The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 129

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 129>

Survival map, ‘Experimental Zone’.

This map is widely used from level 75 or higher Gold League matching to Dia League, and is a map in which luck plays a large role.

100 players were placed in three zones: red zone, yellow zone, and green zone, and the player’s goal was to survive until there were 50 survivors.

In a way, it is a map that fits the name survival.

-oh. It’s an experiment area? The survival map has finally changed haha.

-I actually thought I would get caught on this map a long time ago haha.

-ㅇㅇ You said you surpassed the league last time, but you got caught in one leg. This map was worth it, but I only got it after I reached level 75.

‘It was a bit unexpected.’

Before the game starts.

Seong Ji-han thought so while watching the chat.

In the past, matching was done by exceeding the level limit of the map.

Even though the gap was now much wider than before, the system laid out the map according to the level.

‘Is it because I got burned during the TOP 100 match last time?’

I guess it’s because I changed the map for no reason and had a hard time because the constellation of dead stars invaded.

Experience points were distributed, but it felt like there was a step in the way of map allocation.

This was not very welcome to Seong Ji-han, who wanted to grow quickly.

‘Well, if you follow the rules, you won’t become a diamond until December.’

I decided to think positively until 2020.

Space League opening match to be held in 2021.

In order to prepare for that game, I had to remain Platinum until December of this year.

-So what area was it deployed to?

-Uh, it’s red.

-Ah… you were unlucky enough to get red. What should I do? Viewers who know better than Seong Ji-han, who plays the game.

Even though they were well aware of Seong Ji-han’s strength, they expressed concern.

-Are you finally not in first place?

– Hahaha, it’s a sacred place? Why not be first?

-Red John can’t last long ㅠㅠ

Seong Ji-han looked around.

Red zone in the experimental area.

This place was a decisive factor in the experimental area map where luck played a major role.

‘hmm… … .’

The surrounding scenery is nothing special.

Wide open space.

The 14 players who had been summoned along with him were looking around with anxiety.

On all sides of the player’s group, a wall made of red light surrounded all directions tightly.

It is a perfect place for it to be called the Red Zone.

“ah… … Fuck. Unlucky. “How did you get caught here?”

“I’m bored… … Is it a level down… … .”

At first, the players who were caught in this place were swearing.

“uh. Seo, it’s Seong Ji-han!”

“Seong Ji-han! Please lead us!”

When I saw Seong Ji-han, I felt like I had met my savior.

-Haha, do they know that this is survival?

-ㄹㅇㅋㅋ Why do you like it? If Seong Ji-han is next to you, you’ll get the first kill, right?

-It could be relying on Jihan’s mercy!

-I… I have no mercy. To Seong Ji-han.

-That’s not true! What a fair and fair person Seong Ji-han is!

Seong Ji-han burst out laughing as he saw the fans putting on an extreme shield in the chat window.

Fair and fair.

I’m a million years away from that.

[The game starts.]

As soon as the game start message appeared, Seong Ji-han summoned the shadow sword Eclipse.


Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill


Hoengsocheon County Army

When cutting horizontally, 14 players were cut in two at once.

Among them.

“Ugh… … It’s too much… … .”

“I asked you to lead me… … .”

There were also people who asked Seong Ji-han to lead them.

-Fair and fair…?

-Be fair and fair! You brought death to everyone! How equal!

-Kya… It’s better this way!

After achieving 14 kills in one go, Seong Ji-han opened his mouth leisurely.

“It’s a survival map, why are you asking me to lead it?”

Survival map.

A game of survival of the fittest that ends when only 50 percent of the survivors survive.

He couldn’t understand the idea of ​​asking others for help.

‘I don’t even remember this map, so there’s nothing to guide me.’

Experimental area.

This was a survival map that only appeared in the tutorial, so I couldn’t remember anything about how to conquer it.

True to the survival mode, he massacred the players around him.

-ah. But in this map, everyone cooperates in each zone for survival…

-It’s meaningless in the red zone haha.

