The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 45

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Jinyoungjun looked at my face, which was red from alcohol, and whispered quietly.

“Among our brothers, you are the only one who can act as a human being. The other guys just sing. “Even if you get older and more mature, I don’t think you have the ability to run the company.”

It was so absurd that I couldn’t even laugh. The way the cousins ​​look now is no different from when Jinyoung-jun Jin was in his 20s. Even in Jinyoung-Jun’s current appearance, there is no sign of Ssaksu.

As soon as he returned to Korea, he hung out with celebrities, and if you think about what the advertising model said a little while ago, doesn’t that mean that he invited them to hang out with him when he was living abroad?

“Honestly, I don’t care whether you pass the bar exam or become a prosecutor. Let’s do it together with that good head next to me. “You will become number 2 of Sunyang Group.”

Is it because they are wary of me? Or is he really trying to find a trustworthy right-hand man?

“Oh my god, does this handsome oppa even have good hair? “Then you are my lover from today.”

A pretty-looking girl clings to me and doesn’t let go. The conversation ended because of this girl.

“You’re quick-witted. Good luck. If my little brother likes you, you’ve really found a proper sponsor. That kid, a senior in high school, is worth tens of billions of dollars. haha.”

The woman’s eyes lit up when she heard the words tens of billions of won, and Jinyoungjun tapped me on the shoulder and went up to the second floor. With two women wrapped around their waists… .

“The world is so unfair. He is a third generation chaebol and has a good mind. He has a handsome face and is tall. “This is, well, the perfect ideal type.”

“You were born pretty too. “That’s why I’m here.”

She said, unwrapping her hand from around my waist.

“Let me ask you one question. “How do you know my brother?”

“Are you more curious about that than who I am?”

“He must be a celebrity. Or a wannabe. “Just answer the questions quickly.”

“This floor is narrow. If you know one popular kid, from then on you’ll be introduced, right? We took a number, met, and were introduced again. After a while, your phone will be filled with the names of female celebrities. “But I need money to support it.”

Judging by the fact that he just threw it away casually, it seemed like Jin Young-jun didn’t need Chae Hong-sa. Is it because you are still young?

“And I’m not a wannabe. Debut soon. “An album is also being prepared.”


“huh. You know HOT, right? “The kids who debuted this summer.”

“okay. know.”

“That’s the concept. Instead, the members are cute girls like me.”

Is it a girl group? If so, then… ?

“how old are you?”


oh my god! Isn’t it Gopiri?

“Wake. Don’t follow me around like this… . Cherish yourself.”

“… … ?”

When I saw the girl staring at me with her round eyes, I thought, “Oh my gosh.”

What kind of nonsense is this?

I got up from the table to hide the embarrassment I felt because of the unnecessary noise.

“It looks like there are a lot of empty rooms, so sleep well and rest. “Be sure to lock the door.”

Before she could say anything, she came out.

thank god. If that child had been an adult, he would not have been able to let go of his regrets so easily.

As I breathed in the chilly winter air, my mind became clearer.

I feel sad when I see the man dozing off in the driver’s seat with the engine running.

Maybe you have a family. What kind of hardship is this, leaving behind a warm home? It’s so hard to make a living.

As I opened the passenger seat door and sat down, the man jumped up.

“S-sorry. “I dozed off.”

“it’s okay. “I’m sorry for making you wait so long.”

“Oh no, no. “By the way, please sit comfortably in the back seat.”

“I am neither the boss nor the superior, but the backseat is uncomfortable. “Just go.”

The car started and there was silence for a while. The man driving opened his mouth cautiously, as if he was uncomfortable.

“Would you like to at least listen to the radio? young master.”

“it’s okay. Rather than that, you mean a master? “It’s chicken meat.”

When I spoke politely, the man glanced at my face as if he was surprised.

“Do you work in the group strategy office?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“I often talk to my grandfather, who is the chairman. So, you know very well that the planning office is divided into two parts. This part is made up of talented people from prestigious universities who devise real group strategies. and… .”

