The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 160

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 160>

A mansion in Tokyo, Japan.

“Because it’s annoying. really.”

Shizuru Ito frowned at the changes in the world brought about by Seong Ji-han.

‘I don’t know if my gift level has gone up… … .’

Shizuru’s gift is SSS level ‘edit’.

Originally, he started at S rank, but he managed to achieve SSS rank by using numerous Akashic pages.

When I saw that the supporting gifts were being upgraded in large numbers this time, I was hoping that they might go up one level from the SSS level.

The editing grade showed no signs of rising.

Rather, people’s attention was focused on the once-despised support gift, and the supply chain of the Akashic Page was being shaken.

‘Until now, if you gave more money, you could buy the Akashic Pages by avoiding regulations.’

In order to keep Shizuru in check, the Korean government tried to block SZ Corporation’s purchase of Akashic Pages by collaborating with various organizations.

These checks did not work all over the world.

It didn’t matter whether Shizuru brainwashed others or not, as long as they gave him more money on the other side of the world.

Although expenditures were greater than usual, the supply of Akashic Pages itself remained stable.


‘If the usefulness of supporting gifts is discovered and demand increases, the price will skyrocket.’

It’s a price you can afford right now, but if the price of the Akashic Page rises further, even Shizuru Ito will not be able to afford it.

I can only hope that the support gift, which is now being revealed in detail, will not be of great use.

Shizuru kept an eye on the market situation.

At that time.

[Everyone~ I have become a ‘Yukseong’ SS level~]

The video uploaded by the waiting guild master, known as Seong Ji-han’s lover, has become the latest popular video on Battle Tube.

‘Did she have a human nature?!’ She thought that no matter how much Seongjihan was, she wouldn’t just appoint her girlfriend as the guild master, but she didn’t know that there was a support gift called fostering.

If I had known this would happen, I would have brainwashed her when I infiltrated the waiting guild!

Shizuru turned on the broadcast with such regret.

[Hello everyone~ This is Lee Ha-yeon, the standby guild master. Since the support gift has been revealed this time, I’m going to give you a tip~]

When I heard that Lee Ha-yeon was revealing a great tip, I had an ominous feeling.

-Did you have Gilmanunna training? thief

– I somehow thought it was strange to have a girlfriend become a guild master haha ​​- If she was trained to SS level, doesn’t that mean she was originally S level?

[ah! Originally, he was in the A level of training, but my brother… … No, thanks to the owner giving me an Akashic page, I went up to S!]

-ㅎㄷㄷ Supporting gifts can be strengthened through the Akashic page???

-Aren’t the Akashic pages worth 300 billion?? Our distribution is crazy haha ​​- No, it’s going up more these days. They say they pay more to buy it at SZ – Isn’t SZ the Shizuru one there? ㅡㅡ Regulations are useless too.

-Honestly, if I buy it for 300 billion or 400 billion, I would sell my country too haha. Speaking of the Akashic pages, the story of SZ’s boss also came out.

As the public knows, regulations only raise prices and have no significant effect.

But Lee Ha-yeon threw a bomb here.

[now. Everyone, pay attention! This is the effect of my gift!]

When the effects of the training gift were revealed to the world, people were astonished.

-ㅇ0ㅇWhat is the growth rate??

-Did the waiting guild just gather monsters? Why is everyone like that, including the owner of Gilmae and the winner this time, Yoon Se-ah?

-No… at that rate of growth, isn’t it just a monster training center?

-Shouldn’t this be made public?

-I think someone with this level of ability will emerge…


[REGates sponsored 100,000 GP.]

[We are formally offering you a scout to the standby guild master. We will give you a down payment of $1 billion and a 2 percent stake in AF.]

[oh. iced coffee! I also received an offer from Mr. Gates to recruit him… … !]

Lee Ha-yeon’s training effect was something that everyone in the guild would be impressed with.

Even when she was in Class A, she was the 2nd guild leader of American First.

Now that it has reached the SS level, it has a much higher value.

As soon as Lee Ha-yeon’s gift was revealed, Robert Gates immediately made a huge offer.

