the End’ map. Until this map is taken, we will continue to form parties like this.]

Even if a party was formed, the game played was random, so Seong Ji-han notified the party members in advance.

[Barron: I hope it gets caught right away. bothered.]

[Sophia: I hope I don’t get caught~ I want to keep partying with Jihan! ah. that’s right. Can’t we just keep partying even if we catch Count Nasheed?]

[Wanglin: I also want to party together often when the time is right.]

[Barron: I’m done.]

Unlike Barron, who was dissatisfied with everything, the other party members were friendly.

If you party with Seong Ji-han, who always takes first place, victory is a given.

[Mikhail: But there is a problem. As far as I know, Count Nasheed does not appear in the Silver map.]

[Seong Ji-han: I have a way to summon Count Nasheed. Everyone is familiar with the strategy, right?]

[Sophia: Yes~~]

[Barron: Of course.]

[Seong Ji-han: Then I will start the game right away.]

In the party window, Seong Ji-han played the game.


[The average power of the party is excessively high. Matches the map of the New York 1 Gold League.]

[Do you want to run the game?]

‘Gold map?’

Seong Ji-han frowned.

This is unexpected.

However, it was certainly plausible that the average party power was too high.

Seong Ji-han alone is a player who transcends the league.

Aren’t the rest of the players also doing well in their own leagues?

There are two SSS-level gifts alone, and three SS-level gifts, including Seong Ji-han.

Even without the guild’s ability buffs, they are all people who make a living by taking first or second place in their country’s league.

In a way, it was natural that the party where they all gathered did not match with Silver.

[Sophia: Huh? Are you doing it with our gold?]

[Barron: The party’s strength is fucking unprecedented.]

[Wanglin: I don’t mind. I want to compete with Gold.]

[Mikhail: I like it better. This would attract more attention.]

Wang Rin, who possessed the SSS level gift, ‘Heavenly Demon Body’, was confident, and Mikhail was also extremely encouraged.


As a result, he was reluctant to play in higher leagues.

‘You can’t do it in the Gold League.’

That’s because there was a cautionary note at the end of the quest to catch Count Nasheed.

* Caution: When you upgrade from Silver League, this quest will disappear.

A chain quest that disappears when you advance from the Silver League.

If I got caught in the invasion map used by the Gold League, I didn’t know whether this quest would disappear or be maintained.

You can’t take risks when things are uncertain.

‘We need to tone down the party.’

To do that, we had to first remove one of the four people and bring in Bronze to take the empty spot.

[Seong Ji-han: Count Nasheed raid is only available on the Silver map. Of the four party members, I think I will have to replace one with a bronze guild member.]

[Sophia: Oh, is that so? It’s a problem if it’s too strong :(]

[Barron: Hmph. It’s impossible on the gold map. It’s boring.]

[Wanglin: Then which of the four of us should leave…]

[Mikhail: Umm.]

As everyone had gathered for the Count Nasheed raid, everyone was just looking at each other and didn’t want to leave.

‘That won’t work.’

I can’t waste time like this.

Seong Ji-han entered the chat.

[Seong Ji-han: If no one voluntarily leaves, we will draw lots.]

When they heard that they would select a party member by drawing lots, the chat window went crazy.

[Sophia: Drawing lots! Well…don’t you need supporters? It’s a must for party play! Please leave me out!]

[Barron: You’re saying it’s a drawing of lots, but you’re not trying to kick me out, right?! I’m worried that the spotlight that belongs to you will be taken away!]

[Mikhail: Haha, I’m not good at things like this… I always get caught… The dice always rolls 1…]

Wang Rin, who was the only one among them who did not say a word, raised his gun instead.

[Wanglin: If there is a drawing… I will go out.]

[Seong Ji-han: Could you do that? Thank you so much.]

[Wanglin: Yes. Instead, may I ask Seong Ji-han for a favor?]

[Seong Ji-han: Please tell me as much as you want.]

[Wanglin: I want to dance with you later.]

Wang Rin, who possesses an SSS level gift and the Heavenly Demon Body.

Although he was a Warrior class player, he was famous for having the special class ‘Heavenly Demon Fuin’ despite being Silver.

‘He was called the greatest warrior on the continent.’

Heavenly Demon Wang Rin.

He was a warrior who had a lot of conflict with Seong Ji-han in the future.

In his last life, Wang Lin was attacked by the Apostle of the Apocalypse who appeared in China, but thanks to his sacrifice, China was able to subdue the Apostle of the Apocalypse.

[Seong Ji-han: Good.]

[Wanglin: Then… I wish you good luck.]

Wang Rin leaves the party.

Seong Ji-han contacted one person to fill the remaining position.

In that way, the person invited to the party… … .

[Masid: Hello.]

It was Diego Massid, the god of soccer.

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