The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 380

380. Master of strategy (1)

In the blink of an eye, a storm of divinity swirls, and a formless force comes down from the sky.

“Divine <words> are used.”

“By consuming divine power, you can influence the real world with words.”

“However, a lot of sacred power is consumed in words that interfere with the laws of the world.”

《 Be crushed. 》



Accordingly, Dan Woo-seong’s body fell to the floor of the building’s rooftop, and a scream that was close to a scream erupted.


It’s also very terrible.


It was worth it.

In fact, doesn’t the power of the divine spirit exert absolute power over those who do not have the ability to resist it?

For example, only the monster-like powerful players of Wulin, such as Tianxiaojeol or Heavenly Demon, would be able to counter this to some extent.

But the opponent in front of me is not that kind of monster.

“You’re weak.”


If I were to be honest, should I say that it feels foolish to compare myself with people like Heavenly Father and Heavenly Demon?

Because he was chosen by Top, Dan Woo-seong’s basic abilities were definitely high.

However, it is only in terms of indicators such as physical ability or magical power that stand out.

“At this point, I’m wondering what kind of confidence you had in saying that.”

Combat ability cannot be determined based solely on physical ability or magical power.

Although they may be weaker than this side, those like Cheonhaojeol also had high-level skills, and because of that, they were able to face me for a while.

But it wasn’t like that at all.

Still, it seemed like he was able to obtain various rewards as a challenger after being selected by the top, but he was not able to utilize them particularly efficiently, so his growth results were quite miserable.

‘It’s pathetic.’

I said this while looking at Dan Woo-seong, who was weighed down on the floor of the building’s rooftop and writhing like an insect.

“I don’t think you can tell me the difference in strength at that level at best.”


“It seems like you really need to be objective about yourself.”

Did that put a huge dent in the pride over there?


Before he knew it, Dan Woo-seong was yelling through gritted teeth even though the veins in his eyes were bursting and bloodshot.

“Don’t you dare say things like that! As for the hybrid subject who was lucky enough to be chosen for the tower… … ! How dare you—!”

It’s not even just that.

Dan Woo-seong is spreading his powerful magical power everywhere, as if he is trying to escape from the control of the divine <Eonryeong>.

So much so that a magical storm arose on the roof of the building.

However, as a mortal who has not even a single sacred power built up in his heart, there is no way he can escape from the divine <Spirit>.


I felt a mixture of sorrow and boredom.

This is one of the reactions commonly shown by defeated martial arts challengers.

Sometimes, we see that the challengers from the martial arts community had an excessive tendency to always blame others for their defeat.

“well. That would be you. “You’re too weak to be the chosen challenger for the top, right?”

I said it exactly as I thought, without adding or subtracting anything.

“You bastard! kill! I’ll kill you! If this is resolved, I will kill you! okay!?”

However, just for a moment.

“Kill me?”

When I heard that, I smiled and responded like that.

“okay-! Even things like this, small scale bugs! entire! “I won’t leave any of those bugs behind!”

Next moment.



Just like that, I grabbed Dan Woo-seong’s left arm and slowly broke it.



And it didn’t stop there.

“What you should say is not what you would rather do than kill.”

In an instant, I grabbed Dan Woo-sung’s right arm and smiled.

“Skill ‘Torture Skill’ is activated.”

“From now on, you can use more natural torture methods.”

“It becomes easier to instill fear, and the effectiveness of all types of torture increases by 10%.”

“I think the right course of action would be for you to look at me and beg for my life right now.”

“Kwaaah-! Hey, solve this! I told you to let go right now! Otherwise… … !!”

“What are you going to do?”



In the blink of an eye, Dan Woo-seong’s two arms were torn apart and he was writhing in pain.

Maybe the pain I gave him was so great that he couldn’t come to his senses… … .

Isn’t that something we should consider?

“Skill ‘Pain Amplification’ is activated.”

“From now on, anyone you harm will feel the pain twice.”


As it was, I activated the skills related to torture and twisted the opponent’s bent arm around.

“… … “Hehehehe.”

And how many times was that repeated?

“… … You have completely trampled on the chances of survival of challengers from Earth. know?”

Before I knew it, Dan Woo-sung was drooling from his mouth and his eyes were filled with fear and anger.

“If I don’t get back home safely, Emperor Pacheon will notice your actions. And it will come to Earth. Do you know what that means?”


“Now the Earth will disappear altogether! perfectly! A place like this has no value except for a highly developed civilization! “That was it!”

“… … .”

And as if that wasn’t enough, Dan Woo-seong continued laughing as if he had lost his mind.

“Hehehe. That foolish choice of yours will kill everyone… … . okay?”

When I heard that, a sneer appeared on my lips and I spoke in a cold tone.

“No way.”


“Only the strong have the authority to decide that.”

Then, I added murderous intent to my cold smile and stretched out my hand to Dan Woo-sung’s face.

“Then it’s not a story that only you and others can talk about.”

Next moment.

