The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 162

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 162>

“hello. “Director.”

As Shizuru greeted him with a smile, the Japanese director felt his heart pounding uncontrollably.

‘The level of beauty is really different.’

The world’s most beautiful woman, whose beauty no one can match.

Even when I saw it on TV, it was so beautiful that I could think of it for days.

After seeing her in person like this, I realized that the video did not capture her beauty in full.

And the director wasn’t the only one who thought that way.

The employees of the power analysis team nearby, regardless of age or gender, were looking at Shizuru with fascination.


When the Sword King cleared his throat as if he was uncomfortable next to him, only then did the director come to his senses.

“Oh, sorry. I lost my mind for a moment… … .”

“no. “It’s something I’m used to.”

“Shizuru, so there’s no need to come out.”

“Hehe… … why. “It’s nice to go out with you after a long time.”

Shizuru smiled leisurely and accepted the Sword King’s complaints.

When he came to the Center in Japan, the Sword King maintained an overbearing attitude.

“Well, why don’t you stop looking?”

As Shizuru received attention, she became increasingly restless.

‘The Sword King is completely infatuated.’

‘It’s worth it… … Didn’t you say you were charmed by that beauty?’

‘If it’s me, I think I’ll fall in love even if I don’t have to be charmed.’

“you. stop it. “What a rude thing to do to the staff.”

“… … I get it.”

And when Shizuru spoke softly, the Sword King’s momentum quickly waned.

Everyone who saw this conversation could understand that Shizuru was in control.

“Sorry, everyone. He was so overprotective of me… … .”

“Oh, no. “It was our fault for looking at it with such fascination.”

“Hehe… … He wouldn’t want me to be out for a long time. I’ll tell you straight. “A secret plan to subdue Seong Ji-han.”

The Japanese director’s eyes lit up at the secret story.

“May I ask what the secret is?”

“It’s this thing.”

“This… … .”

What Shizuru handed to the director was a large nail with a pure white glow.

“It is the pond of sacrifice.”

“Oh, I know about the Pool of Sacrifice. “Isn’t this an item that strengthens your allies by sacrificing yourself?”

Nail of sacrifice.

This item was rated C grade and its effect was activated when a nail was driven into one’s heart.

Instead of instantly killing a player with a nail stuck in his head, the abilities of his designated comrades were greatly amplified.

However, compared to the penalty of the player dying himself, the buff effect was not very large, so it was a rarely used item.

“Yes, the sacrificial nail is a completely obsolete item… … But this thing is different from the usual sacrificial nails. “I modified it myself.”

“The item… … “You remodeled it?”

“yes. “I did some ‘editing.’”

Is it possible to edit a supporting gift or even change an item?

The Japanese director asked with a surprised expression.

“In what way has the item changed?”

“The buff effect from the Nails of Sacrifice has been changed to overlap.”

“That means… … .”

“Originally, the ‘Sacrifice’ effect was applied only once, whether 1 person died or 10 people died. “This nail can be stacked 10 times.”

Meanwhile, Shizuru looked at Seong Ji-han displayed on the operation room monitor.

“I also looked at Seong Ji-han’s data. He was unusual in that even though he received a buff, he was not able to fully enjoy the effect.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Seong Ji-han is unable to fully utilize his martial soul abilities.

For him, even if the supporter’s buff was given, it was not very effective.

“But Ryuhei-sama is different. You can fully utilize the buff. If 10 players start by sacrificing with the Sacrificial Nail. “Ryuhei will be able to overwhelm Seong Ji-han with his much stronger power than now.”

“you’re right. Even now, he is stronger than Seong Ji-han, and if the buffs overlap, he will definitely have the upper hand. but… … .”

The Japanese director watched the Sword King’s thoughts.

He frowned, glaring at the nail of sacrifice.

“Even if you don’t have to use this, the Sword King will be able to defeat Seong Ji-han… … .”

“Yes, Shizuru. “What will happen to my face if I use this?”

The King of Swords, ranked 3rd in the world and ranked 1st among Warriors.

Even if he wins the match by using the nail of sacrifice against a platinum opponent and receiving a buff, he will not be able to avoid ridicule from the public.

“I am the strongest warrior in the world. “Trust me.”

Although the Sword King appealed himself so strongly.

