The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 128

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 128>

Seong Ji-han had his own reason for including his name.

‘Constellations hunting constellations… … ‘The wandering warrior’s attitude is so strange.’

Before, when I got 30 Strength and gained the skill Unknown.

The wandering warrior was wary of himself being exposed to a three-stage battle, so he retrieved the gift and canceled the martial arts training.

At that time, I thought he only did it because he knew that Musin was extremely wary of him.

‘The way I responded this time was completely different.’

Even though Seong Ji-han, who was so wary, came to see him, he showed mercy by restraining Dong Bang-sak and telling him to strengthen his strength.

Isn’t this a very different reaction from the first action?

It was incomprehensible that Musin, who hunted other constellations ruthlessly while issuing ultimatums, could be so generous only to himself.


‘Soulless… … I got it too easily.’

Martial Spirit, a star ability obtained through the integration of the three-stage battle.

No matter how great the achievement of combining the three stages was, the value of martial arts was far greater than this.

Even though he blew away the national team like that, Muhon had immeasurable potential to the extent that he could not be said to have reached his full potential yet.

But was he talented enough in martial arts to acquire this ability?

‘It’s not that bad… … .’

Of course, in my last life, I rose to the strongest position among mankind, but gaining martial soul is an achievement that cannot be compared to this.

Still, I wondered if the reason I was able to obtain martial spirit so easily was that I had something to do with the wandering martial spirit.

So I tried adding the name Jihan… … .


[Only the last chance is given.]

[Hint: It is related to an ancient being.]

‘It wasn’t.’ Seong Ji-han answered that he was wrong and sighed in relief when he saw the added hint.

‘I did it just in case, but I’m glad it wasn’t.’

Seeing that it was related to an ancient being, it seemed that Martial God was a separate entity from itself.

‘I just have to upgrade the nameless divine skill by modifying the three divine powers.’

One last chance is too clueless, so leave it for now.

Seong Ji-han decided to try to upgrade in a standard way.

‘The clues to the reconstruction of Heavenly Thunder have been found to some extent.’

When mixed with the phoenix’s flame, the power of thunderbolt became much more powerful.

It seemed that the martial arts of Thunder God would need to be modified to fuse with the phoenix flame.

‘I have no clue about the others.’

However, there is no idea how to renovate the remaining two gods.

Seong Ji-han decided to change the Cheonroe Shingyeol one by one to suit himself.

“Uncle~ Eat!”

“Are you done already?”

“huh. Ariel is good at cooking. “Thanks to your help, it was over quickly.”

“okay. I’ll go.”

You said you only tasted it, but did you even cook it?

Seong Ji-han organized his thoughts and left the room with a lighter heart.

* * *

It has been three days since Seong Ji-han took the test.

In a conference room of the administration, members of the national team selection committee gathered.

The national team selection committee was mostly made up of executives from Korea’s top 10 guilds, so they had some close relationships.

“Did you see the reporters when you came today?”

“yes. It was a lot more than usual. “It seemed twice as big as when the national team selection list was announced for the second half of the year.”

“Huh… … “I wonder what kind of trouble this one player is causing.”

“That player is none other than Seong Ji-han.”

“now. Committee members. “Everyone, please take your seats.”

When the chairman came forward, everyone sat down in their assigned seats.

“The reason we are here today is to revise the management bureau’s national team selection criteria.”

“haha. Even the selection criteria have to be revised because of one player… … .”

“Public opinion is unusual. “It’s been three days and people are asking why they haven’t selected.” National Team Selection.

Ranking in the League is not just a ranking in entertainment, but a country’s future depends on it.

The representative selection process was as systematic and fair as possible.

So no matter how crazy Seong Ji-han showed, it was natural that it would take some time.

The public who saw Seong Ji-han’s one-man show didn’t think that way.

“My elementary school daughter also scolded me, asking what my dad was doing.”

“haha. My father, who is in a nursing hospital, called me. Is there a reason not to select a successful player? “Even though I told him he would be selected soon, he had dementia and kept calling me every day, forgetting that I had called him.”

“haha… … “This must be so embarrassing.”

“I wonder if there’s anyone here who hasn’t been asked that question.”

After seeing the performance of Seong Ji-han, who knocked out all the national level fighters with one blow.

Public opinion, which initially opposed Gold as a representative of the country, was completely overturned and received support from all over the country.

In particular, the prevailing opinion was that Seong Ji-han should be put in immediately for the game against Russia that will be held a week from now.

“ruler. Then, we will revise the selection criteria for the Korean national team from diamond to gold or higher. “Is there anyone who is against it?”

If you oppose this, you are no different from becoming a traitor to the people.

When no one raised their hand.

“ruler. Well, I understand that everyone agreed… … “We will revise the national team selection criteria.”

land- land-

The chairman passed the agenda right away.

“And the next item on the agenda is about changes to the national team selection list.”

“Are we replacing Koo Ji-ho with Seong Ji-han?”

“yes. That’s right. We are planning to replace Koo Ji-ho, who is at the bottom of the national team rankings, with Seong Ji-han. “Is there anyone who is against this?”

“The results are the fairest.”

“No objection.”

Koo Ji-ho was the first to lose to Seong Ji-han with one punch.

In the end, he suffered the bitter taste of being eliminated from the national team.

“This is the first time a meeting has ended so quickly.”

“Shouldn’t we end the losing streak?”

“Umm… … “Will we be able to end our losing streak by electing him?”