From the corner of my eye, I saw that his hands holding the steering wheel were shaking a little.

“A part made up of people who graduated from college, like my older brother, who runs errands for the immature kids in our house and cleans up their poop. “Your brother probably belongs to the latter group.”

Blood spurted out on the back of his hand as he held the steering wheel. Even my tightly closed lips trembled.

Shame, humiliation. I know that feeling well.

“You are much more fortunate than those who graduated from top universities and come up with strategies.”

“I-I…” ?”

“Think about your age, Chairman. I will soon be 80. How long will you live? When the Chairman passes away, there will be three of my uncles and four of my aunts. Your eyes will turn red trying to rip off the Sunyang Group. “The vice president will dance with his sword to monopolize it.”

Emotions such as shame and contempt disappeared from his face, and he was filled with only shock.

“At that time, you could sell the secrets of this family that you know for a very high price. “The guys who come out of top universities and come up with strategies in the office get a lot of money in one go that they could never earn in their entire lives.”

“you… . What are you? “What are you talking about?”

“The title ‘Buppet’ makes me cringe… Speaking informally makes me angry. Let’s be careful.”

My eyes met his and mine. Do you understand?

“I’m tired, so I’ll get some sleep. Please wake me up when you get home. older brother!”

He just increased the speed of the car without saying anything.

* * *


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On January 22, 1997, four bank presidents from Korea Development Bank, Korea Exchange, and Chohung Bank, as well as Jeil Bank, the main bank of Handa Group, spent one full day persuading Chairman Chung of Handa Group.

“President. If this continues, everyone will die. “The government is concerned about a dispute over preferential treatment ahead of the presidential election.”

“You haven’t already been able to block bills worth 15 billion won since the 18th, right? In fact, it is in bankruptcy! “Don’t you know the reality yet?”

“Think of the 850 subcontractors and partners. “More than 100,000 heads of households are left on the streets.”

“Chairman, just give up your family’s management rights. Then the Blue House will also allow it. Because there is a justification for supporting the limit. The government also wants to prevent bankruptcies. “If you give up management rights, we will not only provide emergency financial support but also manage funds jointly with the bank.”

Chairman Chung ignored the earnest feelings of the bank presidents and passed it off as if it were a story about someone else’s house.

“Korea First Bank has 1.12 trillion won, Korea Development Bank has 890 billion won, Chohung Bank has 500 billion won, and Korea Exchange Bank has 450 billion won. This is the money I borrowed. Is that right?”

Even though Chairman Choi was the party to bankruptcy, he looked more relaxed than the bank presidents.

Too Big to Fail, because we know exactly the rules of too big to fail.

If Handa Group collapses, it will be difficult for banks to handle trillions of won in non-performing loans. Although it is possible to receive another boost of trillions of won, it is difficult to recover the trillions of won that have been lost.

Chairman Choi never thought for a second that the bank would choose mutual destruction.

However, Chairman Choi did not realize the seriousness of the situation.

The next day, on the 23rd, Handa Steel, which was building a steel mill in Dangjin on the west coast, collapsed. The decision of politicians and banks killed Chairman Choi.

Accordingly, Han Do Group, which ranks 9th in terms of credit management and 14th in terms of assets, and has 22 domestic affiliates, is in a position to be disintegrated.

Main banks were also shaken, and about 70 other financial institutions were also at risk.

Now the wild beasts targeting their mortally wounded prey have begun a battle of wits. When the heads of conglomerates who gathered under the pretext of an emergency meeting of the Federation of Korean Industries due to the Han Do situation found out that Sunyang and Dae Hyun, who are competing for first and second place in the business world, coveted Han Do, they quickly covered up their cards and left the poker game.

“I recently bought an abandoned school to create a training center for factory workers. But what a windfall. The trees that grew along the walls of the closed school were very expensive. “It was more than double the purchase price of the closed school.”

Daehyun Group Chairman Joo Young-il said while fiddling with a cigarette.

