The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 47

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[047]Making use of your special skills

“you… ! “You probably didn’t just stab him, so why did you include the letter of intent to take over?”

Hakjae Lee shouts as soon as he opens the office door and enters.

Oh Se-hyeon bursts into laughter as she looks at this and packs her bag.

The way we looked at each other was like hot and cold water.

“Well, now the person who has eaten enough to be at Yonsei’s age…” “Keep your temper down.”

“Don’t change your mind!”

“If you’re doing this after watching my broadcast, watch the interview again and get angry. “I came up with this after seeing my grandson trying to be helpful to his grandfather.”


“Go back and try bouncing the abacus again. It was a benefit. Oh, of course you’ll have to spend more money. But it will be much more advantageous when persuading the judges.”

All Lee Hak-jae could do was look at Oh Se-hyeon with a blank face.

“I’m busy so… . “I have a creditors’ meeting.”

Lee Hak-jae came to his senses after watching him leave the office and took out his phone.

“Come see Miracle Oh Se-hyun on air. “I’ll have to look at it again when I return to the chairman’s house.”

Hakjae Lee sat in the back seat of the car, feeling the weight of the heavy laptop on his knees, and repeated the interview video several times.

It didn’t take long to figure out what was helpful.

If Chairman Jin and Oh Se-hyun are separated, they are competitors who suddenly intervened, but if Oh Se-hyun, who understood Chairman Jin’s intentions, intervened, he plays a solid role in amplifying public opinion.

Lee Hak-jae closed his laptop and burst into laughter as if he were dumbfounded.

“Hehe, this is true. “All of a sudden, we became a three-year-old without a reason.”

As if he sensed that his laughter was a smile that had found a solution, the driver increased the speed of the car and drove toward Chairman Jin’s house.

After clearing his throat and entering the study, Chairman Jin was deep in thought.


“Hakjae. I don’t think this is something to just get angry about. It seems like it could be a good kindling… … .”

“yes. Representative Oh’s intention was also to become firewood.”

“what? “Did he say it himself?”

“That’s right. “It is said to be a collaboration between two people, created by Dojun to help the chairman.”

Chairman Jin’s mouth dropped open when his grandson’s name was mentioned, but he ended up bursting out laughing.

“Uh-huh. Oh my… . Everyone is busy stealing my money with red eyes, but grandson is even mobilizing an American investment company to help me? “Is there such a wonderful person?”

Hakjae Lee waited for Chairman Jin to stop laughing.

You have to cook rice while the firewood is burning brightly. If you miss the time, only ashes remain. There is a lot to do.

“I plan to release all articles criticizing Miracle Investment tomorrow. “It should be plastered with provocative words such as corporate hunters who only think about money, the dangers of speculative capital, and national wealth leakage.”


“We plan to send our people to each broadcasting company’s debate program. We invited five or six economics professors and emphasized the same point… .”

“Are you sneaking in the name Daehyun as well?”

“yes. Daehyun Group has already secured enough steel mills, but its intention to acquire them can only be seen as targeting Handa Steel’s land. Isn’t the actual goal being to build apartments and sell them? ? If you just throw this much away, it will naturally be dismissed as a bundle.”

Chairman Jin slapped his knee.

“okay. That’s right! This is perfect timing. I was a bit harsh on Daehyun from the beginning, but Oh Sehyun opened the door and even gave me a chance. Chairman Joo, the back of your head feels tingly. haha.”

“But there is also a problem. “The acquisition price needs to be raised a little.”

Perhaps because of the money, Chairman Jin stopped laughing.

“Why did that guy Oh Se-hyun say such nonsense?”

2.5 trillion won.

The acquisition amount disclosed by Miracle Investment.

This amount will become an absolute value and will hinder Sunyang for a long time.

Moreover, if Daehyun Group spends 2.3 trillion won, it will be difficult to spend less than 2 trillion won.

In order to avoid being caught up in a dispute over preferential treatment, more than 2 trillion won must be spent to justify creditors.

“It couldn’t have been helped. To emphasize that it is overseas speculative capital, it is more effective to show that it is making money. “Would a real bidder ever say something like that?”

“First, let’s take a look at the atmosphere until the final bid. “If you don’t think it’s possible, set it at 2 trillion won.”

“yes. Then, I will call the public relations team and prepare.”

“okay. “Have a good time.”

Chairman Jin, who was left alone, felt like he was flying. I felt like I had become 10 years younger thanks to the joy that my always smart grandson gave me.

* * *

Sammi Group, ranked 26th in the conglomerate rankings, with total group assets of KRW 2.5378 trillion and sales of KRW 1.4925 trillion, was unable to block a bill worth KRW 1.119 billion and was finalized on March 19. It was declared bankrupt.

The eyes and ears of South Korea, which did not know that it had not even begun yet, were focused on the trials of the two former presidents rather than on the economic crisis.

But I wasn’t interested in either right now. All I cared about was the new student welcome party tomorrow.

I went to class a couple of times after the entrance ceremony, but it wasn’t very uncomfortable.

Maybe it was because of the college entrance exam interview, but everyone glanced at me and just gathered around and chatted among themselves, and not a single student spoke to me. Some of my seniors even came to the classroom, looked at me, and then disappeared.

I felt like things would get better if I went to the welcome party and talked to my classmates and seniors. Since no one knows me anyway, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to prepare a small event.

The next day, I arrived at school late in the afternoon, listened to a couple of hours of lecture, and then headed to the student center cafeteria, where the welcome party started at 6 o’clock.

Although the number of law students was close to 400, less than half of them attended.

