The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 168

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 168>

“This… … “Is it a leaf?”

“yes. “It is an item that removes status ailments.”

The Sword King, who was touching the leaves of the World Tree, shook his head after hearing Seong Ji-han’s story.

“Then I can’t eat now. “I have to maintain the status ailment.”

“If there is a status abnormality… … .”

“Status abnormality ‘obsession’. This is what made me confident in Shizuru’s survival. There… … .”

The Sword King stretched his hand down.

At the place he pointed to, there was Shizuru’s mansion, which was in a state of ruin.

“I guess the reason I came here is because of this ‘obsession.’”

“What does that mean?”

“How do you think I, who is blind, came to Shizuru’s mansion so quickly?”

“… … Does it have something to do with obsession?”

The Sword King nodded.

“The other side is fine. Only when I look in this direction does my anger rise like fire. “When I came, I realized it was Shizuru’s house.”

Being left with nothing but obsession was the worst outcome for Shizuru.

Seong Ji-han put the leaf back into his inventory.

“Then get rid of Shizuru and eat it.”

“okay. Thank you for your concern. then… … .”


The tip of the sword carrying the Sword King was pointed towards the ruined mansion.

“Let’s go down.”

The Sword King landed first toward Shizuru’s destroyed mansion.

“Uh, uhm… … .”

“What is this…?” … .”

The workers who had been hired to work inside Shizuru’s house were crouching and shivering.

They numbered more than a dozen, and strangely, they looked unharmed even though the mansion was almost completely destroyed.

“Are you okay? “These are.”

“I’m fine.”

“okay. Even ordinary people should not be harmed… … .”

This was possible because the white sword that destroyed the mansion protected ordinary people.

“There is no Shizuru among you… … “Leave.”

The Sword King quickly read the people’s presence and gave an order for the guests to leave the house.

“Thank you!”

“let’s hurry… … !”

“Uh, uhm… … Lord, I thought I was going to die!”

As soon as the Sword King spoke, people quickly got up and tried to leave the house.

Seong Ji-han, who got off the thundercloud, watched this for a while and then asked Akari.

“Akari, is there a place to hide in this mansion? “Even though the house is completely destroyed, I can’t find any trace of Shizuru.”

“… … I remember that the experiment was conducted in the basement of a separate building. “They even tried to make me an alter ego there.”

“Okay, guide me.”

“All right.”

Let Akari, who was once edited into Shizuru’s alter ego, lead the way.

Seongjihan’s party was soon able to reach the basement where Shizuru was.

“There are layers of security measures in place… … .”

Looking at the huge, thick door, Akari spoke as if she was tired.

“Just break it.”

“Yes, that is the simplest.”

One door was not enough to stop two world-class warriors.


This is what you see after the door breaks down.

Shizuru was in a firm defensive posture, activating the Aegis Shield again.

“Wasn’t that your sister’s?”

“I’m sorry. “I was crazy.”

“Whoa… … “Please bring it back.”

“okay. “Bring that woman’s head too.”

The two people calmly talk about Onimani with their necks.

Shizuru, who heard this from across the room, hurriedly shouted.

“for a moment! “Let’s talk for a moment!”



The Sword King’s white swords flew away all at once.

pop! pop!

“Hehe, it won’t break through so easily this time. “Because I ‘edited’ the Aigis.”

“really… … “You’re annoying.”

The Sword King growled in a voice full of murder.

Supporting gift ‘Edit’.

To what extent is that ability useful?

“Seong Ji-han, my skills are SSS level editing. How do you feel?”

“It’s like shit.”

“Hehe, the ability that has received such high praise… … From now on, I will write for you guys.”

“… … what?”

Shizuru smiled while looking at Seong Jihan.

“Instead, please forgive me just this once.”

“Do you think you will do it?”

“Although we started off on bad terms, in fact… … “No one in particular suffered harm, right?”

“… … Huh, no one was harmed?”

“is it so. You’re fine. Your nephew is also doing well. Oh yeah. I heard that the Sword King suffered some damage because his eyes went numb. “If you use editing skills, even damaged eyes can be treated.”

Meanwhile, Shizuru continued to play with his mouth.

“If your powerful force is combined with my support gift. There will be no force in the world that can threaten us. “We have been at odds until now, but if we change our thinking just a little, we can become collaborators like never before.”

