The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 131

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 131>

‘It’s inconvenient because Takeda isn’t there.’

Shizuru Ito, who came with Akari’s body, frowned as he unpacked.

Takeda Kazuo was detained at the initiative of the Korean government due to the previous incident and was in the midst of a court case, so there was no one to assist her.


When Akari’s hand, which was organizing her luggage, stopped for a moment, Ito Shizuru’s expression became even more frowning.

“It’s happening again.”

This didn’t happen when I turned an ordinary person’s body into an alter ego, but this time, I accidentally lost control because I made a diaryger’s body into an clone.

In particular, this phenomenon worsened as we moved further away from Tokyo, where the main body was located.

‘Akari’s ego may have disappeared… … Still, I have to be careful just in case.’

If this was going to be the case, maybe they should have just sent the Sword King and told him to secretly kidnap her.

Shizuru regretted it for a moment, but changed his mind.

‘no. Then, you are unlucky enough to lose the charm.’

When I tried to charm the Sword King, the thing that bothered me the most was none other than his fatherly love.

Access itself was easy.

Because he liked women so much.

However, maintaining fascination was another matter.

‘When I came home, the fascination was half gone.’

The fascination that keeps disappearing every time I see my daughter’s face.

Shizuru did not give in to this and was able to obtain the Sword King through long work.

I decided that I had to leave Yoon Se-ah in Korea.

If we went to Japan together and the fascination wore off, you wouldn’t know what would happen on that spot.

‘Even if I take them to Japan this time, I have to make sure they don’t see each other as much as possible.’

You could just have them stay in a safe house somewhere far away from Tokyo.

As she set up her laptop in the officetel, she thought about Yoon Se-ah.

‘I often went to the underground supermarket for shopping.’

Compared to Seong Ji-han, who was almost out of the penthouse, Yoon Se-ah still went out often.

The main reason for going out is to buy side dishes.

The time zone was between 10 and 11 am.

‘I’ll have to stay at the supermarket during that time.’

Since the supermarket isn’t small, it won’t be easy to bump into Yoon Se-ah.

In any case, unlike Seong Ji-han, Yoon Se-ah would have been able to successfully charm him just by making eye contact.

‘The way back is… … .’

My mind was roughly organized.

The remaining plan now is to check the route to take her back to Japan.

She was typing on the keyboard for a while.


When I saw one finger stop, I bit my lip.

“… … “I have to go quickly.”

My body wasn’t listening, so I felt like I shouldn’t stay in this self-immolation for long.

* * *

The day after the survival game ended.

‘Survival doesn’t happen again right away.’

Seong Ji-han swallowed his regret by clearing the previous Invade map again.

I wanted to quickly get the world tree leaves completely engraved on my body.

Since the four game modes were randomly assigned, the probability of successive survivals was low.

‘Level 77… … .’

The speed of leveling up was dazzling.

Level up at least once each day.

At this level, it seemed like a promotion battle would be possible this month.

‘But the problem is the lack of soul.’

Martial Soul, which is the stat obtained at level 72.

I invested the stat points I received every time I leveled up and raised the number to 104.

After leveling up today and investing stat points, the number did not rise to 105 but stopped.

‘It’s a similar phenomenon to when I raised my force in my last life.’

The power level of my last life did not go up immediately by earning stat points, but only went up through my own training.

This time, the strength went up as much as the points were given, but after it was reorganized into Martial Spirit, it rose well to 104, but stopped at 105.

‘… … ‘I expected it.’

Star power, soullessness.

Several days have passed since he gained martial spirit, but Seong Ji-han has not yet been able to utilize this ability 100%.

Even though force and force are not easy powers to handle, martial spirit is a much higher level power, and like the old military force, martial spirit also seemed like its stats would stop increasing at some point.

‘It was faster than I thought, though.’

In the end, the only answer is training.

Seong Ji-han arrived at the training room with regret.

“Keuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … .”

