The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 399

399. God of Epigenesis (5)

From the beginning, there was only one solution.

“Transcendence Myth <Spirit Attunement> is activated.”

“From now on, the divinity effect of <Indomitable Attack> will be added to challenger Han Seong-yoon’s divinity use.”

「※By designating an opponent, all types of status can become equal to that opponent for [4 minutes].」

「※However, if you are unable to withstand the burden accumulated due to the increase in rank, the power of <Spirit Indomitable> may be stopped.”

“From now on, the sacred effect of <Self-Adjustment> will be applied to challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

「※It becomes possible to freely control and manipulate the spiritual powers that one possesses.」

「※You can control formless power with spiritual power and apply the effect of spiritual power to that power.」

transcendent myth.

The answer lies in the unique power that was built up based on the sacred <Transcendence> while crossing numerous battlefields.

Even if this side is greatly inferior in divinity and soul status to the god of birth, the means to overcome that are always at hand.

「Designation complete.」

“Transcendence Myth <Spirit Attunement> begins to equally adjust the level of the designated opponent.”

「※From now on, for [4 minutes], all types of status will become equal to the opponent in front of you, and the increase in status can be very burdensome.」

like now.

Dude… … !!

Before I knew it, I felt that the level of divinity within my body, and beyond that, the level of the essential soul itself, had rapidly risen and become stronger.

‘really… … .’

It was huge.

‘The myth of transcendence always produces an effect that exceeds expectations.’

It is truly a performance worthy of a hidden card.

But that didn’t surprise me.

<Indomitable Spiritual Attack>.

That was because it had the truly wonderful effect of allowing one to, at least temporarily, face off against a demon god who was one of the highest skilled among ancient deities.

step… … .

Since I activated the Transcendent Myth <Spirit Attunement> targeting an epiphyte god who was in the middle of the ancient deities, there was no unfortunate incident like the last time where the god’s status expanded beyond his ability to handle.

At that, I had a crooked smile on my face.

‘okay… … . Unlike true monsters like demon gods, the god of epiphytes is not at a level that I can’t handle. ‘It’s a blessing in disguise.’

It was good news.

In fact, even if I used the hidden card of the transcendental myth <Spirit Attunement> against the demon god I encountered in the demon world, I could barely handle the status of a divinity.

But it wasn’t like that over there.

By activating <Spiritual Indomitability>, one of the sacred effects of the Transcendent Myth <Spiritual Attunement>, you can adapt without any burden even though not only the level of the divinity itself but also the level beyond it has increased.

Doesn’t this mean that the possibility of victory is not far away?

Only then did I feel that I was on the same level as the other person, and I burst into laughter as a feeling of excitement rose up my spinal cord.

But… … .

“The god of birth is greatly angered by your every action.”

[ Rat- New talent- go───!! Are you laughing at me───!! ]

Did the god of epiphyte take this as a kind of mockery?

“Divine <Strike> is activated, and the physical blow becomes significantly stronger in proportion to the consumption of vitality.”

The God of Epiphany widened his veiny eyes and concentrated the red divinity into his right hand and swung it like before.



「… … .」

“Skill ‘Fresh Blood Seeker’ is strongly activated.”

“The power skill ‘Unquenchable Mortal Flame’ is strongly activated.”

The moment when he countered by creating a disaster involving blood and fire based on the combination of skills.

「… … .」

“The sacred <evil food> is used.”

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon’s next attack is imbued with the power to consume divinity.”


In an instant, a power infinitely close to a disaster made of blood and fire poured out beyond, devouring the other person’s red divinity.


[ ───!? ]

It’s not even just that.

A disaster made of blood and fire, like a wild beast, violently burns the red giant’s left arm.

Only then did the God of Epiphany let out a cry of panic and began struggling to shake off the black flames.

But there was no way that was possible.

Innately, the unquenchable mortal flame is one of the strongest attack techniques that, depending on the amount of magic power, does not extinguish the fire until it devours everything in the opponent.

Moreover, since it is activated based on the assistance of the transcendental myth <Spirit Attunement>, it is not unilaterally overwhelmed by the opponent’s power.