Meanwhile, Shizuru casts an alluring look towards Seong Ji-han.

Seong Ji-han was dumbfounded.

‘Are you sure you’re bewitching me now?’

Editing skills.

It was definitely a coveted talent.

Thinking about the fate that Earth will face after the tutorial ends.

It might be better for humanity to keep it alive and use it.


‘I just have to work harder.’

Rather than letting that dangerous woman live because of the gift.

Seong Ji-han decided to work harder on

“Brother-in-law, let’s get rid of it quickly.”

“good. “I waited for that answer.”

No sooner had Seong Ji-han finished his answer.

White swords rained down on Aegis.

Tuk. Patter.

Although it is said that the Aegis has been strengthened, the shield and shield quickly begin to crack when the Sword King’s white sword strikes harshly.

“That’s sad… … Hehehe.”

Hana Shizuru watched it with a relaxed expression.

“Okay then, us. “Don’t ever see me again.”

Just like when I escaped from the Sword King, I took out my teleportation necklace.


The Sword King hurriedly knocked on Aigis.


Shizuru escaped before the strengthened Aegis was destroyed.

And at the same time.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … !

The huge supercomputers nearby began to glow and explode all at once.

bang! bang!

A fairly powerful explosion, perhaps due to the power of the gift.

But the target of this is not the two warriors.

“Well, Geomok… … If this continues, I’m going to melt!”

These were Japan’s top players whom the Sword King had kept hostage in his sword.

Knowing that they would not be able to eliminate Seong Ji-han or the Sword King even if they used the gift to explode the computer anyway, they decided to eliminate the hostages, which was the reason why the Self-Defense Force special forces were currently unable to intervene.

“bedding… … It doesn’t evolve easily… … !”

“I help too.”

As if it was specialized for the Sword King’s sword, the flames persistently refused to go out.

Even Seong Ji-han came forward to help, and only then did they evolve one by one.

“I never thought Shizuru would try to kill the hostage… … .”

“Once the hostages are gone, Japanese special forces can intervene. “It seems like they were aiming for that.”

What if the hostage disappears and the Sword King’s side faces off against the Japanese special forces?

It was as obvious as fire that there would be a huge number of casualties.

Nevertheless, the reason he chose this method was probably to make it easier for him to escape.

“You really only know yourself… … .”

“If only you could survive even if a million people died. This is a person who will choose that path. “That woman.”

As Akari gritted her teeth behind her, the Sword King nodded.

“okay. Shizuru is that kind of woman. So this time, she must get rid of her. Korea is… … I think I’ll be back a little late. “Brother-in-law, I’m sorry, but would you like to return home first?”

The Sword King has no intention of going to Korea until Shizuru is eliminated.

He said this to Seong Ji-han with an apologetic look.

“No, I will help too. “The aftereffects must be eradicated.”

“I need to level up… … “Isn’t this an important time?”

“You can get some rest.”

Seong Ji-han was planning to stay at Platinum until December anyway.

I decided to take this opportunity to postpone leveling up and eliminate Shizuru first.

“What about the Korean national team?”

“We can’t go to the Champions League this season anyway. Because of who.”

“K-huh. yes… … But Se-Ah… … .”

“Ha Yeon-ju is in charge. “You don’t have to worry.”

“The musician… … “Then it will be trustworthy.”

The Sword King, who was also a member of the Korean national team and knew Ha Yeon-ju well, nodded.

“good. Then please do me a favor. “This opportunity, let’s get rid of Shizuru.”


“then… … .”

The Sword King came out from underground and turned to the north, south, east and west.

Then, he glanced towards the west.

“There you are.”

“Is that how you know?”

“Yeah, I’m getting angry when I look over there.”

‘Obsessed’ status abnormality that tells Shizuru’s direction in real time.

It was still effective even though she used teleportation.

“egg plant.”

The Sword King set off first with a face full of murder.

* * *

A week has passed since Shizuru’s mansion was destroyed.

-Where are Seong Ji-han and the Sword King? I can’t tell since I turned off the battle tube.

-I don’t know. Last time, a photo was taken in Nagoya, but now there are no reports.

-I heard they only take three hostages with them now… … .

-ㅇㅇㅇ The rest were released. It’s a hassle to start a chase.

Is it because it moved so secretly?

Regarding the location of Seongjihan’s party, only rumors circulate on the Internet.

Nothing was known exactly.

