The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 124

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[124]Venture spirit 2

With a cup of coffee in front of her, Rachel looked at my expression carefully.

I looked around the office, avoiding her eyes. As the head of Miracle, the head of the U.S. corporation and the person with the most money, his extravagance was at its peak.

Although I didn’t like it, I decided to acknowledge and accept the culture here. The line between frugality and poverty is sometimes unclear.

“Howard. Be honest. “Why did you come to America?”

“You saw it. “I’m here to warn against excessive optimism about dot-com companies.”

“Is that really all it is?”

She observes me with an eagle eye so as not to miss what I am doing, but she is a bit persistent now. Is there another reason?

“I think there’s something I want to say, what is it? “Tell me honestly.”

The moment she flinched, she laughed heartily.

“this this. I can’t win. haha.”

“Is this an offer? Please? Or is this a request?”

“It’s a suggestion.”

“Speak comfortably.”

“Shall we go to LA?”

This time I flinched.

How did they know? That I’m thinking of going to California.

“what? Are you in LA too?”

“It’s similar, but it’s not. “I was thinking of San Francisco.”

“San Francisco? where?”

“Stanford University.”

“It’s a good university.”

Rachel nodded her head. It is clear that you are under the illusion that I am preparing to study abroad.

“It’s a good fit because it’s a school that has produced many great business geniuses like you.”

A place where young billionaires who will continue to pour in in the future are taking leave of absence from school and preparing to start their own businesses.

A place that has already produced founders of GAP, Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, Dolby, and Sun Microsystems.

Is there any way I can study here? I’m trying to meet those who have issued a leave of absence notice or those who are thinking about taking a leave of absence.

I’m more curious about LA than that.

“But why LA? “Because of the movie?”

“huh. There is a premiere of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ next month. Because we are always invited. As you said, since the founding of DreamWorks, you have invested in all films. “It’s almost like a partnership.”

“You don’t feel like it if that’s all you want?”


Isn’t this a movie that you saw a few times in theaters when it was released and that you’ve been playing on TV whenever you get the chance? I think I’ve seen it more than twenty times.

Rachel smiled slightly and shook her head.

“DreamWorks sent a signal.”


“huh. “When they found out that our Miracle was funded by Korea, they asked us to bet on distribution rights in Asia.”

“Do you by any chance want to invest?”

“That’s right.”

In 1994, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen had ample opportunity to form DreamWorks, but they showed no interest.

Anyway, each movie exists in an independent form. In my case, I can just choose movies that are worth making money and invest in them. There is no reason to pour money into a film production company.

Just because Spielberg doesn’t always hit home runs.

But things are different now.

Asian distribution rights would be a great weapon for my father. Just the value of being a DreamWorks partner can make it a dinosaur in the Korean film industry.

I think it would be a pretty good gift.

“Are there any conditions?”

“DreamWorks started with $1 billion, but the first proposal was to hand over a 25% stake and Asian distribution rights for $500 million.”

“Did you answer?”

“No, positive review. “That’s all I did.”

This means that negotiations have not even begun. If Miracle shows interest, DreamWorks will also begin reviewing and considering it. It is obvious that they will want to check whether they have the ability to operate Asian distribution smoothly and effectively.

“There is value in Spielberg’s name… . “There is no way that no Asian company has negotiated so far.”

“There were a lot. Japan, Korea, Hong Kong. Even to China.”

Rachel smiled lightly.

“Another thing DreamWorks wants is communication.”

The reason I was able to understand what she was trying to say faster was because I didn’t use the word conversation.

“Those people would have said cost instead of production cost, and they only talked about profitability, cost, efficiency, and management rationalization.”

“okay. That’s right. “She lamented that she thought she was going to die of boredom.”

She clapped her hands and laughed again.

“Spending unnecessary money on the main actor and partying and reveling every day will seem like an inefficient waste in their eyes. You don’t know the basics of entertainment. “It is not easy to understand that people at the bottom gain energy by being faithful to their instinctive desires.”

I nodded my head and her eyes sparkled.

“how is it? “Are you interested?”

“I’m not interested, but there’s someone I’m really drooling over.”


“He is my father.”

“ah… ! “You’re a movie producer, right?”

“yes. Let’s do it like this. I will accept DreamWorks’ first offer. Instead, it will be my father, not me, who will sit at the negotiating table. “If my father says he is not interested or confident in Asian distribution, he will pretend it never happened.”

“okay. “Then let’s schedule a meeting.”

Rachel immediately took out her cell phone and started talking somewhere, and I also called my father and told him to fly to LA right away.


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My father seemed to be more excited about meeting the masters than DreamWorks.

When we both ended the call, I asked Rachel a secret favor.

“This trip to LA is a special time for our family to spend time together in a foreign country for the first time. Can you prepare something to make it an unforgettable memory? “Because the cost doesn’t matter.”

She smiled brightly.

“Are you sure you don’t care about the cost?”

