The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 140

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[140] Rich Ant 2

When the stock price fell to 6,000 won, Jin Seo-yoon’s lips burned. She poured out all her anxiety and nervousness on Director Lim.

“Boss, it’s definitely true. The investment has already fallen to the approval of Son Hoon-jae, president of Electronics. It is said that the price per share is being adjusted upon equity participation. Now the stock price is rising again. Please wait patiently for a little while.”

As Managing Director Lee assured, the stock price, which had fallen to 6,000 won, suddenly rebounded and hit 10,000 won again in an instant.

It didn’t stop here. As if gaining momentum from a turbo engine, it hit the upper limit day after day and finally surpassed the 20,000 won mark.

However, when the stock price hit 20,000 won, listings began pouring in as if they had been waiting, showing a downward trend for three consecutive days.

There were people cheering and sighing at the fluctuating stock prices.

The stock market in the second half of 1999 was the eye of a typhoon, with only the fluctuating stock prices of new data technology.

At that time, an emergency press conference by CEO Lee Sang-soo was also held.

A few days ago, on a securities site, ‘Maejung Son’s Softbank is investing in new data technology.’ It was clear that it was an important announcement as there were rumors floating around such as ‘joining hands with Yahoo and listing on Nasdaq.’

CEO Lee Sang-soo turned his eyes to the ceiling to avoid the reporters’ flash lights. When the conference room became quiet, a brief presentation began in front of the microphone.

As the buzz about solutions to current issues and visions for the future continued, the reporters frowned more and more.

This is because the name of the emergency press conference is shamefully ordinary, and there is no proper news story to be had.

CEO Lee Sang-soo continued to glance at his watch and ended his presentation as noon approached.

“The boring time is over. “We can announce it by now.”

When he changed the topic, the reporters refocused.

“New Data Technology has decided to partner with Sunyang Group to foster a global brand… .”

The name “Group” was used, not “Sunyang Electronics.” This was to further increase the destructive power of the presentation.

The partnership agreement in the form of Sunyang Electronics’ equity participation was concluded at 11 o’clock on this day. In preparation for an ’emergency situation’, strict security was maintained until safe times, and reporters were individually identified before being allowed into the meeting room.

As soon as the stock market opened this morning, the flood of listings would have been swept up by operational forces.

In just a few hours, stock prices soared again, and ants who sold stocks in morning trading had to listen to the press conference news with a feeling that the sky was falling.

As soon as the announcement of Sunyang’s equity participation was completed, questions from reporters poured in. President Lee answered difficult questions with a vague tone or on the assumption that they would not be reported.

Oh Se-hyeon, who confirmed this conference as breaking news, quickly made several phone calls and burst into laughter.

“I was planning to run away with President Lee Sang-soo and ended up shaking his hand. You shouldn’t do that… Huh, indeed.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“He handed over 1 million shares of his stock to Sunyang Electronics. Now, President Lee’s stake is about 10%. Sunyang Electronics became the second largest shareholder.”

The founder and CEO sold shares. Although it is still the largest shareholder, this will provide an excuse if problems arise later. There is no way to avoid the suspicion that he had planned to escape with cash.

“Now that we have 20 billion won in cash, wouldn’t we at least increase paid-in capital? “Isn’t that the only way to increase capital?”

“I guess so. Probably about 10 billion won will be invested in paid-in capital increase. “But I still got 10 billion won.”

Oh Se-hyeon was worried about his junior and I was worried about my aunt.

Now, intoxicated by skyrocketing stock prices, they may forget our instructions. You must sell it when it is worth 40,000 won and make four times the profit. Only then can we experience the thrill of gambling and become intoxicated with victory, which is beyond our control.

From then on, if you just leave it alone, it will collapse on its own.

How much money will you lose and collapse?

* * *

“Dojun. Do you really need to sell it? “Isn’t that stupid?”

“Dig it. “CEO Oh’s sense is almost always wrong.”

“It keeps going up.”

My aunt held out the newspaper in front of me with distrustful eyes.

“When stock prices fall, selling volume pours in at once. You know it well. If you miss the timing at a near miss, there is no turning back. “You earned enough.”

My aunt quietly called out only to me. This is to avoid Oh Se-hyeon’s nagging. But I couldn’t hide my disappointment when the same sound came out of my mouth.

“Did you sell it too? entire?”

You must answer well. Since ancient times, aren’t people the kind of people who get stomachaches when their cousins ​​buy rice fields?

“We’ve already disposed of everything. Around 38,000 won. “I have 25 times left, so that’s enough, right?”

Of course I’m still holding it.

“what? “S, twenty-five times?”

I spoke to my aunt, who was stuttering with her mouth open, as if it was no big deal.

“yes. We bought it when it was listed. Was it fifteen hundred won?”

“hey! “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I didn’t know about it because it was something the company was doing. “As an investment company, we always look at the stock market, so we don’t miss the timing of listing.”

“Even if the company bought it, wouldn’t your investment be included?”

“I don’t have much now. It all went into my uncle’s election funds, and the land in Sangam-dong received in return is still the same. “I believe it cost about 500 million won.”

You won’t hear anything anyway. It is clear that the only number left in the aunt’s mind is 25 times.

“aunt. There are plenty of opportunities to earn pocket money in the future. “Don’t hesitate now and sell everything.”

I can’t even imagine how much criticism I’ll get because of what I’m saying right now. Considering your aunt’s fiery personality, you should be prepared to be grabbed by the collar.