There, I met Yoon Se-ah, who was working out.

Yoon Se-ah, who had already achieved the stat strength but still did not stop strength training, put down the barbell when she saw Seong Ji-han.

“ha… … I’m dying… … uncle. “Are you ready to go to the training camp tomorrow?”

“Well, it’s near my house. “Do you have anything to prepare?”

“You should take your clothes with you. “You’re going to stay overnight.”

“done. “You just need to put some clothes in.”

“hmm… … Do you want me to cum for you?”

“Ugh. “Am I a kid?”

The conversation went on for a while as if the positions of the nephew and uncle were reversed.

At some point, Yoon Se-ah, who was glancing at Seong Ji-han, quietly brought up the main topic.

“uncle. But I… … “Can I invite my sisters when my uncle is away?”

“Sister… … who?”

“Guild sisters! “Hayeon and Gayoung.”

“Huh, when did you become so close?”

“I became close with Gayoung while working out together as gymnasts. I communicate well with Hayeon… … .”

Are you communicating well with Lee Ha-yeon?

Seong Ji-han’s expression hardened slightly.

“Did you learn to gamble from Hayeon?”

“Oh, no! No, what about uncle… … Aren’t you thinking too much of Hayeon? How capable and smart people are! Of course I can’t predict the winner… … .”

“you. Don’t really predict the outcome. “You earned a lot.”

“okay. Don’t do it, don’t do it! “I’m busy growing my channel these days.”

Seong Ji-han frowned as he saw Yoon Se-ah waving her hand in pride.

This seems suspicious.

“… … what. good. “You two are welcome.”

“really? okay. Hi-Hi.”

“But now that I think about it, you are the landlord. “You don’t need to ask my permission.”

“ah. is it? “Still, I thought I’d ask my uncle.”

After Seong Ji-han responded to Yoon Se-ah.

‘Ariel. ‘When you’re at home, listen to a story about gambling with Hayeon.’

[master. You don’t trust Se-Ah?]

‘huh. ‘It’s too long and it’s suspicious.’

[I get it.]

In my mind, I urged Ariel to do so.

“good. “Then, since I have your uncle’s permission, I’ll go do some shopping.”


“Alcohol too… … Are you going to buy some?!”

“drink. “You’re an adult too.”

“It did? Hi-Hi.”

As Yoon Se-ah walked out of the training room with a smile on her face, Seong Ji-han laughed as if he was dumbfounded.

Is it that exciting?

‘but. In the past, I invited a lot of friends, but these days I haven’t had the chance to do so.’

When the King of Swords massacred the Korean national team on August 15th, all the friends fell out.

These days, as Seong Ji-han’s stock price rises again, he often gets calls from friends who had abandoned him.

Yoon Se-ah cut off all of these people like a sword.

‘It’s better to not have a friendship like that than to have one at all.’

Rather than having regrets about an old friend, just make a new one and that’s it.

The two people she became friends with at the guild this time were both good people.

Seong Ji-han hoped that they would have a good relationship with each other.


‘Ariel. Gambling, you must be aware of it.’

[I heard you figured it out!]

‘Lee Hayeon is the problem. ‘Watch out for flirting.’

[…] … Aren’t you being too wary of the guild master? But why did you entrust me with such an important responsibility?]

‘Other than that, he’s a capable person. Gambling is the problem.’

The vigilance towards Lee Ha-yeon, who was called Zero in her last life, could not be overemphasized.

[Shall we detect it from now on?]

‘From now on?’

[Maybe something will come up while talking on the phone while shopping.]

‘That went too far. Besides, this is a bit of an invasion of privacy.’

[You don’t know, do you? And, unless it’s about gambling, you don’t have to disclose it.]

‘… … what. ‘If that’s the case.’ Seongji Han thought for a moment, then nodded his head.

If my nephew became friends with a gambling addict and got into predicting matches together, he wouldn’t have the courage to see his sister later, even in the afterlife.

