The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 398

398. God of Epigenesis (4)

In an instant, the space beyond the sky is torn apart and a red giant of overwhelming size appears.


God of epiphyte.

The God of Darkness tells us that he is a traitor who stole a lot of relics from the pantheon and ran away.

It was an immortal perfectionist who reached the level of the ancient godhead without any imperfection.

“… … .”


“It’s amazing… … .”

When I saw that, I felt both goosebumps and a sense of victory all over my body, and I drooled.

‘I never knew there would be such a big difference in the level of divinity.’

It was worth it.

As soon as we saw the God of Epiphany, we already had a rough idea of ​​what kind of strength he had.

As I continued to think based on the depth of divinity and the numerous powers visible beyond it, I became clearly aware of the gap between me and my enemy.

‘It’s just that the number of times I win is at a level that should be regarded as a miracle… … .’

The gap between them was quite large.

Since it is said that the original god of birth became an ancient deity about a hundred years ago, I assumed that it was similar to this one or slightly stronger.

Moreover, as they gained more power by killing all the high-ranking gods gathered in Skandia, they thought they could fight each other as equals.

It was an illusion.

In fact, the epiphytic god seemed to have achieved not only the immortality of the ancient godhead, but even more power, by flawlessly conceiving the concept itself.


‘I’m going to be amazed.’

and… … .

“The god of birth looks at you and expresses his fierce murderous intent without hiding it.”

[You, uh, uh───! ]

The god of epiphyte opened his eyes, three in a row, and let out a roar like a storm.

[How dare you! ]

Just by yelling in anger, your entire body is weighed down by creaking pressure, causing your divinity to shake.

[10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000! Rat- bird- talent- go──! Cheeky-brash-crazy───! ]

It’s not even just that.

[ Oh, I’m looking at what’s mine───! ]

Soon, the god of epiphytes slowly pulled out from the gap beyond the sky and landed lightly on the ground.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

As it was, the land of Skandia collapsed, instantly turning into a tsunami of dirt that spread everywhere.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo!

A terrible sight that feels like the prelude to the end.

In the blink of an eye, the radius of the area where the God of Epiphany had landed was covered with dirt, sand, and dust, making it impossible to rely on vision.

It is said that when you become an ancient god, vision is nothing more than an auxiliary sense, but even taking that into account, there is no need to stay within the opponent’s attack radius.

Therefore, it hurriedly spread its steel wings and moved into the sky.

“The power ‘Wings of Steel’ is strongly activated.”

And very quickly.


Only then was I able to see what form the god of epiphytes was taking from high in the sky.

[Ah, ah, ah───!! ]

The God of Epiphany had red skin heated with anger and was expressing his divinity in all directions.

It’s almost as if this side is feeling tremendous stress over stealing Skandia’s life force and killing all the high-ranking gods.

Moreover, the God of Epiphany seemed to be unable to calm his excitement and expressed his annoyance by letting out an inarticulate scream.

However, just for a moment.

[ Bur-ru-ji- go───! ]

The god of birth roared in rage and then grabbed the red divinity in his hands and hit the ground.

「Activates the sacred <Strike> to cause destruction proportional to the consumption of sacred power and vitality.”

[Tear-uh-ju-ma───! ]

Next moment.


In an instant, the red nova emitted by the god of epigenesis poured out along with the earth in all directions, containing an enormous amount of impact.

Just by looking at it at a glance, you can see that it is not an attack with a narrow range that can be easily avoided.

So what needed to be done was simple.

It’s no different… … .

“The unique skill ‘Shedding’ is strongly activated.”

“We provide an absolute counter limited to the first strike.”

It was a counter.

Wouldn’t the unique skill ‘Spill’ provide a perfect counter only for the first attack?

In response, I stretched out my blood and heavenly demon sword and my broken heavenly sword and struck at the red energy of the sacred <Strike>, but I felt a strong backlash.


