The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 167

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 167>

Just now.

Shizuru, who had evacuated using teleportation, watched the Sword King’s hostage situation and received a call from the Prime Minister.

[Shizuru. now… … What would you like to do? If you give us your opinion, we will follow it.]

A prime minister who commands fascination and obedience and is extremely polite.

Shizuru sighed and answered.

“ha. Just wait a moment. “I will prepare and go.”

[If you go directly, it would be dangerous… … !]

“There is a way. So, just give me some time.”

[All right!]


Shizuru thought after hanging up the phone.

‘Charming is impossible now.’

Shizuru’s ‘fascination’ relies heavily on perspective.

If the Sword King hadn’t stabbed his eyes, he would have tried to do anything.

Now that his eyes were gone, it was impossible to cast charm.

‘The Sword King must give up.’

Shizuru quickly gave up his lingering affection for the Sword King.

Of course, he is an unrivaled player, but the world is wide and players with SSS-level gifts continue to appear.

The Sword King and Seong Ji-han are on high alert, so even if we leave them aside.

Barron with two status windows in the US, Wanglin the Heavenly Demon in China, etc.

There were still several properties for sale that could become top-tier.

I guess I can be self-respecting for a while and then start charming those people again.


‘This is the problem right now.’

The problem is that the Sword King is holding the Japanese national team hostage like that.

Looking at his mood, it seemed like he would kill the players if the real Shizuru didn’t show up.

As for the national team players, it didn’t really matter to her whether anyone died or not.

‘If they die, our country won’t be able to maintain its ranking on… … .’

Shizuru frowned.

Anyway, useless things.

Since they can’t defeat just one Sword King, are they all becoming hostages?

‘I should have established influence in the United States.’

Still, he built up power in Japan because he was comfortable in his own country.

If I had known in advance that the players’ skills were not good, I would have gone to the United States a long time ago and settled down with charm.

Shizuru bit her lip.

‘… … For now, let’s go and die.’

Shizuru went down to the basement of the mansion.

An underground space with several layers of security devices.

Beep. Beep.

[Fingerprint recognition, successful.]

[Face recognition failed.]


My face was broken by the Sword King.

Shizuru took out a mirror from the bag she was carrying and looked at herself.

Neither pretty nor ugly.

The facial features of an extremely ordinary and plain woman were in the mirror.

“ah. “It’s really ugly.”

Shizuru evaluated her face in the past like that.


I changed my face again.

[Face recognition successful.]

The underground secret room we entered that way.

Dozens of monitors are displayed, and a huge supercomputer is running.

It was like the management room of a huge server.

And in the central part of the underground space.

A person who looked exactly like Shizuru was lying in a glass coffin.

“Self-immolation… … “It kills me every time I make it.”

Shizuru lamented and opened the top of the glass tube.

“Hey. “Please go quickly and die.”



Shizuru’s self-immolation in the coffin arose.

‘If he dies, the obsession will be lifted immediately.’

Then the Sword King will think he is dead.

No, I might make a fuss about looking for Shizuru.

You won’t be able to reach this underground space.

‘Let’s hide here for a while.’

Shizuru decided to hide for a while while monitoring the Sword King’s broadcast.


In Sword King’s Battle Tube, the clones he sent were all stabbed by white swords.

‘it’s okay.’

She smiled.

‘Now let’s release our obsession.’

When Shizuru dies and the status abnormality ‘obsession’ is lifted.

Even the Sword King probably thinks he’s dead.

It’s a perfect picture.

While thinking like that, she stretched out her hand to solve the Sword King’s abnormal condition.

“uh… … .”

There I saw a completely unexpected message.

[The special ability of Ganjang and Makya, ‘The Disobedient’, is activated.]

[The target does not accept the removal of the status abnormality ‘Obsessed’.]

[‘Obsessedness’ remains.]

“… … Nonsense.”

Shizuru’s face became extremely hard.

Sigh! Sigh!