“Did you watch Seong Ji-han’s broadcast yesterday? Now he fights with Hojo with his bare hands. “If you see his growth rate, you can look forward to it.”

“No, do you personally watch the broadcast of the famous player?”

“These days, if I don’t watch it, I can’t include it in my children’s conversations. haha.”

After the national team test, Seong Ji-han’s channel rapidly increased subscribers again and exceeded 5 million.

In Korea, there were less than 10 players who exceeded 5 million subscribers, but Seong Ji-han had already reached this record as a Gold Leaguer.

“Then, I will inform Seong Ji-han that he has been selected for the national team and ask him to stay at the Center.”

“If we want to participate in the Russia game right away, we have to do that.”

“hmm… … But since Seong Ji-han humiliated the national team warriors so much, will we be able to strengthen teamwork during training camp?”

Although one committee member expressed such concerns.

“Oh my, they’re not kids, they’re all professionals, so what’s going on? Don’t worry. “The national team warriors will also be happy to have a strong player coming in.”

“is it so. “How long do they want to hear the sound of an automatic door?”

Other committee members said indifferently, saying, “Is that really possible?”

“now. Then, let’s hold a press conference and finish today’s schedule.”

“All right.”

Just like that, the meeting of the national team selection committee ended smoothly.

The news was relayed to Seong Ji-han through Manager Park Yun-sik.

* * *

[National team selection committee, revision of selection regulations! From now on, gold players can also be selected!]

[Seong Ji-han selected as national team member! You can participate from the next league game against Russia!]

“uncle! Congratulations on being selected!”

Yoon Se-ah saw the breaking news and went into the room to congratulate herself, only to see Seong Ji-han making a phone call with a serious expression.

“Train camp, that… … Do I have to do it?”

[yes… … Training camp is required for national team matches. The map chosen for the Russian war is a siege map. Therefore, a more coordinated process is needed.]

“It’s hard to leave my nephew alone, so that’s why.”

[ah! If that’s the case, don’t worry. Family members can also come to the Center. The Center facilities are more like a 5-star hotel, and each player is given a suite.]

“All right. “Then when can I go?”

[Train camp starts in 3 days. I will go pick you up.]

“yes. See you then.”

Yoon Se-ah listened to the phone call between Seong Ji-han and Park Yun-sik from the side, and waved her palms left and right.

It was a gesture of rejection.

“ah. uncle. I’m not a kid… … are you okay. “Why are you taking me to the Center?”

“Something could happen.”

“Hey, something happened! “The kid who was looking for great success has disappeared.”

It wouldn’t be known if the person who was targeting Daegi Mansung was still alive.

Is there any danger now?

‘At this point, it’s overprotective.’

As Yoon Se-ah thought that, a meaningful smile appeared on her lips.

“They say there’s a lot of conflict going on at the Center! They say that all scandals between national players occur at the Center. “Wouldn’t you be upset if your uncle took me with him for no reason and I couldn’t join him?”

“It’s not like I’m going out to have fun.”

“I heard you have that much time left after camp training? “It’s a drinking party every night.”

When Seong Ji-han heard those words, he made a bewildered expression.

‘They’re last in the league and discipline is also lax.’

No matter how much of a tutorial period it is, how messed up is the training for it to be known to the general public like this?

If this was going to be the case, I wondered if the training camp had any meaning.

“anyway. Because I’m really fine! Have a nice stay at the training camp!”

“What if a crazy person suddenly attacks?”

“No what… … How did the crazy guy get to this penthouse! “I can’t even take the elevator!”

Yoon Se-ah looks like she has no intention of going to the Center together.

‘Well, I guess nothing special will happen.’

Now that Jin Yu-hwa is dead, there is no one to threaten her, but Seong Ji-han still wants to provide insurance.

“Where is Ariel?”

“I’m rolling around on the sofa and watching TV.”

“You look very plump.”

When Seong Ji-han went out to the living room, Ariel had become one with the sofa.

“master. “Are you here?”

“Ariel. “How far can you be from me?”

“hmm… … With this body shape, it shouldn’t be that far. “With a small body like before, you can go quite far.”

“good. “During the training camp, try staying in the penthouse, even if it’s in a smaller format.”

The Center is located in Gangnam anyway, so it wasn’t terribly far from the Sword Palace.

It’s safe to leave Ariel alone, even in a small form.

“uncle… … Ariel. Isn’t that the black sword? What about the sword?”

“There’s no need for practice anyway.”

“too much. master. “There’s no need.”

Although she says that out loud, Ariel watches TV with a relaxed expression.


She was enjoying heaven as she moved her shadow and ate potato chips placed on the table in front of the sofa.

“Then, under my master’s orders, I will protect Se-Ah with my life!”

“… … uncle. “I don’t think he’ll be of much help.”

“Even though it looks like that, it’s still useful.”

It’s best if no useful situation comes up.

Seong Ji-han thought so and gestured to Ariel.

“let’s go. “To play a game today.”

“ah. I want to watch this program… … .”

“Watch the rerun.”

“I broke some cookies… … .”

“Go back and peel it again.”

“The owner is truly unkind except when dealing with Se-ah… … .”


Ariel, who was lying down on the sofa, eventually turned into smoke and entered Seong Ji-han’s arms.

“Isn’t today our day together?”


Yoon Se-ah decided to play games together only twice a week.

We’ve already played two games this week.

“Then I’ll come back.”

Seong Ji-han accessed the game like that.

[This mission is survival.]

[Entering the ‘experimental area’.]

I reached level 75 and entered ‘Experimental Zone’, a new survival map.

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