The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 166

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 166> Center in Japan.

“eww… … Ugh… … .”

The Japanese coach sat down and trembled.

Phew! Phew!

Around him, the Sword King’s white sword was flying, devastating the surrounding area.

In particular, what the sword is focusing on is the connector.


The Battlenet connector cut by the white sword made a small explosion sound and smoke rose.

The director closed his eyes tightly.

‘Ito Shizuru, I only trust you! Why did things happen like this… … !’

I felt uneasy ever since the Sword King suddenly logged out during the first game.

Shizuru ran away, and the Sword King went completely berserk.

The good news is that no one has been killed yet.

Most of the staff had already run away in fear.

The bodyguards guarding the Battlenet Center were stunned by the Sword King’s sword.

Still, he didn’t seem to have any intention of committing murder… … .

Jijijijik… … !

Seeing sparks flying from several BattleNet connectors, it seemed like someone would be electrocuted at any moment, even if they weren’t cut by the sword.

“Sword, Sword King! Please, please stop! If it explodes like this… … “The players may die!”

“If you die, you die.”

“Well, that…” … !”

“Or do you want me to kill you myself? Hehehe. “Now that I think about it, if we just kill everyone here, the Japanese national team will completely collapse.”

The Sword King touches his crushed eye and smiles, showing his teeth.

I felt an intense madness from him.

“Please, please save me… … !”

“Then bring Shizuru right away.”

“How can we… Shizuru?” … !”

“It’s up to you to bring them in.”


As the white sword dismantled the Battlenet connector, people were taken out one by one.

Even though he is blind, the Sword King uses his sword as if it were his own hand.

It was a scene that showed why he was the world’s No. 1 fighter.

“Geomok (劍獄).”

And let him say so.

“ah… … what… … !”

“uh. uh… … this… … !”

The sword of light stretched out towards the players who were forcibly logged out of the connector.

A sword that has grown to fit the size of a person.

They were captured inside the sword, floated, and brought close to the Sword King.

“Not this guy.”

“big. Ugh… … !”


Some of the captured players fainted and fell to the ground as the prison exploded.

“This guy… … okay. “It’s okay.”

Some players, 20 people, were trapped inside the sword.

“What the hell is this?”

“Please save me… … !”

“Stay calm.”

“Ugh, ugh… … !”

Everyone fainted due to the Sword King’s trick.

No matter how much I was confused because I was forced to log out of the connector.

Even though each and every one of them was a strong enough player to be selected for the national team, the Sword King defeated them all.


The Japanese coach swallowed.

‘This monster… … ! Are you blind? The captured players are all top rankers!’

The players imprisoned are the top 20 members of the Japanese national team.

Despite being blind, the Sword King selected only the most worthy hostages.

“I’ll give you 12 hours. “If you don’t bring Shizuru in the meantime, we will publicly execute one person every 10 minutes.”

“ah. no… … Public execution. that… … !”

“So call the reporter. ah… … No. “I can’t trust you.”

The Sword King spoke slowly while touching his crushed eyes.

“system. “I’m going to turn on BattleTube.”

The Sword King’s personal channel, which has never been opened since he became fascinated by Shizuru.

The Sword King came to Japan and played Battle Tube for the first time.

* * *

Meanwhile, Center in Korea.

“Our team won?”

“That’s right. older brother.”

Dongwoo Kim and Yoongi Lee came out of the connector with bright faces.

The Japanese national team was missing something after the Sword King logged out in the first game.

They easily won the 2nd game by a wide margin, and the 3rd game was also ruined by logging out.

I don’t know why it happened like that.

In any case, the Korea-Japan match, which had been a concern, was won by a landslide, so the Korean national team players were generally in a cheerful mood.

of course.

“What on earth happened to Japan?” … .”

“Forced logout. “I’ve never seen anything like this in a match.”

“Even if there is a power outage, I still have 3 hours to go. connector.”

“If it were a national-level machine, it would run for 6 hours?”

Perhaps because this was an accident that had never occurred in the Japanese national team before, everyone’s attention was focused on it.

“Director. “Have you heard any news?”

“Uhm… … Not yet. Oh, I heard people are evacuating from the Center in Japan… … .”

Director Youngjun Noh opened his eyes wide when he heard the news from Japan.

“yes? Evacuate?”

“What happened?”

Seong Ji-han, who won MVP in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd consecutive games, approached coach Noh Young-jun with a stern face.

Then, on the monitor he was looking at, he could see various breaking news popping up.