Even if he were the God of Epiphany, one of the ancient deities, he would not be able to extinguish the black fire without expending any amount of power.

Knowing that, they launched one fierce attack after another.


In an instant, I swept the starlight of the slash with strong energy wrapped around the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword and the Breaking Heavenly Sword.



Quad de-.

“The god of birth feels a little pain and frowns.”

[ ───! ]

Is it because their level of divinity has become the same?

Before I knew it, I had succeeded in destroying the red divine armor surrounding the God of Epiphany and inflicting damage.

However, even though the starlight of the sword was lightly scattered here, the god of epiphytes seemed to have taken quite a hit.

However, just for a moment.

[You, uh, uh───! ]

The god of birth expressed his angry murderous intent and his red divinity glowed strongly.

[ Dare, dare, dare───! ]


[Jit-mung-dog-ju-ma───!!! ]

Next moment.


The space in the sky was distorted and torn apart at the timing when the god of birth let out an excited scream.

“The myth <The Nest of the Parasitic One> is activated, and the individual space of the god of parasites is opened.”

And that’s not all.

As the God of Epiphany expressed his will, numerous items slowly fell from the gap in the space beyond the sky.


Suddenly, the space in the sky was torn apart, and each and every item that appeared through it was imprinted with divinity.

I opened my eyes wide at that.

‘No way, this… … .’

That means only one thing.


It’s no different… … .

「… … .」

「The Twisted Contaminated Crown of Arrogance (SS-) exclusive effect ‘The Ugliness of Arrogance’ is activated, causing the divinity to take on the nature of pollution.」

「The Essence (S+) exclusive effect containing the silence of darkness, ‘The silence of darkness’, is activated, and darkness surrounds the entire body… … .」

「The distorted symbol of pride (S-) exclusive effect ‘Time of Pride’ is activated, and the concept divinity is strengthened by +15%… … .」

In fact, all of the hundreds of items in front of me, every single one of them, are relics.


It’s not even just that.

“The sacred <incarnation> is activated and becomes parasitic on objects touched by the sacred, absorbing their life force and taking over and controlling them.”


In the blink of an eye, the red divinity originating from the god of epiphyte permeated the land of Skandia and the relics in a sticky manner, glowing with an ominous hue.

The supernormal abilities of the concept of divinity, which is essentially the essence of the conceptualization of the ancient godhead, cannot be compared with the supernormal abilities of other divinity.

Well, it’s a simple story.

“The god of birth is displeased with you and lets out a divine roar.”

[Fire-destruction-righteousness-power-in-front-of-stood-that-ru-lose-la───!! ]

God of epiphyte.

Originally, there was a traitor who stole numerous relics from the Pantheon… … .

Suddenly, not only did he use the numerous relics stolen from the pantheon, but he also activated the concept of divinity, and began to display the power of the ancient divinity close to its maximum.



A lot changed in an instant.

‘I had no idea that there were so many relics said to have been stolen from the Pantheon.’

Originally, the god of birth was not protected by any divinity, but after activating the holy relics, his entire body was covered with numerous item effects.

‘It’s annoying.’

And that’s not all.

‘At this point, there is no point in using the hidden card of the transcendental mythology <Spirit Attunement>.’

Before we knew it, the God of Epiphany was showing off his power on an overwhelming scale, showing that even his fighting style had clearly changed.

‘It’s the worst from start to finish.’

It’s no different… … .

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo!

‘… … Unlike the giants like the God of Victory that we faced on the battlefield of the gods, is it true that their true fighting style is to take a long-distance position?’

The god of epiphyte dominated the world of Skandia itself and was pushing this side.

This is not a metaphor or anything like that.

Just, in a pure sense, the god of epiphytes was dominating the world of Skandia itself, showing off his unbelievably grotesque destructive power.

That’s also huge.


In the blink of an eye, the land of Skandia and the vegetation beyond it were dominated by the red nova and began to act like a natural disaster.

━Divinity <Incarnation> is activated and parasitizes on objects touched by the divinity, absorbing their life force and controlling them.

