The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 381

381. Master of strategy (2)

Before I knew it, I was holding my chin as I looked at the structure of the ‘dimensional cradle’ that resembled a bright red jewel.

The huge jewel-like structure in front of you is one of the events hosted by the tower.

… … And as you can see from that fact, I was on a warship heading to the ‘dimensional cradle’ that appeared on Earth.

‘… … Somehow I ended up arriving at the dimensional cradle faster than expected.’

I came here as soon as the Seoul Hunter Association stopped Pacheonryeon’s actions.

Lee Ha-yeon, who was also at the scene, brought me here because she said she had received a call from the Korean government saying that we had to leave quickly.

In fact, I was half dragged here… … .

At that, I chuckled as I stared at the structure of the ‘Dimensional Cradle’ that had come into view a few minutes ago.

‘… … Well, it’s a serious issue that could destroy the world, so we can’t waste time on it.’

There are no complaints whatsoever.

Originally, events held under the leadership of TOP were open to anyone from all over the world, but that was not the case this time.

A situation where only a few people on Earth can enter the dimensional cradle.

Just by taking a little time, an unfortunate event could have occurred where one of the challengers who had not even been background checked, let alone their skills verified, would end up in there.

If that were to happen, it would be the worst thing on Earth.

‘Anyway, the reason I came to Earth was to enter the dimensional cradle, so there’s nothing bad about it.’

It’s not even just that.

In fact, unlike any challenger who climbed the tower could enter the event, there were many restrictions on entry to the Dimensional Cradle.

Still, in its own way, the event of the Giant Tree Labyrinth was an ‘autonomous choice’ and was not an event serious enough to cause the destruction of the Earth, but the Dimensional Cradle was openly discussing ‘essential choices’ and even the survival of the world.

‘Perhaps TOP wants to eliminate challengers who will one day be eliminated through this event… … .’

Of course, there is no need to be overly nervous.

‘But that doesn’t concern me.’

Anyway, nothing will happen on Earth while I am there.

And that was also the case with the competition with other worlds at the ‘Dimension Cradle’ event held by the tower.

At the very least, if an ancient god, or a comparable higher god, did not appear, this would be enough to carry the competition with other worlds.

━… … We’ll be arriving at the Dimensional Cradle in 10 minutes. Until then, challengers, please enter the ‘Dimension Cradle’ as soon as you are ready. Please, please save the Earth.

Before I knew it, I raised my head as I heard the guidance sound echoing inside the warship heading to the ‘Dimension Cradle’.

“really… … .”

Salvation of the Earth?

It felt a bit cringe-inducing, but it wasn’t particularly strange because it was true.

In reality, all challengers on the fleet here are participating in the tower’s event where the fate of the Earth is at stake.

It wasn’t that different here either.

“Somehow, I feel strange.”

Then, I narrowed my eyes as I looked at a red-tinted cube floating across the sea.

‘Come to think of it, I heard that the number of people who can enter the cradle of that dimension is fixed… … .’

It’s no different… … .

‘Then will we be able to see Catherine Bennett or other known challengers?’

When I came here, I remembered one of the briefings I heard through the warship’s guidance sound.

Did you say that there are already about a dozen advance corps members there, as challengers have been quickly selected from all over the world to enter the dimensional cradle?

The thought occurred to me that perhaps among the advance guard out there, there might be an acquaintance like Catherine Bennett.

However, just for a moment.

“Mr. Seongyoon.”

As I was looking at the dimensional cradle of the sea in front of me, I suddenly heard a clear voice.

Then I turned my head to check the source of the sound and then saw a familiar face.

… … There, Lee Ha-yeon, with a rather tense expression on her face, was looking in this direction and giving her words.

“We have to go quickly. Now, most of the challengers are said to be ready to enter the dimensional cradle… … . I think we should go in before it is too late.”

Even though she was now one of the veteran challengers who had climbed the Tower of Trials to the mid-20th floor, there was an indelible tension on her face.

I think she also felt a great sense of crisis because Toph was openly talking about the destruction of the world. … .

I didn’t feel the need to relieve her tension.

“All right.”

That’s right… … .

“Okay then, let’s go in now.”

Just by showing what overwhelming power is, all those feelings of negativity will disappear.



「Strongly activates the power ‘Wings of Steel.」

In an instant, I spread my steel wings and flew over the fog-covered sea.

There is no need to use space movement abilities such as black magic [Folding Vortex].

Just by flying for a few seconds, I was able to stand right in front of the red jewel.

“… … .”

But… … .

For some reason, a system message asking whether to enter the dimensional cradle did not appear.

This is a strange situation considering that there were originally system messages asking for entry in cases such as towers and giant tree labyrinths.

However, since they had already received some explanation from Lee Ha-yeon in advance, they were not embarrassed.

‘… … Did you say that you can enter just by touching her hand?’

A red cube gem.

As soon as I stretched out my hand there, my eyes turned pitch black.

Just like when you enter a new floor stage by the tower.

“Admission conditions satisfied.”

“Entering the dimensional cradle.”

“It provides some balance to the power of challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

「All equipment and all abilities of challenger Han Seong-yoon are temporarily sealed.」

It’s not even just that.

In the blink of an eye, a shapeless force spread throughout the black space tightened around my body.

My guess is that it seemed like they were trying to restrict all abilities in a special part of the tower stage, like when entering the Secret Garden Trial or the Giant Tree Labyrinth.

“It’s a seal.”

however… … .

“The transcendent myth <Absolute Immutability> is activated.”