-Staff in a hurry to evacuate from Center in Japan!

-Testimonies that the Sword King is crazy appear one after another… … ! It is presumed that the person causing a disturbance inside is the Sword King.

It’s crazy.

I came to my senses.

While Seong Ji-han thought so, he asked director Noh Young-jun.

“I guess we don’t know the details of the internal situation yet.”

“Yeah, yeah… … Umm. It looks like the Sword King tampered with the Battlenet connector… … I wonder what will happen… … .”

When the director is watching the monitor with his arms crossed and a serious expression on his face.

One of the staff members quickly shouted.

“uh. Go, director! “The Sword King’s Battle Tube is opening!”

“what… … Battle Tube?! Bring up the screen right away!”

“All right!”


The Sword King’s Battle Tube screen that appeared like that.

“omg… … !”

“Well, the eyes… … !”

It shocked viewers from the beginning.

The King of Swords, with both eyes crushed and blood stains under his eyes.

The sight was eerie, as if she had shed tears of blood.


And when the Sword King opened his mouth, Korean came out.

A Korean word that I have never used since becoming a naturalized Japanese citizen.

[I would like to express my deepest apologies to the fans who have supported me in Korea. I was crazy about women and caused a lot of trouble.]

Then the Sword King gently touched his eyes.

[In the end, after removing my own eyes… … I finally broke out of my dream.]

“ah… … You came to your senses. Sword King! Jihan. Yes, did you do it?”

“Yes, but… … Judging by your eyes, it appears that things were not easy.”

Did Shizuru try to enchant again?

You stabbed yourself in the eyes.

‘No, the eyes…’ … Just play it. ‘It’s important not to be charmed again.’

Any body that has disappeared can be regenerated.

Although it may be difficult to show such a treatment effect in real life now, after the tutorial is over, the supporter’s treatment effect becomes better like in the game.

As long as I survived, it was okay.

Seong Ji-han calmly judged that.

[This incident… … I will cancel the decision myself.]

Now I heard the story of the Sword King who returned as ‘Yoon Se-jin’.

[Notice to the Japanese government. Bring Shizuru before my eyes immediately, within 12 hours. If she doesn’t bring it.]

Phew. Phew.

Is it because both eyes are gone?

The Sword King has a hard time understanding how the BattleTube camera reflects on him.

The prison where 20 people were imprisoned was roughly moved around.

Coach Noh Young-jun opened his eyes wide and could barely make out the players spinning around in the prison.

“uh… … To Sakura. There is also Heiji… … Players with SS-level gifts are trapped by the sword!”

“Excluding your brother-in-law, aren’t they among the top five players in Japan? they?”

“okay… … Even when the Sword King was in Korea, they were quite troublesome players. But taking them hostage… … .”

[I will kill them one at a time every 10 minutes.]

A sword king who holds only the top players hostage.

When he officially declared that he would kill Shizuru if he didn’t bring him back, director Youngjun Noh frowned.

“hmm. Foreshadowing murder… … ! If you become a murderer, you will be expelled by the International Association… … .”

“What happens if I am expelled?”

“I can’t be a member of the national team, and I’m banned from international competitions.”

That’s it, a rule that can only be used during tutorials.

In the post-tutorial world that has entered the age of barbarism, even the seeds will not work.

Even if I get banned from competing. It would be better to uproot Shizuru, who will forever suffer in the future.


‘I can’t leave it like that for long.’

No matter how absolute the Sword King’s power is, there are clear limits to how much power can be used in reality.

Right now, he’s showing off his power by using the white sword like that, but you never know when he might run out of energy.

Then, in Japan, which has now become a completely enemy territory, it is fatal.

When Seong Ji-han picked up his cell phone and tried to contact Manager Park Yun-sik.

“Say, uncle!”

Inside the Center, Yoon Se-ah hurriedly ran in.

“Did you watch Dad’s broadcast? I guess I’m out of fascination! “Your uncle did it, right?”


“ah… … also! But dad’s eyes! What about the eyes? Oh really… … Who stabs their own eyes out? … !”

With a tearful face, Yoon Se-ah poured out words to Seong Ji-han like a rapid fire.

Although he has been acting strong as if he has no regrets about his father who abandoned him.

Now that the situation is like this, has his true intentions been revealed?

I felt worried about Yoon Se-jin.

“First of all, contact Manager Park Yun-sik now and ask him to find a flight to Japan.”

“Are you planning to go to Japan?”

“ruler. you… … Anyway, that’s… … .”

