The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 344

344. Real (5)

System messages appear before my eyes and my vision is obscured.

“Divine <Fighting Spirit> meets the conditions and is automatically used.”

“With the divine <fighting spirit>, challenger Han Seong-yoon receives a significant buff in proportion to the level of fighting spirit.”

「※With Holy <Fighting Spirit>, recovery speed and total amount of recovery increase by 10,000 times.」

「※With sacred <fighting spirit>, all physical abilities become 10,000 times stronger.」

「※With Holy <Fighting Spirit>, attack speed is accelerated by 10,000 times… … .」

「※Divine <Fighting Spirit> increases external divinity resistance ability by 10,000 times… … .」

The original divinity <Fighting Spirit> had the effect of applying corrections to various abilities.

Physical ability, reaction speed, cognitive ability, attack speed, total recovery amount, etc… … .

In proportion to the user’s fighting spirit, a buff is given to countless abilities at a multiplier of 100.

And what if it were used once more.


It was simple.

‘You can just become crazy strong.’

The ability to truly go beyond the limit is demonstrated.

Of course, buffs to various abilities did not increase the quality of spiritual power or divinity.

Only pure power expands.

But that was enough.

‘Divine <fighting spirit> makes all abilities 10,000 times stronger, so there’s no way it’s weak.’

The result of consuming the relic ‘Gem of Deep Fighting Spirit (SSS+)’.

This is done with numerous abilities applied, including the dedicated spell <Contempt of the Strong>.

Even if the level of divinity or the level of the soul does not increase even slightly, it does not matter.

Anyway, at this point, a simple expansion of power would be enough to overwhelm a decent level of divinity.

“The God of Light is intrigued by your divinity stacking method.”

“The God of Proof is very embarrassed when he sees your divinity overlap… … .」

“The God of Darkness is pleased and praises your divinity… … .」

As the sacred <fighting spirit> overlapped in the blink of an eye, different reactions appeared from each person.

The ancient deities looked applauded, perplexed, or intrigued.

And it was no different from the scene of struggle and victory before our eyes.

It’s no different… … .

“The god of struggle, victory, and death is taken aback by the sudden expansion of power.”

[What else is that… … . ]

The god of struggle and victory, who had already reached the size of a mountain range, was shocked and expressed surprise.

[How can the expansion of power become that much… … ? ]

It was worth it.

In fact, the power gained through the stacking of divine <fighting spirit> would be unusual in the realm of ancient godhood.

The various abilities that had been raised through countless trials so far have now increased 10,000 times due to the stacking of divine <fighting spirit>.

‘It would be weird not to be surprised.’

At this point, he could kill a high-ranking god with just his physical ability.

“that’s interesting.”

It’s not even just that.

Not only is physical ability improved in a very simple sense, but abilities such as divine power and skills have also been greatly strengthened.

It was felt.

In fact, the 10,000-fold increase in various abilities obtained by stacking this sacred <fighting spirit> is worth more than that.

“I wonder if this is really the power I have… … .”

But admiring him only lasts for a moment.

[That’s foolish. ]

Before I knew it, the God of struggle and victory was looking at me with eyes full of disappointment.

[Is that really all there is to a subject who acted like he could beat someone like me? … ? ]

The moment when the wild man, who has walked the path of invincibility through victory after victory, said that.

[You just showed some arrogance… … . ]


As it was, the god of struggle and victory raised his massive body, let out a roar full of fury, and unleashed his divinity.

[ Well, it’s enough to rule out the possibility with my divine <victory>! ]


“The possibility of Divine <Victory> being activated leading to defeat is ruled out#^@%*… … .」

Next moment.

“An error occurred.”

“The ‘external divine resistance ability’ of the god of transcendence and death is very excellent.”

“The probability of Divine <Victory> being activated is greatly reduced, and the Divine activation judgment comes into play.”

The system message that appeared before each other’s eyes was far outside the normal case.

[What… … . ]

No matter what kind of divinity it is, it is inevitable that the divine power itself will be activated.

It is possible to block the activation of divine power due to items, divinity, or power.

However, this does not mean that the probability of divinity being activated decreases and that divinity may not be activated at all.

Because that’s what divinity is.

Moreover, the divinity <Victory>, which was in contact with the realm of the concept divinity, had to be activated.

[What is this! ]

However, that common sense was shattered like an illusion here.

The activation of Holy <Victory> was blocked by simple external Holy resistance.

However, the ‘external divinity resistance ability’, which is the ability to resist the simple expression of divinity… … .

