The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 343

343. Real (4)

The system message that appears in front of you takes up a space in your field of vision.

“The god of struggle, victory, and death is looking at you.”

I narrowed my eyes as I looked at the system message, whose name was still partly obscured by the black box.

‘He is a god who presides over two or more divinity of concepts.’

The wild man in front of us, who was originally just a ‘god of victory’, is now in a state of ‘struggle and victory’.

It’s not even just that.

Beyond struggle and victory, there was also a familiar kind of divinity.

And does the other person know that?

[ ───Are you my original? ]

Suddenly, a wild man with black hair stepped out of the black mud and asked a question.

A rough appearance reminiscent of an ancient barbarian warrior.

However, contrary to such sentiments, there is a calmness in the eyes of the wild man in front of me.

The wild man, who had just slightly stepped into the realm of ancient godhood, continued speaking as he removed the black mud from his body.

[I feel it. ]

“… … .”

[Your spirit, your energy. Having passed through many deaths, leading many deaths. It is the power of death alone. ]

“Can you even feel that?”

[It has to be that way. ]

And then the wild man split the corner of his mouth and drew a maniacal smile.

“The god of struggle, victory, and death reveals the light of greed to you.”

[As you can see, I am your fake. ]

I smiled as I saw the struggle and victory, and the divinity beyond them.

“I roughly knew it would be like this… … .”

Only then did I sharply open my eyes and feel an uncanny valley-like sensation.

“It’s disgusting to see it in person.”

It was worth it.

“I never thought I would see someone else possessing the divinity I possess.”

Because the half-baked ancient deity in front of me had my divinity.

Fake necromancy, and the result of extracting the spirits of the gods beyond.

The divinity hidden by the black box beyond struggle and victory could be known without having to lift the veil.

as soon as… … .

“I never thought I could control conceptual death in that way.”

Before I knew it, the wild man in front of me was now able to handle the divine <death>.

Even with the benefit of fake necromancy received from Top.

And Yain did not deny that fact.

[It just happened to be like that. ]

Contrary to his appearance, which appears to be nothing more than a barbaric warrior, his calm eyes and calm demeanor.

[ I didn’t know that the final reward offered by the tower would be this, so I just ate it… … . ]

However, the emotion beyond that is the essence of greed, which is far from calm.

[ but… … . Right. If I were to be honest, it’s not bad. No, should I say it is actually good? ]

The godhead who controls the concepts of struggle and victory had an eerie smile on his lips.

[ Even if it were the soul of a god, being able to manipulate it at will would be an enormous power. ]

“But that’s not your strength.”

[ … … . ]

“You can’t be the god of death.”

And I gave him a wry smile and continued talking as if it was all the same.

“Even if you obtain the divine <death> under the leadership of the Tower, you cannot advance it to the domain of the concept.”

[ … … . ]

“You know why, right?”

[ … … Because I am merely copying your divinity. ]

“okay. I am the god of death, and you just copied me. “It doesn’t mean anything more than that.”

The divinity of a concept is not something that can be possessed by many people.

Only one transcendent can govern and deal with the divinity of concepts.

That is one of the reasons why the divinity of the concept is different.

Therefore, the divinity of the concept extends to the divine name as the identity of the Godhead.

‘Even if you had some of the supernormal abilities of the divine <Death>, you wouldn’t be able to reach me.’

Then the answer is fixed, right?

It is I who have become the god in charge of divine <death>.

Even if the god of struggle and victory before us has gained the power of the divine <death>, that cannot lead to the subjectivity of the concept.

“Even the power of just copying it will soon disappear.”

Therefore, the god of struggle and victory could not have the divinity <Death>.

I think I still have the divine <Death> imperfectly through the fake necromancy given to me by the tower… … .

That probably won’t last too long.

It will be gone in less than a week.

And the other person knew that too.

[ Know. You are real, I am fake. A gap that cannot be bridged. How could you not know that? one… … . ]


[Do you know that? ]

Still, the god who rules over struggle, victory, and false death could not give up greed.

[If I can get rid of you, I can also become real, not fake… … ! ]

Suddenly, his eyes turn red and the magical tattoos on his body glow black.

“The god of struggle, victory, and death reveals his deep murderous intent to you.”

It’s no different… … .

[ I am… … ! He is a warrior born with the fortune of victory! I can be real, not fake!! ]

The warrior who had hidden his greed beneath his calmness had revealed his ambition openly.

“The sacred <Giant> is activated, and the body of the god of struggle, victory, and death grows in size depending on the level of excitement.”