It seems that the concept of the god of epiphytes gained influence over the world of Skandia itself based on the divinity <Epiphany>, which appears to be a divinity… … .

‘I’m going to be amazed.’

It literally felt like hell.

The land of Scandia was lashed out like a tsunami or a storm made of dirt, and the vegetation beyond it became a kind of snare or skewer, swirling around without a break.

And at a speed that easily exceeds supersonic speed.

However, the reason they are able to continue to evade this is not only because they used the hidden card of the transcendental mythology <Spiritual Attack Coordination>, but also because they have an overwhelming agility value.

The situation itself would be close to the worst.

-What is this again?


―I knew that the god of birth was one of the ancient deities, but I never thought he could control and control a world itself… … .

That was actually the case.

-this is… … .

Before I knew it, Dam Cheon-Woo was also sighing as if he was dumbfounded, dropping the blade of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword.

-You’re a monster, right?

As if it were really possible to win against an ancient god who could control and control even a single world.

‘There would be almost no chance of victory.’

however… … .


In response, I held the blade of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword tightly and my eyes flashed wide.

‘That’s no reason for me to be scared.’

It was simple.

The activation of <Spirit Indomitable>, one of the divine effects of the transcendental myth <Spiritual Attunement>, has not yet ended.

Even though the god of birth is using numerous holy relics, this is only a reinforcement that does not affect the level of divinity or the level of the soul.

If so, there are still plenty of opportunities left.

‘It’s worth a try.’


‘Then you have to do what needs to be done.’

Next moment.


In the blink of an eye, I quickly descended from the high sky and almost shot down as a ray of light towards the god of epiphytes.



Coo coo coo coo coo coo!

Accordingly, the God of Epiphany countered with attacks that were close to natural disasters based on the sacred <Epiphany>.

Probably, after blocking this side before it comes down there, we will prevent it from approaching the opponent with Holy <Strike> or Holy <Strike>.

Among the gods I’ve seen so far, they seem to be overwhelmingly less intelligent, and unlike their actions or speech, they have been using irritating tactics.

however… … .

‘That’s okay.’

Even after seeing that, I didn’t stop and descended, activating the special effect of an item on my wrist.

「The effect ‘Attack Nullify’ exclusive to Returner’s Old Wristwatch (SSS+) is activated.」

“Divine <Incarnation> returns to the ‘state before the attack was activated’ by ‘attack invalidation’.”

「Returner’s Old Wristwatch (SSS+) exclusive effect ‘Attack Nullify’ creates a cooldown of 30 minutes.」

Returner’s worn-out wristwatch (SSS+).

It was originally one of the items I obtained as a reward for clearing the Giant Tree Labyrinth.

At best, the ‘Attack Nullification’ of ‘Returner’s Old Wristwatch (SSS+)’ only bought a little time by canceling the divine activation.

‘There isn’t much left.’

It didn’t matter.

Anyway, what I was hoping for was a little time that could be gained by canceling the activation of the sacred <Incarnation>.

This side was able to continue the work that needed to be done simply by obtaining a short period of time for the god of epiphany to re-activate the sacred <Epiphany>.

But difficulties still remain.

「Activates the sacred <Strike> to cause destruction proportional to the consumption of sacred power and vitality.”

Suddenly, a shock wave made of red nova was generated by the nova.

This is within the scope of assumption.

In response, I immediately activated one of the concept divinity within my body and countered the divinity <Strike>.

It’s no different─.

“By activating Divine <Victory>, we rule out one possibility that could lead to defeat.”

By activating the concept of divinity obtained after killing the God of Victory on the battlefield of the gods, the divinity <Strike> itself was erased.


I had to frown at that.

In fact, it is a loss that the cooldown was created from ‘Returner’s Old Wristwatch (SSS+)’ to Holy <Victory>.

Perhaps, if this blow cannot be succeeded against the God of Epiphany, it is a choice that may lead to the worst outcome.

Then, failure is a synonym for death.

“Divine <Strike> is activated, and the physical blow becomes significantly stronger in proportion to the consumption of vitality.”

But failure cannot be avoided.