[I decided to bury my bones in that waiting guild. Thank you for the suggestion, but I’m sorry!]

-Wow, hahaha, I immediately reject that. I thought it was a pumpkin.

-What’s so good about the waiting guild?

-You must have quite a bit of stake in Gilma, right?

-A 2% AF share would be much more expensive than a standby guild share haha.

[Instead, since you gave such a great suggestion, I will give you a tip. If you use the Akashic Pages to develop talent, you can achieve a fairly similar effect, although not to this level. Even if you become S-class, you can intensively grow up to 3 people~]

Lee Ha-yeon kindly gave advice to nurture other talent.

-If I teach you all those methods, won’t the number of waiting guilds decrease?

-yep; I think other guilds also operate their own training guilds – no, the number of people you can receive from the standby guild is limited anyway. Top players go to standby guilds because of the higher growth rate?

-Still, it’s a bit weird to give tips like that.

Viewers wondered why Lee Ha-yeon was pushing her to improve her voice.

Shizuru’s face hardened when she saw this.

‘The price of the Akashic page will rise… … .’

No, it’s not just about rising prices.

Nowadays, you could buy it by paying more, but now it may become difficult to purchase it itself.


[ah. And many of you are wondering why I am giving you this tip.]

In the broadcast, Lee Ha-yeon smiled meaningfully.

[The owner expressed regret that Akashic page regulations were not properly implemented. They were trying to raise the price a little. Someone across the sea said that it would become difficult to obtain this.]

The target is the Akashic Page. And she explicitly stated that it was hers.

Shizuru bit his lip and picked up his cell phone.

“Akashic Page. Even if I pay twice as much, buy it now.”

-Oh, I understand. Shizuru… … !

Following Shizuru’s orders, members of SZ Corporation rushed to purchase the Akashic Page.

-Regulations from other governments have become more stringent. In addition, prices have skyrocketed, and the other party has declared that the contract has already been canceled and is not delivering the goods. Even though they said they would give me more money, they would just hand it over to their own guild… … !

-The Battlenet Management Bureau came after hearing a report of illegal transactions and confiscated the Akashic Pages. This is a place where people have been bribed like that!

-The price of Akashic pages has more than doubled recently, so our proposal is not being heard. There aren’t any for sale these days, so the prices are skyrocketing!

“These are really… … .”

Shizuru gritted his teeth as he listened to reports coming in from all over.

Shizuru was furious to the end at the actions of each country’s governments, which were extremely agile when it came to matters related to

“Whoa… … .”

I quickly took a breath and calmly assessed the current situation.

‘We can’t maintain obedience and fascination on this scale.’

No matter how SSS-level the editing was, it was impossible to create and maintain a large-scale fascination like now without the help of the Akashic Page.

Without the continuous supply of Akashic pages, the fascination could have been completely broken at any moment.

Shizuru identified the people currently in control and divided the cases into those who were important and those who were not.

Circle the most important group, then the next group, and so on.

She organized the people she attracted into five levels of classification.

‘And the most important person to me is… … .’

In the center of the centermost circle, the name of the Sword King was written.

Even if the fascination of all figures in the Japanese political and financial world was completely dispelled, he had to keep the sword king Ryuhei Ito under his control.

That way, even if his position in Japan is shaken, he will be able to maintain his position as the owner of the Sword King.

Her eyes took on a dreary glow.

‘Even if everyone betrays me, you must be mine. Sword King.’

Now that I’m thinking about it, I need to solidify my fascination once again.

She received fruits and drinks from the housekeeper and went to the Sword King’s training ground located inside the mansion.

Phew. Phew!

The twin swords, Ganjang and Makya are flying in the sky.

After that, the swords placed on the training ground floor follow in unison.

The ultimate swordsman, he is a sword king who wields not two swords but 100 swords.

As he devoted himself to training with his eyes closed, a sharp energy flowed out like a sword.

“Ryuhei. “I’m here.”

Shizuru spoke softly as she placed the plate down on the desk on one side of the training ground.

“Shizuru. Could you please wait a moment? “I think I found the clue to completing the White Sword.”

Unlike his usual way of hanging himself whenever he saw Shizuru, the Sword King did not look at her.

