The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 400

400. Proof of transcendence (1)

A truly overwhelming shiver spreads through my entire body.

“The achievement ‘Seed of Mortality’ has been achieved.”

“Exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased reward] is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

“The level of rewards obtained from achievements increases.”

“All abilities increase by 100.”

In an instant, all abilities increase significantly through the achievement system, and the joy that fills the whole body increases.



Only the mortal supernormal power of the divine <Death> that forces the end of all things can open up the possibility of victory.

This is a power that has become one of the concepts of the universe and allows it to break the essence of immortality achieved by the ancient godhead.

“In fact, the answer was close from the beginning.”

That means only one thing.

“I’m just not sure this is the right answer.”

It’s no different… … .

“It was only a guess that I could destroy the concept of divinity itself, which was achieved by ancient gods.”

Only I can destroy the immortality of the ancient Godhead itself based on the divine <death>.

“But not anymore.”

That too for sure.

“Even if we say that the ancient concept of godhood is divinity, I have confirmed that I can cause damage in the end.”

Only then did I stand up from the ground and speak with a crooked smile on my face.

“Anyway, the immortality of the ancient godhead essentially depends on the concept of divinity, right?”

At that, my eyes flashed with infinite joy and I made a tone that was close to mocking.

“Then it’s a simple story.”


“Aren’t you quite curious?”

Next moment.

“—Will you still be able to maintain your immortality even after losing your concept of divinity to me?”

Hearing those words, the god of life trembled almost in a fit and let out a roar.

“The god of birth feels confused, angry, and a little afraid of you.”

[ Shut up! ]

Before I knew it, the god of birth was holding onto the black scar on his chest and violently exhaling his red divinity.

[I am—! ]

It was a shout mixed with a faint sense of despair and frustration, as if faced with an overwhelming irrationality that could not be fought against.

[Ancient-divine-this-da───! ]

I kind of figured out why it was like that.

[Fire-destruction-righteousness-species-lord-ran-word-this-da───! ]

Originally, the concept of divinity built up by the god of birth would have shined with great value befitting the status of an ancient divinity that no one in the universe could easily destroy.

‘But I denied it.’

But that wasn’t the case anymore.

‘This is worth getting angry about.’

In fact, didn’t the concept of divinity immortality itself, built up by the god of birth through divinity <death>, become like a lamp in the wind?

[Gam-hee—! ]

In fact, at this point, even if the ego was not contaminated by the concept of divinity, one would inevitably be greatly psychologically shocked.

[Gross-brash-crazy───! ]

There was really no difference.

A feeling of extreme roughness, as if the world itself was being pressed down with divinity.

Just by emitting the overwhelming divinity of an ancient godhead, the worst environment is created in which even high-level gods cannot breathe.

I looked at the overwhelming size of the red giant, under such extreme pressure that I felt as if my whole body would be crushed.

That red nova that you see before your eyes is a power on a cosmic scale, made up of the accumulation of a long period of time that may exceed a hundred or even thousands of years.

But… … .

“That’s strange.”


“I… … .”

I don’t know why, but now I don’t feel too much mental pressure when I see the cosmic scale of divinity possessed by that god of birth.



It’s not even just that.

Pure joy fills my whole body.

“Well, even when you think about it yourself, don’t you feel that the words themselves are somewhat absurd?”

For some reason, it was impossible to hold back laughter even though the ancient deity was being crushed by the divinity that seemed to have drawn all its power.

“That’s right.”

I noticed.

At this point, I was clear about what I was feeling.

Before I knew it, I was showing the God of Epiphany not fear, anxiety, or defeat, but feelings closer to the opposite.

“How dare we discuss someone’s arrogance here… … .”

Only then did I speak with a light smile and coldness on my lips.

“The god of transcendence and death feels infinite joy when he sees the other person’s face filled with fear.”

[ –Yes, it is an expression suitable for someone like you who is overwhelmed by the power of the divine <Death> and barks like a frightened dog. ]

It was simple.

The God of Epiphany, one of those ancient deities in front of me, is no longer an overwhelming force.

Couldn’t the divinity of this side, <Death>, surpass the immortality of the ancient godhead imprinted in the concept of the universe itself?

“therefore… … .”

If so, their compatibility will be different.

“Let’s stop complaining about minor scars and just start fighting.”

In an instant, the structure of the hunter and the prey is reversed.

“When the god of transcendence and death catches sight of a new prey, he feels intense greed.”

[Now that the competition is starting to become more interesting. ]

Next moment.


As it was, I beamed with excitement, as if I couldn’t bear it any longer.



“The myth <The Hero of Reversal> is activated.”

“All abilities increase by +400.”