“Ryuhei, of course I trust you. But please follow my opinion this time.”

“Ha, anyway… … .”

“Ryuhei. Please. Please give Seong Ji-han a crushing defeat.”

Shizuru did not protect the Sword King’s pride.

“Hmm… … Even though… … !”

The Sword King’s face turned bright red with anger.

Shizuru just looked at me with calm eyes.

“… … Phew. i get it.”

He quickly calmed down his excitement.

When it comes to Shizuru, the Sword King shows a completely low-key attitude.

The staff in the Japanese operations room could not help but be surprised when they saw this.

‘This is a secret plan that will completely trample on the Sword King’s pride. To make me accept that… … .’

‘Was the power of attraction that strong?’

‘King of Swords is completely Shizuru’s chess.’

“Then, director. I will edit and give you 30 nails of sacrifice. “You can win them all in three games, right?”

“ah… … That’s right! If only Seong Ji-han is eliminated, the Sword King alone will wipe out the entire Korean national team.”

“yes. Then, I hope you enjoy this game.”

Shizuru grinned.

‘Sword King, your pride is not an important issue. I need a landslide victory.’

After the price surge of the Akashic Pages.

Cracks also appeared in Shizuru’s ruling system, which was controlling Japan behind the scenes.

A situation where widespread fascination can no longer be maintained.

Now, influence is not only exerted through fascination.

She had to appeal to the whole world that she was the owner of the ‘King of Swords’, so that even those in the world of politics and business who had lost their fascination would not dare to touch her.

‘This secret plan is only for domestic use. Seong Ji-han, the Sword King will trample lightly.’

It shows the Sword King’s overwhelming power and maintains his influence, which may be shaken as some of his charm is lifted.

Shizuru’s interest was there in the first place.

Seong Ji-han will easily win as long as the Sacrifice effect overlaps.

She wasn’t worried about him at all.

* * *

Inside the limousine heading to Battlenet Center.

“The Center feels like home these days.”

“Well, the national team game is almost over now. “Because we won’t be able to advance to the Champions League.”

The national league schedule concludes in November.

Now, depending on league performance, first and second place will advance to the World Champions League.

Before Seong Ji-han was brought in, Korea had already accumulated losses, so even if they won every game from now on, it was impossible to advance to the Champions League.

If we had won the game against China, we would have found a glimmer of hope by turning the tables.

After that loss, the chances of this season disappeared.

“It’s a pity that if my uncle had become a member of the national team a little sooner, I wouldn’t have known about it.”

“It was bronze silver back then. “No matter how much I do, I get beaten up.”

“lol. So, have you come up with a plan to fight your father?”

“Brother-in-law, you are strong.”

Over the past few days, Seong Ji-han has intensively analyzed the Sword King’s play video and made a cool-headed judgment.

‘At the current level, it’s a little behind.’

Even though I reached Platinum and my level increased by 20.

Because it wasn’t really an important Martial Spirit that came up,

With my current strength, I was able to hold out on the defensive against the Sword King.

It was difficult to overpower him.

“Dad, you’re still ranked number one in the world. Just win next time, okay!”

“Why are you already confirming defeat? “I also have one thing prepared for you.”

Yoon Se-ah opened her eyes round at Seong Ji-han’s answer.

“oh. What is it? “How can I beat Dad?”

In response to Yoon Se-ah’s question, Seong Ji-han recalled the time during the TOP 25 promotion match.

A wooden sword held by a high elf, a branch of the World Tree.

The wooden sword that was cut in half and pressed against the constellation of the dead star.

When Calaine exploded with the energy of death, he was swept away, dried up, and disappeared… …

‘At that time, I caught a glimpse of the power that made up the wooden sword.’

One is the energy of life possessed by the world tree.

This was the same type of power obtained from the seeds of the World Tree and stored inside.

I thought I could implement something similar if I took it out and used it.

And one more thing.

‘I was wondering if this was it… … .’


Seong Ji-han released a shadow energy from his left hand.

‘Shadow Elves’, a reaction created by discarding all creatures that do not meet the ‘Elf’ standards desired by the World Tree.

The shadow energy they used was clearly revealed just before the wooden sword disappeared.

‘but… … Drawing isn’t easy. Can the power of life and the energy of shadows mix?’

