The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 44

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[044]First, start with warm-up 3.

“The prosecutor general should be raised by the older brother who will become Sunyang’s chairman. “They said I should become a lawyer specializing in corporate mergers and acquisitions?”

“M&A? who?”


Jinyoungjun’s cheeks twitched as he held back laughter.

“really? “Did your grandfather say that?”

“yes. You didn’t go into detail… “When I told him I was going to law school, he said he would rather be a lawyer than a judge or prosecutor.”

“So, what about you? Dojun, do you like being a lawyer too?”

Sparkling eyes, a face full of expectation.

I know what those eyes and that face want.

The most useful cousin among those who share blood. He is a proven head who took the top rank in a nationally recognized test, making even Chairman Jin nod his head.

Moreover, it kills two birds with one stone by turning me, who might otherwise be a competitor, into a limb or a confidant.

You can give this guy the answer he wants right now, but you can’t easily give him what he wants.

“I don’t know yet. Actually, the judge is not very interested… . I think being a prosecutor or a lawyer would be more fun… . Well, I’m going to go to law school and think about it slowly.”

“Yes, life is long. Think slowly. I’m just graduating from high school, so there’s no need to make any hasty decisions. If you don’t want to read the detailed law book, tell this guy. I will create the most comfortable seat in the Sunyang Group. haha.”

You’ve improved a lot, Jinyoungjun.

He even developed the ability to show composure without changing his facial expression. Have you become a bit more mature after enduring the long period of living abroad?

“Do you think that would be best? I’m sick of studying now. “Hehe.”

“okay? good. This brother needs to make our nerdy little brother happy. When I finish today, stay right next to me. “I will teach you step by step what a great place the world is and how enjoyable life can be.”

Jinyoungjun patted my back, narrowed his eyes, and disappeared.

Yes, live happily. Enjoy this wonderful world to the fullest.

Because those good memories of life will be all you will ever have.

I had to force my stiff face to soften. It’s my uncle.

“Hey, you ignorant bastard! How did you get that score? huh?”

“How great would it be if our kids had studied half as well as you did Dojun?”

The aunt looked regretful. Where did my aunt’s three sons study? I don’t even know the name of the country, let alone the name of the university.

“Now my wife’s family has a direct junior. Dojun, if you have any questions while studying, please tell this uncle at any time. I will help you.”

“Direct junior? Did you graduate from Seoul National University? “I didn’t even get to see the main gate of Seoul National University!”

“Did I say college? “I meant the Judicial Research and Training Institute!”

When my aunt stimulated my college complex, my uncle got angry, but it was a remark that didn’t even make sense.

“Okay, that’s great. Dojun. From now on, I will hire my uncle as a tutor. “I’m just having fun right now because the election is away anyway!”

As a spark appeared in my aunt’s eyes as she glared at my uncle, my uncle closed his mouth. Her uncle slipped unscathed in the 15th National Assembly elections held in April.

Forgetting his own inability to keep up with his ambition and greed, he ran for office in the Seoul district. The ruling party assigned strong areas to the opposition party as if they were enemies, and his grandfather was furious.

Even though we did our best in a region that was abandoned by the ruling party and despite the grandfather’s rejection, there was not a single inch of error from the expected result.

My aunt stole money from the department store without my grandfather knowing, but it wasn’t enough.

“Uncle. Are you going to try again in Seoul next time?”

“of course. I can’t end up as a two-term congressman. “After being a member of the National Assembly for three terms, I should join the cabinet.”

Calculating this person’s age when his dream came true, he was well past his 60th birthday. My uncle’s maximum is ministerial.


My uncle’s soft voice suddenly called me. It’s obvious without listening any further.

“Grandpa is in a really good mood because of you right now. There is a by-election soon… .”

“Aha, yes.”


I nodded before I finished speaking, and even my aunt looked surprised.

“You have to wear the badge of a member of the National Assembly again in the by-election. “I would like to ask for election funding support.”

The two people’s mouths were caught in their ears.

“As expected, you’re smart. If you pretend, you’re good. haha.”

Should I try fishing for a bit more now?

“If my grandfather doesn’t provide election funds, I should help him. “My uncle is my direct senior.”

The mouth that was stuck to my ear opened.

“Yes, you? With what money?”

“Don’t you remember? You have money from selling the Bundang ranch in the past. It’s just sitting in the bank without even touching it? “There must have been quite a bit of interest accrued.”

“ah… !“

The time is coming when you will need some help.

Although the National Assembly is considered to have low reliability and is full of garbage, the country’s most important policies are decided there.

My uncle must return to the National Assembly. I need to go back and become a leader who recruits lawmakers who will support me.

“Do, Dojun.”

My uncle was so moved that he opened his arms wide, but he had no intention of being held in that guy’s arms. How dare you bow down in front of the snarky boss… !

* * *

At the end of the year-end meeting, Jin Young-jun and his younger brother Jin Kyung-jun held my hand and quietly left the hotel.

Jin Gyeong-jun is five years older than me. He is currently on leave from school in the United States, and he is easier to find in Koreatown than at school. He will remain in the United States until Chairman Jin passes away and Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki takes over.

“Where are you going?”

“Just follow me. “I also told my uncle that I would have a quick drink with you today.”

Jin Kyung-jun also narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“You still know, right? This guy woke up on the day of his high school entrance ceremony. Is today the day our Dojun becomes an adult? “Hehe.”

Your body may be fine, but your mind is a rag, you bastard.

Contrary to what I thought, I started to feel a little more nervous.

She’s a woman… … .


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My head is a middle-aged man who gets scared just by hearing the sound of water in the shower, but my lower body feels stiff just by looking at a woman’s calf.

This strange imbalance. To be honest, I want to relax my mind and find balance today.