However, there were occasional stories of sightings of white swords.

-Oh, the White Sword has appeared in Osaka!

-The sword bombardment continued and then stopped again.

-So Shizuru is going to jump again?

-Ha, he runs away like crazy lol.

-Is the teleport infinite?

A hotel in Hiroshima City.

Shizuru, who had returned to her normal, normal face, looked at the Internet comments and screamed without realizing it.

“These crazy guys… … “How far are you following me?”

No, he is sacred to the King of Swords.

Is there really nothing to do?

Isn’t it too much to do?

Shizuru bit his fingernails.

“… … “If things continue like this, it’s really dangerous.”

Shizuru’s teleportation necklace.

Originally, it could only travel short distances.

The current item was specially modified to escape from the Sword King.

And the cost of these renovations is considerable.

Shizuru consumed several Akashic pages and invested most of her editing power.

There is only one chance to escape after using up resources like that.

But in the past week, this was already the 30th time she had escaped.

“If I escape from here again… … I end up losing too much of my fascination… … .”

More than 70 percent of the fascination placed on powerful people in the Japanese political and business world has already dissipated.

All that remained now were those in the most important positions, including the prime minister.

At that time, I received a call from the Prime Minister.

-Um, Shizuru… … Are you okay?

“What on earth do special forces do? Why do you keep loafing around and not moving forward?”

-I did go out. Because the opponent is moving too secretly… … I’m having trouble chasing. There are still three hostages held there… … You cannot attack carelessly.

“3 people! “You can just ignore the three of them and push them away!”

-Because those three are the most important players… … .

“Ha, I am the one with the highest gift rating in Japan. Not SS class! Even if you protect me with the most preferential treatment, it won’t be enough. “Are you letting those scoundrels fly around like this?”

-Sorry, sorry.

“Do something right now!”

Shizuru has lost his cool unlike usual.

As she had been escaping numerous times recently, her composure was gradually disappearing.

As time passes, the Akashic pages gradually disappear.

He feels that the influence he had built in Japan is collapsing.

She was not as relaxed as she was when she first escaped.

“… … “Should I really leave the country?”

She adjusted her teleportation necklace.

No matter how you think about it, escaping by teleportation within Japan is meaningless.

Because the King of Swords kept coming to see me in a truly disgusting way.

‘… … okay. Let’s concentrate our power as much as possible and go to America. There are still a lot of GPs.’

Crossing the sea and opening a country is the way to escape from the Sword King’s damned ‘obsession’.

If you cross the Pacific, they won’t fly all the way and follow you.

Shizuru, who was cornered like that, tried to cross the Pacific Ocean using the teleportation necklace.

‘Renovating this distance… … ‘Is it too much?’

The Pacific Ocean was wide, but it was too wide.

Even if I invested everything I had, the necklace couldn’t be modified that much.

In the first place, the distance limit of the necklace was short.

Compared to the resources administered, the effect was not very good.


‘Once we get to Guam… … I think it’s possible.’

It seemed like I could somehow get to Guam, an American territory.

First, you can take pictures of Guam, and then take a flight to the United States from there.


Shizuru made that decision and was editing the necklace for a while.


A white sword suddenly flew from the hotel window.

Now, the Sword King and his party are gradually speeding up their pursuit.

“Oh really… … ! Teleport!”

Shizuru teleported with a hastily edited necklace.

with a plop!

The point she teleported to was not Guam, but underwater.

“Uh, uhm… … never… … I can’t die… … !”

Was it because I was editing too hastily that I couldn’t set the right landing point?

Shizuru tasted the taste of salty water entering his mouth and gritted his teeth.

How did I get to this point?

I can’t die miserably in the sea like this.

‘Somehow… … I will live… … !’

Shizuru struggled desperately.

Even while being caught in the waves.

In order to somehow avoid dying, I used the items I had in my inventory generously.

First of all, as long as you get out of this water, there will be a way to survive.

“Huh… … Huh… … .”

So she used all her might and miraculously landed on the ground.

Even though the teleportation point was misaligned and caught in the sea, due to desperate efforts.

Somehow I got my feet on the ground.

“Heh, heh… … .”


Now that I’m out of the water, I can live.

As soon as the editing power is restored, I will use it again.

Somehow I’m going to America.

She was so hopeful though.

“You were here.”

The most unpleasant voice in the world came to my ear.

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