The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 99

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[099]Inescapable Fate 3

“They say he will be visiting Gunsan at dawn the day after tomorrow.”

“Gunsan? Are you sure?”

“yes. He said he was leaving quietly without telling his secretary… .”

“Are you going alone?”

“I don’t know about that.”

Chairman Jin’s driver stood with his hands folded in a polite posture.

“When did you tell me you were going to Gunsan?”

“You said this when you were visiting Yeouido.”

“If it’s Yeouido, what about Oh Se-hyeon?”

“yes. “It was time to meet Oh Se-hyeon.”

“By any chance, Dojun was there too?”

“That’s fine… . “I waited outside.”

“okay. “Go out.”

The driver picked up the thrown envelope and quietly walked away.

After the driver left, I wandered around for a while and finally picked up the phone.

The person quietly informed the two people of this and hung up the phone.

The two people contacted were surprised to hear the name Jin Do-jun and did not forget to thank the person who gave them this information.

* * *

The beginning of exit polls in Korea was the first national simultaneous local election in 1995. MBC and Gallup Korea announced the results of the predictions around 6:15 p.m. based on a telephone poll, and all 15 metropolitan government leaders were elected correctly.

Uniquely, pre-exit surveys are famous for being relatively accurate in predicting the results of presidential and local elections, but being wrong when it comes to general elections for the National Assembly.

Election day, June 4th, was quiet in contrast to the noisy election campaign the day before.

The person who is most upset today is probably Jin Seo-yoon.

To help my husband get elected mayor, I did all sorts of things that I would never dream of doing under normal circumstances.

After doing difficult work every day, I relieved my stress with my husband, but when election day came, I was filled with regret for not having done something more difficult.

When I heard that Go Gyeong-yeol’s wife shaved the backs of women at a local bathhouse, I snorted in astonishment, but now I felt like I could shave my entire body.

In the afternoon, I braced myself while waiting for the exit polls at the election office.

As if the husband had no doubt that he would win, he was patting the shoulders of campaign workers and party officials and praising them for their hard work.

Jin Seo-yoon frowned as she did not like this sight. She expects her to be patient until the results come out, but her husband is always the last one to relax. Expectations are high and giving up is quick. He sighed as they had to face big things together in the future.

Because it was a place where so many people were together, I couldn’t nag and just smiled gently, so I was so angry that I was so upset.

“Candidate. “It starts now.”

Everyone started staring at the TV as the campaign worker shouted.


A countdown began on the screen, and at the end of the number 0, a person’s name appeared.

『No. 2 Choi Chang-je 42.1%』

At that moment, a shout of ‘Wow’ echoed through the office.

Jin Seo-yoon put strength into her clasped hands and closed her eyes.

I finally got over the first hill.

* * *

“congratulations. Uncle.”

– Dojun. I will never forget your credit. Let’s continue to work together well in the future.

“Is your uncle going to take good care of you? Well, I am satisfied that the mayor of Seoul is my uncle. haha.”

Still, he is a person who does not forget grace. Less than 30 minutes after the exit poll results were shown on TV, I received a phone call thanking me. This isn’t shameless.

Of course, there may have been an aspect of securing strong funds for the next election.

The uncle did not forget to express his gratitude to Oh Se-hyeon. Since there is even a contract that provides campaign funds, it is natural that there will be controversy.

Although she heard the mayor-elect of Seoul’s official speech, Oh Se-hyun’s expression did not relax.

“Damn, I’m not happy even though I won.”

Oh Se-hyeon nervously turned off the TV.

“What are you going to do? Will you do as your grandfather tells you? Or do you want to give it a try?”

“I’ll try flirting with you one more time. I’m fawning and flattering… . “If that doesn’t work, I’ll attack you.”

“I hinted at it to construction company executives, and they responded.”

“Those people are my grandfather’s family, huh?”

Oh Se-hyeon let out a long sigh and bit his lower lip.

“I think we got hit. I reached out to Chairman Jin because I trusted him, but it turned out that he was going to hand over the entire DaeAh Construction. “It’s a mistake.”

“It was the best choice at the time. “If it weren’t for the Sunyang Construction people, it would have been impossible to take control to this level.”

Thanks to those people, I was able to recover my hidden slush funds and get out of unnecessary business. The profitable business departments were left behind, and the departments that only ate up costs were completely cut out.

They were indispensable people in the initial setting.

“uncle. Let’s not regret the past even though we can relive it. In the worst case, they can hand over all DMC projects and attach Daeah Construction to Sunyang. I think what you lose is the tuition fee. “This is how you learn.”

“It’s okay with me if you learned something. But this is all about being stabbed in the back.”

“I learned something. Don’t trust anyone. “Hehe.”

Even though I said this, I still believe in my grandfather. No matter how big of a business DMC is, he is not so greedy that he would take the entire business out of his grandson’s hands without even plucking it out.

Maybe he wants to give it back to me after he succeeds in this business. If you think positively.

“I don’t think the election results will be any different from the exit polls… . I’m going to go see my grandfather. “If anything special happens, I will contact you right away.”

I stood up with a heavy heart.

I think I will be the first grandson to present the meal he worked so hard to prepare to his grandfather.

* * *

“Did you talk to your uncle?”