Jin Young-jun drove an imported sedan to Yangpyeong.

It’s a place I’ve never been to. The Yangpyeong villa is owned by Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki and is used only by his family.

Of course, if you look at the register of this villa, it is clear that one of the Sunyang affiliates is the nominal owner.

“Dojun, this is your first time here, right?”


“This is a place where only my friends and male cousins ​​gather occasionally. “My father hardly ever comes.”

“If you want to play alone, play here. “It’s nice because it’s quiet.”

The two brothers seemed to be already excited, their voices were loud and their smiles did not disappear.

A young man standing at the entrance of the villa ran over, opened the car door, and bowed down.

“Are all the kids here?”

“yes. But I… .”


“Miss Jeong Hee-seon can’t come today… . Suddenly they said they were going to start filming at night… .”


Jinyoungjun’s hand went up without the slightest hesitation.

The young man stumbled and this time his feet rose.

“You bastard. You said today was an important day, right? “You should have dragged her by her hair or kidnapped her!”

“Ah-oh! “I wanted to take a look at that handsome girl’s naked body today. She flew in from America. Is she naked?”

Even Gyeongjun Jin frowned and kicked the ground.

Jung Hee-sun is a rising star in weekend dramas that is currently breaking records for highest viewership ratings. She should have been surprised to hear the actress’s name, but she was more angry than surprised because of what was happening right before her eyes.

I even felt like I was seeing my past self on a theater stage.

Rather than the pain of getting hit, I felt shame, shame, and anger at myself for doing something like this.

The man who is being kicked now will even feel the fear of losing his job.

A feeling from the distant past that I thought was completely gone now came alive to me.

“Hey, f*ck! “What are we doing now?”

Jin Young-jun stopped in his tracks as he screamed with his trembling fists clenched.

“Aren’t you here today to congratulate me? Nigimi, you really put me in a good mood. “Should I just go back?”

The brothers looked dumbfounded for a moment at my unexpected appearance, but the older and more experienced Jinyoung-Jun quickly came back.

“Hey, as expected! This guy forgot. Our Dojun also has the same personality, right? hey! Kyungjun. I do not remember? “Kangjun just hit his leg because he touched his toy!”

Jinyoungjun raised his hands and smiled heartily.

“I know you’re in good shape today thanks to Dojun. Go see. “Come tomorrow afternoon and return those kids.”

I spoke as the young man, who struggled to get up, bowed his head and opened the door of his car.

“Hey. Please wait in the car. I can’t stay long. “I have to hang out for a bit and then go, so please give me a ride.”

The man nodded and got into the car.

“why? “Let’s play leisurely until tomorrow afternoon and then let’s go together.”

Jin Kyung-jun put his hand on my shoulder, and Jin Young-jun raised his hand and pointed to the young man.

“That bastard, I think he should take a nap in the car. It’s obvious that once Dojun goes in here, he won’t want to come out. Hahaha.”

That won’t happen. I thank heaven that I followed you here just now. Now that I have a chance to make one of Jinyoung-Jun’s faithful servants mine.

“Oh my, brother! “How long has it been since this?”

Five or six young women rushed towards the two cousins ​​and clung to them. In particular, the two are the main characters who are often seen in TV dramas and music programs and are advertising models who create the image of Sunyang Group products.

“Crazy bitch. Less than a month has passed since I flew to London and rolled around in a room. How long has it been? “It’s only been a month.”

“It’s a foreign country. “It’s been over a year since I last saw you in Korea.”

Is it complaining or is it cuteness? . I don’t know if it was sales, but the competition was fierce to get Jin Young-jun’s arm around each other.

“Today, it’s not about me, it’s about showing off to our youngest. Since you are the future Prosecutor General, you may all be arrested for prostitution. “Hehe.”

“Next year, you will be a law student at Seoul National University. So, I’m still a high school student. If you eat my brother, you are underage prostitution. Oh, you still know? If you let me take off my bachelor label… You never know. She could be the Prosecutor General’s mistress. Hahaha.”

Jin Gyeong-jun must have already had a lot of experience, so massaging the breasts of the girls in his arms felt very natural.

“Come on, let’s have a drink first.”

Drinks and food were already set out on the table. As soon as we sat down at the table lined with soju, whiskey, beer, and wine, Jinyoung-jun Jin handed me a beer glass.

“Let’s start with the weak ones.”

I took the glass he handed me and drank it down in one go.

“Ohh! “Gopi-ri drinks well?”

I held out the glass to Jinyoung-Jun, who looked at me with a bit of surprise. Jin Gyeong-jun must have been more anxious about women than alcohol, so he took the two women up to this floor.

“Brother Youngjun. “Whether I become a prosecutor or a lawyer, what kind of person do you want me to be to you?”

After drinking a few drinks and speaking in a slightly serious tone, Jinyoung-Jun smiled. In his eyes, I will look like a high school senior trying to imitate an adult.

“My grandfather has Lee Hak-jae by his side, and my father also has two guys like Lee Hak-jae. But Dojun, those guys are all strangers. We are brothers. Even though they are cousins, cousins ​​are also brothers.”


“That’s right.”

What do you want to say?

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned while working at the European branch, it’s that no matter how loyal they seem to be, their subordinates never reveal their true feelings. “Everyone thinks differently.”

That bastard blames others for his lack of trust in people.

“Well, I understand. Because there is a deep chasm between those who give money and those who receive money that is difficult to cross. But brothers are different. “It’s not a relationship of giving and receiving, it’s a relationship of sharing.”

The original Jin Do-jun might have believed that. But as Yoon Hyun-woo, I also know that those words are outright lies.

I still haven’t forgotten how I sent my younger brother, Jin Gyeong-jun, to prison because I didn’t want to share.


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