The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 379

379. Dimensional Cradle (5)

“You have purchased a return stone (D+).”

There was no need to waste time.

At this point, it is safe to say that all the news that can be obtained from the tower has been obtained.

Since I didn’t feel the need to remain here any longer, I chose to return to Earth as soon as I bought the Hearthstone.

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon has confirmed his intention to return.”

“Use the return stone to return to Earth.”


“… … .”

In the blink of an eye, I returned to a studio that now felt unfamiliar.

Perhaps because I hadn’t really taken care of it since I went to the tower, there were only traces of dust inside the house, but it didn’t really matter.

Anyway, this is not the place I should be.

It’s just that the awkward feeling of living at home now and the remnants of the past when I couldn’t even be a hunter feel cumbersome.

But that is only for a moment.

‘First of all, you have to do what you have to do.’

There was no time to get emotional.

Probably, even as we are doing this, the insect-like challenger who is said to have come from the martial arts world is wandering around the world.

We had to quickly resolve the situation before that insect-like challenger from Moorim causes an accident.

As quickly as possible.

I then injected lightning magic into the turned off smartphone to recharge its battery and immediately called Lee Ha-yeon.

As was the case every time I contacted her so far, it didn’t take long to connect.

-Mr. Seongyoon. … … I have already carried out the work requested from the top. I also received a response from the other side.

Suddenly, hearing Ha-yeon Lee’s tired voice, I knew that the work I had asked her to do in advance was over.

It’s no different… … .

As requested, we succeeded in contacting the envoy sent by Emperor Pacheon, who is said to be the strongest among the martial arts people.

And I was secretly impressed and asked her again to check if it was real.

“If this is what you requested from the tower, does this mean that the meeting with the challenger, the envoy from the martial arts group, has been accomplished?”

-yes. … … They also happened to be interested in Seongyoon. So it wasn’t difficult to set up a meeting with Seongyoon.

“So where should I go?”

-Seoul Hunter Association. I said I’d see you there. Do not worry. There are challengers and hunters there for security purposes as well as me, so there is no need for a fight to break out.

“… … .”

I was momentarily lost for words.


In fact, I wondered if there was a person on this planet with a level of skill who could protect this side, even using the word ‘guard’.

However, just for a moment.

-… … Oh, of course it’s formal security. Everyone knows that Seongyoon is strong, but if something happens, we won’t be able to endure it.

“All right. Well, I have no intention of doing anything about it. However, please do not bring in challengers who could become hostages to your opponent.”

-Oh, you don’t have to worry about that part. First of all, the security staff was made up of high-level challengers who had climbed to the 25th floor of the tower, including myself. There won’t be anything holding you back.

“Then it doesn’t really matter.”

I just agreed with her words as if it didn’t matter what happened.

Of course, as she said, she had no expectations for high-quality security personnel.

It’s just that I don’t think there’s a need to worry about challengers who have proven their skills to a certain degree, even if they’re from Earth, so they won’t be a burden.

“Then I’ll see you at the Seoul Hunter Association.”


With that, the phone call with Lee Ha-yeon ended.

In any case, aren’t preparations now complete to eradicate the pests of the martial arts that have entered the Earth?

Therefore, without wasting time, I immediately converted the magical power within my body into demon energy.

In an instant, the space I was standing in distorted and began to enter a new space.

【Folding vortex】


Chijijijijijijijik… … !

At the moment when the space in front of my eyes was distorted and I was preparing to move, my senses expanded.

Before he knew it, all of his abilities had surpassed 3,000 and were approaching 4,000, even through the secret ordeal given by Baekhakgeomseon.

And that is close to the level where even a high-ranking god can be overwhelmed, even if only for a moment, with pure physical strength alone.

That means only one thing.

“… … .”

In fact, with the physical senses I have, it is easy to search for prey within the planet.

‘But there are really no more challengers from Moorim except for one… … .’

Only then could I be sure that there were no more pests on Earth.

Since most of the challengers who were originally martial people tell lies, I thought there might be more martial people hiding somewhere.

But that wasn’t the case.

Except for the presence of a martial arts challenger felt in the Seoul Hunter Association, there is no noticeable energy anywhere.

When I realized that, I put a smile on my face.

‘Then you don’t have to worry anymore.’

Next moment.


Just like that, I made a perfect leap through space, landed on the rooftop of the Seoul Hunter Association, and looked up.


It was that moment.

“Are you really the ‘Hunter’, the challenger to being the strongest on this Earth?”

Suddenly, an unlucky voice reached my ear and I turned my attention to the source of the sound.

“In this world, they say he is a strong man called the Sword Demon or the Sword God… … .”

There, standing there, was a handsome young man wearing a very modern attire, chewing on a lollipop, not befitting a former martial artist.

“hmm-. Well, I guess that wasn’t a lie at all? Well, if he’s at your level, he’s worth having as a subordinate.”

However, just for a moment.

“Now that you think about it, I haven’t introduced myself yet.”