Coo coo coo coo… … !!

[Go beyond you here! Becoming a true ancient god recognized by the Tower! Let’s go to the world beyond! ]


“I guess he wants to take my place and become the tower’s hound… … .”

The moment the body of the wild man covered in black mud grew bigger and bigger.

“Then try that.”

In response, I prepared myself with all my might, regardless of the enlarged appearance of the god of struggle and victory.

“The god of transcendence and death approaches the match coldly.”

“But on the premise that someone like you has the power to do so.”

Next moment.

[ ───!! ]

A shout filled with fury was let out, signaling the beginning of a life-and-death struggle.


The skills were activated in an instant.

“Skill ‘Battle Acceleration’ is activated.”

“Skill ‘Shock Block’ is activated… … .」

“Skill ‘Instantaneous Acceleration’ is active… … .」

Passive skills accumulated so far, active skills, and skills that can be used like other power skills were used.

But it didn’t stop there.

Powers other than skills, and abilities such as concept divinity or general divinity were also used immediately.

However, the system message that appeared before my eyes was extremely heterogeneous.

“As a user, I encountered a strong opponent that was difficult to handle.”

“Skill ‘Indomitable Will’ is activated.”

‘What is this again?’

It was worth it.

A skill that is activated only when you face a type of opponent that you cannot win or cannot handle.

The fact that it has been activated means that the God of struggle and victory in front of me is a more powerful enemy than me… … .

In fact, there was no way that the god of struggle and victory, who could not even be properly conceptualized as an ancient deity, was stronger than me.

“The conditions for exclusive spell activation have been met.”

“The exclusive spell <Contempt of the Strong> is activated.”

“All abilities and all skill efficiency increase by 100% until the end of the battle.”

‘This is the opponent that will trigger this…’ … ?’

But the system didn’t judge it that way.

As if activating the skill ‘Indomitable Will’ was not enough, the exclusive spell <Contempt of the Strong> was also activated.

Before anyone could figure out why they were activated, the god of struggle and victory slammed down his fist.

[This is the status of a great warrior who has achieved nothing but victory—! ]


In the blink of an eye, the moment my fist tore through the air and struck the ground.


An earthquake occurred, with corresponding shock waves and tsunami waves made of earth rushing everywhere.

[Hahahahahahahaha—! ]

It’s not even just that.

“The sacred <porridge■?> is activated, and the porridge of all things dwells everywhere.”


Before I knew it, the noisy nova was activated, and the power of destruction wavered in the remaining attacks.

A divine supernormal ability that only causes death to all things.

But I wasn’t too embarrassed.

only… … .

“The god of transcendence and death is dumbfounded by the other party’s modifications.”

“You really attacked me with the power I had?”

All I can do is laugh at the other person who has tried to trick me.



“Divine <words> are used.”

“By consuming divine power, you can influence the real world with words.”

“However, a lot of sacred power is consumed in words that interfere with the laws of the world.”

《Aren’t you going to clean this up? 》


With just that one word, all the power from the opponent’s blow lost its form.

The sacred <death> can only be said to be mine.

But are you responding to me with a minor version of the divinity that copied the divinity <Death>?

At this point, it’s beyond absurd and makes me laugh out loud.

‘Are you sane?’

It seemed like I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

“The God of Darkness is looking at you, a bad habit of stealing your power and using it.”

“The God of Proof shows his disdain for the disgusting appearance of fakery.”

“The Dragon God growls in displeasure at the person who covets what is his.”

Many gods are looking at this place, and they are also thinking the same thing.

I’m annoyed by such a foolish attack that copied the divinity of a concept.

But there was no time to pay attention to such reactions.

[ okay! This won’t work! One, how about this? ]

That’s right… … .

“Divine <Thunderbolt> is activated, and divine thunder falls from a high place.”

“The sacred <enthusiasm> is activated, and the heat is concentrated and shoots out in various directions.”

“The sacred <strong wave> is activated, and the divine attack flows and spreads like a wave.”

[ Will it be possible to stop the power of the gods, obtained as a reward from the Battle of the Gods? ]

The power of the opponent in front of you is not limited to fake necromancy.

There were also divinity inherent in the spirits of the gods accumulated in the black sphere beyond the battlefield of the gods.

Even if they do not reach the realm of concepts, some divinity can combine and squeeze each other’s power to the limit.

as soon as… … .

[ Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! ]

like now.




Thunder strikes as if splitting the world, beams of light split into dozens and shoot out, and all of the attacks spread out like waves.

It was truly a prelude to destruction.