“The special buff <Adversary of Giants> is activated.”

「When dealing with enemies of the giant race, all of the user’s attacks can inflict fixed damage in proportion to the enemy’s health.」

Numerous system messages appeared, and the level of physical ability, divinity, and magical power increased significantly.

‘Roughly speaking, this is the best line I can form without difficulty.’

And accordingly, I finished my judgment by complying with the powerful force that rested on every part of my body.

‘It’s a bit scary.’

It was ambiguous.

Even if numerous buffs were obtained through skills, powers, or myths, the limit was clear.

It won’t be long before you can match your opponent with <Spirit Indomitable>, one of the divine effects of the Transcendent Myth <Spiritual Attack Tuning>.

In that case, wasting time directly leads to defeat.

‘But it’s worth a try.’

There is no longer any reason to save the cards in hand.

‘I have clearly seen that I can leave an indelible scar on the ancient concept of divinity and divinity itself.’

The supernormal power of divinity <death> can erode the concept of divinity itself, ultimately leading to the collapse of divinity.

‘Then the conditions for victory are narrowed down to one.’

The possibility of victory itself was clearly felt.

‘… … Before the divine effect of the Transcendent Myth <Spirit Attunement> disappears, I think it would be right for me to erode the opponent’s divine <Death> one more time.’

It’s just that each level of difficulty until I achieve the victory conditions is virtually impossible.

‘It’s simple.’

Does not matter.

A difficulty that is close to impossible?

There is no way something like that can shake our will.

That’s right, from the moment I was chosen to the Tower of Trials until now, I have always been a challenger who has challenged impossible and irrational things.

Even if the possibility of success was as thin as a thread, if there was even a single possibility, I did not hesitate even in the face of fire and just threw myself to get here.

It didn’t change this time.




The moment when the divine starlight engulfs the entire space itself, containing the divine <death>.

“Divine <Strike> is activated, and the physical blow becomes significantly stronger in proportion to the consumption of vitality.”

[Get out! ]


In an instant, the nova starlight I sent was extinguished by the red nova shock wave.

The epiphytic god in front of you is definitely a difficult enemy that deals with power.

The divine <Incarnation>, and the divine <Strike> and the divine <Strike>, followed by various myths, and as a powerhouse of an ancient god, he must have additional divine supernormal abilities.

‘The divinity of the concept, and even each of the secondary divinity’s supernormal abilities, are extremely difficult variables.’

Even if I try to use techniques within the scope of the assumption, there are too many ways to destroy it.


In fact, I’ve almost exhausted all of my variable creation abilities, such as ‘Returner’s Old Wristwatch (SSS+)’, skill ‘Last Resistance’, or Holy <Victory>.

We felt the need to balance each other.

‘If you don’t like the divine supernormal ability, just get rid of it and you’re done.’

This side even had the means to do so.

「Black Mirror of Purity」

「Grade: SSS+」

“A symbol of great evil created in response to the pure malice of an ancient god.”

“You can activate the exclusive effect ‘Pure Despair’… … .」

Black Mirror of Purity (SSS+).

One of the holy relics given by the God of Proof to this party, showing his feelings close to good will.

This was also the result of me forcibly evolving the relic based on the item obtained from the Tower of Trials, ‘Call of Deep Divinity (EX)’.


“… … .”

The relic ‘Black Mirror of Purity (SSS+)’ has only one item-specific effect.

‘Let’s go.’

It’s no different… … .

「The Black Mirror of Pure (SSS+) exclusive effect ‘Pure Despair’ is activated.」

「Due to the Black Mirror of Purity (SSS+) exclusive effect ‘Despair of Purity’, the sacred power of ‘Dirmoa’, the god of epiphyte, is sealed for 10 minutes.」

「Due to the Black Mirror of Pure (SSS+) exclusive effect ‘Pure Despair’, the user’s divine power is also sealed for 10 minutes.」

「The Black Pure Mirror (SSS+) exclusive effect ‘Pure Despair’ has a cooldown of 1 year.」

To equally seal the sacred power of myself and the other person chosen by me for 10 minutes.


Next moment.

“I am astonished that the god of birth has become unable to externally express his divine supernormal abilities and divine power.”

[ ───!? ]

In an instant, the divine power of the epiphyte god that filled the world of Skandia itself shattered like a thin piece of ice.

And that’s not the end.

Originally, the God of Epiphany manipulated the life force of Skandia with the divine <Epiphany> and other divine supernormal abilities, so as the divine supernormal abilities were sealed, all natural disasters also disappeared.

Neatly too.

‘That’s awesome.’

I had to admire him with a smile on my face.

The God of Epiphany, one of the ancient deities, cannot use divine power… … .