The white sword pierced Shizuru’s entire body, as if he would not allow anyone to approach him.

She, who was the most beautiful woman in the world, died in a terrible manner, buried under a sword.

“It’s not enough.”

However, the white sword does not stop at just stabbing her.

Moving wildly, Shizuru’s entire body was brutally cut off.

-Ugh… … I hate this so much;

-I thought I got used to that while watching This is a bit… … .

-The Sword King killed a person! Management Bureau should immediately revoke Sword King’s player status!

-What are you depriving me of? This is just revenge!

-ah. But I can’t see Shizuru anymore… … That’s a shame.

-It’s a shame, I feel so relieved lol -But I died in vain. I wanted to be charmed again haha ​​- is that really true?

There were various chats about Shizuru’s death on Sword King’s Battle Tube.

The Sword King, who was blind, did not see this message anyway.

He just.

“So easy… … “I can’t believe it.”

“Sword King! Now free the hostages! “Your revenge is not over!”


Even after crushing Shizuru, he did not easily believe that she was dead and kept an eye on the situation.

at that time.

[The status abnormality ‘Obsessed’ is removed.]

Because I was blind, I heard system messages through hearing instead of sight.

“really… … “He died?”

Only then did the Sword King wonder if Shizuru’s death was real.

He took the Japanese players hostage and said he would sacrifice himself for them?

I’m not that kind of woman.

‘Did I kill Shizuru before he tried anything… … .’

Still, the system message popped up.

The Sword King could only think that she was dead.


[With the characteristic of ‘disobedient one’, you can resist the removal of the status abnormality ‘Obsessed’.]

[Do you want to object?]

Let Ganjang·Makya’s characteristic, ‘one who disobeys’, be activated.

The Sword King had an eerie smile on his lips.

okay. There’s no way you could die this easily.

“I refuse to obey.”

[The status abnormality ‘Obsessed’ remains.]

[The object of obsession is ‘Ito Shizuru.’]

The Sword King heard the message and opened his mouth with confidence.

“Shizuru. Did you think it would end if you sent the self-immolation and went into hiding? The obsession you gave me… … “It’s well maintained.”

“What is that… … !”

“It’s a self-immolation. This is nonsense! “Free the hostages immediately!”

Across from Battlenet Center.

Although people on the Japanese side did not believe the Sword King’s words and protested.

“Hehe… … .”


Swords gathered at the Sword King’s feet, and his body was lifted into the air by the swords.

Sword King’s exclusive patent, sword flight.

At the same time, the prison that imprisoned 20 people also appeared in the air.

“Uh, where are we going!”

“Why are the hostages… … !”

As the Special Forces commander of the Self-Defense Forces shouted, the Sword King opened his mouth on his sword.

“I will release the rest except for 20 people. However, I am taking these with me.”

“what… … “What?”

“Isn’t it different from what you promised!”

“If Shizuru dies, they too will be liberated.”

“this guy… … ! We can’t leave it like that! “I will open fire!”

Although the special forces commander did something evil.

“If it is okay for them to die, then so be it.”

Twenty swords were flying around the Sword King, as if to protect him.

It was a very obvious situation that if they fired, they would die before the Sword King.

“Ugh… … .”

The special forces leader gritted his teeth, but was unable to stop the Sword King’s flight.



As the sword flew, the Sword King instantly disappeared into the sky along with 20 hostages.

At the frightening speed, the special forces commander looked fed up.

‘Maybe that would be better… … .’

Even though I prepared guns and bullets exclusively for players.

If special forces had fought a monster like that, there would have been a lot of casualties.

It was fortunate that it didn’t end up in such an extreme situation.

“Entering the Center.”

The special forces commander turned his eyes from the sky.

In order to take care of the remaining hostages, I entered the center with my unit members.

Haneda Airport, Japan.

“We’ve landed.”

“… … “It’s my first time riding in a cargo hold.”

Seong Ji-han gets into the cargo hold of an airplane with Akari in order to secretly infiltrate Japan.

