The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 141

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[141] Rich ants 3

“I’m truly sorry, but… Predicting stock prices is already impossible. “The best thing to do is to just watch the trend and get out if you have a feeling that there will be a problem.”

“That’s right. Corporate data to evaluate stock prices is already useless. This is because current stock prices are built solely on optimism about the future.

“In addition, the desires of ant investors also play a role.”

The people who were suddenly called in looked at Jin Seo-yoon’s thoughts and reported, but no clear or clear answers came out.

“I heard that they are the best talent at Sunyang Securities, but this is not cool.”

When Jin Seo-yoon ignored them with a disapproving expression, the talented people at Sunyang Securities suppressed their anger.

Isn’t he the boss of the owner’s family?

“I’m sorry, but there is no one who can explain this situation clearly right now. “This is the first strange phenomenon I have seen since the Korean stock market began.”

“So, no one knows how far it will go, right?”

“That’s right.”

“How is the situation at Shunyang Electronics? Since we invested 20 billion won, there is likely to be some action by now… ?”

“Sunyang Electronics is not paying much attention. After all, it is just one of the places where the IT division has invested here and there. “We are focusing on doing business as an affiliate rather than making profits from trading due to rising stock prices.”

“hmm… .”

She tried to get an answer like a lighthouse that provides direction, but Jin Seo-yoon’s worries deepened when all she got was the word, “It’s a vast ocean.”

But wouldn’t it be possible to see El Dorado when the vast ocean is over?

“Hey, boss. “May I ask how much you invested?”

“I don’t know anything about that. Now, I am buying more little by little as the stock price rises. “If the stock price falls a little, we sell that much.”

“You are faithful to the basics. That’s fine.”

Positive evaluations from securities managers relieve some anxiety.

“Please keep your meeting with me a secret today. If this fact leaks out within the group, I will be suspicious of your light-hearted remarks. If I decide to do so, you will have no place on this earth. It has that much power. “You understand, right?”

Sunyang Securities managers put zippers in their mouths.

It is an undoubted fact that Chairman Jin’s daughter has that much power.

The reason she secretly gathered Sunyang Securities managers was not to get investment advice. She wanted to hear something that would put her mind at ease, and she got what she wanted.

“Take that and give it to someone inside. “I don’t know what your tastes are, so I prepared by brand, so I take three or four of the things I like.”

Where her fingertips were pointing, there was a luxury bag worth millions of won in her shopping bag.

He definitely said there were three or four. The securities company managers all stood up at once and bowed. A windfall like this is always welcome.

* * *

When the autumn wind began to turn into a winter wind, my aunt quietly looked for me.

As soon as I heard her first words, I knew that I had stepped into a swamp that I could not escape from.

“Dojun. Could you please ask CEO Oh to postpone the interest payment just a little bit? Because the economy is in a mess, department store sales have plummeted. “The food hall is the only thing that makes ends meet.”

“Has it gotten that bad?”

When I asked him, pretending not to know, he started crying as if he had been waiting.

“Hotel vacancy is over 70%. People come to department stores to buy groceries because they have to eat to survive. “It’s hard to tell whether it’s a department store or a market.”

After hearing such a plausible lie, I thought about checking it out, but on the day when I make a mistake, everything goes in vain.

It has already exceeded 200,000 won. If my aunt sells all of her stocks now, she will make a lot of money, and the department store group will be out of my hands.

You have to bring up the stock story naturally, very naturally.

“sorry. aunt.”

“huh? what?”

“If my aunt hadn’t sold the stock for 40,000 won, the problem would have been resolved all at once.”

“huh? ah… ! that. Well, it’s okay. Stocks don’t suit me anyway. And you made four times your profit. “I should be satisfied with that.”

It was awkward to look at him vaguely, but he pretended not to notice and continued talking.

“I thought it would be more than 300,000 won… . “It’s really enormous, isn’t it?”

“what? 300,000 won?”

The surprised expression on his face is subtle.

The smile that stays for just a moment at the corner of your mouth, that smile says it all. I hope that the department store group suffered enough to stumble… .

“yes. “But they said it was a plane crash.”

“What do you mean by that? “Please tell me in detail.”

“Hey, it’s no different than a party at someone else’s house, so what are we talking about? We don’t have any stocks… .”

“Yeah, but… . Just curious. “I was also a major shareholder at one time.”

It is clear that he is still the majority shareholder. Her sparkling eyes speak for themselves.

“So, Yeouido’s assessment is that it could rise to around 300,000 won. But is this a situation where an airplane with something wrong only increases altitude? “It’s dangerous, you never know when it might fall.”

“You mean it’s dangerous.”

“But people say that if you get the last minute right, a lot of money will come in, so people will hold on. High risk, high return. “You know it well, right?”

“of course.”


I looked straight into her eyes and said.


“Just in case, don’t go in now. You know? Plane crash.”

When I raised my hand to show the plane crashing, my aunt burst into laughter.

“What does he think of me as? “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Then I’ll go back and tell CEO Oh. Do not worry too much. “I’m not someone who ignores circumstances and only talks about money.”

When a positive answer came out of my mouth, my aunt’s expression brightened.

“Take care of yourself, my nephew. I will definitely repay my aunt for her debt. know?”

