The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 122

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[122]Childboy and 100-year guest 4

“aunt. “Didn’t you leave someone with your uncle?”

“huh? “What kind of person?”

I ignore my husband too much. They assigned someone to each of her brothers to monitor what they were doing – of course, they would also be monitored – but they didn’t attach someone to her husband.

“I thought at least one of the mayor’s secretaries and attendants was from my aunt, but that’s not the case. “Aren’t they the people I’ve been accompanying since I was a member of the National Assembly?”

“ah… .”

The aunt decided that her husband was not a threat to her. And now she is paying the price for letting down her guard. Including me, damn it.

“Boss Jin. There will probably be changes around Mayor Choi. Seoul City’s annual budget exceeded 10 trillion won for the first time this year. “Wouldn’t it be tempting to spend such a huge amount of money?”

Will it be three times that in 20 years? There is no difference between living now and 20 years from now, but it seems like taxes are only going up.

“So does that mean there’s someone cheating on him?”

“That is very likely.”

It was difficult for the aunt to agree with Oh Se-hyeon’s opinion. Of course.

Who else but a crazy fly would encourage a fight with the prosecution? My uncle’s current actions were clearly his own choice.

I watched the two people, my aunt and Oh Se-hyeon, exchanging opinions, but the conversation passed through my ears.

Who is it?

If he ignores his wife, who is both his money holder and an essential person for the presidential election, he should be considered an eagle, not a fly.

Until you find out who he is, nagging him is useless.



The two stopped talking and turned their eyes to me.

“Among my uncle’s close associates, is there anyone worthy of my aunt? “Is there anyone who comes to mind?”

“Well, I didn’t pay attention…” .”

“Let people go and find out. “My uncle is a person who cares a lot about academic background and prosecutorial connections, so find someone who can’t get into it.”

My aunt nodded. She is a quick-witted woman who will immediately understand what I mean.

“And now stop nagging me. It feels like everything I’ve been holding in for so long is exploding. “No one can stop me.”

“Hold on? “What are you holding back?”

Whether your wife is the daughter of a wealthy family or an ordinary person, there is one thing in common. In her relationship with her husband, she believes that she is much more patient and patient than her husband.

The moment I was about to open my mouth, Oh Se-hyun, who couldn’t bear it anymore, opened his mouth.

“Boss Jin. A man living with his wife cannot even straighten his shoulders. Mayor Choi was a lawyer, but didn’t he live unemployed without taking on any cases? He made a living thanks to his family’s cruise group. Didn’t he nod his head and live no matter what Boss Jin said? “He lived by hiding his pride.”

He spoke foaming at the mouth as if it were his own business, but it didn’t seem to have hit home. There was no use in talking any further, so Oh Se-hyeon just sighed.

This was the end of my discussion with my aunt. Isn’t it clearly out of control?

It seemed like I had no choice but to sit back and watch until I found out who was the cause of my uncle’s rampage.

* * *

“Wow, how can something like this happen?”

When Oh Se-hyeon clicked his tongue in bewilderment, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“What on earth happened overnight?”

Even though I laid out the major daily newspapers on the table and compared them, my eyes were not wrong.

All newspapers, including the Hanseong Ilbo, were praising Mayor Choi Chang-je’s courage.

As the son-in-law of a Sunyang family, the courage to reveal the family’s speculative situation was praised to the point that viewers felt embarrassed, saying that it required tremendous determination that ordinary people could not even dare to think about.

There was also content urging a cautious investigation by the prosecution.

Even though there were no illegal circumstances, the newspapers were completely on the side of the Seoul mayor, to the extent of provoking the prosecution.

“Hey, isn’t this something your grandfather worked hard for?”

“There’s no way that would happen.”

He is not the type of person who can easily change a word once he has said it.

But even the Hansung Ilbo is sucking up my uncle! I don’t understand.

If yesterday’s attack was just a taste, isn’t today the time for a major offensive?

“uncle. “My uncle, it looks like he’s found a great sponsor?”

The only shameful way the media bows down to politicians is when they are pressured by power or money.

Since the mayor of Seoul is not a position that large media companies should be afraid of, he must have been pushed by money.


“yes. “A huge sponsor who promises to advertise in all the national dailies.”

“Let’s see… … .”

There are two types of sponsors with this level of wealth.

A tycoon, or a construction company.

Real estate sales account for most of newspaper advertisements. New products from conglomerates fill the full-page advertisements, and sales advertisements fill every empty space.

Isn’t changing the use of land a piece of cake for the mayor of Seoul?

“Right. Since I have a reliable source of finance, I don’t even listen to what my wife says. “This gentleman escaped from his in-laws.”

I threw away all the newspapers.

I’m not angry at my uncle’s frivolity. I was angry at my narrow insight that I would make this kind of person president and a reliable partner.

It’s been so long since you’ve been mayor that you’re looking for sponsors!

Oh Se-hyeon just looked at me in silence as I fussed.

He must have felt that he had already reached the point of no return.

“I’m sorry, uncle. “Because it looks like this.”

“no. “It’s the same for you and me when we look at the wrong person.”

“We have to be satisfied with what we got from DMC. “I don’t know what sparks will fly when I’m with my uncle.”

“That’s my opinion too. A guy who only pursues people who suit his tastes is hopeless. “He doesn’t know who his sponsor is, but he’s sure to end up being taken advantage of by him.”