I suddenly felt scared.

* * *

When we arrived at Los Angeles International Airport, two men in uniform who could clearly be seen as drivers were waiting for us.

They guided us to the Phantom Rolls-Royce limousine waiting outside the gate and opened the door.

I was a bit surprised, but my mother and older brother Sangjun couldn’t keep their mouths shut.

“This is a service provided by the hotel. “You can use it at any time during our stay, so don’t be too surprised.”

Rachel’s explanation was even more surprising.

How much of a room did you reserve so that this service is free?

My mother and brother rode in the same car, and when Rachel and I took up one, I asked urgently.

“Rachel. Where is the hotel? “I’m sure it’s a suite. How much does it cost to stay?”

“Sixteen thousand dollars.”

“mind… . Sixteen thousand? no way… ?”

“that’s right. This is the price for one night. Ho Ho.”


You shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s already too late.

I am a third-generation chaebol and the most wealthy person in Korea’s twenties. Also, this level of luxury is no different from everyday life for the people in my family.

I guess I was a bit surprised. Rachel quickly opened her mouth to prevent her from misunderstanding.

“It’s my first time too, so I’m trying not to be surprised. “I have never spent more than $500 on accommodation.”

The surprise should have ended at this point, but I was already tapping the calculator in my head and couldn’t stop.

We booked three rooms, so it was $48,000 per night. My mouth was dry and my legs were shaking, but the Rolls-Royce drove smoothly into downtown LA. As if there was no turning back.

The Ritz-Carlton Presidential Suite had two bedrooms, a private study, a private kitchen, and a rooftop infinity pool with a night view of Los Angeles. A luxurious steam sauna is standard.

also. It provided a personal butler, trainer, therapist, wine cellar, private fitness center, and even helicopter service.

The jaw-dropping luxury made us forget for a moment the enormous cost.

My father’s reaction, who arrived late that night, was no different.

I was surprised that he just gave me a thumbs up.

“Thanks to my son, I feel like I have a luxury honeymoon. “You will not come looking for us for 24 hours from now.”

My father wrapped his arms around my mother’s waist and entered the room.

“How much did you earn?”

When my brother, who was sharing the same room, asked with a surprised look on his face, I opened the bedroom door and answered.

“I think I’m going to go bankrupt this time.”

* * *

For two days, I forgot everything for the first time and spent quality time with my family. Sangjun sometimes had deep conversations with his father and shared his concerns about the future.

After attending the screening of ‘Saving Private Ryan’, Rachel confirmed a detailed meeting schedule with the three masters of DreamWorks.

“Are you really okay?”

“I never do anything to lose money. “Don’t worry about money, just decide whether the plan I told you about will help you or not.”

“Rachel told me. It’s a deal that requires $500 million… “I wonder if she’s really worth it.”

“Don’t convert your dreams into money. If money could buy it, wouldn’t it be called a dream? Money is just a tool to achieve your dreams. It is right to use tools and then throw them away. Spend money. haha.”

My father couldn’t say anything and just looked at me for a while before finally opening his mouth.

“I thought I was the son of a ruthless chaebol chairman, but it turns out I was the father of a wise chaebol son.”

After receiving gratitude from my shy and shy father, I headed to Stanford.

I boarded a plane again from LA to San Francisco.

If you combine all the companies of entrepreneurs that this university has produced and will produce in the future, its economic power is greater than that of Korea.

People usually think that Stanford graduates or students on leave of absence rush to Silicon Valley because it is close to Silicon Valley, but the opposite is actually true.

As universities actively supported graduates’ startups, a venture boom occurred, and as these students gathered to prepare for startups and establish companies, Silicon Valley began to form around the school.

As soon as I arrived at Stanford University, the first place I went to was the library.

The tracking should start from here.

I started searching for papers by looking at the library index. It must be a recent paper and be about an algorithm.

Honestly, I thought it would be easy to find.

However, over the past three years, more than a thousand papers have been published on the topic of algorithms.

It was a result that clearly revealed where the interests of American college students are currently.

Rather than relying on accurate memories, you need to bring out vague memories that are sleeping deep in your brain.

Wouldn’t it be great if it had an easy-to-remember name like Yahoo founder Jerry Yang? I grumbled like this and continued to look through the papers.

How many hours have passed?

I found a paper with a rather long title, “The Anatomy of a Large—Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine.”

The first thing that caught my eye was the word Web Search Engine, followed by the names of the authors of the paper, “Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page.” Computer engineering department… … .

Damn, it’s such a distant memory that I can’t remember it.

Are these guys right?

Can not help it. I need to read it carefully to get some hints.

My eyesight was dark as I tried to read an engineering thesis that was sure to be full of jargon, but the moment I read the first line, I couldn’t help but cheer.

The librarian put a finger to her lips and rolled her eyes, but she didn’t care.

Thank you guys.

They wrote the words I was looking for in the abstract of the paper.

nice to meet. google!


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