‘What is this again?’

And that’s not all.

Originally, due to the unique skill ‘Shedding’, the red divinity of the nova <Strike> would have had to return to the opponent.

But this time it didn’t work out that way.

However, the red wave of the sacred <Strike> was slightly distorted and its trajectory was subtly modified, and no counter was implemented.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… … !!

As a result, I had to watch as the geographical features of Skandia were tragically destroyed while narrowly avoiding the aftermath of the sacred <Strike>.

“… … .”

It was absurd.

In fact, the unique skills obtained through necromancy could be considered another unique characteristic.

Depending on the nature of the power, the direction of growth, the user’s skills, etc., the unique characteristics may have the potential to be equivalent to the concept of divinity.

However, in the face of the divine supernormal abilities easily unleashed by the God of Epiphany, one of the ancient deities, he could not even use up the effects of his unique skills.

‘It’s a real monster… … .’

At this point, it became clear to me that it was real.

I feel with my own skin that the person we are supposed to fight as our enemy is a monster of monsters who has reached the immortal state of an ancient god.

It’s just that while climbing the Tower of Trials, I encountered most of the ancient deities with numerous restrictions and had forgotten about them.

This is my enemy.

‘I can’t believe the day will come when I will face the Tower of Trials or an ancient godhead with pure power, without any limitations due to the law of causality.’


“really… … .”

It was just pure sentiment.

“That’s fun.”

In an instant, I had a smile on my face, covering my anxiety and fear with anticipation and a desire to win.

“Even if it wasn’t like that, it was something that had to be done.”

This is almost like a kind of inevitability.

In fact, if I don’t stop climbing the Tower of Trials, I will end up fighting powerful enemies like ancient gods.

Even if that is not the case, the ancient god of despair, fall, and madness who knows that this is on Earth will do something big someday.

“Let’s do it.”

If so, this was just an opportunity for growth.

“—Will I be able to surpass the immortality of the ancient godhead?”

In response, I held my sword tightly with a twisted smile on my face.


The chances of victory were dim.

“Skill ‘Battle Acceleration’ is activated.”

“Skill ‘Shock Block’ is activated… … .」

“Skill ‘Instantaneous Acceleration’ is active… … .」

Knowing that, I went into battle without sparing any skills, power skills, or divinity.

“As a user, I encountered a strong opponent that was difficult to handle.”

“Skill ‘Indomitable Will’ is activated.”

Even if they hide the power this side has, it wouldn’t mean much.

“The conditions for exclusive spell activation have been met.”

“The exclusive spell <Contempt of the Strong> is activated.”

“All abilities and all skill efficiency increase by 100% until the end of the battle.”

‘There is no room for vain efforts as the opponent is the God of Epiphany, one of the ancient deities.’

Then there was only one thing to do.

Blah blah blah blah-!

“The power ‘King of Winter’ is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

“All abilities are amplified by +10% and the user is not affected by cold at all.”

“The special power ‘Solo Duel’ is strongly activated… … .」

「In a 1:1 duel with an opponent, the user’s divinity consumption value is reduced by 15%… … .」

「The special power ‘Battle Craving’ satisfies the conditions and becomes active… … .」

“It becomes easier to immerse yourself in battle, and the increase rate of all skill proficiency increases by 300%… … .」

It’s no different… … .

「The deity-exclusive power ‘List’ is activated.」

“You can designate up to 100 of all beings within 1,000 meters.”

“The beings listed on the Shinigami list get closer to death every minute and become greatly weakened.”

“Anyone who continues the battle for more than 44 minutes while listed in the list of Shinigami will be eroded by sacred <death>.”

‘We need to figure out whether it is possible to break the immortality that the ancient godhead achieved based on its conceptualization.’

The goal is to find the best victory conditions.

Hasn’t the person in front of you achieved immortality through conceptualization as one of the ancient deities?

