The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 165

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 165>

bang! bang!

Shizuru gritted his teeth as he looked at the connector that seemed ready to explode at any moment.

‘I can’t last long.’

If I had known this would happen, I would have added more devices to the Battlenet connector.

In order to respond in case the Sword King suffers a status abnormality during the game.

They added a feature to force logout, but that was it.

I thought I had complete control over the Sword King anyway.

It was decided to save the power of the gift for the connector.

But now I never thought this would turn into a mistake.

‘If you want to use charm again in the current situation, there is only one means.’

We must release the fascination and obedience we had placed on Japanese political and business figures, and focus the power of the Gift on the Sword King.

Shizuru Ito quickly turned his head.

Whose fascination will be released, and who will remain behind?

‘The prime minister and presidents are left behind… … .’

She took a deep breath, disarming everyone except for key figures in the political and business world.

can do.

The Sword King that I passed over once anyway.

With this level of power, it is possible to enchant again.


The Battlenet connector eventually exploded.

On the spot, the Sword King slowly stood up.

He was full of life.

Looking at Shizuru Ito, who was standing calmly, I asked softly.

“Tsk… … you… … Who is it?”

Unlike when he was fascinated by Shizuru, the Sword King speaks Korean.

Shizuru answered in fluent Korean, which she had learned when seducing the Sword King.

“you… … “Don’t you remember me?”

“Who are you?”

‘thank god.’ When Seong Ji-han used a strange trick in the game, he didn’t seem to remember the current situation.

If I had remembered, I would have cut off my own head with a single sword.

If not, there are ample opportunities to cast a charm.

Shizuru Ito slowly approached the Sword King with sad eyes, taking out a handkerchief from his pocket.

“I am the person Jihan sent me.”

“Jihan… … .”

By selling her sacred name, she eased the Sword King’s wariness.

“yes. “Many people, including the National Intelligence Service, are making efforts to rescue you from Japan’s hands.”

While saying those words calmly, I approached the Sword King.

“I-I…” … Why in Japan… … .”

“That’s it.”

Shizuru was able to get closer to the confused Sword King.

I hugged the Sword King.

“It’s simple. “Because he loves me so much.”

At the same time as saying that.

Fascination, dependence, even obsession.

Shizuru Ito, who casts every possible status ailment.

“Tsk… … Yes, you… … “It was the cause!”

The Sword King opened his eyes wide and quickly backed away.

At first, his face was full of anger.

The Sword King’s expression gradually softens as he looks at Shizuru’s transcendent beauty.

She smiled triumphantly.

‘I succeeded.’

If it gets to that point, it’s over.

You may rebel a little at first.

What would you do if you were a man?

“eww… … This bitch… … ! soy sauce! Stop!”

As the twin swords are summoned, powerful sword energy is released towards Ito Shizuru.

If it were Shizuru, who was not a player, it would be powerful enough to cut her with a single knife.

However, she did not waver even an inch despite the Sword King’s attacks.


Weeeeeee… … !

A huge protective shield is created as if to protect Shizuru’s body.

The rainbow-colored shield bounced off all sword energy, with another pure white shield floating in front of it.

The Sword King saw that and his eyes widened.

“Ah, the Ring of Aegis… … “Why to you?”

Ring of Aegis.

It was a ring obtained by the Sword King from, and had the function of summoning the Absolute Shield Aegis for 5 minutes.

This ring originally belonged to Seong Ji-ah, the wife of the Sword King.

“Oh, did you say this is your wife’s? But you gave it to me as a proposal gift. Hehe, don’t you remember?”

“Shit, Shizuru… … !!”

“Why are you so angry after giving it to me? really.”

Shizuru Ito was taking full advantage of it.

“Quickly, come back to my love again, Ryuhei.”


Upon hearing that name, the Sword King’s face completely stiffened.

He remembered how much Shizuru had whispered that name to him.

Memories of making love to her and willingly being her slave passed by like a flash of light.

“ha ha ha… … .”

The hand holding the dual swords loses strength.

A man cannot disobey Shizuru.

that… … It’s that kind of creature.

The anger that had risen in my heart disappeared, and I longed for her.

I want to continue to be by your side.

When the King of Swords gradually gives up his resistance due to his changing feelings in an instant.

Shoooooo… … .

‘This… … .’

Inside my body, an unfamiliar energy that I had never felt before began to move.

Then, the mind that had become clouded in front of Shizuru returned once again.

-Sea. I plan to raise her like my own daughter.

Suddenly, I remembered what Shizuru said last time.

-In Japan.

‘she is… … Even Se-ah is targeted.’

Shizuru says he will bring Yoon Se-ah.

They say they will raise her like their own daughter.

It was clear that Yoon Se-ah was the means to bring Seong Ji-han.