Looks like he’s completely devoted to training.

‘I guess I was inspired by Seong Ji-han’s video and trained hard… … ‘Do you think there will already be accomplishments?’

Indeed, Warrior ranks 1st.

Seong Ji-han is chasing after him with terrifying momentum, but the most powerful warrior on Earth is the King of Swords in name and reality.

He was doing his best to crush Seong Ji-han, who was fiercely pursuing him in the upcoming Korea-Japan battle.

“Then, I’ll train again.”

Just like that, a white sword appears in the air.

It’s been an hour since I’ve been moving around.

Despite such a trustworthy appearance, Shizuru, who was watching from the side, became a little nervous.

‘no… … ‘You’re just training like this while I’m next to you?’

Normally, he was the sword king who would hug Shizuru, saying that he couldn’t concentrate if he just watched the training from the side.

Right now, I was concentrating a lot harder than expected.

Still, normally Shizuru would have seen the Sword King concentrating and thought he was working hard.

‘… … ‘It won’t work.’

In this situation, the price of the Akashic Page fluctuates due to Lee Ha-yeon’s broadcast.

Shizuru, who was certain to lose control of Japan, did not like the fact that the sword king in front of him was focusing only on training without looking at him.



After taking off one layer of outerwear.

“Ryuhei. “Look at me.”

“… … Shizuru? “Didn’t I ask you to wait a moment?”

“no. “I can’t wait.”

The fascination was once again amplified.

“under… … .”

The Sword King sighed softly.

a little bit.

If I did a little more, I could have completed the white sword.

Why can’t I wait for that… … !


His regret gradually disappeared when he saw Shizuru’s pure white skin.

“I need to get scolded. “Shizuru.”

“yes. “Please scold me quickly.”

Before he knew it, he had a crooked smile on his lips.

I forgot what I realized a little while ago.

It seemed like he was once again completely enchanted.

* * *

After Lee Ha-yeon’s broadcast.

Seong Ji-han, who returned home, was able to see system messages related to Raijin.

[The sponsorship constellation ‘Rain God’ has found a sponsorship plan suitable for you.]

“at las?”

They said they were considering what to sponsor, but it took a long time.

[Rain God grants you the rare stat, ‘Burning Fire’.]

“… … ?”

Seong Ji-han blinked.

Hell’s flames, karma.

It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Raijin’s name, so why are you giving me this?

[I would like to add that this is an ability that the Thunder God obtained by paying a huge price to the Fire God.]

Thunder God even condescends by saying that he got it from Hwa God.

‘Could it be related to red lightning?’

Jeokroe made by mixing phoenix salt.

Seeing the power that further strengthened the existing Thunder God, the Thunder God seemed to be interested.

I thought they were pushing me to go this way.

And just as Seong Ji-han expected.

[The Constellation Raijin requests you. Mix Thunder and Flame to complete Red Lightning.]

Raijin had his eyes set on Red Lightning.

[When you complete the Red Lightning, you will receive huge rewards, including the unique stat ‘Red Lightning’.]

[Do you want to accept this request?]

The god of thunder who will give you a bundle of gifts if you complete the sword.

But Seong Ji-han saw it and flatly rejected it.


[The Raijin is taken aback by your answer.]

[The Thunder God is angry at you for being so reckless.]

[He threatens to stop supporting immediately.]

Seong Ji-han saw Raijin’s threat in the system message and snorted.

“What is martial arts? “If you don’t like it, don’t support it in the first place.”

[The Thunder God is indignant, saying it is his first time seeing such a reckless player.]

“Are you angry? “If you’re angry, why don’t you leave?”

Swish. Swish.

Seong Ji-han gestures in the air as if swatting away flies.

He didn’t look at all intimidated even when dealing with the Constellation.

“I am the one to complete the red sword, not you to give it. But they give you a red sword as a reward? “Where are you scamming me?”

Since you know that what the other party wants is red-light, you have figured out that you are the best in this transaction.

And Seong Ji-han’s judgment was accurate.

[The Raijin asks what he wants.]

The one who reached out first was Raijin.

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