Before we knew it, the effect of the Holy <Fighting Spirit> had increased by 10,000 times, preventing the activation of the Holy Power itself.

[ how! What on earth have you done! How can something like this be possible? ]

The moment when the God of struggle and victory was astonished and depressed as if he could not understand.

“I don’t think there’s any reason to be curious about that.”

Only then did I smile and speak with my divinity activated.

“Divine <words> are used.”

“By consuming divine power, you can influence the real world with words.”

“However, a lot of sacred power is consumed in words that interfere with the laws of the world.”

《Take that away. 》


“Activation failed.”

“The activation of Holy <Victory> was rejected by the opponent’s external Holy resistance ability.”

Next moment.


In an instant, the activation of the Divine <Victory> collapsed and fragments of the Divine were scattered everywhere.

[This is… … . ]

And then the god of struggle and victory threw back the giant’s body and swallowed.

The appearance of the divine activation itself collapsing, something that does not apply to common sense.

The God of Struggle and Victory seemed to be frightened by this and stepped forward, but soon he let out a voice full of rage.

[ Pfft! Well, it’s just meaningless… … ! Even if I can’t use Divine <Victory>, isn’t this just back to square one? It doesn’t change───! ]

And I answered him by nodding.

“It’s normal to not have that kind of cheat ability, but… … .”

However, I did not agree with the statement that nothing would change at all.

“But nothing will change.”

[ … … ? ]

“Actually, I have a question.”

[What is that… … . ]

“It’s simple.”

It was worth it.

“I think I’m probably close to 4,000 for all my abilities… … .”


“I was curious about something I hadn’t paid much attention to until now.”

Before I knew it, I was tightly clenching my right arm into a fist and pulling it back tightly.

“A state in which physical abilities are enhanced roughly 10,000 times or more.”

[10,000 times… … ? ]

“What happens if I hit you the hardest at this time?”

[ Well, what the hell… … . ]


“The god of transcendence and death smiles and touches his lips.”

[I think it would be good for you to find out for yourself from now on. ]

Next moment.


The blow, which reached infinitely close to the speed of light, was fired, staining the area red.


A desert made of black sand.

About fifteen gods were walking in the battlefield of the gods <#C9-006>.

The appearance of those who have been semi-forcibly confirmed to serve only Han Seong-yoon for the rest of their lives.

“The God of Wrath grumbles his dissatisfaction with an ancient god.”

[ Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… … . ]


[See… … . Oh really. Why do I have to be like this in a place like this… … . ]

Solliet Lelia, who leads the gods there, waved her pink hair and twitched her eyebrows.

[I guess I can fight well too. ]

It was worth it.

Known as the God of Fury, she is one of the gods optimized for battle.

However, I was frustrated because I could not gain anything from the battlefield of the gods and was retreating with the gods leading me.

[Why does the ancient deity I worship have such a small liver? ]

And Solliet grunted and continued walking.

In addition to the SS+ class relics, the relics ‘Telescope of Time and Observation (SSS-)’, a series of time-concepts well-known among gods, were also presented.

But even so, Soliette gained little.

All that is said is that Han Seong-yoon, an apostle who is close to the bottom of the ancient gods, has become a god.

Other than that, Solliet gained nothing, and Han Seong-yoon didn’t even tell her to help in the battle.

[You can’t accumulate achievements as an apostle, and all the rewards you earned on the battlefield of the gods are taken away… … . ]

Originally, she came to the battlefield of the gods to reach the position of a higher deity.

[Really, what kind of slave is this? ]

So it was natural for there to be complaints.

It was the same for those who followed her to the outermost reaches of the battlefield of the gods.

Shining gods of different divinity nodded their heads in agreement with her words.

[That’s also true. … … I never thought I would have to come all the way here and be satisfied with just clinging to life. Those are miserable words. ]

[ shit! Why on earth can’t we go to the center of the battleground of the gods together? Anyway, the God of Victory was ruined! ]

[ therefore! I really don’t understand! No, the Battle of the Gods is over anyway! But why are you fighting alone? ]

Usually, when a victor appears on the battlefield of the gods, he is not very strong.

And there were quite a few gods who knew that fact, so they had no choice but to think that Han Seong-yoon was acting exaggeratedly.

It’s none other than the fact that they scared the hell out of an ancient deity who wasn’t even born.

Even that wasn’t enough, now the same godhead believers gathered together to discuss the fierce battle that was taking place at the center of the gods’ battlefield.

