The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 130

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 130>

The scenery beyond the portal was completely different from the harsh experimental area.

A cozy space filled with greenery.

‘It’s like a garden.’

There was a wooden table in the exact center, and in front of it sat a beautiful woman like a picture.

A woman with blond green eyes and wearing white robes was blowing mana from the crystal ball on the table.

“… … uh?”

When I saw Seong Ji-han pop out through the portal, I looked at him in surprise.

But even for a moment.

She quickly regained her cool and smiled softly at the corners of her mouth.

“A guest has arrived.”

As her mouth slowly opened and a sweet voice was heard, viewers’ admiring comments continued.

-Oh… awesome…


-Isn’t this the level of old Shizuru?

-yep; It’s the appearance of another goddess.

-I heard there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy this channel.

-But are you an elf? My ears are tired.

-It seems like an elf. But is it prettier than the elf I saw at the Colosseum?

-ㄹㅇ Can I become a high elf that I only heard about?

Shizuru Ito surprised the world with beauty that transcended common sense.

After her face was revealed, the public praised her as the world’s most beautiful woman, regardless of East or West.

However, the elf that appeared in this game was so beautiful that it could not be compared to Shizuru.


That face was one that Seong Ji-han had seen before.

‘This is the elf you showed me before.’

[okay. That is a real elf.]

It is said that all elves of the World Tree Federation look like this, and this is the elf shape shown by Ariel.

The woman in front of me matched that exactly.

“The test subject escaped through the portal… … “What a curious case.”

The elf was watching Seong Ji-han with interest.


He swept the crystal ball with the sleeve of his robe to collect it.

And pointing to an empty desk.

“Human one. Would you like a cup of tea?”

In a gentle tone, he invited Seong Ji-han to have tea time.


She tapped her fingers on the desk twice.

Two wooden teacups suddenly rose from the wooden table.

Before I knew it, steam was rising from the teacup, and tea with a clear, deep scent was filling up.

-The atmosphere is crazy.

-I’m going through the bloody battle of hell downstairs, but here it’s heaven -A man can’t refuse this-ㄹㅇEven if my head knows something is strange, my body seems to move haha. On the outside, the atmosphere is very peaceful.


[That thing is doing some tricks. Pay attention to the tea scent. master.]

Ariel urgently sent a warning from within his arms.

As she said, let the scent of tea spread out.

I was becoming dizzy and my mood was rising.

‘There was a reason why this suddenly happened.’

For some reason, the already beautiful elf in front of me seemed to look more attractive.


Seong Ji-han took a deep breath and returned his body’s abnormalities to normal.

Since he was in perfect control of his body with no soul, he was able to easily defeat this shallow trick.

‘I feel like cutting it down with a single sword.’

The elf had a lot of resentment built up in his last life, so the desire to vent it out at least in the game soared.

‘quest… … ‘I have to wake up.’

Seong Ji-han calmed his mind as he recalled the contents of the epic quest.

A quest to find out who created the experiment area and the purpose of the experiment.

Here, the former has already been solved, but there is still no clue as to the purpose of the experiment.

[master. The scent of rainbow leaves is not something that even the best warrior can endure for long. How about just cutting off that thing’s head in one fell swoop?]

‘No, let’s play to the rhythm for a moment.’ dump-

Let Seong Ji-han sit across from the wooden table.

Seeing this, the elf’s smile grew a little deeper.

“Thank you for acceding to my request.”

“okay. Was it you who created this place? “Why did you make this?”

As soon as Seong Ji-han sat down, he asked directly.

I was asking the question with the expectation that if I answered the question, the quest would be cleared immediately.

“Hehe… … You have a short temper. “Let’s talk slowly while having a cup of tea.”

The elf avoided answering and elegantly lifted his teacup to his mouth.

“You don’t want to eat it? “The tea brewed well.”

After drinking tea, the elf invites Seong Ji-han to join him.

As soon as she finished speaking, the scent of tea became stronger than before.

If Seong Ji-han was at his previous level, he would have been affected to some extent.

The scent secretly and persistently tried to intervene in him.

-Why do you keep trying to give me tea?

-Something seems suspicious haha.

Viewers who were not affected by the scent felt strange about this.

[The highest level player sponsored 10,000 GP.]

[Seong Ji-han, be careful!! I keep asking for tea! We have to secure first place!!]

For Seong Ji-han, who couldn’t watch the chat, he even became a huge fan who donated 10,000 GP to support him.

As the number of channel subscribers grew into the millions, cases of donations exceeding the minimum amount of 10,000 GP set by Seong Ji-han often appeared.

This time too, one enthusiastic fan stamped his feet and threw a large amount of money to get him to come to his senses.

‘I’m a bit sorry.’

However, since we had already sat down and decided to match the music, we had to pretend to pass over to the other person.

Seong Ji-han decided to respond to the sponsorship message later.

I reached into the teacup and drank it in one go.

A refreshing feeling spread throughout my body.

‘Ho… … .’

My body instantly became stiff.

Feeling like you have lost control of your body.

Of course, Seong Ji-han was able to return it to normal in one breath through martial arts.

‘Let’s see something.’

I decided to leave this situation alone for now.

“Hehe… … .”

The elf looked at Seong Ji-han who was stiff and stood up with an evil smile.

Then he approached him and massaged his body.

“It’s a unique entity… … “The level isn’t that high.”

The elf looked at Seong Ji-han curiously.

“This physical ability… … “Is it possible to come from such a low-level species?”

Tuk. Tuk.