A truly overwhelming shock wave pours out.

In fact, the sacred <Strike> is a power in which the physical blow becomes infinitely stronger in proportion to the consumption of vitality.

It is the strongest striking weapon for the God of Epiphany, who can scrape out the vitality from the world of Skandia itself.

「… … .」

“The unique skill ‘Shedding’ is activated.”

“Even if it is an attack that cannot be avoided, it is possible to avoid it.”

The moment you try to dodge it by activating one of the detailed effects of the unique skill ‘Shedding’.


In the blink of an eye, the detailed effects of the unique skill ‘Shedding’ were distorted in front of the overwhelming power and struck my entire body.

“Skill ‘Last Resistance’ is activated.”

“The fatal wound inflicted on you is nullified.”

“All senses are temporarily amplified and corrections to all skills are added.”

「The skill has a cooldown of one week.」

However, defense measures still remain.

Just like that, I activated the skill ‘Final Resistance’, completely eliminating the damage from my entire body, and raised my head.

And then I saw it.

The image of the god of epiphyte standing in front of me looking this way with his three eyes wide open, as if he couldn’t believe it.

That means only one thing.


Next moment.

“Use sacred <death>.”

“The sacred <Death> erodes all things according to the user’s will.”

“He can control the death of everything that has been eroded by sacred <death>.”


[ ───!! ]

In the blink of an eye, the fatal power of the divine <Death> came down on the god of birth from his twin swords.


ancient deity.

It refers to monsters with immortality that have become the very concept of this universe.

In fact, becoming an ancient deity meant becoming a cosmic being who could no longer die.


Even if he becomes an ancient god and cannot handle the thoughts of the concept of divinity, and his mind itself becomes polluted and he can no longer continue to think normally, his immortality does not change.

That is one of the laws of the universe.

Although the god of birth had his mind polluted to the point where he could not speak proper language, he remembered this fact and relied on his own immortality.


“The god of birth feels great pain and lets out a sacred scream.”

[ ───!! ]

Knowing this, the god of birth felt angry even as he screamed in great pain.

[ K-ha- ah───!! ]

The god of epiphany removed Han Seong-yoon from his body with a strike mixed with divinity, with blood vessels forming in his three eyeballs.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

And the God of Epiphany then saw Han Seong-yoon tumbling across the land of Skandia in an unsightly manner and let out a roar full of anger.

[ Dare, dare, dare──! ]

It was worth it.

[ Bur-ru-ji- go───!! ]

Originally, the god of epiphytes was one of the cosmic monsters and was an ancient god who was treated greatly ever since he was in the pantheon.

He became an ancient god over a hundred years ago and achieved immortality through conceptualization, forgetting pain, death, and even the self.

At best, in the eyes of the god of epiphytes, Han Seong-yoon only seemed like a bug crawling up.

[I am—! ]

It should have been just a story, nothing more, nothing less.

[Immortality-everything! ]

But… … .

[ Yes! As for trash-! To me, it’s just an insignificant thorn───!! A wound like this can be recovered right away. ]

It was strange.

[ … … . ]

The god of birth gathered divinity to heal the wound on his chest, but nothing changed.


The God of Epiphany had a pale expression.


In fact, wasn’t the body of the ancient godhead, after being conceptualized, reconstructed into something close to divine power?

If we raise our divinity as the god of birth wishes, it would be natural for these wounds to disappear immediately.

However, despite this, the black scar on the chest of the God of Epiphany does not disappear.

As if this were an absolute brand that no one could erase.

Only then did the three eyes of the God of Epiphany shake and anxiety rose beyond them.

[What is this-]



Han Seong-yoon, who saw this, stood up helplessly from the land of Scandia and laughed.

“They said the wound wasn’t a big deal.”

Before I knew it, Han Seong-yoon’s eyes were shining wildly like a wild beast standing in front of its prey.

“I guess that’s actually not the case?”

That means only one thing.


It’s no different─.

“The god of transcendence and death smiles brightly at the possibility of victory.”

[ ─That much? ]

… … Han Seong-yoon’s idea was that the ancient concept of divinity itself could be eliminated.

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