‘We have to stop it now.’

Seong Ji-han secretly dispatched Ariel to chase after Yoon Se-ah.

* * *

=Player Seong Ji-han will enter the Center tomorrow. National team coach Noh Young-jun expressed his expectations for Seong Ji-han, saying he is an amazing player and that he will be given a suitable role through training during the training camp… … .

Slurp slurp!

Shizuru was watching TV news while eating cup ramen.

Korean news channels were widely reporting Seong Ji-han’s entry into the Center.

‘Now he’ll be as popular as the old Sword King.’

No matter how popular is, all kinds of media were in an uproar when one player entered the Center.

Compared to the last time I came to Korea, I could clearly feel that Seong Ji-han’s status had risen significantly.

“What if I get kicked again in this situation?” … .”


She smiled happily.

I actually didn’t have any particular feelings about the country called Korea.

Rather, in the past, I was also a fan of Korean idols, so I used to learn Korean until I became proficient at it.


“I don’t know why all the kids I want are here?”

What can we do if excellent players keep coming out of Korea?

In particular, Sword King and Seong Ji-han are talents who will greatly complement the warrior class, which has been evaluated as Japan’s weakness.

If these two players play for the Japanese national team, wouldn’t they easily win the World Champions League?

‘If I raise Yoon Se-ah, I think she’ll be of some use.’

She imagined Japanese being commonly used on channel 0.

When that day comes, all the hard work I’ve done so far will truly be worth it.

‘by the way… … Seong Ji-han won’t be around starting tomorrow.’

Shizuru threw the finished cup ramen into the sink and thought deeply.

Surely they wouldn’t take Yoon Se-ah, who is a grown adult, to the camp?

‘If Yoon Se-ah is left alone… … The training camp period will be a golden opportunity.’

Shizuru decided not to miss this opportunity and decided to take another look at the structure of the underground supermarket.

And, like that, she went down to the supermarket.


There, I was able to find Yoon Se-ah, whom I had not been able to see for the past few days.

“Sister~ Can I buy you something to drink? Eck. “Do you buy that much?”

She is talking on the phone with a cart full of food.

The sight of them pouring out all types of alcohol was extremely bright.

“ah… … Alcohol is required for analysis lectures? Can you analyze things after drinking? As expected from the bottom half… … .”

You look in a good mood.

Shizuru smiled as if she was really happy to see Yoon Se-ah.

‘I’ll make you feel better from now on. My daughter~.’

Yoon Se-ah has already become her daughter inside her.

Shizuru quickly approached her pulling the cart.

In order to use the supporting gift, ‘Edit’, you had to touch it.

“The beer… … .”

Shizuru pretends to buy beer behind Yoon Se-ah.


Acting as if he had lost his footing, he gently touched Yoon Se-ah’s arm.

Anyone who sees it can’t help but see it as just a mistake.

‘It’s too easy.’

However, due to that touch, the support gift ‘edit’ function is activated and the status edit window for Yoon Se-ah’s condition is opened.

She quickly added fascination and submission to it.

‘Then where…’ … .’

Should we give this child an order now?

Shizuru thought it was all over.

It’s so hard… … !

Electricity rose from the crown-shaped pattern engraved on the back of Yoon Se-ah’s hand.

[The seal of lightning resists mental contamination.]

[‘Fascination’ does not fully take hold.]

[‘Obedience’ is not completely established.]

‘huh? ‘What is this again?’ Shizuru frowned as he saw the message that suddenly appeared.

Seal of lightning?

What is this that you’re resisting?

“… … uh? you… … .”

Yoon Se-ah looks at herself in shock.

‘I can’t do this.’

Shizuru tried to touch her hand again.

Unless fascination and submission are fully established.

Just tap again and edit until you get it right.

but. her attempt.


It was blocked by a black hand rising from the floor.

“you… … what?”


Ariel, who had been secretly following Yoon Se-ah, jumped out from the floor.

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