The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 142

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[142]First of all, I ate one and 1

The three men who came to the office looked around the office because they had nowhere else to look.

I ran to him because of the name Miracle, but I still didn’t know why he requested a meeting, so I was curious.

“hello. “This is Jin Do-jun.”

When I handed over the business card, the eyes of one of the three changed.

“Could it be that the Chairman…” ?”

“you’re right. This is Jin Do-jun. haha.”

I don’t know how much they know, but they seem nervous just because they are 3 years old. As the leader’s blood comes looking for them one after another, they even seem to be pondering whether this is an opportunity or a crisis.

“But what did you want to see us for?”

I opened my mouth, looking at their curious eyes.

“I just wanted to tell you that if you want to stand in line, stand next to me.”

Their expressions changed at the explicit words.

“I heard that they are loud-mouthed people. So, I will speak frankly.”

I handed them the documents I had prepared.

“If you meet just one condition I want, the document will take effect immediately. “Let’s review it first.”

As soon as my words fell, they buried their faces in the papers.

Their facial muscles twitched as they carefully examined the documents without missing a single word.

I wanted to cheer and burst into laughter, but I was clearly holding back.

“Do you like it?”

They calmed their expressions and cautiously opened their mouths.

“Miracle is currently the best investment company. The same goes for the US headquarters. However, I have never heard of scouting under such unconventional conditions.”

“Since you said you were speaking honestly, could you tell me why you are making such a surprising proposal? “What is the one condition you want?”

Annual salary of 1 billion won, incentives not included. Guaranteed employment for at least 5 years regardless of performance.

By working for just 5 years, they can earn money that others cannot have even if they work their whole lives. If you only agree to one condition that I don’t know about.

“I heard that you are giving advice to my aunt, CEO Jin Seo-yoon. Oh, don’t be too surprised. “I know it’s a secret.”

The three people kept their mouths shut. Jin Seo-yoon must have come to mind. He warned me that he wouldn’t let his feet touch the floor. The secret leaked out.

“Well, it was almost like a threat. But this company is beyond my aunt’s power. Also, your aunt is not responsible for your future as much as the conditions I suggested to you. Isn’t it?”

“So you have to know the conditions. That way, you can choose whether to stand in line with the manager or pay attention to what President Jin thinks.”

“The conditions are simple. “You just have to stop CEO Jin Seo-yoon from selling the New Data Technology stocks he owns until the end.”

“I can’t sell it…” ?”

“That’s right. “I’m asking you to remain a shareholder of that company forever.”

They also ate Yeouido Jjambap for over ten years. I know very well that the company’s stock price is currently on thin ice. A stock that wouldn’t be surprising if it crashed right away.

Holding on to those stocks forever means incurring enormous losses.

Standing in line is not about payment or office politics. It’s like lining up for a member of the CEO’s family. Their expressions became even harder. Doesn’t that mean you should lie and betray Jin Seo-yoon?

“Why are you so surprised? Are there any one or two people who have lost money on stocks? “Among your customers, there must be many people who believed only what you said and suffered losses and went bankrupt, right?”

“But advising you to keep holding on to stocks that are sure to fall is a bit… .”

“Are you close?”


“I asked if you were close with CEO Jin Seo-yoon. How long have you known him? “As far as I know, I heard that we only met once.”

It is awkward to even use the word betrayal.

It’s a betrayal in a relationship that’s all about being grabbed by a powerful person, so there’s nothing you can do about it.

“For people who work in a place like a bloody battlefield every day, they are slow to grasp the situation and their judgment is poor. “Have you been barely able to hide your lack of ability?”

As their pride was completely scratched, their angry feelings were revealed on their faces. However, since he is in the blood of the chairman, he cannot say anything and just fumes.

“This is not a matter of worrying about who you should choose to make your life better. It’s a matter of thinking about who you should choose to prevent your life from going wrong. Do you understand?”

They also understood what I meant.

The nephew said he was pushing his aunt into limbs. If you refuse here, your nephew will pick up a knife.

In the end, you have to choose someone who can block, but since I said I would not only act as a shield but also lay a carpet made of bundles of money, it was clear which side to line up on. Unless they are idiots.

“I completely understand, but how will you guarantee it?”

“What do you guarantee?”

“This is a guarantee that when CEO Jin Seo-yoon kicks us out, he will hire us according to this contract.”

“Can you promise not to sell the stocks and make them hold on to them?”

A counter punch came immediately as I laughed out loud.

“We may not be able to help our customers make money through stocks, but we can make them go bankrupt. “I thought you knew well?”

It means that you will definitely keep your promise, and it also means that you will stand by my side. Now I have to convince you.

“Actually, I also own 300,000 shares of New Data Technology stock. “Everyone, five years’ worth of salary is nothing.”

“Three, three hundred thousand… !”

The stock price has now surpassed 200,000 won. This alone is 60 billion. Even if these three’s annual salary for 5 years is only 15 billion won, it is not an empty statement to say that it is nothing.

“Can I ask how much you bought it for?”

“When it was listed, it cost 500 million won.”

A soft exclamation flowed out at the same time.

“You said you bought it at the listing price… “You are amazing.”

“How did you hold it tight? The range of fluctuations was enormous… . “Isn’t it likely that it will shake when it falls?”

