The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 97

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[097]Inescapable Fate 1

“This partition is prefabricated. “Let’s rip this off and quickly replace it with the one we brought.”

Oh Se-hyeon had already prepared workers and a new partition, and put an envelope of money into the Japanese restaurant owner.

“When the errands are done, they are returned to their original condition. “Okay?”

The president smiled brightly after feeling the thick envelope.

“Oh my, boss. Of course, we have to accommodate you.”

“By the way, do you have a room reserved for 8 o’clock today? “It would be number 3 or 5.”

“uh? you’re right. There is someone who reserved room 5. “Room 5 is a bit spacious.”


Five or six workers replaced the partition in less than 30 minutes and confirmed that even the sound of clinking glasses could be heard.

Oh Se-hyeon and the reporters occupied room 4, and I occupied room 3 by myself and waited for them to arrive.

“Oh, CEO. I don’t know what’s going on… “Wouldn’t eating this make you feel bad?”

The five reporters looked at the envelopes placed at each seat and smiled.

“Reporter Park. Just leave it there. It’s pocket money, pocket money. Who would fight over the allowance given by their superiors? Even the president throws his wallet to me sometimes. Why are you doing this again?”

When Oh Se-hyun joked, the reporters laughed, put the envelopes in their seats, and sat down.

“Let me ask you one favor. Let’s stop gossiping, saying that Daea Construction’s future is bleak, and that everyone who should be responsible is taking up one spot. Please understand my position too. “We need them to cut out the rot.”

“also. This is rat poison. “Hehe.”

“It’s happening again! This is all I ask. “Come on, let’s have a drink.”

After a few rounds of Soju, the reporters started talking. I kept my mouth open and my ears wide open, just in case I got some good sauce.

At this time, noisy footsteps were heard outside, and the room next door became noisy.

“Now, take off your belt today and drink as much as you want. When the voting ends the day after tomorrow, our candidate Ko Kyung-yeol will become Seoul Mayor. haha.”

All the reporters fell silent when they heard the name Go Gyeong-yeol heard from the next room.

Even though they are economic reporters, there is no way they do not know that Ko Kyung-yeol is the candidate with the highest approval rating.

“Who is it? “Are they supporters?”

“Are you a campaign worker?”

“Shh. I’m familiar with that voice. “Be quiet.”

The reporters began to whisper inaudibly, fearing that the next room might hear them.

“Hey, why are you like this? Decrease the taste of alcohol. “Let’s just stop worrying and drink.”

“Representative, be quiet. wait a minute. “Let’s just check.”

Oh Se-hyun passed a drink to the reporters, but their attention had already turned to the next room.

Oh Se-hyeon smiled slightly and began to watch these reporters in silence. The voice in the next room grew louder.

“There’s only one day left until tomorrow, so we’re having a company dinner today to squeeze out our last bit of strength. “Once the election is over, I will never forget the price you paid for your hard work.”

“Are you sure you are now the deputy mayor?”

The reporters took a deep breath when they heard the word “vice mayor.” This is because the people in the next room knew that he was a key figure in the election campaign.

There was even a reporter who took out a small tape recorder.

“hey! What do these people think of me and Kim Kwan-hyuk? “Do you think I’m attached to that position?”

When they heard the name Kim Kwan-hyuk, the reporters looked at each other and winked. Maybe there will be a scoop.

“Oh no, no. You, the general manager, should take over the position of the next mayor. haha.”

“what? Inherit it?”

As soon as Kim Kwan-hyuk’s harsh voice came out, the room next door suddenly became quiet.

“I made Koh our candidate and mayor. What do you inherit? Now, the person who must send me to Yeouido is candidate Ko. “I erased all that nobleman’s smell, right?”

“Then are the suspicions true?”

“What suspicion?”

“Military exemption.”

“This guy, is he naive? Or are you stupid? Would a high-ranking official like candidate Ko Kyung-yeol send his child to the military? “Only commoners like us go to the military.”

