The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 98

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[098]Inevitable Fate 2

Chairman Jin thought it was a scoop and turned off the TV, shaking his head after watching the news criticizing candidate Ko Kyung-yeol all day.

Because it was the election campaign period, the general public did not know, but the results of the opinion poll were placed on Chairman Jin’s desk.

Election experts reported that his son-in-law was easily elected with a margin of 7%.

No one would have the courage to withstand this level of bombing just a day before voting.

Candidate Ko Gyeong-yeol, who was the party involved, held an emergency press conference and urged an immediate stop to the slanderous reports, but his opponent’s son-in-law’s camp threatened to start the paternity verification process.

This is clearly a report from an insider.

If there had been a media outlet that had been secretly investigating, it would have been an exclusive scoop, but there is no explanation for the fact that all central daily newspapers opened fire at the same time other than someone’s clear tip.

“Huh, you’re trying to appease Go Gyeong-yeol’s right-hand man. What kind of trick did this guy play… .”

Chairman Jin has seen many people who have thrown their lives into politics.

If you are intoxicated with the sweetness of power, you will not be swayed by things like money. Of course, there are many people who are swayed by money, but the limitations of these people are obvious.

Those with big dreams take only the money they need to gain power, while those with big dreams use power as a means of making money.

Go Kyung-yeol’s right-hand man is definitely someone with big dreams.

I’m not the type of person to be swayed by money… .

Chairman Jin stood up.

I didn’t want to call the person I needed to meet into the study right now. I wanted to move in person to meet someone for the first time in a very long time.

As I left the study, a secretary who had been waiting came rushing over to me.

“Prepare tea. “I need to go out for a bit.”

“Would you like to go to work?”

“Nothing to know, put me on standby quickly.”


The secretary running outside already took out her cell phone and called the driver.

The secretary, who was waiting with the back door of a car waiting at the entrance of the main building opened, started to feel shaky when she realized something was wrong.

The Chairman was frowning as if he was displeased with something.

“What is this?”


“What is this car?”

When Chairman Jin saw the young secretary with a confused expression and no idea what to do, he felt extremely pitiful. Why is this young guy so dull?

“It’s been a long time since my cruiser car was taken away. “Why am I driving this car?”

The driver was quicker than the secretary. He quickly removed the large cruiser and replaced the German sedan that Chairman Jin was most satisfied with.

He kicked out the secretary who tried to sit in the passenger seat and set off alone with the driver. Of course, they will follow behind in a hurry.

“Let’s go to Yeouido. Oh Se-hyun to the company.”

Candidates’ campaigns were fiercely taking place all over the streets. Loud loudspeakers and disorganized banners and posters. With less than half a day left, this golden time, they are squeezing out their last strength.

* * *



I was in the process of unfolding a map of Sangam-dong, Mapo, and reviewing the zoning. Daea Construction officials were also present, so they all jumped up at the sight of his grandfather.

When the grandfather extended his hand to them and even shook their hand, they all looked thrilled.

This was a natural action since he was an employee of Sunyang Construction who could not even see the chairman’s shadow until last year.

“You seem busy.”

“But I still have time to answer the question for a cup of tea with the Chairman.”

Oh Se-hyeon smiled and offered a seat.

“Can you guys please leave the room for a moment? “I have a tense story to discuss.”

“Yes, of course. President.”

As the construction company employees left, the grandfather erased his solemn expression and smiled brightly.

“Representative Oh’s appearance has changed now. Chairman, I smell it. haha.”

“Oh no, no. “I haven’t been able to exercise at all these days, so I just gained weight.”

“It’s not about weight, it’s about attitude.”

Oh Se-hyeon said while looking at everyone’s eyes after chatting lightly for a few words.

“But what’s going on? “Seeing as how you walked all the way here, I don’t think it’s normal.”

“Today’s news, is it the work of two people?”

It’s about elections.

Oh Se-hyun and I made eye contact and I opened my mouth.

“That’s right.”

“In the end, it turned out as you said. “How did you appease him?”

“Kim Kwan-hyuk was not a person who would be satisfied with being second-in-command or right-hand man. “He just had great desire to step on someone and create an opportunity.”

“President. “Have you received any data predicting the election results?”

Oh Se-hyeon quietly intervened.

“Isn’t CEO Oh likely to have received it too?”

“Chairman, isn’t your information line on a different level from my line?”

“They said it was a 7% difference.”

Without realizing it, I clenched my fists. Of course, it may not be true, but if it were a public opinion poll conducted by Sunyang Group, there would be no more accurate prediction than this.

“Our survey came up with 10%. “They both predicted victory, so unless there is a surprise, Uncle Han won.”

“Will something unexpected happen just because there are a few hours left? “There will be no problem.”

Grandfather nodded his head as if to say not to worry.

“Now the project you are working on has also crossed the 5th stage.”

Only the 5th ridge?

Since it was Seoul City’s own project, I thought it had passed the 7th ridge, but did I think it was too easy?


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My grandfather saw my embarrassed expression and burst into laughter.

“Hey. Are the people who set the table and the people who eat it exactly the same? Just wait and see. Now, there will be more than one guy attacking me with a spoon. “If they can’t take care of my food bowl, they’ll go on a rampage and try to overturn my dining table.”

It’s not that I don’t know. However, since I don’t know much about construction floors, my grandfather’s warning was unusual. Will it come out that rough?

“CEO Oh and Dojun.”


The two of us started just staring at Grandpa’s mouth. Since he was calling us in a soft voice, it seemed like he was going to tell us the purpose of his visit.