After even capturing Seongjihan like that.

What will happen to Yoon Se-ah?

If it is useless, it is discarded.

If it’s useful, I’ll be a slave like you.

“Tsk… … Tsk tsk… … !”

That can’t be possible.

I can’t see that.

It’s enough for me to end up like this.

I can’t let my daughter fall into this quagmire.

Sejin Yoon looked at Shizuru.

A very attractive woman.

The beauty that shook the world made me lose my mind even while my anger was rising.

‘okay… … The problem is that it looks like that.’

It makes me keep looking at that transcendent beauty.

This ‘eye’ is the problem.


Let the Sword King raise his sword.

“You are very rebellious. Are you going to scold me later?”

Shizuru spoke leisurely, believing in the Aegis shield.

When the tip of the sword was pointed not at him, but at the Sword King himself, his face hardened.

No, not exactly.

The tip of the sword was pointed at the eye.

“Now, wait… … !”

Deeply… … !

The Sword King’s twin swords pierced his eyes without any hesitation.

* * *

Pop. Pop… … .

Blood flows out of the liver and blood and falls to the ground.

“It’s refreshing.”

Let the dreary life rule the space again.

Shizuru Ito asked with a trembling voice.

“you you… … it’s crazy?”

At those words, the Sword King smiled, showing his teeth.

“okay. “It’s crazy.”

[Activation of the status abnormality ‘Charm’ failed.]

[Activation of status abnormality ‘Dependence’ failed.]

[The status abnormality ‘Obsessed’ is activated.]

Shizuru’s eyes widened as he looked at the system message.

Fascination and dependence failed, and only obsession succeeded?

‘It’s the worst…’ … !’

“My brother-in-law said. Take your head off. “Then I will recognize you as Se-Ah’s father.”


Let the soy sauce cross.


A strong explosion sounded.

A stronger force than before.

Is it because he stabbed his eyes and blocked his vision?

The Sword King was able to truly show his strength to Shizuru.

“But I think differently. I’m the one who doesn’t deserve forgiveness. There… … “I have no intention of leaving your head in this world.”

Ssssssssssssssssshh… … .

Ganjang and Makya radiate strong sword energy.

The corners of the Sword King’s mouth deepen with murder.

“I am, Shizuru. I don’t want to leave any traces of you in this world. “You are a woman who will somehow survive, even if it means leaving your head alone.”

I guess it’s because the activated status abnormality is obsession.

“okay. They tear off all the flesh and turn even the bones into powder… … “That’s all I want.”

The Sword King’s determination to tear Shizuru apart grew stronger.

Shizuru had no choice but to admit that the task had failed.

Rather now.


‘If things continue like this, even the Aigis will break… … !’

Rather than re-enchanting the Sword King, he had to worry about his own life.

‘If I had known this would happen, I would have removed the charm of key personnel and secured only the Sword King… … !’

The sword king brainwashing procedure failed to give its best, thanks to the fact that the charm of the prime minister and the president was left behind.

Shizuru regretted his choice a moment ago.

Looking at the situation, I need to run away right now.

‘But how could it be possible… … If you miss the Sword King here, it’s over… … Can you take off the prime minister’s charm and try again now?’

Because of her attachment to the Sword King, she hesitated for a moment.


“Ahh… … !”

Aegis’s shield explodes.

It was only then that he came to his senses when his protective shield was shattered and sword energy passed over his face.

Damn. Damn.

Shizuru’s entire face is cracked, unlike normal when black energy passes by.

She gritted her teeth, feeling her face crack.

“My face… … !”

“Don’t worry. “I’ll tear it apart first.”


As the sword energy that pierced the Aigis shield flew once again, Shizuru hurriedly adjusted her necklace.


Then her body disappears, wrapped in light.

When his face was broken, he gave up any further regrets and used a necklace with a teleportation spell.

The Sword King, whose vision had disappeared, clicked his tongue when he felt that Shizuru’s presence had disappeared.

“Ha, did you run away? You really care about my body… … .”

How many items do you have on your body as alternative means of self-defense?

It’s really varied.

at that time.

“I… … Are you okay?”

The Japanese staff came in from outside the door to observe the situation, perhaps because the continuous explosion sound had bothered them.

“Hey, hey… … !”

And when he entered the room, he fell to the floor in shock when he saw the Sword King bleeding from both eyes.

More precisely, than the sight of bleeding.

They were frightened by the deadly force that the Sword King radiated.


“Ho… … .”

The Sword King, whose eyes had disappeared, sensed his popularity and smiled cruelly.

“good. “There just happen to be a lot of hostages here.”

* * *

=1, 2 matches. Korea wins everyone… … !

=With the King of Swords away, the Japanese national team. There is no stopping Seong Jihan!