“yes. “They contacted me right away after the results of the investigation came out.”


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“Right away? “How soon?”

“About 30 minutes?”

Grandfather chuckled.

“When the results came out, your uncle contacted me within a minute. He thanked me and said it was all thanks to me. I haven’t done anything. haha.”

Since I hadn’t done anything, I quickly said thank you. If you had decided to do it, it would have been a piece of cake to get your uncle away.

Drowning someone can be done with the help of just one person, but just as it takes many people to rescue someone, it is right to be grateful if the person tackling you while running falls in.

This is especially true if the person tackling you is someone with tremendous strength.



“Are you already scared enough? “Even if you don’t say it, I know that my uncle follows my grandfather’s wishes.”

“You’re quick to notice. “Then will you do as I say?”

“Before I tell you what I think, let me ask you one question.”

“Okay, say it.”

“Do you really want the Mapo Project? Or do you have another meaning?”

I had no choice, so the only thing I could do was ask honestly.

“Something else? “What else does it mean?”

“I don’t know about that.”

“Look at that. I think about it so complicatedly that I can’t come up with an answer. There is no other meaning. Because of the IMF, our Sunyangdo money seed has dried up. “You have to do whatever comes your way.”

“Is that why you took away your beloved grandson’s rice bowl?”



The grandfather rested his chin and began to look at me with an amused expression.

“You lend a billion dollars… No, I didn’t borrow it. Didn’t you take advantage of the car company by converting it to Korean Won? “Even if the exchange rate was a little more convenient, wouldn’t that be outrageous extortion?”

I was so dumbfounded that I couldn’t speak. Are you really trying to pay me back without forgetting what happened?


“Hey. “My ears are going to fall off.”

“Are you serious?”

“then? Don’t be sincere. In cars, in the group’s controlling stake… The damage was severe. “I need to make up for it this time.”

I couldn’t think of anything to retort.

Using the power of the dollar, I won a lot of things. Of course, it was possible because of my grandfather’s great concessions and consideration.

This time it’s grandpa’s turn.

My grandfather’s influence, and the weaknesses of Oh Se-hyun and I, who are mere amateurs in the construction industry. Isn’t it natural to try to make a lot of money using something like this?

“Don’t be too upset. “Even if Sunyang Construction becomes the owner of the project, I will take full care of you.”

“How much do you mean by puduk?”

“Hmm, let’s see… . “So that Daea Construction can repay some of its debt and settle overdue salaries.”


“I will have Daea take charge of at least 30% of the total construction.”

The overall scale has already been outlined. Although 30% is not a lot of money, it can be said to be a lot of money.

Considering that the appropriate figures came out of the grandfather’s mouth at once, it is clear that executives at Dae-Ah Construction report to the grandfather on a regular basis.

I felt betrayed, but I had no intention of kicking them out. Because they are the people I need when I take over Sunyang Construction.

“You’re not going to give me any more, are you?”

“Stop being greedy. “Don’t you know that 30% is enough?”

If I step back from here, the media empire my father was building will go to waste. Since the purpose is not to make money, you cannot receive an offer even if 30% is enough.

I didn’t hesitate any longer as I looked at my grandfather, who seemed to be looking down at me.

“grandfather. I’m really sorry… .”

“You’d better think twice before you say that.”

The grandfather raised his hand to interrupt me and gave a stern warning. But it was too late for him to back down.

“I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday, but it hasn’t changed. It is difficult to give up on this matter. Even if my decision means going against my grandfather, I’ll give it a try. sorry.”

“Are you serious? Are you confident you won’t regret it?”

I feel sparks flying from my grandfather’s eyes as he glares at me. It felt like all the blood was draining from her body, but she held her heart together.

“I won’t regret it even if I don’t get a single penny from DMC. And I won’t blame my grandfather. “Anyway, it’s all thanks to my grandfather that I came this far.”

“Are you sincere when you say that?”

“yes. but… If everything is taken away, please understand that I don’t have to contact my grandfather for a few days. I feel like I’m going to be a little upset. “Hehe.”

I wanted to show a relaxed appearance, even if I had to force it.

Wouldn’t it be more manly to save Gao?

“Well, it looks a little shabby for a threat. Are you saying you won’t even call to say hello? haha.”

“yes. But I’ll try not to let it last longer than a week.”

My grandfather’s laughter eased my tension.

I got up from my seat. This is because we need to move diligently from now on. First of all, you have to cut off your aunt and uncle. I don’t know if it will work out well.



“Come back early tomorrow morning. “Let’s go get some air before you fight me.”

What is this?

My grandfather burst into laughter as he saw me blinking at the door without knowing why.

* * *

Vice Chairman Jinyoung-ki rubbed his forehead, staring intently at a diagram that reminded him of a complicated drawing.

“Am I currently the majority staker?”

“Yes, except for the Chairman.”

“What if we secure friendly shares? “Can I face my father?”

“It is difficult. “If we cannot inherit the chairman’s shares, it is impossible to secure management rights.”

The way he shakes his head tells me that it’s completely impossible.

Vice Chairman Jinyoung-ki very carefully opened his mouth to the two lawyers standing nearby and reporting.

“What if, what if. “What will happen to the shareholding structure when my father passes away?”

The faces of the two lawyers turned white at the completely unexpected question.


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