The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 161

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 161>

‘Are you already sinking?’

Seong Ji-han was inwardly surprised when he saw that Raijin was weak.

It’s a constellation’s sponsorship, but in fact, most players were disappointed because they wanted to receive something more.

Since Seong Ji-han is good if you give it to him or not, I deliberately tried to come out strong.

‘I really want red lightning that much.’

Red thunder mixed with phoenix salt and heavenly thunderbolt.

Its power was definitely beyond the usual divine power.

However, since he is a god of thunder, he seems to be able to create thunderbolts… … .

“Why does the god of lightning covet red lightning? “Isn’t it okay if you make it?”

When Seong Ji-han asked directly, there were no more posts in the system message for a while.

[The god of thunder replies that red lightning is a force that cannot be mixed by nature.]

[The Raijin laments that only you with star power can mix it.]

[He asks the player again. Whatever you want, I will do my best to accommodate it, so I ask you to complete the request.]

“That’s what you want… … .”

Seong Ji-han thought deeply about Raijin’s suggestion.

‘I can’t think of anything in particular to receive.’

If it was the time of force and force, I would have asked for stat points.

Now, since you had to modify your martial arts to suit yourself to increase your martial spirit, the remaining points were just piling up.

For GP, running a standby guild and coming in was enough for now.

‘Is it really an item that’s worth using? Still, it’s a shame that I get one item when I’m so hung up on it… … .’

Seong Ji-han decided to think about what he would receive from the Constellation and asked him a question.

“We’ll talk about what we want later. But why do you need red lightning?”

[The Raijin says that this is a question that cannot be answered through the system.]

Meanwhile, a new message appeared in the system window.

[Special dungeon map to player Seong Ji-han, ‘New Throne? ‘Rain God’ is now open.]

[The special dungeon is a map that only the permitted player Seong Ji-han and his party members can enter.]

[You can enter the special dungeon only once a week.]

[Special dungeons do not count toward the once-a-day game play limit.]

‘Hoo.’ A special dungeon that suddenly opened.

When Seong Ji-han saw that a map that did not fall under existing restrictions was created, he realized that the constellation Raijin was not an ordinary entity.

Among the constellations I saw in my last life, I have never seen anyone capable of something like this.

[The Thunder God says that if he reaches the God Throne, he will answer in person. In the meantime, I ask you to think about what you want.]


Thunder God disappeared after giving us rare stats, fireworks, and even a special dungeon.

Seong Ji-han summarized the rewards obtained through promotion matches.

Surviving the promotion battle, I received 1.8 million achievement points.

The level has risen by 20.

‘If this continues, I might go to DIA in December. I guess I’ll have to adjust my speed a bit.’

You have to be Platinum by December to be able to participate in the opening match of the Space League as a Platinum.

Seong Ji-han smiled slightly, recalling the opening match that shocked the whole world in his last life.

The disastrous results the Earth accepted at that time.

We have to return it to the World Tree Alliance, our opponent in the opening match.

‘It’s unclear where to use achievement points.’

Achievement shop where you cannot upgrade unless you make 5 donations.

The most useful item, All for One, has already been expanded to its maximum level.

The remaining items, such as expanding the status window, were actually useless right now.

‘But you’ll have to upgrade later anyway. ‘Let’s raise it to LV4.’

He used 1,050,000 achievement points to raise all items in the store to LV4 and wondered where to spend the remaining 700,000 points.

‘I should try installing a random box.’

Random box of the month that changes every month.

October’s item was an item.

So far, I haven’t really touched that place.

Since there was no place to spend the points right now, Seong Ji-han decided to just open the box.


“her… … .”

[Donation Reset Ticket]

-Grade: F

-You can make another donation to the achievement store.

-You are a donation angel!

Seong Ji-han smiled as if he was empty.

It’s truly a trash item worthy of an F grade.

But this was useful right now.

‘The achievement store upgrade will be a month sooner.’