Every year, half of those who pass the bar exam go to Seoul National University. Since they only focus on passing the bar exam upon entering school, it was rare for them to regularly attend school events.

Did you over prepare for the event?

As I sat down at the table in the corner of the restaurant, the kids around me started glancing at me again. I guess it was surprising that I attended.

There were several bottles of soju, beer, and soft drinks on the table, and a pot and grill were placed on the gas burner. I think I’m going to eat some grilled pork belly.

The ones that made noise were the seniors, and the ones that felt awkward were the freshmen.

If I had only remembered the third generation of a chaebol in my head, would I have come to a place like this and sat awkwardly?

When I wanted to ask myself, someone grabbed the microphone.

“Nice to meet you all. I’m in the class of ’95… … .”

After the third-year department head’s introduction and the professors’ greetings, the freshmen began to introduce themselves.


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He passed the microphone by talking about his high school, his characteristics, and nicknames that could be remembered by his seniors and classmates.

These are good times.

Most of the new students are from rural areas. It is not a world in which the children of wealthy families in Gangnam, Seoul monopolize the prestigious universities, but a somewhat equal world in which children who grow up in a small town and have top grades at a local high school can easily enter a prestigious university. till now.

When it was my turn to stand up and take the microphone, the entire student cafeteria seemed to freeze, the whispering stopped and everyone’s eyes were focused on me.

He bowed his head in greeting and then looked at the department representative and said.

“Seniors. “Can I speak a little longer?”

“huh? ah… “Yeah, yeah.”

“thank you.”

I bowed my head again.

“Many of you may already know me. Jin Do-jun is fortunate to have a rich grandfather. Thanks to you, I was able to reach this position easily.”

Some smiled and some had expressionless expressions. Everyone knows that it is not a place you can enter just because you have a lot of money.

“I want to be friends with my classmates and seniors without hesitation, but it’s not easy. So, I’m thinking of putting my specialty to use.”

Everyone clearly showed their curiosity when they heard that they were making use of their special skills.

“Seniors. “Is giving small gifts to school classmates and seniors a bribe?”

The head of the department was startled by my sudden question, but stuttered to answer.

“Well, that’s not it. “A bribe is whether or not it is worth the price, and in this case, the only reward that a senior or colleague can give is an abstract and intangible reward called friendship.”

“okay. So, if I give an expensive gift to a professor, does it constitute bribery?”

The professors burst out laughing, and one professor shouted:

“It’s unfortunate, but it comes true. Professors hold a weapon called grades. Because grades are not abstract. haha.”

“Fortunately, the.”

The restaurant was filled with laughter. Now, the students’ eyes have changed with anticipation because of the word ‘gift’.

I smiled and took my phone out of my pocket.

Everyone was surprised again.

You would have thought that a third-generation chaebol would have a cell phone, but it was still unfamiliar for college freshmen to carry a cell phone.

I quickly dialed the pager number and waited.

At the entrance of the restaurant, men in suits came in, pushing a cart full of boxes.

“To be honest, my specialty is something I learned from my grandfather. To win favor with a gift. And always prepare gifts that exceed expectations.”

As the men delivered boxes one by one to the students, everyone let out a scream-like exclamation.

“This is a Sunyang laptop that will be released next month. It is a Pentium MMX class and equipped with an Intel chip. The RAM is 128MB and the hard drive capacity is a whopping 6GB. It also has an 8x speed CD-ROM… .”

No one listened to my explanation.

Everyone was busy unboxing their laptops, and even the professors were busy looking around.

I had no choice but to put down the microphone and wait for this exciting time to pass.

# # #

“what? 200 new laptops?”


“Hey. Do you know how much it costs?”

“The selling price is around 3 million won, so it would be around 600 million won.”

“You’re giving that to the kids? Just to gain some favor?”

Grandfather looked at me with surprised eyes, as if he was dumbfounded.

“Buy their favor, make them on my side… We also do great advertising.”

“what? advertisement?”

“The laptop carried by law students at Seoul National University, the best gathering place for talent in Korea. The rumor will spread throughout the school. “It creates the image that it is a laptop that not only office workers can carry, but also college students.”

My grandfather thought carefully about my intentions and tilted his head.

“It’s difficult to make an advertisement with that alone. Anyway, only at school… .”

“We have to follow up.”

“Follow-up hit?”

“Because development was delayed, we missed the timing for the new semester. We offer special discounts for college students and academy events. “I also filmed some commercials with Seoul National University in the background.”

In my grandfather’s mind, he already had an image of an advertisement showing Seoul National University’s iconic main gate.

He did not miss this moment and struck the final blow.

“If it’s a waste, I’ll buy it with my own money. “You know that 600 million is a small amount of money to me.”

“This guy! Are you making me a petty person with this spare money?”

He rolled his eyes once, then changed to a gentle expression again.

“But Dojun. Why are there only 200 units? “Isn’t there about 400 students in the law department in total?”

“I heard that only about half of the new students attend the welcome party. “It should only be given to those in attendance.”

“Why is that?”

“It’s different. Those who attended and those who did not attend. Because it can’t be the same. Those who didn’t attend should be slapped on the forehead and made to regret it. “I will make it clear that only those who follow me can receive rewards.”

Grandfather slapped his knee.

“That’s right! To move a horse, a carrot is more effective than a stick. “Uh-huh.”

* * *

The new student welcome party was more exciting than ever. I also felt like I was holding back on drinking for fear of accidentally losing my laptop.

And Assistant Manager Kim Yun-seok quietly approached me and handed me a memo.

It was a list of those who rejected my gift.

These are worth taking a look at at least once.


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