The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 125

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[125]Venture spirit 3

As I ran out of the library, a vast campus unfolded before me.

Damn, I’m about to swear again.

What kind of university is so big that it’s so ignorant?

It seems that it will take more time to find the computer engineering department office than to find the paper.

I found out later that the Stanford campus, with an area of ​​3,310 hectares, is similar in size to Songpa-gu, which has an area of ​​3,388 hectares. It is no different from finding an office in Songpa-gu by relying on a signpost.

Because there are many buildings named after donors, sometimes a dozen buildings have the same name, and students are pointed in a different direction every time they ask.

If I meet these two guys, I think I should urge them to create a Google Map as soon as possible.

When I finally found the computer engineering office and asked about the whereabouts of the two people, it felt like the sky was falling.

“I lived in a dormitory until recently, but then I moved to Silicon Valley.”

Am I one step too late? Have you already received investment and started a business?

I’m really desperate for Google.

In this case, if you search, you will be able to fully understand what the situation is. I was able to feel once again how great Google was created by these two people.

“Can you tell me the address?”

I quickly took out my business card before the office staff looked at me with suspicion.

When it comes to investment companies, isn’t Stanford always very welcoming?

The employee wrote down the address on a notepad faster than I could take out my business card.

With the note in hand, I went out like a bullet and took the school shuttle to get out of the university.

I caught a taxi and ran to Silicon Valley, 20 minutes away.

When I arrived at the address given, I breathed a sigh of relief. Because it was a quiet residential area.

These guys.

You haven’t left the garage yet.

I approached cautiously and took a peek inside the garage.

Three or four desks and computers, soda cans and pizza boxes lying around.

I felt fortunate. Looking at their shabby behavior, it is clear that no major investments have been made yet.

I crouched in front of the closed garage and waited for the two people to appear. If you’re starting a business in a garage, it’s natural to eat and sleep there, but where are you wandering around? .

As it started to get dark, a pickup truck pulled up in front of the garage.

Two young men spotted me and quickly approached me.

“What are you? “What are you doing in front of someone else’s office?”

“Larry Page? Sergey Brin?”

As they took turns looking at the two people and checking their names, their expressions became more grim.

If I were an older middle-aged man dressed in a suit, I would have bowed down immediately. They must have sensed that it was the investor who would rescue them.

“who are you? “What’s going on?”

“Can’t you see it yet? “You both have bad eyesight.”


“The wings spread out on my back. “They are also called angel wings.”

If you still can’t figure it out, you’re just a single-minded engineer. But the two had better sense than that.

“Seo, really?”

I dropped the beer pack I was holding. The opportunity you’ve been longing for has come, but it may be hard to believe. They would never have thought that an Asian younger than them would be an angel investor.

“How long are you going to be surprised? Let’s go in. I’m thirsty after walking around all day. “You’ll treat me to at least one beer, right?”

* * *

“This is someone I know’s garage. “You work at Intel.”

As I quenched my thirst with a sip of beer, the two people glanced at me and opened their mouths.

“But what are you? “Are you really an investor?”

In order to tell the story easily, you must completely trust me. Without prejudice to his young age or Asian origin.

As I put the beer can to my mouth and thought about it, a very easy method came to mind.

This is the best way to make people look at me with awe and respect.

“wait for a sec. “Isn’t that phone speaker?”

When I pointed to the phone on the desk, the two nodded their heads.

“Then let’s just make one phone call.”

I took out my phone and looked through my contacts to find the name I wanted.

I turned on the speaker and immediately dialed the number. After a long beep, I heard the voice I had been waiting for.

― This is Michael.

“Michael. How are you? It’s Howard. Howard Zinn.”

– wow! Howard. How long has it been since this? Are you in America?

A voice that could not hide its joy came through the speakers.

“yes. I’m in California now. I’ll finish work here and come see you when I have time. Before that, I have a favor to ask… .”

– Tell me anything.

“There are two people listening to this call. These are the people I want to invest in. But they keep looking at me with suspicious eyes.”

– Hahaha. Oh dear. If it’s the person Howard found, I want to invest right away, right?

He said, looking at the two people who were listening to the phone call with their ears pricked up.

“Hello. “Because it’s Mr. Michael Dell.”

“Dell… ? Del! “That Del?”

I nodded my head and spoke into the speaker.

“Michael. Talk comfortably. “I’ll be out for a while.”

I left the garage, leaving behind the two people with bewildered expressions.

It was already dark outside.

I took out my phone and told Rachel and my father that I couldn’t go back today.


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I ended up leaving that amazing Ritz-Carlton hotel suite and sleeping at a motel in Silicon Valley tonight. I feel like I’m going to die because it’s a waste of money.

After about thirty minutes, the two people called me.

I felt like I got all the information I wanted. I spoke into the phone that hadn’t hung up yet.

“Michael, I will be in the United States for quite some time this time, so I will contact you again.”

– okay. Call me anytime. If I don’t have time, I’ll fly to California.

When the call ended, the expressions and eyes of the two people were exactly what I wanted.