Since we reached a consensus, we brushed it off. My uncle is no longer our helper.

* * *


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The vibrator owner clicked his tongue as he looked at the people with their heads down, and he also wondered how his father would deal with these people who were doing all kinds of nonsense.

Chairman Jin called his grandson, who was sitting furthest away, with his head bowed.



“How much money did you lose?”

“Well, that’s not much.”

“How much is it!”

“Yu, a little over 60 billion.”

Jin Young-jun’s voice was drowned out by his grandfather’s shouting.

“It’s not much money, but you can’t solve it, right?”

Jinyoung-jun, who lowered his head, tightly closed his lips like a mute who has been fed honey.

All I can think about is how much time I will have to self-reflect this time, and where my place of exile will be. I am hoping that it will be in Europe or America.

“It’s motivation.”

“yes. father.”

“You should look for an apartment on Geoje Island. “Is there a company house owned by Sunyang Heavy Industries?”


“Paper that apartment today and replace the flooring. We also stocked up on some necessary home appliances. “This is where your great-nephew will be staying from tomorrow, so you need to pay special attention.”

“Ha, grandpa.”

Jin Young-jun became thoughtful and urgently called Chairman Jin, but when Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki’s sharp gaze caught his attention, he closed his mouth again.

“What is the position in charge of the shipyard material warehouse?”

“That’s an exaggeration.”

The vibrator quickly answered the sudden question. I don’t know what the warehouse manager’s position is, but starting tomorrow, he will definitely be a manager.

“Sell me a business card too.”


Chairman Jin looked at his eldest son again and said.

“My grandson, what are you doing? “Should I go quickly and pack my belongings?”

Jin Young-jun asked his father for help with pitiful eyes, but Vice Chairman Jin Young-gi gritted his teeth and shouted.

“Get out quickly! “Go down to Geoje Island and don’t move until further instructions are given!”

After confirming that there was no one to save him, Jinyoungjun walked out with his head down.

“It’s motivation.”


“You must give the separate instructions your brother just mentioned. Post this when you feel like you’ve become a human being after seeing what that guy does. And the eldest son.”


Vice Chairman Jinyoung-ki Jin was overcome with fear that his son’s life might end today.

“You take care of the accident your son caused. Maybe a prosecutorial investigation will proceed. If there is evidence of breach of trust or embezzlement, Youngjun will go to jail. “If he doesn’t want his son to be imprisoned, he will have to deal with it completely.”

“… yes.”

Chairman Jin let out a long sigh. One is finished.


“yes yes.”

Jin Seo-yoon, startled, raised her head and looked at Chairman Jin’s mouth. I was nervous about what kind of decision would be made.

“You should divorce Seobang Choi.”

All of the children could not keep their mouths shut at Chairman Jin’s explosive words.

In particular, Jin Seo-yoon only muttered and didn’t say anything at all.

“He wants to get rid of the label of Sunyang’s son-in-law, so let’s grant his wish. “If I divorce you, won’t everything be resolved?”

“Ah, father. How can you say that… ? “Are you okay with me being labeled a divorcee?”

When I was about to cry out of very fundamental disappointment, Chairman Jin’s bombshell declaration did not stop.

“If you get divorced, I will give you the department store, hotel, condo, and golf course. I will completely separate my family and make sure no one can take it away. “How are you feeling?”

“Ah, father!”

This time the two sons shouted. She is more worried about her sister’s divorce than the loss of a profitable subsidiary with strong cash mobilization power.

“I won’t force you. I don’t want to be a father who encourages his daughter to divorce. “Seoyoon, you make the choice.”

There was only a cold chill in the study.

“I was wrong all this time. I was going to hire a capable guy to take care of the cruise… Not anymore. I think it would be better to kick out the incompetent guy. From now on, anyone who causes trouble or makes mistakes will be sent to the island. “If you want to set foot on Seoul, you will have to erase it from your family register.”

Everyone just swallowed dry saliva. It is as if a full-fledged succession race has been declared. Is it because of age? You must think you can’t put it off any longer.

Now, if you don’t want to be pushed out, you can’t make even one minor mistake.

* * *


“yes. I probably won’t be back this year. “I have a lot of work to do.”

My father and Oh Se-hyeon’s surprised eyes turned to me.

“I’ll go and meet Sangjun and my mother, and I’ll learn some work at Miracle in the U.S.”

Oh Se-hyun, who saw my expression, winked at my father. He seems to think it’s okay to take a break to cool off his complicated feelings.

However, his father did not see Oh Se-hyeon’s glance.

“What do you have to do in America? A lot of things have happened here, right?”

“Your uncle will take care of that. Yes? uncle?”

“okay. Leave DMC to me. “We will proceed without a hitch.”

Oh Se-hyun poked his father’s side and nodded.

Only then did the oblivious father nod his head.

I also want to rest a little.

But today, an article in the newspaper shook me.

It is a translated version of an American interview, but the American is Bill Gates.

The interviewer asked Bill Gates what he was most afraid of, and he answered:

“At this moment, kids in their twenties are making something in a shabby garage.”

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both started in garages.

I need to find the next Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Fortunately, it is easier than finding Kim Seo-bang in Seoul.

Because I know the names of companies and people.


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