The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 123

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[123]Venture spirit 1

When I arrived at the airport after barely stopping my father from seeing me off, the unexpected Oh Se-hyeon was waiting for me.

“What are you doing here?”

“It’s a shame, man. Isn’t there a new car presentation in three days? Wouldn’t it be nice to see the launch of a new car?”

“no. “It doesn’t make any difference whether I see it or not.”

“But isn’t this the first car to come out with the HW name?”

The only thing that is happening is the minivan that has been in preparation since the days of Ajin Motors. This is something that progresses through inertia and has nothing to do with the purpose of taking over the car company. Nothing special.

It is only when we enter the new millennium that the reason for the acquisition is revealed and that reason becomes the slogan of HW Automobile.

Being reborn as a new automobile company in a new era is both eye-catching and symbolic.

“I thought it would be better to stay away for a while for now. Some people may misunderstand that I am meddling because I am a major shareholder. Uncle, why don’t you go to the new car launch event? Let’s leave it to the experts for the time being. “Ajin, aren’t you experts in Sunyang?”

“hate. I’m going to take a look. “It’s necessary to appear occasionally to make them nervous.”

He knows the role of an investor, or rather a shareholder, much better than me, so I didn’t say any more.

“By the way, have you talked to your father?”



“I didn’t give you a clear answer. Are you going to do it to me?”

“Isn’t it better for a friend to confide in than a son?”

“Your child… . “I just noticed one thing.”

Oh Se-hyeon smiled and tapped my shoulder.

“Just wait a little longer. “I have a lot of motivation to do it, but I’m more cautious because I’m worried about realistic possibilities.”

“Please let me know that we need to start at least by the end of this year. Wouldn’t it be better to move in immediately after completing the preparations and entering the building? “Once my father settles down, there will be more people to follow him.”

“Don’t worry about here, just go and do your work. “I told them in advance, so there won’t be any inconvenience.”

I said I was going to cool off, but I already know that’s not the case.

“yes. “I’ll take it easy.”

After sending away Oh Se-hyeon, who was worried, he boarded a plane to New York.

* * *


At the arrivals hall, I heard my name being called happily.


Sangjun, whom I see after a year, has changed a lot.

For the sake of music, he wore loud clothes, his colorfully dyed hair was missing everywhere, and he looked ordinary in just jeans and a shirt.

“what? Did you quit the music? Doesn’t it look too weird?”

“okay. f*ck it. “Hehe.”

The shy smile shows that it is not a joke.


“Let’s talk about it slowly and let’s go quickly. Your mother is preparing a banquet to feed you. Force yourself to eat it all.”

When I entered the apartment where my mother and brother lived, it was filled with the smell of food. She said her mother thought she was mistaken about something. She did not return to Korea after living abroad, but came to New York from Korea.

However, the table was full of Korean food, including stew.

This is a table that clearly shows how sorry he is for not being able to prepare a meal for his younger son in order to take care of his older son.

Even if it is not your brother’s request, you should be grateful for this feeling. She emptied everything she had left and patted her torn stomach.

All I did was eat and sleep for a full day.

When I got used to the time difference, I had a drink and a chat with Sangjun.

“what? Have you really given up on music?”



“There’s only one thing I’ve realized in the past two years. I was neither a lead nor a supporting actor, but just an audience member. “Even as an extra, I couldn’t go on stage.”

“Not even a possibility?”

As I poured the drink into the glass I was fiddling with, Sangjun smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“The guys on the streets of New York who sing with old guitars are better than me.”

“My brother’s original dream was not to become a singer. “Wasn’t it producing?”

“therefore. You have to produce music through the instrument called a singer, but that doesn’t work. I have an ear for music. “That was it.”

“So what are you doing now?”

“Do nothing. “All I do is just lounge around here.”

Although there are probably only one or two young people who lament their lack of talent, the sight of his older brother with his head bowed is sad.

“What do you think? If you fool around as much as you want, you will see the end. Don’t be impatient. “It took two years to realize the limitations, so wouldn’t it take about two years to find new possibilities?”

Sangjun looked at me and smiled.

“We should have been born in a different order. “It suits me better.”

* * *

“Wow! Howard. Look at You! “What a gorgeous!”

Has it been about three years since I haven’t seen you?

Rachel Arieff, who is older but looks more sophisticated, hugged me with her signature exaggerated look.

“You too. “How long are you going to be this cool?”

Rachel opened her mouth and laughed at my praise.

shit. Why do comments like this only come out to people I meet for work?

What should we eat for Minyoung, who asked if we should meet once a month or not? The word comes first.

“James said so? “You have a lot of things going on in your head these days, so if possible, do nothing.”

“But you can’t just hang out with someone who’s busy. Just enough to keep my hair from getting rusty.”

He is the largest shareholder and the biggest money holder, with over 2 billion dollars, but is it because I have been watching him since I was 10 years old? Rachel treated me like her big sister.


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“good. “Then shall we just briefly brief you on the current situation?”

“Let’s finish eating before that.”

After having lunch with salad and French fries at a restaurant in Manhattan, I headed to Miracle Investment headquarters.

