The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 46

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[046]Hunting begins 2.

Chairman Jin held a document in his hand and waved it.

“Is this an accurate number? 2.37 trillion?”

The Handa Steel acquisition team gathered in the headquarters conference room looked into each other’s eyes for a brief moment and then nodded.

“I’m sure.”

When Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki answered on behalf of the representative, Chairman Jin checked the numbers once again and then opened his mouth.

“If the value of Hando Steel is this much, Daehyun Group will definitely bid at this amount. And since Daehyun already has accumulated know-how in steel, it is obvious that they will get a better score than us. So how much should we write down?”

No one can open their mouth without permission. The bidding amount is proportional to the chairman’s will to eat Hanhande Steel. I know that my will is strong, but I can’t put it into numbers.

It is clear that it is difficult for even the Chairman himself to calculate it, so how should he answer?

However, there are some people who cannot avoid answering because of Chairman Jin’s gaze.

“Manager Jin Young-jun. what do you think about it?”

“It’s 1.8 trillion.”

When the answer came without the slightest hesitation, Chairman Jin also seemed a little surprised.


“This is the maximum that our company can currently offer.”

“Then it looks like Daehyun is going to win?”

“It is impossible to acquire it by borrowing money. Handa Steel’s value and our financial capacity are accurate. “It shouldn’t turn into a fight over money.”

“It’s an open bidding, so what are we fighting about other than money?”

“I hope that Sunyang will be the company that will generate the most synergy effect when it acquires Hando Steel. “Daehyeon already has a steel supply, so the effect is minimal.”

He says something quite plausible. And words must be held accountable.

“Then, make a report on the synergy effect that Director Jin mentioned when we took over. So good that the judges were impressed. “Give me a week.”


It’s an unsure answer, but it’s not a bad answer. Now that I’m over 30, I feel like I’m doing my part.

The chairman turned his head towards the other person.

“also? 1.8 trillion is all? “Do you have any other opinions?”

“2.5 trillion.”

Hong Song-cheol, the president of construction, casually threw it out. As everyone’s eyes turned to him, Chairman Jin also showed his curiosity.

“What is the basis?”

“In the eyes of creditors, there is no difference between Daehyun and Sunyang. The government, no matter who it is in, agrees. “I think it is inevitable that a higher amount will have to be used to avoid any noise regarding fairness.”

Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki and Jin Young-jun’s faces turned red.

President Hong simply dismissed the content that had been painstakingly prepared as ‘ineffective’.

“Where do you get the insufficient money?”

“There is an apartment site secured by Sunyang Construction. “First of all, a loan of 700 billion won is possible using the land as collateral.”

Half of the dangerous bridge has been crossed. Because it is possible to prepare money.

“Then with what money will the 700 billion loan be repaid? “It’s not possible to build apartments on land that is covered with loans and sell them.”

“That will be neatly sorted out in construction. “Don’t worry, Chairman.”

The corners of Chairman Jin’s mouth rose slightly.

It was the most desirable answer.

Solve the immediate problem and skip the process. Even if something illegal or illegal happens, the chairman takes responsibility alone and no sparks fly.

There is no need for the chairman to lie and say that he knows nothing about this. Because it’s true.

It is also trustworthy.

“I think President Hong stole a lot of money without my knowledge. 700 billion isn’t even the name of anyone’s dog, but it’s amazing to see him say it with such confidence. haha.”

Except for the two people, the conference room burst into laughter.

Jinyoung-gi and his wife couldn’t help but laugh.

President Hong Song-cheol once again confirmed that he has no intention of siding with his vice-chairman.

* * *

“As expected, Daehyun thinks 2.3 trillion won.”

“It’s like Daehyun. He’s a person who doesn’t do tricks. Chairman Joo… … .”

Chairman Jin and Hakjae Lee are gathered in the study and reviewing the letter of intent for acquisition.

“But Mr. Chairman, do you really plan to invest 2.5 trillion won?”