[Perhaps, if a God of Rage who is optimized for battle goes by, it would have ended quickly? ]

[Maybe so. The God of Fury is definitely strong. ]

[I think so too. ]

And Solliet perked up her ears, twitched the corners of her mouth, and spoke.

[ … … Hmm, that’s enough. I’m not that strong. Compared to the ancient godhead, it is nothing more than a blood clot. ]

Although Solliet was very humble, the corner of her mouth was trembling.

[But you’re strong, right? ]

And in response, Solliet could no longer maintain even a superficial modesty and smiled brightly.

[ Hmm! But, well, I’m a bit strong! … … Perhaps, the God of Victory or whatever may be no match for me. ]

However, just for a moment.


[ ? ]

Soon, a shallow earthquake suddenly shook the ground.


The barriers of the Tower of Trials that divided the battlefield of the gods were crushed, revealing the scene beyond.


It’s no different… … .


This is because thunder suddenly roared and heat waves rushed to the deepest part beyond the battlefield of the gods.

[What is this… … ! ]

But that didn’t last long either.

[ … … . ]

The moment Solliet Lelia saw the appearance of a huge giant beyond.

[ what… … ? ]


For a moment, light flashes and a mushroom-shaped cloud appears.


Immediately following that, there was an explosion that would have been blinding or deafening to a mere mortal.

[ ah… … . ]

Only then did Solliet Lelia understand.

‘The level is different… … .’

Why did Han Seong-yoon order us to stay as far away from this place as possible?

In an instant, light flashes and a massive heat wave covers the sky.

And the process is repeated several times in an instant, slowly turning the entire area into a land of death.

Even the most shocking thing was something else.

‘That can’t be… … .’

It’s no different… … .

‘It’s not divinity or magical power, it’s just a physical attack, and that’s what happens… … ?’

Soliet noticed that Han Seong-yoon was doing something like that with his bare body.

Isn’t she a deity, an apostle who worships and upholds Han Seong-yoon?

So even if you didn’t want to notice, you had no choice but to notice.

That strange phenomenon in front of you is being caused by Han Seong-yoon.

[ … … . ]

The moment when the space created with only the gods fighting in mind breaks down and cries out for the apocalypse.

[Ha, haha, hahaha… … . ]

Solliet could only look at that place with shaking eyes and sweating coldly.

A feeling of adoration arose spontaneously and covered her body.

Only the fear of rejecting the unknown remains.

It’s no different… … .

[ Ah ah ah ah ah… … . ]

There, there was a power that evoked universal fear.

[ Oh God… … . ]

And at a very overwhelming level.


Dozens of heat waves occur in the blink of an eye, blinding your eyes.

‘I think this is beyond my imagination.’

And when I removed the things that were blocking my view, I couldn’t help but be amazed.

“Is this what happens?”

The land here and there is hollow, like craters on the moon.

Even that was not enough, there were even traces of the giant, the god of struggle and victory, having been ejected from the earth.

I guess I couldn’t handle the repeated attacks of my physical ability, which was increased 10,000 times by my divine <fighting spirit>… … .

It is surprising to think that the battlefield of the gods was created with only the battle between gods in mind.

Despite the many concepts of divinity that have been exchanged so far, the land here must have been quite intact.

‘Is this what happens when a divinity or an ordinary strike without magic reaches its extreme?’

I had to be quietly surprised by that.

In essence, Godhead is a monster that deals with concepts.

So, I subconsciously thought that I wouldn’t be able to blow away my opponent with a single physical attack.

‘I think at least the God of Struggle and Victory was injured quite a bit.’

But that wasn’t the case.

Even opponents who had reached the level of ancient gods could not withstand the physical force.

There is a high probability that he could not have resisted by tuning his items or body to spiritual power using the transcendental mythology <Spiritual Attack Attunement>… … .

‘It is true that it is beyond imagination.’

Still, it could be said to be a tremendous achievement.

That was actually the case.

Before I knew it, the god of struggle and victory had flown so far out of sight that I couldn’t see it.

At the very least, it would have flown to a distant land beyond.

And what it meant was this.

“Many ancient gods are in awe of the skills you have demonstrated.”

“Many ancient gods would like to reward you for exercising your skills.”

“Multiple ancient gods have paid a price to the Tower of Trials to seek compensation for you.”

「… … The Tower of Trials will activate #D-108 [External Intervention Compensation] and appropriate compensation will be given.”

It’s no different… … .

“The achievement ‘closest to light’ has been achieved.”

“Agility increases by 1,000.”

Highly developed physics was able to compete with the divinity of concepts.

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