“From now on, challenger Han Seong-yoon’s actions will be subject to the divinity effect of <Denial of Transformation>.”

“You can deny all negative changes about you that are brought about by external interference.”

“From now on, the divinity effect of <The One and Only> will be applied to challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

“External phenomena can never imitate the power that is yours without permission.”


And that’s only for a moment.


“The god of transcendence and death expresses deep displeasure.”

[Who on earth are you manipulating? ]

The moment I activated the transcendental myth <Absolute Immutability>.

The restrictions of the system that had been spreading throughout the black space froze.

And as if that wasn’t enough, as the divine power with the status of an ancient god rang out once, cracks appeared all over the black space.

「… … .」

“An error occurred.”

“Expel challenger Han Seong-yoon because he did not meet the entry conditions for the Dimensional Cradle.” … .」

Has that person finally realized that I am a non-standard case?

In the blink of an eye, I felt that my entire field of vision was filled with red system messages and that they were trying to kick me out of this place.

However, just for a moment.

In response, I roughly trampled on the will to expel him by adding to the power of the transcendental myth <Absolute Immutability> and the power of the transcendental myth <Spiritual Attunement>.


And with that, the struggle between them ended.


“Challenger Han Seong-yoon will soon enter the Dimensional Cradle [E-01].”

“The initial entry limit for Dimensional Cradle [E-01] [30/30] has been met.”

“No more challengers from Earth will be able to enter the Dimensional Cradle [E-01] for the time being.”

“It’s finally worth looking at.”

Only then did I draw a line around my mouth and smile as if I liked it.

-her… … .

Dam Cheon-woo, who saw this, shook the sword of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword and then said as if he was dumbfounded.

-okay… … . Now, is it possible to control even things under the control of the tower so easily? It’s huge.

I shrugged my shoulders and responded lightly.

“I am now one of the ancient gods. “Shouldn’t we do this?”

There is nothing surprising.

Now, not only have I entered the state of ancient godhood, but I also have abilities that are different from common myths such as transcendental myths.

In that case, it was natural to counter the TOP penalty.

Because he has moved on from the time when he was just a challenger at best, he is slowly trying to surpass the stronghold of the tower by achieving a universal level of conceptual divinity.

“Of course, it’s still lacking compared to other ancient gods… … .”

And at that, I smiled and showed greedy eyes.

“It won’t last long either.”

Ancient deity.

Even if it were a tower, it was a term referring to the state of transcendence, referring to the state of divinity where one has been reborn as a cosmic being that cannot be treated carelessly.

I am still treading precariously in the world of ancient gods, but I am certain that it will not last long.

Perhaps I will reach a level where I cannot be surpassed by any of the ancient gods.

“I still have a lot of ways to grow.”


If I were to be honest, I would have to say that I am looking at a new realm beyond that.

Just by continuing to fight based on the myth <Possibility of Transcendence> and the growth ability of Necromancy, you will be able to definitely surpass the level of an ancient god.

‘It’s something I’m really looking forward to.’

I felt my heart beating happily and enjoyed the anticipation.

Either die or live.

I was certain that either I would die after repeated extreme battles, or I would achieve the desired result.

And the moment of decisive battle was getting closer and closer.

“… … .”

Originally, I was also accumulating strength against the god of despair, fall, and madness.

That incredibly grotesque ancient godhead must still be hell-bent on killing me.

Even if I become an ancient god, if I do not resolve the fight against that ancient god, the Earth will suffer from endless threats.

I felt it instinctively.

‘Isn’t it something to be particularly anxious about?’

however… … .

Somehow, I didn’t particularly hate it.

The reward you will receive after defeating the God of Despair, Fall, and Madness, one of the ancient deities, is something to be expected.

As I thought about what I would gain at the end of that fierce battle, even a little bit of anxiety turned into a kind of anticipation.

‘That would mean, in other words, that I would have the perfect opportunity to kill an ancient god.’

It was natural.

High risk always comes with high return.

This was especially true because it was a rule that I had engraved in my mind ever since I became a challenger to climb the tower.

‘It sure sounds interesting to see what I can get out of it.’

Then there is no need to be anxious.

That was the moment when I was excited about the showdown with the ancient god.

System messages appeared in front of my eyes, and the scenery in my field of vision changed.

“You have entered the dimensional cradle <Dark World [E-01]>.”

Before I knew it, I was able to arrive at a dark field in a dark space.

Perhaps this was the stage of the dimensional cradle.

As soon as I noticed it, I read all the system messages.

“A challenge for Dimensional Cradle <Dark World [E-01]> has occurred.”

「Challenge description: Challengers from Earth work together to assassinate the Dark Emperor staying within the dimensional cradle <Dark World [E-01]>.」

“Challenge warning: However, challengers from other dimensions in the dimensional cradle <Dark World [E-01]> will guard the Dark Emperor.”

「Challenge success condition: Assassinate the Dark Emperor (0/1)」

「Challenge success reward: All abilities +10 · Skill proficiency increase potion (B+) · Random item box (B+)」


“… … .”

Next moment.


At that, I frowned and fell asleep as if I was dumbfounded.



I think this is a kind of victory condition given to the dimensional cradle <Dark World [E-01]>… … .

If the contents of the system messages that appear in front of you are all true, it is something that cannot be ignored.

“It’s amazing… … .”

… … Actually, it could be said that I am the elite of the elite when it comes to assassinations.

“It’s just that this is at the level of telling you to clear it easily, right?”

His specialty is assassinations without any witnesses.

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