Using the donation reset ticket, Seong Ji-han threw 10,000 points for the second time.

[You donated 10,000 points to the system!]

[Vitality surrounds the body. Less fatigue accumulates for one month.]

‘Now can I just do it three more times?’ Then it takes 3 months, once a month.

Seong Ji-han did not want to drag this on until next year.

‘Let’s take one more donation reset ticket.’

Jihan Seong reached for the random box again.

* * *

“… … “What is all this, uncle?”

Yoon Se-ah looked at the items scattered around the living room and asked in an absurd voice.

A statue of fire engraved on a long curtain.

Besides that, it was full of miscellaneous things that did not fit the house at all.

“Se-ya, don’t draw.”

“Suddenly, a wen is pulled out.”

“Gambling wasn’t the only thing that was highly addictive… … .”

A random box that requires 30,000 points each time you play.

It wasn’t long before all 700,000 achievement points disappeared.

‘I’m glad I finally got one more donation reset ticket… … .’

If I didn’t even have that, I would have had no real income at all.

That’s because most of the items that came out of the box were useless.

[Seonghwa Statue]

-Grade: C

-A statue carved from a sacred painting.

-The energy of fire flows out softly, warming the house.

“what. Was this an item? however… … Heating effect? Why is this grade C?”

“I don’t know, let’s destroy it.”

“Hey, it’s pretty, but this? I will try to use it well as an interior accessory. The badge… … I’ll throw it away. just.”

Fortunately, some props were usable.

There was no place to put the long curtain anywhere in the house.

“No, go throw something away. “I’ll just get rid of it now.”

Seong Ji-han stretched out his finger as Yoon Se-ah tried to organize the badge.

Then the veil was torn to pieces.

The torn fabric quickly crumbled into powder and disappeared.

It seemed like there were quite a few emotions mixed in as it disappeared faster than usual.

“What else should I get rid of?”

“hmm… … Honestly, except for the two statues, everything looks useless… … Uh, isn’t this dagger equipment?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

While rummaging through miscellaneous items, Yoon Se-ah’s eyes sparkled.

A blood-red dagger in a red sheath.

[Vampire’s Teeth]

-Grade: S

-A dagger made by carving out the teeth of a vampire monster.

-When you cut an opponent with this sword, the bleeding effect is greatly amplified.

-It has the function of absorbing the blood of the opponent and recovering its own vitality.

“Does this look good?”

“Well, it’s useful in some way.”

Although it is not an item that you would spend over 700,000 achievement points to obtain.

As Seong Ji-han, who had the Eclipse and the Phoenix flag, it was unnecessary equipment.

Yoon Se-ah looked around at the dagger, then looked at Akari standing behind her.

“I don’t use a dagger either… … Do you want to write about Akari?”

Yoon Se-ah is now able to talk comfortably with Akari.

Of course, Akari maintained politeness in awkward Korean.

“What do you mean?”

“Yes, you need a dagger.”

Then, Yoon Se-ah hands over the vampire’s teeth.

Akari’s eyes widened when she saw the item description.

“Wow, such a good item… … ! “I don’t dare take it!”

“Ah, this is over. “My sister is also Diane, and S-class equipment is basic.”

“Even though… … .”

“Just use it.”

Let’s even encourage Seong Jihan to do the same.

Akari accepted the dagger with both hands and repeatedly bowed her head to Yoon Se-ah.

“Thank you so, so much. This grace… … “I will repay you with my life!”

She even lost ownership of her body to Shizuru, who she used to serve, but continues to receive it after coming here.

She was following Yoon Se-ah blindly, to the point where she even risked her life for a single dagger.

‘It’s a good thing I gave up 3 stamina.’

Sharing the leaves of the World Tree and having the Diamond Assassin become your loyal guard is a profitable exchange.

Seong Ji-han thought so and asked Akari.

“But what level are you?”

“It’s 212.”