“Use sacred <death>.”

“The sacred <Death> erodes all things according to the user’s will.”

“He can control the death of everything that has been eroded by sacred <death>.”


“Anyway, neither you nor Emperor Pacheon are stronger than me.”

In the blink of an eye, Dan Woo-sung’s body was torn into hundreds of pieces and he died a spectacular death.


Suddenly, there was silence on the roof of the building, except for a puddle of blood.

“… … .”

It was worth it.

‘What on earth is that?’

Seoul Hunter Association.

The challengers who were summoned to the rooftop of the building here for security purposes were all treated as high-level rankers in Korea.

This is because just by climbing the Tower of Trials to near the mid-20th floor, you are considered a world-class ranker regardless of the final ranking.

It’s not even just that.

Even though it was unofficial, several challengers were dispatched from other countries to protect Han Seong-yoon, who was considered the world’s strongest.

Franz himself was like that too.

however… … .

‘monster… … .’

The monstrous man in front of me could not be confined to the frame of being a world-class ranker.

Franz looked at Han Seong-yoon standing in front of him, drooling.

Among the many challengers on Earth, I can say without a doubt that this man is of an overwhelmingly different class.

Franz was sure of that.

‘Originally, Moorim’s challenger would have had a reputation as being difficult to deal with even among those from various levels… … .’

It was huge.

‘I can’t believe I can completely overpower a challenger from martial arts at that level with just a few words.’

Even Franz, who had faced numerous challengers while climbing the tower, was convinced that this man was in an incomprehensible realm.

‘… … no. Maybe he’s the strongest not only on Earth but also in the Tower. ‘That’s out of standard.’


If we were to ask a question about this, Franz would not be the only one feeling this sentiment.

Probably, all of the challengers here are immersed in the same sentiments as Franz.

However, apart from that, one of the challengers asked Han Seong-yoon as if he was anxious.

“… … Challenger Han Seong-yoon. That’s not what I’m going to say. “I heard that that man holds an important position in the faction called Pacheonryeon.”

One of the blonde challengers spoke with concern.

“… … In fact, even if I did not intend to turn the entire martial arts dimension into an enemy, I think having an enemy like Emperor Pacheon would not have been a good choice for the world.”

And when Han Seong-yoon heard those words, he turned his head expressionlessly and answered.


“… … Well, I can’t help it because it’s already happened, but I’d like to ask if you have any other measures in mind for this…”

“doesn’t exist.”


and… … .

“it’s okay.”

Han Seong-yoon responded with an emotionless expression, as if that didn’t matter.

“At best, there’s no way something like that could invade the Earth I protect.”

It’s not a very trustworthy answer.

Doesn’t this mean that we have increased our enemies in other worlds without really thinking about it?

Of course, it can’t be helped… … .

Even if that were the case, at least one person might have scolded me for being too careless with those words.

“… … .”

but… … .

None of the challengers summoned here showed any sign that they did not agree with those words.

If I had to really ask, the big thing was that I couldn’t refute that statement.

That’s because, oddly enough, there was something about what that monstrous man said that made me agree.

Franz realized with instinct, not reason, that those words were close to the truth.


It’s not even just that.

“If we had to be honest, we would have to say that it is not Earth that has a difficult opponent, but the other side.”

That monstrous man was speaking as if victory was a given.

“Because of this incident, I have become completely hostile towards the martial arts group.”

… … However, this time too, there was no one who could deny those words.


Time passed quickly.

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against an unrivaled expert, bringing him 0.14% closer to [transcendence].”

「I have absorbed the spirit of ‘Dan Woo-seong’, the sword of Bokmile.」

「… … .」

Before I knew it, I had absorbed Dan Woo-seong’s spirit and turned it into a handful of abilities.

Although it was only slightly, all abilities increased significantly.

and… … .

“The exclusive effect ‘Blood Food’ of the True Blood Heavenly Demon Sword (S+) is activated.”

「By absorbing a large amount of blood, the item’s grade increases to S+ grade (160,000/57,000).」

‘It’s not particularly bad.’

The Blood Heavenly Demon Sword also grew.

It has been rewarding to use ‘Blood Meal’, the exclusive effect of the Blood Heaven Demon Sword.

Perhaps, if I were to visit a place like Wulin one more time, the item grade of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword could be raised to SS level, assuming I was lucky.


However, just for a moment.

‘Isn’t that also true?’

At that, I raised my head as a thought came to my mind and looked outside the ship.

━… … This concludes the briefing. The Dimensional Cradle is a place that only challengers can enter. Challengers from all over the world are the hope of this Earth. Good luck.

As the voice announcing the end of the briefing rang through the fleet, a huge red cubic structure could be seen beyond the thick fog-covered sea.

It looks like a bright red gem inflated to an absurd size.

I already knew what that was.

“Actually, places like Moorim aren’t the only places where I can grow.”

It’s no different… … .

“That place might be fun too.”

It was a dimensional cradle.

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