My aunt was in a position to temporarily ‘appropriate’ the company’s money, so she couldn’t take any more risks.

In the end, I only received a call that they had sold everything for a little over 40,000 won. Without telling you how much you invested or how much you earned.

My aunt persuaded me, but a tougher mountain stood ahead.

Oh Se-hyeon didn’t even make a loud noise, as if he was dumbfounded.

“Two hundred and fifty thousand won? “Is that your prediction?”

“Isn’t it absurd?”

“I see. thank god. “I thought you were crazy.”

“By the way, uncle. “Think about it carefully.”


“Every time I say something crazy, what is the result?”

“That’s why I stay still. “Otherwise I would have taken you to the hospital or hunted down whoever told you such nonsense.”

I know very well that I can’t overcome my stubbornness anyway, and although it may sound crazy, I know that I might get another unbelievable result.

“I’m going to sort it out. “It’s something I personally invested in.”

He smiled and said to Oh Se-hyeon, who accepted it more easily than expected.


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“You will regret it, right? “Hehe.”

* * *

What would the stock price be like if ordinary investors or any other operational forces had not attached to New Data Technology?

Although it was a venture craze, everyone in Yeouido sensed that it was coming to an end anyway.

20,000 won? Forty thousand won? Maybe this wasn’t the maximum?

When the stock price was barely breaking the 50,000 won mark, good news came out to fuel the momentum.

CEO Lee Sang-soo personally announced a new business model that is being promoted with the goal of listing in the United States.

The media was also part of the gang.

A huge amount of space was devoted to the launch of ‘Dial Pad’, a product that commercializes the ‘Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)’ technology announced by CEO Lee Sang-soo.

They were busy praising their technological prowess, saying that their technology was far different from that of ‘small ventures’ whose stock prices were skyrocketing for no reason simply by riding the KOSDAQ craze.

They made a fuss about signing up 500,000 members in a short period of time, but they completely hid the fact that profits would get worse as the number of subscribers increased.

Since many of the 500,000 subscribers are college students with a low propensity to consume, there was not a single opinion that there were bound to be limits to Dial Pad’s advertising promotion.

When the stock price, which had been faltering, rose immediately and hit 100,000 won, Oh Se-hyun was shocked.

“Everyone is crazy. Now the market cap is in trillions. “There is no way to explain that the stock price of a company with 30 billion won in sales and a loss is going crazy other than that.”

“Among the people who are buying stocks now, is there anyone who thinks about that? People say that if you fall behind in this craze, you are an idiot.”

“This thing plummets all at once. They say it’s all just scraps of toilet paper. “It could be tomorrow.”

Oh Se-hyeon said that the higher the stock price rises, the more anxious he becomes and the need to sell the stocks quickly.

“uncle. Even if my prediction is wrong, the company has 3 billion won in funds. Isn’t it all about wasting 500 million of my personal money? Even if we assume that Miracle loses about 3 billion won, it is not noticeable. The same goes for my money. “Let’s watch until the end.”

It was true.

There would be no regrets or regrets even if it were to collapse right now due to an unexpected variable. All I’m worried about is that my aunt has to come into the picture again.

I made four times as much money in a short period of time, but I have too much money to just sit still. Aren’t they a peculiar type who think of tens of billions of dollars as money in the wallets of ordinary people?

* * *

After believing Jin Do-jun’s words and selling everything for 40,000 won, the stock price skyrocketed again. Jin Seo-yoon was so angry that she couldn’t get anything done.

However, the stock price continued to rise and did not come down, and Jin Seo-yoon began buying again. He does so secretly without anyone knowing except Executive Director Lim, who raises funds.

The gambler, who has discovered the taste of winning a lot of money with just one choice and decision, gets his wife caught and turns the tables. Jin Seo-yoon was no exception.

A gambling table where you can win 25x, not 4x.

She blocked the money owed to companies located in the department store with a draft. Of the cash coming in from 11 department stores and hotels, all but the money that had to be paid out was poured into new data technology. I think it will be over in two months at most.

In addition, he paid a large commission to players in the Myeongdong private loan market and conducted transactions under borrowed names. I planned to use all the profits as a slush fund.

At first, I was able to secure quite a lot with just 10 billion won, but as soon as it exceeded 100,000 won, the amount I had in hand drastically decreased.

Of course, the stock price continued to rise, but as too much money was ‘misappropriated’, anxiety took over. The worries of Director Lim, who was nearby and inciting anxiety, also played a role.

“president. If we continue like this, we will not be able to stop the rumors. There are even bad rumors going around that the note may go bankrupt due to poor management.”

“Ignore it. “It will be over by the time we confirm the rumor.”

“but… .”

Jin Seo-yoon could not bear it anymore and screamed.

“Do you know what the unemployment rate is now? Our department store was completed with minimal restructuring. “Are you going to come to your senses only if you fire more than half of them like Sunyang’s other affiliates, or like Daehyun Group or Jeongil Group?”


“Make sure to crack down on admission. If we can’t stop the rumors, we’ll see what real restructuring looks like. More than half of the companies operating in the hotel will be reorganized and hotel employees, starting from the manager level, will be replaced with temporary workers. Do you understand?”

Jin Seo-yoon, who was shouting and scolding, was not at ease either.

I wanted to stop at this point, but I changed my mind just by looking at the stock price chart. Looking at the steadily rising slope of the graph, it was visible that a month’s department store profit was made in a week.

Anxious, she called people who could help her feel at ease. Someone who would tell her things that would help her sleep peacefully.


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