Even if this side kills the epiphyte god, that monster will be revived based on the concept of divinity.

Knowing that, I was cautious.

‘There is only one possibility of success.’

One of the unique characteristics of this side, and the concept of divinity derived from its essence, was the possibility of eating away at the immortality of the ancient godhead itself.


It was simple.

The divine <death> can control and handle the death of all things.

After countless struggles, I learned that even divinity itself can be stained with death.

If this side can make a dent in the immortality of the concept of divinity based on divinity <death>, the only path leading to victory will be opened.

‘If we can erode the sacred <Death> using the list of Death Gods or other means, we can have a chance of victory.’

It was worth a try.

In response, I almost became a ray of light, with countless skills, authority, and divinity wrapped around my entire body.

however… … .

The God of Epiphany, who saw this, frowned deeply and then struck the ground with his foot, covering his entire body with the red spirit.

Next moment.


[Nal-bee-le-ga─! ]

In an instant, the ground of Skandia shook and an overwhelming shock wave swept through the entire space.

“The god of birth senses that you are not the same and shows his displeasure.”

[K-Bul-Ji-Ma-LA─! ]

And that’s not all.

“Divine <Strike> is activated, and the physical blow becomes significantly stronger in proportion to the consumption of vitality.”

Before we knew it, the God of Epiphany displayed overwhelming power, holding a red club in his right hand.

In our view, a physical strike mixed with divine supernormal abilities is not a very efficient choice.

This is because, even if a physical attack is attempted based on divine supernormal abilities like a god of epiphany, there is a high probability that it will be blocked by the opponent’s divinity or myth.

however… … .


In fact, at the level of an ancient god, the level of divinity and the strengthening of divine supernormal abilities combined to produce a lethal force close to bombing.

「… … .」

“The unique skill ‘Shedding’ is activated.”

“Even if it is an attack that cannot be avoided, it is possible to avoid it.”

After feeling it with my whole body, I was finally able to activate the unique skill ‘Shedding’ to deflect the aftereffects of the power.

‘What… … .’

But it wasn’t perfect.

Before I knew it, I realized that I was seriously injured even though I had activated the unique skill ‘Shedding’.

Of course, among the power skills, there is Ashville Blood, so recovering from injuries is not that difficult… … .

After realizing that I couldn’t completely block the attacks of the opponent in front of me, I couldn’t help but feel regret.

‘Waiting until the sacred <Death> is eroded by the list of evil spirits is almost impossible.’

There wasn’t much time.

‘There is a high probability that this is not the power of the god of survival.’

It’s not even just that.

In fact, the divinity or physical abilities shown by the god of birth were far from the power of the original god.

This means that this side may end up showing all of their cards before they can find out the opponent’s divinity and abilities.


There was only one solution.

“Is it Mo or Tao…?” … .”

It’s no different… … .

“Transcendence Myth <Spirit Attunement> is activated.”

“From now on, the divinity effect of <Indomitable Attack> will be added to challenger Han Seong-yoon’s divinity use.”

「※By designating an opponent, all types of status can become equal to that opponent for [4 minutes].」

「※However, if you are unable to withstand the burden accumulated due to the increase in rank, the power of <Spirit Indomitable> may be stopped.”

“From now on, the sacred effect of <Self-Adjustment> will be applied to challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

「※It becomes possible to freely control and manipulate the spiritual powers that one possesses.」

「※You can control formless power with spiritual power and apply the effect of spiritual power to that power.」

It was simple.

「Designation complete.」

“Transcendence Myth <Spirit Attunement> begins to equally adjust the level of the designated opponent.”

「※From now on, for [4 minutes], all types of status will become equal to the opponent in front of you, and the increase in status can be very burdensome.」

Indomitable spirit.

An effect that allowed one to temporarily face off against a demon god, who was originally one of the ancient deities.

Even if it is the divinity of the highest level of ancient deities, it activates a power similar to a cheat key that can match it.

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