From now on, whatever I say will be accepted as truth.

“Did you really invest nine million dollars in a Dell computer when you were ten years old?”


“Give up all of your rights as a shareholder and leave it entirely to the founder? Even though it’s nine million dollars?”

“You probably heard it. “Do you think Michael lied?”

“Oh, no… . “I can’t believe it.”

“I believe it because it’s true.”

“you… . no. Did you say Howard? Howard Zinn.”


“Michael said the fact that you found us is a sure sign that our business is going to be successful. He said he wanted to invest too?”

The reason their cheeks are red is not because of the beer, but because of excitement. It is fortunate and a blessing to be able to run a business without worrying about money. If billionaire Michael Dell invests, doesn’t that mean you won’t have to worry about money in the future?

“Forget Michael Dell. That person is already a successful billionaire. He’s going to force his secrets to success on you? Dell Computer is fundamentally different from Google. “Dell only uses online services, but its essence is a distribution business.”

“but… .”

“You seem to be mistaken. Are you thinking that you don’t have enough money? I invested nine million dollars when I was ten years old. “Do you think my net worth is less than Michael Dell’s right now?”

The two whistled loudly and shook their heads.

“Howard. By the way, can I call you Howard?”

“of course.”

“Let me ask you something first. Why us?”


“Here in Silicon Valley, there are countless ventures waiting for money like rain to moisten the dry land. “Why us?”

Suddenly, voila! The appearance of a white knight is something that only exists in fairy tales, so this kind of suspicion, nay, curiosity, is natural. However, I cannot answer that I know your future ten years from now. I threw away the printed paper.

“This was very plausible.”

The two people realized at a glance that it was their thesis, but they still did not let go of their doubts.

“And I hate Yahoo. “The search results are total crap.”

“Do you think we’ll surpass Yahoo?”

“Do you need to ask me? Isn’t that the goal? A search engine that shows the optimal results desired by users. no?”

I clapped my hands as I saw the two people nodding their heads.

“ruler. Now let’s talk about specifics. What is the most urgent need right now? Nice office? Employees to work with?”


As soon as the question was finished, the two people shouted in unison.

“Our search engine has already been launched. People from Stanford and Silicon Valley are using it. The index has also accumulated quite a bit. “That’s the server I’m using now.”

They pointed to a couple of PCs sitting in the corner of the garage.

“There are not enough lines and the specifications are not enough to provide optimized performance.”

“I think you’ve already figured out the cost of building a satisfactory server?”

“of course.”

He stopped the two people who started rummaging around on the messy desk and made them sit back down on their chairs.

“Let’s do it all at once. Expand servers and move to a more attractive office. And hire the necessary staff. Oh, and change the car too. A Lexus would suffice, right? “If an accident occurs while driving a shaky pickup truck, it is impossible to recover the money invested.”

Seeing the two people with their mouths open made me feel better. That lucky expression. I am their angel.

I wanted to allow them to live a prosperous life and focus only on development. They are different from some of the trashy venture companies in Korea. Are there just one or two scammers who spend the invested money without making any sales?

But they have different goals.

They dream of becoming the next Bill Gates and Jerry Yang. Rather than drooling over tens of billions in investment money, I dream of becoming rich in stocks worth trillions of won, and aim to create a new world in this garage.

“Now, how much will it cost?”

Aren’t they genius engineers? After calculating with my spinning head, I carefully took out the numbers.

“150,000, no, I think two hundred thousand dollars would be enough.”

He blinks his eyes and looks closely at me.

Two hundred thousand dollars is the cost for my family to stay at the Ritz-Carlton for just five days.

When I think about it this way, I am truly enjoying an incredible luxury. Once again, I feel like I’m dying because I’m wasting my money.

“it’s okay. I’m going to invest a million dollars, so show me the results. The next investment will be in units of 10 million. “Be prepared.”

The two young guys lunged at me, screaming like crazy.

He picked me up and walked around the garage before putting me down.

After enjoying the excitement of this great fortune, the two calmed down by drinking a can of beer. I already know the path that many seniors have taken towards success.

I know that the money I give is not free, and I also know that I am sharing the wealth they will receive in the future.

“Hey, Howard. Now I want to hear the specific conditions? Oh, of course, I already heard about him as an unconventional investor through Michael Dell. But I need a contract.”

What conditions should be imposed?

It’s such a meaningless story.

It’s scary to imagine myself weighing hundreds of trillions worth of corporate value one by one and trying to get more. Just because we know the outcome of the future, we must give up the idea of ​​controlling two people who will change the world.

I, who cling to personal desires and private goals, am a very poor person compared to these people.

They change the world, and I only need to change the future of Sunyang Group.

If I become obsessed with a greater desire, the only weapon I have may disappear.

Let’s move and be greedy just enough so that the future I know doesn’t change.

Just to this extent… … . No more.

I steeled myself in front of two young people who did not yet know their own worth.

“Don’t be evil.”

I mumbled my decision. I don’t know if these two people understood my feelings.


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