“why? “Are you unwilling?”

“The group’s financial management will be creaky for a while.”

“Don’t be too scared. “Because everyone has their own thoughts.”

Lee Hak-jae’s expression did not brighten, perhaps because Chairman Jin’s relaxed attitude was somber.

“Now, what do you think, Dojun? “Is there really no other way than money?”

I can’t satisfy the expectations in my grandfather’s eyes when he looks at me. Who knows what’s dark inside?

“Can you give me a hint? “I just don’t know.”

When I took over what Director Lee Hak-jae wanted to say, the grandfather looked at the two of us in turn and smiled.

“Even if you sell a tree, people want to sell it to someone who will grow it well, but they do not want to sell it to someone who will cut it down with an ax and sell it for firewood.”

Lee Hak-jae and I also widened our eyes.

“President. Do you think Daehyun will resell Handa Steel?”

“What does it matter what Chairman Daehyun Joo thinks? Only people who grow and sell trees should think that way. is not it?”


Only then did Hakjae Lee learn of Chairman Jin’s plan. This was the reason for arranging a meal with the judges.

“Dojun. “Is this enough of a hint?”

“yes. If Daehyun takes over, it will build and sell apartments on land owned by Handa Steel and sell the steel mill equipment to foreign countries. Handa Steel disappears without a trace. However, Woori Sunyang, which is entering the steel industry for the first time, is doing its best to normalize Handa Steel. Isn’t this it?”

“yes. “You gave me too many hints.”

Will this method actually work?


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Daehyun also had powerful connections. Even if their goal is to resell, there will be plenty of people who will support them.

“Then how much money do you think the acquisition will cost?”

“me? 1 trillion won plus 1 billion dollars. I want to spend more, but I don’t have the money. haha.”

“Shoes, Chairman. The difference is too big. 500 billion… !”

Lee Hak-jae became contemplative, but the grandfather did not lose his composure.

“Sprinkle the rice cake well. “I do the fishing.”

The best tool to spread the rice cake widely is the media. Newspapers and broadcasts put pressure on the judges by talking about how the steel industry, which is the rice of industry, must be saved.

but… … .

Oh my, our poor old man. A difference of 500 billion is a bit dangerous… .

When my grandfather saw my frozen face, he smiled slightly.

“Dojun. Open your eyes and watch carefully what happens to this money. “Take a good look at how I use the civil servants I have raised over the past decades.”

You can’t just watch. Sunyang Group must win. So, I have to open up the piggy bank I have been saving up for. It is better to go out of your way and go into debt.

When cash flow is at its lowest, the dollars I have will shine even brighter if we are hit by a tsunami called a foreign exchange crisis.

“Dojun, please go now. “There’s an entrance ceremony tomorrow, right?”

“Ah yes.”

“I put a call to the president and the dean. Sometimes, go to school and buy a glass of soju for each person you think might be interested. “Make sure to help you through every difficult time.”

“yes. grandfather.”

“By the way, there’s a guy waiting outside to run your errands. “I chose him because he’s a smart guy, so he’ll be useful.”

already? I was a little surprised, but I had to accept it naturally. In the future, we will need many people who can move like limbs.

“Thank you. grandfather.”

As I left the study, a young man bowed his head and politely handed me a business card.

“This is Kim Yun-seok, assistant manager of the Group Strategy Office. i look forward to.”

“yes. hello. “What year is it?”

“yes? Ah, it’s the fourth year.”

If you lasted 4 years, you lasted a long time. You either have to be patient or you live without thinking… . It is more likely that it is the former, since my grandfather must have taken great care in choosing it.

“Are you going home?”

Assistant Manager Kim ran to the mid-size car standing at the entrance and opened the back door.

I hesitated for a moment, but just got into the back seat.

We still don’t know who Kim Yun-seok is. It’s time for him to act naturally. Not yet.

“Assistant Manager Kim.”


When the car entered the city, I spoke first.