For some reason, the young American man standing on the other side spoke words that seemed to be criticizing this group, then nodded his head arbitrarily and continued speaking in an acknowledging tone.

“ah! For your information, I am Dan Woo-seong, the assistant master of Pacheon-ryeon. Wouldn’t it be better to remember that? “After all, it is the name of the person you will treat as your superior.”

It’s no different… … .

“hey. Never forget? Because now you will have to act like my subordinate every time I come here. got it?”

… … The handsome young man in front of me had a mysterious talent that aroused the urge to kill.


Sometimes that happens.

That is the moment when you feel an impulse just by hearing the voice of the person in front of you.

An overwhelming urge, like witnessing a mystery, fills your body and makes you want to punch the other person in the face.

‘ah… … .’

as soon as… … .

‘You really have a knack for making me have the urge to kill… … .’

like now.

“… … .”

Before I knew it, I started to laugh as my mind became dizzy.

‘What on earth is this?’

It was worth it.

He suddenly saw this side out of nowhere and said he would treat me like a subordinate every time he came to Earth?

For some reason, the thought of having to talk to them already made my head ache, but that didn’t last long.

“Is that all you have to say?”

I managed to swallow the anger welling up in my throat and said that, and Dan Woo-seong shrugged his shoulders and answered.

“what? No way? If this was all I had to say, I wouldn’t have come this far. obviously.”

“Then why did you come?”

“I came here only to represent the will of Pacheonryun and build an alliance with Earth.”


At that, I gave a crooked smile as if I was dumbfounded and said lightly.

“What on earth are you talking about as an alliance, saying what you can give to Earth?”

“I will lend you my strength when it comes to the survival of the Earth.”


“That’s it.”

Dan Woo-sung rolled the lollipop in his mouth as if to explain what he meant.

“Often, in martial arts, people receive protection fees in return for protecting the weak from foreign enemies.”

“… … .”

“Emperor Pacheon promised to eliminate all things that threaten the existence of the Earth in return for submission.”


It was absurd.

In fact, in this place, I have even prepared for a certain degree of external invasion based on the concept of divinity.

However, even if the other side came and said that it would protect the Earth from external enemies and protect it from external enemies, it would not have made much sense.


“dog sound! The bastard who just called in Emperor Pacheon and threatened to turn the earth into rubble… … ! “How dare you say something like that?”

The moment when one of the challengers who was guarding those words got angry and said those words.


In the blink of an eye, Dan Woo-sung’s eyes flashed, and an intangible pressure filled the area on the roof of the building.

“It’s dirty… … .”

Of course, that intangible pressure has no physical force whatsoever.

However, Dan Woo-seong’s intention only puts light pressure on living creatures.

However, that alone almost made the complexion of the male challenger who uttered those words turn pale.

“—How dare you, since when have you been teasing me with your tongue for giving me permission to talk to you?”

Soon, Dan Woo-sung showed a cold look in his eyes and used a different way of speaking.

“What are they talking about when they were just lucky enough to be chosen for the top?”

It’s as if everything he’s shown so far has been nothing more than a fake.

“It’s disgusting to see these scum who rely solely on magic and don’t even know they are weak.”

It wasn’t even just that.

Suddenly, Dan Woo-sung seemed to be in a rapidly worsening mood and clenched his fists, showing serious murderous intent.

I think it’s probably a common feeling of disgust among former martial arts challengers… … .

Before I had time to say anything about it, Dan Woo-seong turned his head and spoke in a different tone.

“you. ‘Hunter’. So what are you going to do? Unlike those bastards, I gave you a chance. Choose. “Will you all die here with me, or will you be loyal to Emperor Pacheon?”

I smiled at him.

“… … okay. This is what it looks like. As befits a martial artist.”

In fact, the young American man in front of him seemed to be thinking of eliminating all of the challengers here at once.

“But do you know that?”

Of course, seeing that he spoke in a somewhat flippant tone when he saw me, it seemed like he might give up his intention to fight if I pledged loyalty… … .

“If I were to be honest, it means that I watched more.”


I didn’t really feel the need to do that.

Because that Dan Woo-seong in front of me was only at the level of an ordinary mortal.

“… … under. Did you watch it? Are you just a bastard who was chosen by the top? “The joke is too much.”

But wasn’t that what they heard?

“You need to know the difference in strength.”

Before I knew it, a dark murderous intent was shining in Dan Woo-seong’s eyes.

It’s as if they are going to annihilate everyone without any further consideration.

In response, I muttered with a sneer on my lips.

“Difference in power?”

Really, it was fun.

“That sounds interesting.”

That’s right… … .

“The god of transcendence and death mocks the logic of a mortal in admiration.”

[There’s no way someone like you could tell me the difference in power, right? ]

If we were to look at the ‘difference in power’ between them, it is obvious which one would be better.

“Divine <words> are used.”

“By consuming divine power, you can influence the real world with words.”

“However, a lot of sacred power is consumed in words that interfere with the laws of the world.”

《 Be crushed. 》

Next moment.


A truly overwhelming force was concentrated on Dan Woo-sung’s body and struck him down.

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