=But what on earth happened to the Sword King? … .

The outcome of the match between Korea and Japan was completely different from what was expected.

When the Sword King logged out.

Japan, who no longer had a player to stop Seong Ji-han, collapsed in vain.

‘Ha, this is ridiculous.’

However, Seong Ji-han’s expression was not bright despite winning two consecutive games.

That’s right too.

All I had to do was pop the Black Spirit Ascension and feed it leaves.

It was absurd that the Sword King was suddenly logged out.

‘Editing skills… … How far is this possible? You can even control the connector. What a pain in the ass.’

At this level, shouldn’t they be given EX instead of SSS level?

Seong Ji-han blamed himself, saying that he should have opened his mouth and fed the leaves instead of just talking to the King of Swords.

‘Brother-in-law, are you being charmed again…? … .’

I guess I need to get stronger quickly and go to Japan myself.

If you look at the sword king’s skills, he’s at diamond level, and if he gets 200 martial arts skills, he can be easily defeated.

When I grow up to that level, I have to force my brother-in-law to eat leaves and turn Ito Shizuru into powder.

Seong Ji-han grits his teeth while thinking of Shizuru.

“Uh, Jihan… … Are you okay?”

Director Noh Young-jun asked with a cautious expression.

Even though he easily won two games against his strong enemy Japan, Seong Ji-han is in a state of low pressure.

The director roughly guessed why Seong Ji-han was acting like that.

‘It’s probably because of the Sword King. I think Jihan did something… … .’

From the coach’s point of view, thanks to this, we were able to win the Korea-Japan game, so this alone is no big deal.

Only from a sacred point of view would you think differently.

“If your condition is not good, you can rest for the next games.”

Director Noh Young-joon thought about Seong Ji-han’s feelings and cautiously recommended it.

“no. “We need to punish those bastards.”

Seong Ji-han stood up while gritting his teeth.

Why rest?

I have to trample it down.

“Yeah, yeah… … .”

Director Noh Young-jun tried to keep a calm expression in response.

I couldn’t hide my joy.

Honestly, Sword King, if you fight over the entire sacred site.

This is because I was worried about whether Korea could defeat Japan.

But if Seong Ji-han participates in the war, there is no need to worry.

‘You are truly blessed.’

Three games were played like that.

=The 3rd game is a train.

=Actually, everyone’s attention is now focused not on the match map but on whether the Sword King will participate or not. ah… … Sword King. You didn’t participate again!

=Yes. As you can see from the replay of Game 1 a while ago, the conversation between Seong Ji-han and the Sword King was very meaningful. It was as if the Sword King had no recollection of what had happened until now!

=Um… … if… … What kind of brainwashing has been released? … .

=I can’t jump to conclusions just yet… … Holy player. It’s amazing what they did… … In the first game, it seemed like I lost out to the Sword King in the end!

=Now that I think about it, the sword exploded seems like it was intentional!

=Anyway, if the Sword King does not participate in the third game… … We can look forward to the results of the game!

The commentator’s voice was overflowing with energy.

Even when Seong Ji-han was pushed aside by the Sword King, they sensed defeat.

I couldn’t hide my excitement as the unexpected 3-0 victory became a reality in the Korea-Japan match.

-no. But really… … How are things going??

-Has the Sword King really come to his senses?

-The Japanese national team members were also very scared. When the Sword King was there, he was so energetic, hahaha – Wow, when the Sword King comes for the first time, I think he will wipe out the entire Korean national team with Seong Ji-han and the Sword King. Haha, please come to your senses, you old man. Meanwhile, the chat window is also interested in Korea’s 2:0 lead. Rather than having it.

Regarding the King of Swords, he was in a state of complete chaos.

-Sung Ji-han! We, the Sword King, thought you would do something for us!

-Are the Sword Kings alive? ㄷㄷㄷ

-Seong Ji-han is the one who cursed the most, but they have no shame. Especially as the Sword King Family, which had been quiet recently, started their activities again, they were actively supporting Seong Ji-han, who was once the most criticized.

Until now, the Sword King family has secretly supported the Sword King in the shadows.

However, thanks to Seong Ji-han’s attempt, if the King of Swords came to his senses, he could work in the sun again.

-Sung Ji-han! Holy land!

-Please save me the Sword King!!

They actively cheered for Seong Ji-han, who was once the person who cracked the most.

And, less than 5 minutes after the train game started.

=Uh… … It’s strange. Seong Ji-han’s attack hasn’t even arrived yet… …

=Japanese players are also starting to log out… … !

Following the Sword King’s logout in game 1.

In the 3rd game, there will be a player from the Japanese national team.

“uh? “What, what is it?”

“Why log out… … !”

One by one, an unprecedented situation occurred where people were forced to log out.

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