-ㅇㅇ Isn’t it better to get first place by quickly wiping out the people in the red zone?

-But the Red Zone is also a problem if there are few survivors…

Even before the viewer finished speaking.

Flash! Flash!

With only one player left, the red wall of the red zone began to glow.

[Experiment subject, abnormal disappearance.]

[Erasing irregularities is in progress.]

Along with that sound, a group of lights quickly approached Seong Ji-han.

The pressure exerted by the red light was quite threatening even to Seong Ji-han, who had acquired martial spirit.

If it were at the previous level, it would be so dangerous that the probability of death would honestly be higher.

‘There’s a lot of pressure.’

Is this why viewers said that it wouldn’t come in first place because it was a red zone?

Seong Ji-han was about to collide with the approaching red light.

‘There’s no need to relax now.’

First of all, I found a way out.

‘There’s space there.’

Among the clusters of light pressing in at a certain speed, I could see a space in one place slightly widening.

A space so subtle that it would be difficult for an average player to even feel the gaps.

Even in the past, it was such a gap that it was difficult to squeeze through.

But now he is an absolute warrior with no soul.

Even if it was a small crack, it was possible to break through it as long as the space was empty.

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

Step method

Seomcheonroebo (閃天雷步)

Although I used the same walking method as before.

Now, unlike last time, Seong Ji-han slipped through the gap as if he were teleporting.

Jijijijik… … !

As soon as he got out.

The place where I was originally standing was completely immersed in red light.

‘It’s strong.’

The intense light of destruction.

The ground where Seong Ji-han and the 14 others were standing completely melted.

At the bottom, only dark steel remained, giving a foreign feeling.

[Failed to erase irregularities.]

[Complete incineration begins… … .]

And when Seong Ji-han completely avoided the red light, another voice rang out.

‘It’s a complete incineration… … .’

Seong Ji-han looked around.

The red light that was the wall gathered in the center, creating an open space on all sides.

Every direction was like an escape from this place.

At the moment Seong Ji-han was wondering which direction to go.

[master. It’s over there.]

Ariel, who transformed into the shadow sword Eclipse, expressed her intention.

Ariel pointed to a point north of the center.

‘excuse me?’

[Yes. Other spaces are fake.]

‘How do you know that?’

[If this space is really ‘that place’… … That is the right way out. Take a look to prove my hypothesis. Isn’t it okay to die anyway? It’s a game.]

‘If I die here, I miss out on first place?’

[That’s right. Trust me.]

Ariel’s voice is more confident than usual.


Seong Ji-han decided to accept her appeal.

It was a decision I made because I had the confidence that I could live well even if that path was not the right path.


Let Seong Ji-han quickly break through to the north.

[Complete incineration begins.]

Grrrr… … !

Green flames rose from all directions, except for the part where Seong Ji-han escaped.

A much more powerful force than the red glow from before.

[Is it rust salt? It’s definitely true.]

Ariel, who saw this, spoke in a voice full of confidence.

[This is the elf experiment area.]

* * *

Experimental area.

This map was truly unique to Seong Ji-han.

‘This place only came out during the tutorial.’

Numerous maps we have been through so far.

Whether it’s the Colosseum or a bridge.

These games often came out again in different branches even after the tutorial was over.

Although the detailed settings of the map changed slightly, there was still a certain degree of relevance to the extent that previous play experience was helpful.

However, the experimental area was a map that had never been opened since it only appeared in the tutorial.

‘But the person running this place was an elf?’

The space quickly becomes dark as the green salt that had been shining a moment ago disappears.

No matter how much you look around, it is a place that does not fit the general image of elves at all.

This place has something to do with them?

‘Are you sure it was made by an elf?’

[right. It has the same structure as the experimental area I saw. It was on a destroyed planet.]

‘It’s a destroyed planet… … .’

[There are places like this on all the planets that the World Tree Alliance passed by. In particular, in this central area, green salt was present on the red walls. Among the shadow elves, there were more than one person who died due to that green flame while investigating this space.]

‘It’s powerful enough to annihilate a shadow elf… … .’