Compared to when phoenix salt is mixed with thunderbolt like red lightning.

This was an even more difficult task.

If the energy of life stored there was misused, it could sow seeds on Earth at any time.

I had to be more careful and practice only in-game.

‘If only I could implement a wooden sword. When my brother-in-law hesitates after hitting that, I can feed him leaves from the world tree.’

There was a bit of a power gap now, so I couldn’t leisurely feed the leaves.

If only I could implement a wooden sword.

If you fight against it, you will come to your senses, even if only for a moment.

If you feed it leaves at that time, its fascination will be completely gone.


“What is the way?”

“We are still preparing.”

“no way… … “It’s a shame.”

The implementation of the wooden sword was uninspiring.

Rather than holding on to this, would it be better to just complete more Red Lightning and increase martial spirit?

There are only 5 days left until the Korea-Japan match.

It was a time when choice and concentration were needed.

“Uncle, are you going to play a play game after training?”

“no. “This time I will only do personal training.” matching available again starting in November.

However, Seong Ji-han decided to stop leveling up for a while and focus on personal training until the Korea-Japan match ended.

‘It has to be platinum by December. I guess I shouldn’t play the game for a while using the Korea-Japan match as an excuse.’

Because the speed of leveling up was so crazy due to continuous first place, I needed a moment to rest for a while.

Seong Ji-han entered the Center like that and spoke as soon as he saw Director Noh Young-jun.

“Coach, could you please take me out of the team training for this game for a moment? “I have something to prepare against the Sword King.”

“ah… … okay? i get it. “Your training is organized autonomously.”

A suggestion that any other player would never have accepted.

However, since the opponent was none other than Seong Ji-han, director Noh Young-jun accepted the offer without saying anything.

Even if we train as a team anyway, we play separately because we are so unique.

‘Because the 1:1 match against the Sword King is the most important in this game.’

Either Korea or Japan.

The rest of the warriors are just maids compared to the clash between the two.

I don’t know what Seong Ji-han is preparing.

‘Because he’s a friend who knows everything well.’

Director Noh Young-jun had infinite trust in Seong Ji-han.

Compared to that.

“Ah, brother… … “My motivation is already disappearing when I think about getting beaten up by the Sword King again.”

“Uh, well, that’s right. “Why does the Sword King go to Japan and make us suffer?”

“Ito Shizuru is pretty, right? I really wanted to see it in person. “Will you meet me when you go to Japan?”

“The Sword King will kill you?”

“is it? he. That’s too bad. Hey, look at this. A goddess who has descended on the Japanese operation room!”

“and… … “It’s so cool.”

In the photo, Kim Dong-woo and Lee Yoon-gi were calmly evaluating Shizuru’s face on their phones.

‘Ha, it’s really depressing that even if we cut those bastards, there won’t be any players to raise them…’ … .’

Isn’t it too much that Korean warrior talent was lost to Seong Ji-han and the King of Swords?

Director Noh Young-jun sighed and clapped.

“now. “Let’s start team training.”


For 5 days like that.

-Jihan, even though it was November, he didn’t turn on

-I heard on Yoon Se-ah’s channel that she’s currently training at a closed facility? He doesn’t come into the room and just stays in the game. I have something to prepare.

-oh… … Ready. Do you have any cards to take out against the Sword King?

Rumors abounded in both Korea and Japan.

However, compared to Seong Ji-han who trains alone.

-According to rumors coming from Japan. They say the game is already over over there. Shizuru Ito stopped by the strategy room the other day, and he said he had prepared a huge item.

-ㅇㅇ I heard that rumor too. After that day, the Sword King odds dropped sharply; It is said that a large number of Japanese funds bet on the Sword King.

-Jihan-san, stop making meaningless struggles and wwww I will earn some GP in Japan wwwww There were many more positive rumors going around in Japan, where Shizuru Ito showed his face in person.

Is that why?

GPs from all over the world were concentrated on the Sword King, who already had a lot of money.

-The difference in odds is crazy;; Well, is this normal? … .

-What do you think? Just win next time!

-Yes, Seong Ji-han is still a player!

-I lost, but I fought well… … . This scenario is crazy haha

Korean fans were also halfway accepting the defeat in the Korea-Japan war as a fait accompli.

The day of the game has already arrived.

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