“Who assigned the assistant manager? “Are you the vice president?”

“no. “This is Director Hakjae Lee.”

This manager… … .

“To whom do I submit the report? Strategy team leader? or not… … .”

He glances at me through the rear-view mirror, as if somewhat surprised by my question.

“Aren’t you going to report my every move? “We all know this, so why are you so surprised?”

“S-sorry. Because this is my first time asking such a question… .”

“Who was in charge before?”

“I was in charge of the guesthouse. “This is my first time hosting a member of the Chairman’s family.”

Assistant Manager Kim, who was watching me through the rear-view mirror, cautiously opened his mouth.

“Director Lee told me to report directly. “Is there anything I should be careful about?”

He is a quick sleeper. I’m going to report everything anyway, but that one question catches me off guard.

“no. Please report the truth. “I am Assistant Manager Kim’s job, but Manager Lee is my superior, so I have to follow what my superior says.”

He glanced at my face again, as if my answer was unexpected. If you look at the author’s choices, you will know what kind of man he is.

When I got home, he gave me my cell phone number.

“We will use public transportation to go to school, so there is no need to come every day. “I’ll contact you if anything happens.”

I pretended not to see the embarrassed Assistant Manager Kim and came into the house. He still needs to keep his distance.


“uncle. Should we also jump into the takeover of Handa Steel?”

“Arthur. “This is not the water we play in.”

Oh Se-hyeon didn’t even look at it, as if it wasn’t worth mentioning.

“Don’t cut too sharply. “I’m not finished talking yet.”

“Are you going to take over it and run it? Nope. I have to tear it up and sell it anyway, but I don’t have time. Bidding will begin soon, but it will take a year just to find a place to resell it. Of course, I can’t guarantee that it will be resold.”

“Everything uncle said is correct. What I mean is, let’s heat up the takeover battle a little.”

Only then did he meet my eyes and take off his glasses.

“What are you planning again? “Isn’t Sunyang and Daehyun already competing?”

“I want to help my grandfather. “I hope Sunyang eats Hanhandejeol.”

Oh Se-hyun let out a short breath and shrugged his shoulders.

“Since the shareholders want it, the salaried CEO has no choice but to follow. “What do you want to do?”

“First, we need to submit a letter of intent to acquire and let people know what corporate hunters are. “So that they think that dismantling a company and selling it to a foreign country is an act of treason.”

“Is that helpful to the cruise group?”

“yes. “It’s my grandfather’s strategy.”

“What is the acquisition amount?”

“2.5 trillion.”

“Do you think that will be the highest price?”

I’m not surprised because I know they have no intention of taking over anyway.

“Just in case, I’ll set a condition that the entire debt will be forgiven. That way, we won’t suddenly become the acquirer. If it goes wrong, all your money will be lost here. “Hehe.”

* * *

『Miracle Investment, an American investment capital, entered into the acquisition of Handa Steel. He is showing strong confidence by revealing the acquisition amount as 2.5 trillion won. Let’s listen to what Miracle Investment CEO Oh Se-hyeon has to say.』

“… Many companies appear and disappear. Handa Steel is just one of them. There is no obligation to keep it forever. “We have identified the exact value of Handa Steel and are confident in the acquisition.”

“If you are selected as the buyer, what do you plan to do with Handa Steel?”

“We are investors, not managers. “The steel plant will be handed over to a company of its choice, and the land owned by the company will be sold back to a construction company.”

“It sounds like you mean speculative capital?”

“I find it uncomfortable to say the word speculation. The important thing is that the bank, which is the creditor of Han Do Steel, must select the bidder with the highest price. We need to reduce non-performing loans. “Isn’t this a stage where banks can become dangerous too?”

Chairman Jin, who was watching TV, threw the remote control and shouted.

“Catch that bastard right now. “How dare you throw a spoon at the meal I prepared for you!”

Director Lee Hak-jae hurriedly rushed to Yeouido.


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