The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 143

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[143]First I ate one and then 2

“How much?”

“that is… . “Well, 110 billion.”

“You sold that money into stocks?”

Chairman Jin frowned as he looked at his daughter who could not raise her head.

“They gave it to department stores, so they put the money they should have given to store owners into stocks? “Are you out of your mind?”

“I’m sorry, father. There was a lot of pressure on management funds, so I was looking for a way… … .”

“It’s such an easy life. “Is management money rolling around in Yeouido?”

“father. It is a company that Sunyang Electronics also invested in. So believe… .”

Jin Seo-yoon stopped making excuses when she saw her father’s harsh glare. Because it seemed like if she took a few more steps, she would be kicked out without being able to save anything.

“Aren’t you already separate from Sunyang Group? “Do you think it’s okay to go after someone else’s company?”

“Isn’t it wrong for Sunyang Electronics to invest 20 billion won in a company that will collapse in just a few months? “There is no difference between me and Sunyang Electronics who made the wrong investment.”

“so? What do you want to say? Why did you come? “Are you trying to find fault with someone else’s company?”

Seo-yoon Jin almost missed seeing Chairman Jin’s angry expression. Even if she gets down on her knees and begs for help now, it’s not enough.

“Can you help me just once? If we just get over this hurdle… .”

“If I reach out to Oh Se-hyun again, won’t everything be resolved? “How can I help you?”

“No. “I can’t borrow from CEO Oh anymore.”

Looking at his daughter who was shocked, Chairman Jin took out a bundle of documents from a drawer and threw it at her.

“We have completed the separation of branches just as you wanted. Now, it doesn’t matter if I take off the name Sunyang. It’s a completely separate company with no shares in it. If I help you, it will be like embezzling Sunyang’s money. “Do you want to see old Abby get arrested?”

Jin Seo-yoon turned blue without even being able to open the document file.

“Ah, father. You can’t do this now. If the department store group comes into my hands now, I’ll be in big trouble. “We need to bring this back!”

“I didn’t just lose money through stocks. I was also out of my mind. I gave you what you wanted so much… “Reject?”

“That’s not it… .”

“this… . How can I be pathetic, my daughter? “You abandoned her husband, but are you going to abandon the company?”

“No, that’s not it. I’m just asking you to postpone it for a moment.”

“Are you out of your mind? Do you know how much money I will lose if I pass this on to you? Blow it all up? “How on earth did you come to be!”

When Chairman Jin exploded in anger, Jin Seo-yoon just closed her eyes tightly.

From complicated debt relationships to 110 billion won in holed-up money, to the large supermarket opening as the first business in the new millennium. Even though all the things that happened were twisted, it was too twisted.

However, the truth that Jin Seo-yoon had long forgotten came out of Chairman Jin’s mouth.

“But in whose name did you make the stock investment? “Was it the car’s name?”

I’m not asking because I don’t know. Doesn’t everyone ‘misappropriate’ company money using borrowed names? This is to confirm.

“Why are you suddenly asking that?”

“Answer me quickly! that’s right?”


“I’m going crazy.”

Chairman Jin leaned his head on the chair.

“father. Why are you doing this? Do you have any problem… ?”

In response to his daughter’s cautious question, Chairman Jin kept his mouth shut and did not say anything.

Jin Seo-yoon knows that in times like this, she has to wait without saying anything. She stayed still, just looking at Chairman Jin’s face.


“yes. father.”

After a long time, Chairman Jin parted his lips and gently called his daughter.

“Is Director Lim the person you trust the most?”

“yes. “He’s someone you can trust with the key to the storehouse.”

“Is he following you wholeheartedly?”

“Maybe. But father, why are you doing this? Uneasy… .”

She asked with a trembling voice, but Chairman Jin avoided giving a clear answer.

“done. I’ll take care of the rest. “You go back and take care of your company.”

Just figure it out.

These words came like a light of salvation.

“father. Thank you very much. I will do really well. And 100 billion… . “I will try to organize everything within a year.”

“what are you talking about? “100 billion?”

“yes? They say they will take care of everything… ?”

The mother and daughter simultaneously widened their eyes and asked each other.

Chairman Jin was the first to notice the discrepant meaning.

“Money is your problem to solve. Are you still talking like that? Since the company is split, the work and money are yours. “Even if I eat everything, don’t open your hands to me!”

“Ah, father.”

“What I am solving means is that I will prevent you from being arrested. “I only have you and my daughter, and as a father, I cannot bear to see her in prison.”

“You mean prison? What is that… ?”

“You have no idea. Stop going back. Because I don’t even want to look at it now. hurry!”

Jin Seo-yoon had to step down without knowing why due to her father’s scolding. Although he didn’t go back home full of worries about money.

* * *

“So, did you find out everything?”

“yes. I took a few laps around Myeongdong. “The names were distributed to a total of 16 people.”


Chairman Jin let out a groan without realizing it.

“How did you get the money?”

“From the company to the CEOs, and then to Myeongdong.”


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“Did Seoyun get any stains on her hands?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“That’s a good thing.”

Director Hakjae Lee said with a calm expression.

“I don’t think you need to worry too much. “I think I was careful in my own way.”

“You figured it out in one day, what about the prosecution? “I can figure out all the money flows in half a day.”

Looking at Chairman Jin shaking his head, Hakjae Lee wondered if his worries were too much.

“No matter how serious the situation is, will you even investigate the person who purchased the stock?”

“More than 5 trillion won has evaporated. That 5 trillion is not conglomerate money or taxes. It’s the money of the ladies who go in and out of securities firms while carrying their children, trying to earn money for side dishes. The anger of millions pierces the sky. If this is not properly sorted out, even the regime will be shaken. “You have to be careful and careful until you decide on a scapegoat.”