In Oh Se-hyeon’s eyes, all the reporters looked like they were praying.

Candidate Ko Kyung-yeol’s biggest weakness was exemption from military service.

It is to the point where everyone is praying earnestly that the explicit content can be heard from the next room.

“What did you do to avoid sending your three children to the military? There are dozens of fake medical certificates that I created myself. But that guy is also very unlucky. Even though they work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they all give birth to their children in Korea. “If I had had a child while working in the U.S., I wouldn’t have gone to the military as an American citizen, haha.”

“No. “If he had been an American citizen, wouldn’t he have voluntarily enlisted in the military when he ran as a candidate for mayor of Seoul?”

“That’s what I heard. Anyway, you’re a lucky guy. haha.”

Reporters were already shaking their butts.

This is the scoop of scoops. Of course, the desk decision remains to be made.

If this fact is published in the newspaper, the owner of the mayor’s seat will change. Now, the media can decide who becomes the mayor of Seoul. The media is not one to miss such a great opportunity.

“But why did the third son go to the defense instead of being exempted?”

“It’s because of my wife.”

“yes? Candidate Go’s wife?”

“okay. “Because I’m not a bastard.”

This time, even Oh Se-hyun opened his mouth. Doesn’t that mean he was born out of wedlock?

“It must have been when Candidate Ko was working alone in Japan. How can a man live alone in a foreign country for several years without a woman? “I had an affair with a female employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

The reporters even covered their mouths with their hands for fear of hearing any breathing sounds.

“Candidate Go had no choice. I am so grateful that her wife added the child to her family register. They just sent the army. I didn’t even bother to remove it. “It’s just that his eyesight was so bad that he went in the normal direction.”

Reporters could not contain their excitement when they got such a huge scoop. If even one person stood up, everyone else would follow.

At this time, Oh Se-hyeon opened her mouth as if she was embarrassed. He didn’t forget to lower his voice to a whisper for fear of being overheard in the next room.

“Now, wait a minute. Reporter Choi, Reporter Park. “Calm down.”

“Why are you doing this? Is this something you can calm down about now?”

The reporters also spoke with their voices muted.

“Let’s not blow this up. “If this happens tomorrow, it will definitely be overturned a day before the election.”


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“of course. It touches on two things that are absolutely unacceptable in our country. Parents who sent their children to the military are losing their votes… . If you have an affair and are a child out of wedlock, you can see that half of the female votes turn against you. “The game is over.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Whether you look at his capabilities or ability, Candidate Go is much better than Candidate Choi, the son-in-law of a chaebol. He’s such a wasteful person to stumble over such trivial personal issues. “Let’s just bury it.”

“If a reporter asks something like that, how can you make fun of fans? “If there is something to inform, we should inform it and let the voters make the choice.”

Oh Se-hyun quenched his thirst by drinking a glass of water to throw the last punch he had saved.

“what? “Are you doing this because of the spoils that will come out if Candidate Choi is elected instead of Goh?”

“yes? “What are you talking about?”

All the reporters had frowns. What do you mean it’s a piece of cake?

“That’s right. If these lyrics are released, it is clear that the media company that broke the scoop is the biggest contributor to Candidate Choi’s election, but will Sunyang Group be silent? Aren’t you just going to push out ads clearly? Maybe a year’s worth of advertising in one shot? no?”

Innocent guys. Do you have to hear the explanation to understand how much this article is worth?

Oh Se-hyun even gave the basis for persuading the desk.

One quick-witted reporter stood up with his bag on his shoulder.

“Oh, CEO. I’ll treat you to a drink next time. “I’ll go first.”

Starting with this one, all the other reporters rushed out of the room.

Oh Se-hyeon, who was left alone, also left his seat and moved to the other side.

“All the reporters went, right?”

“okay. “I gave him an advertising hint like you said, and he ran like crazy.”

“There is no separate salesperson. “Hehe.”