When Seong Ji-han calmly talked about going to Japan, everyone looked at him in surprise.

No, no matter what, he went straight to Japan without even watching the situation.

Isn’t this too hasty?

“Brother-in-law, you won’t last long because you lost both eyes. “We also have to feed them leaves from the World Tree.”

“eww… … That’s true, but wouldn’t it be dangerous?”

“It’s dangerous. I?”

I could feel absolute confidence in Seong Ji-han’s smiling face.

Well, he is someone who can stop even a flying bullet by controlling his territory.

If Seong Ji-han and the Sword King link up, it will be nothing short of a disaster for the other party.

“eww… … “But you still don’t understand the language and don’t know the geography.”

“I will go with you.”

Behind Yoon Se-ah, who was still worried, Akari, who had been standing silently, stepped forward.

“It won’t help in terms of combat, but… … “I am fully capable of serving as a guide in Japan.”

“Then Se-Ah is the problem.”

“I’m following along too… … .”

“It won’t work.”

“Ah Okay. Then I’ll just stay quietly at home! So don’t worry and go with Akari!”

“hmm… … .”

Let Seong Ji-han worry about Yoon Se-ah’s words.

“I will take care of Se-Ah.”

Ha Yeon-ju, who was watching this nearby, came out.

As Korea’s highest level player, she was always under tight security.

He was the perfect person to leave Yoon Se-ah in charge of for a while.

“… … “Can I ask you a favor?”

“Sure. “I also hope that the Sword King returns to Korea safely.”

“okay. Don’t worry about me! “I’ll be with Yeonjoo!”

Before she knew it, Yoon Se-ah was snuggled up next to Ha Yeon-joo and waved to Seong Ji-han.

He chuckled at the sight and picked up the phone.

“Chief Park Yun-sik. “Please give me two seats on the plane to Japan.”

[Hey, Japan… … .]

“yes. “Right now.”

* * *

Sword King’s live broadcast suddenly became a hot topic around the world.

In particular, a huge number of viewers from both Korea and Japan flock to Sword King’s Battle Tube.

The number of viewers easily exceeded 10 million.

-Sword King ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I believed that you would come back like this ㅠㅠㅠㅠ – What should I do with my eyes ㅠㅠㅠㅠ – There must be a way to play it on… … Let’s gather again and raise money in the name of the Sword King!

-Wow, the King of Swords didn’t fail haha. There are so many of them. -Huh… … But is the hostage situation real?

-Ugh. This is why you shouldn’t trust it… … ! What on earth is the national team doing? No matter what, how can one person be treated like that!

-LOL Japanese kids are getting angry.

-wwww <- wwww that makes me feel so happy because I haven’t seen this – ㄹㅇ hahaha After the Sword King went to Japan, Koreans were ridiculed by Japanese netizens.

This time the positions were reversed and they were teased to the fullest.


-But won’t this really lead to murder?

-Will Shizuru appear? The atmosphere is scary – what are the Self-Defense Forces doing?? We must suppress the Sword King immediately!

-LOL I think the hostage will die first before the Sword King is suppressed.

-If they die, won’t Japan really be at the bottom?

-There are only three SS-level hostages.

Although the Japanese Self-Defense Forces also had a suppression unit dedicated to anti-player.

The player who was being held hostage by the Sword King was the core of the Japanese national team, so he could not recklessly try to suppress the Sword King.

[Ito Ryuhei, disarm immediately and liberate the hostages!]

They surrounded Japan’s Center from afar and only asked the Sword King through a loudspeaker to release the hostages.

“As expected, I don’t think I have any particular intention of bringing him back.”

Jijijijik… … !

In addition to the 20 people who were put to the sword.


“eww. Ugh… … !”

Among the remaining stunned players, those who showed signs of waking up were stunned again.

“Who should be executed first? “Is Sakura the most annoying sakura in Japan?”

King of Swords is a live broadcast channel watched by over 10 million people.

He mentioned death without hesitation.

As time passes, the atmosphere becomes heavier and heavier.

‘I’m really going to kill you if you keep doing this… … !’

‘What on earth is the government doing!’

When the Japanese staff, who were watching this situation from afar, fell into despair.

Again. Again.

“uh… … .”

“That person… … .”

A woman re-entered the Center where the hostage situation was taking place.

“I’m here… … “Ryuhei.”

Shizuru, who had run away in a hurry not long ago, came back on her own feet.

And as soon as the Sword King heard her voice.

“okay. die.”

They all threw their swords at once.

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