“When you become a diamond, your level doesn’t really go up. “My sister keeps playing, but she only got up to 1.”

“hmm… … To become a national representative, you have to be 225. “I’ll have to ask Hayeon to focus on growth.”

“I am representing the country… … .”

Akari asked with a trembling voice.

“I heard that the Korean national team has a strong Gung Soo-jin. Is there a need for an assassin like me there? … .”

What use would an assassin have against the Korean archers who cut off players through concentrated sniping?

Akari’s doubts were valid.


“The archers are strong, so at least one person can be left out. More than that, if the assassin class is properly established in the national team, it will have many tactical uses.”

Nowadays, the national team’s games are centered on a battle of power with a fierce battle at the front.

If the game map changes, the game aspect can change at any time.

“So for now, just focus on getting to level 225. Then, I will take care of entering the national university.”

“All right… … !”

Listening to Seong Ji-han’s story, Akari’s eyes became bright.

* * *

After the TOP 25 game, the media praised Seong Ji-han for a long time.

Now the focus has turned to the first game in November, next month.

[The first game in November is Korea-Japan. Will we avenge the humiliation of August 15?]

[It’s different now from then! Seong Ji-han, who has suddenly emerged as the core of the national team.]

[Seong Ji-han VS Sword King. Whose hand will the Goddess of Victory give?]

[On the betting site, the sword king has the upper hand.]

-Oh, that’s a shame. If the sacred ground had been bigger and the Korea-Japan match had been played, the betting results would have been the opposite.

-I can’t imagine Seong Ji-han losing anymore… … .

-ㄹㅇ I have never seen an individual lose even if the team is held back by their ankles haha ​​- The Sword King is still the best warrior in the world. When I watched the last Japan vs. Russia match, it was still strong.

-I don’t know if Seong Ji-han was Diamond, but it seems like Sword King is still the number one.

└ forums around the world seem to have similar opinions.

While all Korean people support Seong Ji-han.

However, there were many opinions that it would still be a bit difficult for the #1 Warrior.

Especially fans around the world.

-No matter how strong your castle is, it is no match for the Sword King.

-If this big match were held next year, I would have bet on Sung.

-Thanks to Ji Han-sang, I got a gift… … Now is the time to be defeated by the Japanese sword wwww.

– To the King of Swords in Seongjihan. Why is the East Asian League like this? Why aren’t there warriors like that in China?

-If you get to know them, they are both from Korea. Is it a land of warriors? Is it because of conscription?

-Then warriors should have come out to Israel as well.

-Anyway, this time, Sword King WIN. I don’t know what’s next.

Most people bet on the Sword King.

However, unlike the public, experts were more cautious in their judgment.

In particular, Japanese analysts had such an attitude.

“hmm… … “You’re really strong.”

The Japanese coach frowned while looking at the data from Seong Ji-han’s gold days.

What’s so crazy about gold?

Data from when the Sword King was training.

Comparing what Seong Ji-han showed, the Sword King had a slight advantage.

‘I don’t think what I’ve shown you now is the end of the author… … .’

If there is more that Seong Ji-han is hiding, there is a high possibility that the battle between the two warriors will be fierce.

‘It would have been nice if Shizuru had encouraged that person as well. ‘It’s a shame.’

The Japanese director smiled bitterly.

Jihan Seong and Ryuhei Ito.

If both of them are on the Japanese national team, winning the Champions League is a possibility.

Looking at Seong Ji-han’s data, I was disappointed with Shizuru’s failure once again.

“Director. “The Sword King has arrived.”

“okay? “Let’s go down.”

“yes. By the way, Shizuru Ito also came along. I have something to tell the director… … .”

“To me?”

“Yes, it is said that there is a secret plan to definitely subdue Seong Ji-han.”

The Japanese coach’s eyes lit up at those words.

Shizuru Ito’s secret plan.

I had to hear this.

“Go down to my bar.”

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