I poured a drink, but Oh Se-hyeon drank it down in one go.

“You heard everything too, right?”

“yes. “There’s no way I can’t hear you when you’re talking so loudly as if you want everyone to hear you.”

“however… . “Is it true?”

“Out of wedlock?”

Oh Se-hyeon nodded.

“Whether it is true or not is not important. The important thing is that if it explodes tomorrow, there will be no time to fix it. “After the election, we don’t even check whether it’s true or not.”

“It’s so cruel. “I mean, he’s a close associate.”

“For Caesar, Brutus’ sword must have been the most painful. “He is a close associate, the person who can most definitely snipe.”

I also had a drink to soothe my bitter feelings.

“What should I do now, friend?”

“Let’s take a look. Will he be labeled as a traitor and resurrect splendidly, or will he disappear like this? “If it is resurrected, we can raise it reliably.”

The expensive raw fish did not melt in my mouth and kept getting stuck in my throat like a thorn.

I didn’t feel comfortable watching a betrayal even if it was for my benefit.

* * *

“device… Director Kim? “Where is Kim Kwan-hyuk?”

Candidate Ko Gyeong-yeol shouted in front of his aides and election staff who bowed their heads.

“My cell phone was turned off… … .”

“It’s true? “Is this something that came out when you guys were drinking together yesterday?”

“Well, I’m not sure about that. The military exemption case was not highlighted and was passed over. Well, that was all the story was like… … .”

One of the aides I drank with yesterday made an excuse, but I could tell just by looking at his lack of confidence. The story that came out at a drinking party is the source of this article.

From the morning news to the morning newspaper, there are only articles about children being exempted from military service and children born out of wedlock. Since my morals have been greatly damaged, it is a fight worth fighting.

According to an urgent opinion poll, they are already behind by more than 10%.

However, since the head of the headquarters in charge of the election did not appear, everyone was left confused and no solution was found.

When Go Gyeong-yeol, devastated, slumped down in his chair, the door burst open and Kim Kwan-hyuk came running in.

As soon as he entered the room, he slapped the cheek of the staff member who was lowering his head, kicked the shin, and shouted.

“What kind of bastard! Who spilled it? “You bastards!”

Everyone could only groan as the lightning suddenly struck.

“sorry. Candidate. It’s all my responsibility. It’s been a while since I drank alcohol, so I said something I shouldn’t have said. Please kill me.”

Kwanhyuk Kim knelt down on the office floor and began to sob.

He is not a traitor.

It was just a drunken slip of the tongue, and the traitor is among those standing with their heads down.

Candidate Ko Gyeong-yeol groaned as he looked at Kim Kwan-hyuk, who quickly resolved the situation.

“Is there still a chance? “Is there a way?”

“We will prepare an emergency press conference. “And I will request a corrected report from the media later today.”

Go Gyeong-yeol sank further into the chair and waved his hand.

“Everyone go out. “If you have something to fix, move quickly.”

Kim Kwan-hyuk shouted as soon as he left Candidate Ko’s room.

“who is this? “What kind of guy spilled it?”

Everyone glanced at each other and observed Kim Gwan-hyuk’s sparkling eyes. Isn’t this a situation that would make you go crazy and jump up and down?

All I did was come home drunk and fall asleep. When I opened my eyes in the morning, something like this suddenly happened.

“good. See you tomorrow after the election. Until today, it is assumed that there are no traitors. Don’t give up until the end. Do you understand?”


The people dispersed and Kim Kwan-hyuk, who was left alone, let out a long sigh.

I stayed up all night thinking about it. I don’t have any regrets and am worried about what to do.

If there had been just one word, this wouldn’t have happened.

I’m not just one of those pampers.

I also wanted to see him get angry after saying this.

But isn’t the future bright yet? It was a great burden to enter Yeouido with the stigma of being a traitor.

Kim Gwan-hyuk decided to imitate a loyalist until the end.


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