Chairman Jin did not view this as a simple stock crash.

“Whether it was New Data or something, I stopped him from selling the stocks he owned in Sunyang Electronics when the stock price was at its peak. “The guy came and frothed at the mouth, saying it was a tenfold profit.”

“Did you know it would end up like this?”

“It’s obvious that rotten politicians are working together, but don’t they know it? I thought it would be better to waste 20 billion won. If you sold it then. “I would say that the main character in this mess is our Sunyang Electronics.”

“Now that I’m a victim, that won’t happen.”

How can he still have that kind of judgment at the age of nearly 80? . I thought it was really great.

“The prosecution and the Financial Services Commission have already pulled out their swords to investigate. “We will first search for the operational forces, but take measures to prevent Seo-yoon’s name from being revealed.”

“yes. President. But Seo-yoon’s name might come out of the mouths of those people in Myeong-dong.”

“Managing Director Lim says he’s in charge of the finances, so get rid of him. Having handled department store and hotel money for over ten years, he must have had a lot of dirt on him. “I have to take responsibility for this on the condition that you pretend not to see it.”

I’ve already decided on a person who will be imprisoned instead, just in case anything goes wrong. It is Lee Hak-jae’s job to blame Jin Seo-yoon for all her crimes and make her walk obediently to the prosecutor’s office.

“I will sum up this matter like that. But what should the company do? “If you make a mistake, your management rights may be taken away.”

The contract with Miracle is clearly serious. They may use this as an excuse to claim the bond and take away the collateral. The collateral has already gone into Jin Seo-yoon’s hands.

If Oh Se-hyun is strong-willed, he can take it away.

“What falls down always falls all at once. You wait patiently until it collapses, and then it collapses all at once. “When I look at the tower, I feel uneasy because something that should have collapsed hasn’t.”

A phrase that flows softly from Chairman Jin’s mouth. Hakjae Lee tilted his head as if he had heard it somewhere before.

“Isn’t it poetry?”

“okay. “The view called the tower.”

“Are you anxious?”

“The company will survive. “The tower that will collapse is the child.”

They must already think that defending management rights is difficult. But maybe they were waiting for the tower to fall?

No, wasn’t he just deliberately watching the unstable tower collapse?

Instead of an unstable tower that might collapse, perhaps they wanted a new tower that would ‘stand up to wind and rain for a thousand years in the most stable position possible’?

Hakjae Lee felt closer to certainty rather than doubt.

And he knows exactly who the new top is.

* * *

“Now, what are you going to do now?”

“You mean your aunt?”

“okay. Thanks to President Lee Sang-soo, over 500 billion won came in. “The money I spent on taking over your aunt’s company was earned all at once.”

Oh Se-hyun used the word ‘occupied’ instead of ‘lent’.

It means I know exactly what my purpose is.

“I’m sure your grandfather helped you. “If you look at the fact that the group separation work was completed just in time.”

“You didn’t help me, you gave it to me.”

“It doesn’t feel like it’s enough to say I gave it to you. The shares we have secured as collateral are only 30%. “President Jin Seo-yoon still owns 35%.”

“My aunt bought and lost 100 billion won. “We need to get 25% more of that money.”

“Shall I give it to you obediently?”

“I lost 140 billion of the company’s money by investing in stocks. The crime is heinous. “We have to calculate this to burying it.”

The majority shareholder, who owns 30% of the stock, turns a blind eye to the CEO’s embezzlement. Of course, they also make up for the 100 billion embezzled money.

At this rate, it is not a business where even the aunt is losing money.

“Am I carrying the gun? Do I have to play a villain again?”

“no. This time, I will step forward. “We need to tell them exactly who is the true owner of the department store group.”

As I looked at Oh Se-hyeon, who had an expression of surprise, I felt embarrassed for no reason. I didn’t mean to show off my form, but for some reason my hands and feet are shaking.

“Not only will your aunt be very surprised, but do you think the family will become more wary of you? “Are you okay?”

“Your aunt will shut up. “She hasn’t given up her greed yet, so she will stick close to me for the time being.”

“Are you going to treat your aunt like a hand and foot? “You are also very toxic.”

“You said it once before, right? This is our family history. Just do it because you want to. haha.”

“But what kind of guts does your aunt have to keep quiet when she should be running to you in a hurry? Are you waiting for us to come first? “You’re still imitating a princess.”

As soon as Oh Se-hyeon started complaining, the door burst open and someone came running in. He was not the aunt I was waiting for.

“Oh, CEO. Please save me! Director Jin, please help me!”

The person who suddenly came in was none other than Director Lim.

“What is it? What happened again?”

It was absurd, and I was also scared that my aunt had done something strange.

“Su, Sunyang used me as a scapegoat. If I stay quiet, everything will end up happening to me. “Please save me!”

I could guess everything just by hearing the word scapegoat.

Embezzlement is a serious sin.

Oh Se-hyeon was not the type of person who could guess, but he comforted Director Lim and asked him the full story.

“Director Hakjae Lee visited. I search through my mistakes and count my sins… . “I feel really unfair.”

If Lee Hak-jae also appears, it means that it was not a mistake, but that the illegal acts committed by Executive Director Lim were thoroughly discovered. Hakjae Lee is by no means a sloppy person.

Managing Director Lim is a person who clearly understands the details of the contract between Miracle and his aunt. He knows very well that the only person who can save him from Sunyang’s threats is Miracle, who may become the owner of the department store group.

However, it is a mistake we made because we did not know our true colors.

A fox who entered the wolf den to avoid a tiger named Sunyang.

This is Director Lim’s fate.


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