“Then, let me explain the route from Haneda Airport. Here, I become a spirit, and Seong Ji-han turns into a shadow and sneaks away… … .”

Before boarding the plane, she tried to explain the route to Seong Ji-han based on the data she had researched.

“no. Why don’t you go secretly? “You can go out in the open.”


“uh. “If I join my brother-in-law anyway, everyone will know.”

“still… … .”

“let’s go.”

As soon as the cargo compartment door opened, Seong Ji-han escaped with her.

“W-what… … !”

“west. west. “It’s Seongjihan!”

The airport staff were shocked to see them jumping out of the cargo hold.

Seong Ji-han ignored them and used the skill.

“Summon a thundercloud.”

Then, a bright yellow cloud appeared above Seong Ji-han.

Crackling. Support position.

An intense electric current flowed on the surface of the cloud.



Seong Ji-han got on top of him and gestured to Akari.

“… … “Wouldn’t that give me an electric shock?”

“It’s okay for those I allow.”

“All right.”

Akari quickly jumped onto the cloud and looked at her feet with wide eyes.

As Seong Ji-han said, the electricity above the clouds did not affect the body.

“Where is your brother-in-law now?”

“yes. “I’m going to Shizuru’s mansion now.”

“I guess we can join there. “Give me directions.”

“You can go over there.”


A thundercloud flies by in an instant, following the direction Akari points.

“This way… … !”

“ah. went… … .”

Airport staff hurriedly called the airport police.

All they could see was Seong Ji-han leaving.


The fact that he arrived in Japan quickly spread throughout both Korea and Japan.

-I heard you went to sacred Japan?

-Haha, no, you skipped the MVP interview, and when did you go there?

-They said it jumped out of the cargo hold.

-I’m crazy, really lol. What do you say about driving force?

-Ugh, but isn’t it too dangerous?

-If the Sword King and Seong Ji-han join, Japan will become dangerous.


Korean people stopped worrying about the Sword King after seeing the news that Seong Ji-han was heading to Japan.

-No, it’s sacred… … Wow, how long has it been since the game ended?

-Take this opportunity to kill them all! What are the Self-Defense Force Special Forces doing?

-I think the special forces will be used up… … .

-Complaint to the administration and have both of them suspended as players!!

-Is protesting to the Bureau the only hope for Japan? wwww -Good. Seong Ji-han is sent to prison for illegal immigration. Let’s put the King of Swords to death for murder.

-But who catches them?

Even as the Japanese people went on a rampage, they realized that there was no answer to the current situation.

If Seong Ji-han joins the Sword King, who will stop them?

No matter how special forces were dispatched, no estimate was made.

-Until yesterday, we held a party to confirm that we were in first place in the league and advanced to the Champions League… … .

-this… … dream? Please tell me it’s a dream

-Shizuru-san’s mansion is collapsing wwww

The situation is like this.

Some Japanese viewers felt so desperate that they went to the Sword King channel and giggled as they watched Shizuru’s mansion being bombed.

-What did you do to charm well? wwww

-You should have lured Seongjihan too!

-Thanks to you, we were confirmed to be at the bottom of the league for next season wwww Around the time there was so much commotion.

Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … !

The thundercloud carrying the holy group arrived at Shizuru’s mansion before we knew it.

“under… … ha… … Here it is.”

“uh. “I can see my brother-in-law swinging his sword over there.”

bang! bang!

It seems as if Shizuru’s mansion will not even have pillars left behind.

The Sword King is bombarding with a white sword.

Seong Ji-han led the thundercloud and approached the Sword King.

“I’m here. “Brother-in-law.”

Seong Ji-han treated the Sword King, who came to his senses, with the same respect as before.

The Sword King was startled when he heard that voice.

“… … Are you Jihan? How already… … .”

“It just came a little quickly.”

Seong Ji-han answered lightly and took out a World Tree leaf from his inventory.

“First, let’s eat this first.”

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