The bankrupt Hando Steel and the soon-to-be-bankrupt Hando Construction are no different from the closing of a school. If you write off your bonds and purchase them at a low price, expensive trees will follow.

A valuable piece of land owned by two companies. This land is the tree.

“Oh, by the way, why are you smoking a cigarette so much that it bothers me? “Blood!”

“I have to endure a cigarette like this before I can successfully quit smoking. Chairman Jin, it hasn’t been long since you quit smoking, right? Be patient. “Smoking cessation is successful when you do not want to smoke even when there is a cigarette in front of you.”

Chairman Joo waved a cigarette in front of Chairman Jin. This means staying out of the Handa Steel takeover battle.

Chairman Jin chuckled, snatched up the cigarette, and put it in his mouth.

“Is there no fire?”

When Chairman Jin held out his hand, Chairman Joo’s face froze.

“You have to carry a fire with you to make the temptation stronger. “Who can’t resist a half-hearted temptation?”

Chairman Jin extended his hand to Director Hakjae Lee, who was waiting next to him, and he politely handed him a lighter.

Without the slightest hesitation, Chairman Jin lit a cigarette and took a long drag.

I felt dizzy from the cigarette smoke I had inhaled for the first time in a long time, so I put my head on the chair and closed my eyes for a while.

“Chairman Joo. Do you think I quit smoking because it hurts my body? As I got older, the smell of an old person became stronger, so I quit smoking. health? If you wanted to take care of something like that, you should have become an athlete and not started a business.”

Chairman Joo’s eyebrows twitched.

This is Chairman Jin’s declaration that he will not give up on Handa Steel. It even shows the determination not to give up on the acquisition even if it causes damage to the Sunyang Group.

“I guess you’ve finished calculating? You have to give 1 trillion won and 1 billion dollars to see the steel mill blast furnace. Hando Construction, which will follow, also needs to give 1 trillion won. “If Sunyang catches up with our Daehyeon race, it’s like the bank is only enriching itself?”

“If your hands shake, you’ll fall out.”

As Chairman Jin chuckled, Chairman Joo bit his lower lip.

“It’s been a while since I did something nice, huh?” “If the banks are strong, the country’s economy is good, right?”

No one can match the ability to scratch people’s hearts. Not long ago, I was upset about my grandson’s college entrance exam score, and now I’m upset about money.

Chairman Joo Young-il slipped the cigarette out from between Chairman Jin’s fingers and took a drag. This action shows his willingness to take losses.

The gazes of the two sparkling people intertwined in the air.

Pride was added to the goal of acquiring a company that would benefit the group at a low price.

There is nothing more damaging to a wealthy person’s pride than being pushed out of money and giving up business.

Chairman Joo felt like he had a handful of sand in his mouth.

The acquisition amount, which was thought to be 1 trillion won, may double. Maybe more… … .

* * *

“President. It was a bit harsh. President Joo, you will be well prepared, right?”

“Did it look like that?”

“yes. “Looking at these clenched teeth, I think I’ll spend more than 2 trillion won.”

“Uh-huh. If that’s his personality, he can do that.”

Chairman Jin even burst out laughing, seemingly not paying attention to Lee Hak-jae’s concerns.

“This is not the time to laugh. The government urges creditors to reduce the impact of default. Bidding for Handa Steel will begin immediately. We have set aside 1 trillion won and 1 billion dollars… “That’s it.”

“What about Daehyun?”

“Last year, a lot of oil money came in. Since the non-price factors are similar anyway, the one who pays the higher price wins. “We will be pushed out in terms of financial power.”

Chairman Jin rolled down the window of the moving car. The freezing cold wind rushed into the car.

“Is there a game with only one rule? There are many rules of the game. “Fouls and misjudgments are part of the game.”

“Is there any other way?”

“Once the bond review team is formed, a position will be created. “These people are going through a hard time, so I need to buy them a meal.”

Daehyun can also hand over envelopes of money to creditors.

Hakjae Lee had no idea what Chairman Jin was thinking.


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