“What do you have to worry about? “We are family.”

I only said good things and turned around.

We are family. And family always creates problems.

As I left the room my aunt used as an office, a middle-aged man who had been waiting at the door approached me. It looks vaguely familiar… .


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“excuse me… Director Jin. “Do you remember me?”

Ah, this guy… . Isn’t he the one who was with Miracle when he lent money to his aunt? Was he the managing director of finance?

“By any chance, Director Lim?”

“yes. you’re right. “You remember.”

He bowed his head.

“Are you on your way to see Boss Jin?”


When I saw Director Lim’s nervous expression, I knew he had something to say to me.

“By the way, Managing Director. Would you like a cup of coffee? “My aunt just said why she was so busy and kicked me out.”

“Oh, that’s right. Would you like to go to my room?”

He seemed happy and hurriedly took me with him.

As I was sipping the coffee that Director Lim gave me, he looked at me and opened his mouth.

“I wonder if you discussed something with the boss… “Is this something I shouldn’t know?”

“no. It doesn’t matter since Director Lim is an executive in charge of finance. My aunt asked me to consider the interest and repayment to Miracle for a month or two. “I heard that the situation at department stores and hotels is not very good due to the recession.”

“okay. Just that little bit will give you some breathing room… .”

I even let out a long sigh. His face is dark because he is so strapped for money.

“Is it that difficult?”

“that is… … .”

Looking at his earthy-colored face and his inability to speak, I guessed that the money tied up in stocks was enormous.

Should I take a gamble at this point?

“How long have you been into stocks? Looking at the managing director’s expression, I think it’s amazing. Isn’t it?”

It seems like at least 100 billion won was invested.

“Huh, how did you know? “Did Boss Jin say anything?”

“Can I tell you that? It’s obvious that you can’t pay interest on a company’s stock as collateral. “Isn’t management on the verge of being shaken?”

“As expected, you are quick-witted.”

“Tell me honestly. I will keep your secret. My position is also really awkward. I can’t say I don’t know about my aunt’s situation just because a shrimp’s back explodes in a whale fight, and CEO Oh Se-hyun is like my uncle… . “This is true.”

When I gave him an embarrassed look, Director Lim began speaking urgently.

“Chief. The only person who can stop this situation now is the Chairman. I know that you enjoy Chairman Jin’s favor. Please go and talk to me. “I’m so anxious that I’m going crazy.”

“Is it really over 100 billion?”

“The funds invested so far are 110 billion. From the stock price of 50,000 won to 200,000 won… . “I bought it constantly.”

He barely suppressed his laughter and looked very surprised.

“I beg your pardon? “100 billion?”

“Shh. “Please lower your voice.”

I quickly asked Director Lim who looked cautious.

“Fifty to two hundred thousand? “Then if I sell it now, I won’t lose money.”

“of course. “It will be at least three times that.”

“No, your aunt is really reckless too. “If you don’t know much about stocks, why are you holding on to them?”

“It’s because of the people at Sunyang Securities. These people were supposed to tell me when to sell… . “You keep encouraging me by saying it seems like it will go up even more, right?”

What does this mean? Why does Sunyang Securities appear here?

Looking at my puzzled expression, Director Lim explained the circumstances and why the people from Sunyang Securities had appeared.

“So, you’re saying that people from Sunyang Securities will stick around and coach my aunt?”

“That’s right. They say these guys are veterans… . “I feel uneasy because it seems recklessly aggressive.”

I got unexpected information. I never thought my aunt would have found someone to give her information and provide a guide.

If they tell me the right time to sell, my plan will fall apart and my aunt will end up with a lot of money. I feel impatient.

“Actually, I met with those friends separately and talked about it. “I strongly recommend to President Jin that now is the time to sell.”

“So? “Aren’t you listening?”

“After hearing the story, those friends were so embarrassed that they wanted to kill themselves. If the stock price continues to rise after selling… .”

“I don’t think my aunt will stay still.”

“That’s right. “I’m afraid of that.”

I’m not the type to just ignore it. She is a woman who will even take retaliation, such as taking strong personnel action, in extreme cases.

The real problem is not their lives. If you manage your aunt with that much care, your aunt may end up with a lot of money and the game will end.

My lips are burning because I feel like the tower I worked so hard to build will collapse.

“Please tell me who those people are. “I will meet you sometime.”

“Would you please do that?”

Director Lim’s expression brightened.

“I guess I need to do some organizing. If anything goes wrong, you will incur huge losses… . “This makes me so anxious that I can’t sit still.”

“How terrible am I feeling? No, Boss Jin would be the same. Did you see my face burning? “If things continue like this, something will happen.”

I did not forget my last words of advice to Director Lim, who was overly worried.

“Never even think about reporting to the chairman and asking for help. The aunt will get away with it without much trouble because she is related, but all department store and hotel executives will have to take off their clothes. “He does not forgive executives who do not assist him properly.”

Director Lim let out a sigh.

“It’s something I wouldn’t even dare to think about.”

I left the hotel, leaving Director Lim behind, who was only worried.

Those saboteurs of Sunyang Securities.

What a lucky saboteur.

You are lucky enough to appear at the right time and turn your life around.

This time it really worked.

I need to buy these guys’ entire lives and make them push their aunt over the cliff.


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