The elf who was touching Seongjihan dug her nails into his body.

When she saw blood there, she licked her teeth.

“… … this.”

His expression suddenly became serious.

“This is lumber to send to the research institute.”

She took out a crystal ball from inside the hem of her robe.

I threw it on the wooden table.


A green flame appeared on the table.

I was sucked into the body of an elf.

She paused for a moment, then moved again.


The voice he spoke was completely different from a moment ago.

Previously, it was a language that was automatically translated in the game, but this time it was a voice that I couldn’t understand.

‘Do you know what it says?’

[It’s elvish. High-ranking test subject, found… … They say so. But how… … .]

When Ariel tried to continue speaking as if she couldn’t believe it.

[There are 50 survivors left.]

[The game will end soon.]

‘what. ‘Are they all dead already?’ A system message appeared, saying that the survival game had ended.

No, what game is over already?

I guess Seong Ji-han wasn’t the only one who felt that way.


[Trash race. They are cursing, wondering if survival is already over.]

Elves have crazy regenerative abilities.

Survival won’t end so quickly like it does for humans.

She put her hand into the sleeve of her robe and pulled out a leaf the size of her palm.

“!##@#!… … .”

As the elf quickly chanted a spell, the leaf began to glow green on its own.

She placed it on Seong Ji-han’s chest.


In an instant, the leaf was sucked into Seong Ji-han’s body.

“Your master commands.”

The elf language suddenly began to be understood and heard.

“Next game, come right here when it starts. “Turn off the broadcast.”

And with those last words.

[Achieved 1st place on the survival map.]

A number one message appeared in the system window, and I was logged out.

* * *

Seong Ji-han, who returned to his original room, swallowed his regret.

‘I was wondering if the epic quest would be completed.’

This is the problem with survival.

It ends when 50 people die.

I wondered if he could figure out the enemy’s intentions by pretending to be attacked on purpose.

‘But the leaves from earlier… … .’

Seong Ji-han took off his top.

On top of a strong upper body, in the exact center of the chest.

There was a green leaf pattern drawn on it.


“Are you okay? master?”

Ariel, who escaped from Seong Ji-han’s arms, quickly asked Seong Ji-han.

“I’m fine.”

“hmm… … Think of the elf from earlier. “Is your heart pounding or something?”

Ariel tested Seong Ji-han by making the elf’s form float again.

“no. at all.”

He didn’t move at all.

“The owner is really great too… … Even the shadow elves feel infinite affection for the elves when they see the leaves of the world tree. “How can it have no effect?”

“These are the leaves of the World Tree?”


Seong Ji-han looked at the leaf pattern on his chest with surprised eyes.

A world tree that removes all status abnormalities.

Didn’t Ariel say last time that whether it’s a branch or a leaf, it only needs to be related to the World Tree?

“If I feed this to my brother-in-law, will the fascination go away?”

“ah. You mean the person with that condition? It cannot be done now because it is integrated with your body. “It would be possible if we wait for the elf to retrieve it again.”

“Ho… … .”

A fragment of the World Tree.

I thought it would be quite difficult to get it, but I took the opportunity to get it on an unexpected map.

“Say, uncle!”


As soon as the broadcast ended, Yoon Se-ah came running in a huff.

“are you okay? The game earlier. It was totally weird! The elf suddenly says something strange. I heard that people were very worried because the atmosphere was strange! uh. what. That symbol on her chest… … ?”

“ah. “It’s a gift from an elf.”


“They say it’s the leaves of the world tree. “If you take care of this, you will be able to bring your brother-in-law back to his senses.”

Yoon Se-ah’s eyes trembled at those words.

“… … Dad?”

“okay. If the leaves of the World Tree come out in perfect condition, the status abnormality charm can be sufficiently removed. “Feeding might be a problem.”

“Is it effective if fed during national team games?”

“League games? “Of course it has an impact.”

“Then we can force-feed it later.”

All you have to do is defeat the Sword King, the world’s strongest warrior, and force-feed him leaves.

Seong Ji-han talked about this incredible event as if he wanted to go out for a drink.

“Dad… … I can come back to my senses… … .”

“uh. “But first we have to remove this.”

“that. I’m not overdoing it… … ? uncle. I’m okay. Now what? Even without dad… … .”

“no. “Because I’m not okay.”

Seong Ji-han said while touching the leaf pattern on his chest.

“Brother-in-law… … okay. “I’ll give it to you as a Christmas present.”

* * *

Incheon International Airport.

A woman wearing a hat pulled down, dragging a light suitcase.

A seemingly ordinary young woman.

“It’s not easy because it’s so far away from the main body… … .”

She continued to mumble in Japanese as she walked.

“ah. “Now I have to speak Korean.”

I quickly changed my language to Korean, left the airport, and took a taxi.

“Where can I take you?”

“Sword Palace.”

“ah… … Are you talking about the Gangnam Sword Palace?”

“yes. that’s right. “I’m going to stay there for a while.”

She exchanged Korean language smoothly with the taxi driver.

I opened my smartphone.

“By the way, can I stay at the Sword Palace?”

“I rented an officetel room for a month.”

“aha. When it comes to Sword Palace, isn’t there the famous Seong Ji-han? “I might be able to see his face in a month.”

“Iknow, right. But I… … .”

Sigh. Sigh.

She answered while flipping through photos on her phone.

There, Yoon Se-ah’s face was in it.

“I miss other people more than that.”

“Someone else?”

“yes. “The child who will be my daughter.”

A smile deepened at the corners of her mouth.

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