I couldn’t tell the truth to the surprised people, so I gave an answer that broke their spirits.

“Even if you blow it all, it’s only 500 million. “If you tolerate just a little bit of risk, you can make tens of billions of dollars, so is there any reason to be swayed?”

Their expressions of disapproval and envy were revealed at once.

The luxury of those who have the means to add the word ‘gojak’ in front of the huge sum of 500 million won.

A rich person who has more things because of that affordability.

I would say no, but it would be hard to deny that I am jealous.


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Now is the time to end the story.

At the end, just like my aunt, I ended with a threat.

“I hope it ends as well as I said it would. “If something goes wrong, you will know that I am a more vicious person than CEO Jin Seo-yoon.”

One of them, who had been quietly listening to my threats with a stern expression, cautiously opened his mouth.

“Let me ask you just one question. “Why are you pushing Boss Jin into the quagmire?”

“Let’s just say it was a minor family dispute.”

For such a trivial expression, does it have a bit of a cruel side?

* * *

When the stock price reached 250,000 won, I sold it all. Of course he didn’t do anything stupid by placing a sell order all at once.

The company’s investment of 3 billion increased to 500 billion, and my personal investment of 500 million increased to 80 billion.

Oh Se-hyun only earned 16 billion won, but he never showed regret or envy. I guess he wanted to show himself as a true professional who forgets about stocks the moment he sells them.

I don’t know if he was upset and regretting missing the opportunity when he was alone.

The stock price was hovering around 300,000 won for about a week, but we tried our best but could not overcome it. Of course, it briefly crossed that line at an intraday high, but it was impossible to maintain.

After a week, the price started hitting the lower limit like a plane crashing.

Yeouido, which should be excited about the joy of the coming new millennium, was all gray. In the midst of it all, the sound of New Data Technology collapsing was heard as loud as thunder.

As it soared nearly 70 times in just three months, a craze broke out in securities firms’ branches: ‘Sell all stocks unconditionally and buy new data.’ Accordingly, the KOSDAQ composite index, which was only 145.50, soared 82.8% to 266.00 in three months.

So much so that the saying, “The chicken (KOSDAQ) ate the cow (Exchange)” has become popular.

When the stock price exceeded 300,000 won, the KOSDAQ index also rose to 292.55, and the prevailing analysis was that breaking 300 would be no problem.

However, after the stock price plummeted to 150,000 won, it settled back into the 10,000 won range without any significant attempt at a rebound. It’s like a ‘bonanza’ has turned into a ‘piece of toilet paper.’

The media, which praised it as the next-generation technology, criticized it as nothing more than an empty idea, and began to criticize the company itself, saying, ‘Because the venture is not like a venture and resembles a conglomerate that needs to be overcome.’

What’s even more remarkable is that President Lee Sang-soo, who was praised as Korea’s Bill Gates, was described as a rare conman, and even included an interview with a lady at a room salon he frequented.

Hundreds of thousands of people are crying after losing all their savings, so we are preparing a sacrifice to their anger.

Everyone knew that the stock price was abnormal, but there was not a single media outlet that sternly scolded everyone for ignoring it and ignoring it.

Defeated greed leads to despair, despair leads to anger, and anger wanders around looking for something to vent about.

Jin Seo-yoon also followed the same steps.

I despaired when the 100 billion won was reduced to less than 10 billion.

The amount that needs to be paid before the end of the year is 110 billion. I can’t hold on any longer. If the year goes by, companies located in department stores will not remain silent, and in severe cases, it may lead to lawsuits and accusations.

She could not admit that she was responsible for this despair.

“Director Lim! When are these guys coming? “Don’t you understand when I tell you to bring him quickly?”

“Sir, boss, calm down… .”

“Am I calming down now? “What are you doing?”

“I can’t contact you. “They say he doesn’t answer the phone and doesn’t come to work.”

It’s not just those three from Sunyang Securities. After New Data Technology collapsed, there were more than one truckload of people in Yeouido who went underwater.

“These guys just… ! Release someone and catch him. “Whether it’s contacting the National Police Agency or asking the prosecution, do whatever it takes to catch them!”

All Managing Director Lim did was to stare blankly at Jin Seo-yoon, who even threw away the household utensils.

How difficult would it be to find the three guys with the power of Sunyang Group? The money has already been lost. It is impossible to get it back.

Now we have to figure out how to make up for the money hole. Isn’t the top priority right now to go to Chairman Jin or meet Miracle’s Oh Se-hyun and ask for the money he needs?

This is not the time to be hysterical like this.

Jin Seo-yoon calmed her trembling body when she felt Director Lim’s sorrowful gaze. She’s not stupid either. Right now, there is only one place to get money worth 100 billion won.

I can’t even say a word to Oh Se-hyeon. He asks a debtor to lend him more money, but then runs out of collateral.

In times like this, it is only the family that shares blood.

“Get the tea ready. Go to Pyeongchang-dong. Right Now!”

When Director Lim saw Jin Seo-yoon speaking into the intercom, he let out a long sigh of relief.

thank god.

It seems like the boss I’m serving isn’t completely crazy.

To Chairman Jin, 110 billion is a small amount of money.

Jin Seo-yoon gets down on her knees and begs, and a harsh scolding is enough to replace the IOU.

It is the affection of blood relatives that puts out urgent fires.


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