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t just be happy about the divine seal effect.


Before I knew it, I could no longer draw out my divine power thanks to the holy relic ‘Black Mirror of Purity (SSS+)’.

‘At least basic manipulation of the sacred power within the body is possible, but it won’t be of much significance.’

Even if you activate the transcendental myth <Absolute Immutability>, nothing will change.

Even if we were to express our divine power to the outside world, we would not be able to manipulate it as desired.

It could be said that using powers such as divine supernormal abilities or divine armor was almost impossible.

And as I clicked my tongue, the god of epiphytes also gritted his teeth and roared as if he had figured out something.

Before I knew it, the God of Epiphany had turned pale, as if he was frightened by an unknown situation.

“The god of birth expresses great dismay at being unable to activate his divine abilities.”

[You—! to me-! What kind of trick have you pulled? Tsu- re- ki- ga───! ]

The god of birth seemed to have squeezed the red divinity to its limit and let out a divine voice, but the sound was nothing more than ordinary.

‘The seal of divinity is almost perfect.’

Even if the god of birth uttered a voice full of divinity, it was meaningless.

At best, it felt like the voice of the god of birth was being heard loudly through an ordinary loudspeaker.

However, even so, the status of divinity would remain the same, so it was not possible to immediately overwhelm the god of birth.

‘We will fight using basic manipulation of the divine power within each other, rather than using divine supernormal abilities.’

Even if the divine supernormal ability itself was sealed, it would be possible for an ancient god to manipulate divine power within the body.


In fact, considering that the ancient godhead is made up of the divinity itself, this side will have to fight with the epiphyte god from now on to eat away at each other’s divinity.

If so, the power of transcendental mythology ends.

‘There’s no need to do that.’

There is only one answer to that.

‘Because I just have to use my last hand.’

It’s no different… … .

「Traces of a Brilliant Concept」

「Grade: SSS+」

“The result of traces of brilliant divinity being concentrated and transformed into a single conceptual substance.”

「When challenger Han Seong-yoon uses it, the exclusive effect ‘Traces of Concept’ can be activated.」

“Allow one of the divinity to be used even if it has a cooldown, cannot be duplicated, or does not meet the conditions for use.”

Basically, all you have to do is cheat by using the items given as a reward for clearing the Battlefield of the Gods at the Tower of Trials.

‘It’s actually an effect that can forcefully activate one of the sacred powers.’


‘Of course, you can forcefully activate only one of the divinity, but… … .’

With a twisted smile on my face, I conveyed my intention to use ‘Significant Traces of Concept (SSS+)’.

‘Anyway, if you have to choose only one of the divinity, it’s obvious which one you should get.’

It was simple.

“Traces of a Brilliant Concept (SSS+) The exclusive effect ‘Traces of a Concept’ forcibly activates sacred <Fighting Spirit>.”

Isn’t there one of the divinity that allowed you to climb the Tower of Trials and achieve victory over many powerful enemies?


It’s not even just that.

‘There is a different way to use sacred <fighting spirit>.’

As it was, I channeled the divine <fighting spirit> power into the ‘Divine Absorption Bracelet (SSS-)’ worn on my wrist and accumulated it.

「… … .」

「The authority ‘Divine Power’ is forcibly activated and sacred <fighting spirit> is imprinted on the ‘Bracelets of Divine Absorption (SSS-)’.”

「The authority ‘Divine Power’ is forcibly activated, changing the ‘Bracelet of Divine Absorption (SSS-)’ into a ‘Bracelet filled with divinity and fighting spirit (SSS).’」

Next moment.

「… … .」

“Divine <Fighting Spirit> is forcibly activated through the ‘Release of Fighting Spirit’ exclusive effect for the bracelet (SSS) containing divinity and fighting spirit.”

“The holy relic disappears due to the ‘Release of Fighting Spirit’ exclusive effect for the bracelet (SSS) containing divinity and fighting spirit.”

System messages appear all at once in front of your eyes, and divinity shines.

“Divine <Fighting Spirit> meets the conditions and is automatically used.”

“With the divine <fighting spirit>, challenger Han Seong-yoon receives a significant buff in proportion to the level of fighting spirit.”

「※With Holy <Fighting Spirit>, recovery speed and total amount of recovery increase by 10,000 times.」

「※With sacred <fighting spirit>, all physical abilities become 10,000 times stronger.」

「※With Holy <Fighting Spirit>, attack speed is accelerated by 10,000 times… … .」

「※Divine <Fighting Spirit> increases external divinity resistance ability by 10,000 times… … .」


That means only one thing.

At this moment, I have gained pure power that is close to the level beyond the ancient godhead.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo co!

That’s also huge.

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