It seemed like Wall Street would be difficult to adapt to, perhaps forever.

This is a place where a completely different species from humans lives. Same goes for Hollywood.

The idea of ​​money is different. Earn a lot and spend a lot. Although they seem completely useless to me, they are full of very important elements.

The same goes for the paintings hanging in the office hallway and the vases and flowers placed here and there.

Those paintings are genuine, and they are rented to famous galleries for a huge amount of money each month and used as tools to enhance the quality of the office. The vase is also the work of a famous artist, and the flowers are changed and maintained every morning by an expert. All of this costs a huge amount of money.

It seems crazy at first glance, but here we take it for granted. The reason is because of customers.

American upper class people who can’t control their overflowing money.

What started out as a way to cater to their tastes has now spread to the upper class, including the people who work here.

Ah, there are similar types of people. This is my aunt.

My aunt is exactly imitating the American upper class.

The conference room I followed Rachel into was equipped with a beam projector, not just for a simple briefing, but for a very detailed and thorough report.

After all, no matter what anyone says, I have their life and death in my hands, so there is no way I can do anything wasted.

After listening to the investments so far and future investment plans, I opened my mouth.

“Direct investment in dot-com companies is prohibited from now on. No matter how rosy the future may seem, you should not trust them. Of course, you shouldn’t trust your intuition, and you shouldn’t trust the data either.”

About a dozen managers sitting in the conference room began to murmur.

Isn’t America’s Silicon Valley where the world’s money is gathered now? If you don’t invest there, you’ll be called a fool on Wall Street.

When someone expressed a different opinion and flinched, everyone flinched when Rachel glared at them with fierce eyes.

“If we invest directly in a company, we cannot decide when the exit will occur. Isn’t that something you learn as a baby not to get caught up in games? We have to take control of the game. Direct investing is a dot-com founder’s game. “We only play on Nasdaq.”

“Wasn’t it Howard’s ability to make high profits by investing directly before listing? Are you being careful now?”

Rachel asked a question on behalf of everyone.

How should I answer?

Couldn’t you answer that, ironically, you saw the dot-com bubble burst and a huge amount of money disappearing into thin air through the Internet?

“What do you call it, packaging something that has no substance with good words to deceive people and then making them pay for it themselves?”


“Yes. fraud… . “It’s called something different these days.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to my mouth.

“Venture spirit.”

The conference room was deathly quiet.

“Even just one cent is fine. You should invest in companies that generate actual sales and IT companies that provide specific services even if their performance is not good. For example, places like Amazon.”

Most of them seemed to only know about the existence of Amazon. But he also had friends who were strong in details.

“By Amazon, do you mean an online bookstore?”

“That’s right. “”

My friend, who is good at details, shook his head.

“If you are talking about Amazon, which was founded in 1994, the investment value is zero. “Last year, the company’s listing price was $18 per share, but it plummeted to $1.96 on the first day of trading.”

“How do you know so well?”

When I asked in surprise, my friend, who is strong in details, sighed and couldn’t raise his head, and the conference room erupted into laughter.

This sight made me laugh too.

“How much did you lose?”

When Rachel finally stopped laughing and asked, she spread her palms out.

“Five thousand dollars?”

Rachel shook her head just a little.


Rachel said, nodding her head.

“Everyone tried to discourage me, saying there was no possibility, but that friend ended up investing with his own money. In the end, he took the loss himself. “Giggle.”

“It’s a shame. “If it were me, I would have invested ten or even a hundred times that amount.”

It’s still not too late. The stock price is still the same.

Rachel realized that I was sincere and her eyes widened.

“Howard, are you serious?”

“Sure. Amazon takes orders and delivers books. Even if it is very small, sales are generated. It’s a simple concept, but it’s different from the dotcoms that make a lot of noise. The company’s service concept is simple and easily understandable. “The rest is just a bubble.”

Why does everyone realize this simple principle only after paying huge tuition fees?

“Recover all money invested directly in dot-com companies after this time. Make a reasonable excuse and take the risk of losing a little. And we only invest in stocks of companies listed on Nasdaq. “This is the first rule.”

“Is there a second one?”

Rachel didn’t have any doubts. She is the person who has seen my results up close to date.

“Second, no matter how rapidly Nasdaq grows, it will completely withdraw in the first quarter of 2000.”

“The reason is?”

“Because by then everyone will know.”

“Are you saying that ventures are a scam?”


The U.S. Nasdaq Composite Index soars to 5,000 and then completely plummets. This is the gift of the New Millennium.

The managers, who had no way of knowing this fact, began to open their mouths with embarrassed expressions.

“But Howard. Investors will not remain silent. If we were the only ones to get caught up in investing in dot-com companies, would we get our money back? “There are many other investment companies.”

“Then nail it down and invest. They say they invest because customers want it. “We must not forget to clearly notify the danger.”

I wanted to see their skills as they all exchanged dumbfounded looks.

“Now, let’s take a look at the gems. Who knows which of the thousands of companies will be the Microsoft of the future?”


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