[Even though it was empty when we found it, the flame of destruction was still there.]

Then Ariel asked Seong Ji-han in a soft voice.

[How about taking a look inside? I’d like to see how this area actually operates. Aren’t you curious about what the owner is doing here?]

‘Let’s go out first.’ Jihan Seong escaped the red zone like that.


[The general achievement, ‘Escape from the Red Zone’ was successful.]

[You will receive 5,000 achievement points as a reward.]

[Hidden quest, ‘Red Zone solo escape’ was successful.]

[You will receive 30,000 achievement points as a reward.]

‘Was it that difficult?’ You get 35,000 achievement points in one play.

It was proof that Red John’s escape was not easy.

The reason Seong Ji-han easily broke through was purely thanks to Martial Spirit and Ariel.

‘As expected, the new map is good.’

When Seong Ji-han was smiling while looking at an achievement reward that had rarely been seen in recent years.

[Hidden quest cleared.]

[Epic quest is unlocked.]

[Epic Quest]

-Discover who created the experiment area and find out the purpose of the experiment.

-Reward: Achievement Points 100,000 / ?

Epic Quest came to mind.

Normally 50,000 points were given, but the reward was increased to 100,000 points.

In addition, an unidentified reward was additionally given.

‘I really need to wake up.’ Since I already squandered my achievement points, I was wondering how I could earn them.


I had to clear it at all costs.

Finding the subject in a quest… … .

‘Is the elf in the experiment area now?’

Seong Ji-han looked around.

After leaving the red zone, the completely empty space was dark without a single light.

-This is what the outside of the red zone looks like. Is there nothing now?

-well? There has to be someone who escaped to know.

-Has no one escaped so far?

-ㅇㅇ If it’s diamond level, you can somehow block the red wall as a team, but you couldn’t deal with the green flames that came out earlier.

– Normally, if you get caught in the red zone, you just step on poop and die lol – Is this why it’s so empty? Didn’t create content because they didn’t know it would come out?

-Does look so sloppy haha?

As they said, they really didn’t create any content. The outside of the red zone is empty.

Seong Ji-han could see his surroundings as if it were daylight even in the dark.

‘There really is nothing.’

No matter how much I looked, I couldn’t find even the slightest trace, let alone an elf.

‘Ariel. ‘Do you know anything?’

[hmm. This space… … In fact, it is inside a huge seed shell.]


How big is a seed that can form this large space?

[okay. We called this the seed of the world tree. When entering, I broke the shell wall from the outside… … It looked exactly like this back then. There was that red zone in the center, and the rest was empty.]

‘hmm… … If it’s inside the seed, something like a shell wall should be visible here too. There is no such thing.’

[wall? Now that I think about it, it was visible when our investigation team entered, but it is not visible now.]

Ariel’s information was useful until it was time to avoid the rust, but from then on, even she seemed to be clueless.

‘Let’s go to the end first.’

Still, I knew this was inside the seed.

First of all, Seong Ji-han decided to run.

I thought that if I went to the end of the space, I might see something.

So when he tried to use the lightning flash again.

Flash! Flash!

Above the spot where Red John was, a white light burst out.

A huge green portal was created within it.


“Well, what is it? Why already!”

And through that portal, people fall to the ground.

They were players who played the survival map like Seong Ji-han.

-The red zone has already been rearranged haha. This is the biggest trick ever?

-Because the red zone was suddenly empty because of Seong Ji-han. Just fill it up right away.

When all players in the Red Zone die, 15 of the survivors are randomly selected and relocated there.

Because Seong Ji-han escaped too quickly, the players became sacrifices to Red Zone before they could do anything.

Seong Ji-han looked at the portal they were falling through.

‘I guess I should go there sometime.’

Seong Ji-han decided to try the portal rather than go all the way to the end in search of an invisible wall.

Immediately using divine techniques, he jumped into the sky.

Although the portal was quite far from the ground, he easily jumped through space thanks to his martial spirit.

“… … uh?”

Beyond the portal, I saw an elf.

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