“How about leaving the Mapo Media City construction to me?”

A thud sound rang in my head.

I haven’t figured out the exact meaning yet, but my grandfather’s words seemed like he was the first to put a spoon to the table I prepared.

Oh Se-hyun was the same.

I closed my lips tightly and only let out a shallow sigh.

“Why do you look like that? “Don’t you like it?”

“President. “What exactly does it mean to take charge?”

Oh Se-hyeon asked cautiously.

“Literally. This means that the entity signing the contract with the Seoul Metropolitan Government is Sunyang Construction. Of course, it goes without saying that Daea Construction also plays a big role.”

“So, it means that Sunyang will take charge and Daeah will be subcontracted…” . Is that correct?”

“Hey, why are you saying that? Subcontracting? In times like this, we call it cooperation.”

When I realized my grandfather’s true intentions, I couldn’t believe it and couldn’t speak. No matter how greedy you are, how dare you try to eat up the opportunity that your beloved grandson created by spending tens of billions of dollars?

“grandfather. “Are you serious?”

“Hey. “Did I make a joke about business?”

Grandpa looked at my expression and continued.

“Didn’t you tell me? It is said that it is too much for two people to carry out this work. We are in a situation where construction companies are struggling. Those who survive will not ignore this favorable news. “In some ways, can’t it be considered a national project?”

“So you’re saying it’s difficult to take over this project on our own?”


“Then Grandpa can help. Do you really need to take it all?”

“I guess it’s not just about helping? If I don’t step up, this business will be torn apart. Even 20% of what you take up is difficult. Otherwise, the construction cartel will overthrow this plan and make a new plan next year or the year after. Of course, there will be no room for Daeah Construction to intervene at that time.”

“Hey, Chairman.”

Oh Se-hyun’s tightly closed lips opened.

“Most of Daeah Construction’s executives are from Sunyang. I think this is sufficient cooperation? Is there really a need for Sunyang Construction to take the lead?”

“Well, why can’t young people understand what I’m saying? What I’m saying is that my efforts are not enough to help. “If it’s a business that is difficult for anyone but me to own, doesn’t that mean that I am the owner?”

I couldn’t figure it out at all. Why is he suddenly like this?

How can someone who does not view Daea Construction, or the entire HW Group, as separate from Sunyang, be greedy like this?

If it’s a business that really makes money, doesn’t that mean they don’t even think about their relatives? Is this the habit of chaebol chairman?

I just watched the conversation between the two for a while.

Oh Se-hyeon tried to avoid offending his grandfather as much as possible and only asked for help, and the grandfather only politely repeated that he would take charge of the business.


I made a big decision and opened my mouth.

I couldn’t decide whether my grandfather was testing me or not, but for now the best thing I could do was show my will.

Even if my grandfather might find me disgraceful for this, I can’t help it. If you look closely, I am no different from my uncle or aunt.

“The number of companies with the Sunyang Group sign is gradually increasing, and at some point, people only ask my grandfather for help. So my grandfather didn’t have to come out of the study. But now he is here, even taking the difficult steps.”

I didn’t miss the moment my grandfather’s eyebrows twitched.

“I also come out like this sometimes. Isn’t the weather nice? haha.”

“Is that so? “Aren’t you in a hurry?”

“Why am I in a hurry… ?”

“The moment my uncle takes office as mayor, I will push forward with this project. We are the only company prepared to jump into this business right now. “Other companies won’t even give us a chance to raise a spoon.”

“Is that as expected… .”

“Isn’t that why you rushed forward like this because your grandfather knows very well that there is no chance if you don’t take over the project before it starts?”

Grandfather just blinked and did not respond.

“We don’t know much about the construction field, so we desperately need your help. But I can’t hand it over to you in its entirety. “We become the main player and Sunyang Construction becomes a reliable partner. This is the maximum concession.”

My grandfather’s expression became more and more determined as he saw my resolute appearance.

“If you covet food that you cannot swallow, your mouth will be torn apart. “If you overestimate your abilities, you will get seriously hurt.”

“Don’t children grow up while getting hurt? “I’ll give it a try.”

“Can I just assume that you turned this allotment into an enemy?”

I had to work hard to show that I wasn’t scared when I saw my grandfather saying scary things.

The feeling of intimidation is no joke.

“You mean enemies? no. I still believe that Sunyang Construction is the best partner in this work.”

“noisy. “If you go against my will, you are no different from an enemy!”

The grandfather stood up and screamed.

“Think carefully and talk again until the voting ends tomorrow. CEO Oh, think carefully too. “This game won’t be easy without me.”

Oh Se-hyeon sighed as she watched her grandfather leave without even looking back.

“phew-. Why on earth are you doing that? “Do you really have no blood ties or grandchildren when it comes to money?”

“I don’t know either. I’m sure you didn’t use me… .”

“What are you going to do? Surrender? Or should we just keep pushing forward like this?”

“You can’t be embarrassed and bend down now, right?”

Should I bend down even if it means risking embarrassment?

This thought never left my head.

* * *

“Is it time?… … .”


As Chairman Jin muttered, the driver looked back briefly and said.

“no. “Just drive.”

“Ah yes. President.”

He is a bold guy. He looks confident and confident, as if he was looking at himself when he was younger.

“You mean it.”


“Come a little early in the morning the day after tomorrow.”

“Where can I take you?”

“I’m planning on going to Gunsan, so I’ll take care of my car. Oh, and don’t even tell the secretaries. “I plan to leave quietly.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. President.”

The driver answered while glancing at Chairman Jin through the rear-view mirror.


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