If this were a normal planet and not a battlefield prepared by the Tower for the gods, it would have been completely destroyed.

Still, it didn’t matter.

“I use divine <protection>.”

“I consume divine power to grant a blessing that excludes external divinity once.”

“However, once someone has received protection, protection cannot be given again for 12 hours.”

Anyway, with the effect of the divine <Protection>, you will be able to release the power without any problem.

‘This can be easily prevented─.’

however… … .

“The possibility of Divine <Victory> being activated leading to defeat is ruled out.”

Was that a trick?

[Do you think you can stop it? ]

In the blink of an eye, the power of divine <protection> disappeared due to the divine <victory>.

“What… … .”

And very neatly.

‘It is possible to rule out the possibility of defeat… … ?’

Only then did I realize what the contents of the sacred <Victory> were and I couldn’t help but open my eyes wide.

‘What is this… … .’

It was worth it.

Divine <Victory> is the power to block the number of cases that lead to defeat.

And the ‘number of cases leading to defeat’ did not apply only to decisive situations.

However, even though the divine strike almost failed, it was recognized as ‘possible to lead to defeat’ and the power of the divine <Protection> was erased.

‘Could there be such a divinity?’

That means only one thing.

In fact, it means that no matter what the ‘possibility of leading to defeat’ is, the risk can be erased with a sacred <victory>.

And only then did I understand.

How can the god of struggle and victory remain so intact despite taking the essence of fake necromancy mixed with the thoughts of the gods?

This is even the reason for the activation of the skill ‘Indomitable Will’ and the exclusive spell <Strong Self-Contempt>.

‘At this point, it’s just a matter of blatant fraud… … !’

However, just for a moment.

Kwahiah ah ah ahhhhhhh !!

In the blink of an eye, an explosion of nova swept over the entire area.

Cheeeeeeeee… … .

“Ugh… … .”

In response, I felt the blood pouring out and my body being restored with fresh, gray blood.


It was strange.

Even though the divine armor and numerous protection-type skills are in effect, the damage is not reduced.

The blow, which should have resulted in a slight injury at most, has reached the point where it becomes a fatal wound.

“… … .”

And I could see where the problem was coming from.

“The god of struggle, victory, and death roars loudly, confident of victory.”

[ ha ha ha! you… … ! You can’t beat me! Even if you are real! You can’t defeat me! ]

It’s no different… … .

“Divine <Strife> is activated, and the cooldown of Divine <Victory> is reduced by 100%.”

[ ─Because I am an undefeated warrior! ]

Before we knew it, the sacred <Strife> was activated, and the repeated activation of the sacred <Victory> occurred.

[You can handle death itself! haha! Yes, you are a true master of concepts, unlike me, a fake! But what does that mean? ]

The barbaric warrior opened his dark red eyes wide and spoke with excitement.

[ I am! Never been defeated! Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of times! Victory was repeated! ]


[If you meet a warrior, kill the warrior, if you meet a wizard, kill the wizard, if you meet a king, kill the king! ]

Accordingly, the god of struggle and victory expanded his size.

The body that grew bigger and bigger as a result of the divine <giant> is comparable to Taesan.

But as if that wasn’t enough, the God of Struggle and Victory grew more and more excited.

[ That wasn’t enough, I killed my world itself, and killed the gods of this place at random… … ! ]


[But what about you—!? ]

The wild man, who was given a body like a mountain by the divine <giant>, lowered his head and looked down at me.

[ Even with such false power, the karma you have accumulated is not even on my toes! ]

Squatting down as if looking at a mere insect, showing off an overwhelming figure.

[You are a faker bastard than me, who is fake! ]

“… … .”

[One, I am a warrior! He is also an invincible warrior! Your true concept of divinity is such a waste for someone like you. ]


[ … … ? ]

“What’s the use if you lose to me today anyway?”

However, I roughly said that and responded with a smile.

“The calculation is roughly complete.”


“I figured out how to win.”


“So, to put it in a nutshell… … .”

Only then did I speak, my cold eyes flashing wide.


Next moment.

“Just die.”


“Divine <Fighting Spirit> is activated through ‘Will to Fight’, an exclusive effect for jewels with deep fighting spirit (SSS+).”

「The relic disappears due to the ‘will to fight’ exclusive effect for jewels with strong fighting spirit (SSS+).」

Before I knew it, the red gem shattered and a stream of divinity flowed from it.

“The god of transcendence and death speaks with confidence of complete victory.”

[ Let’s see if we can stop this with something like that. ]

It’s no different… … .

“Divine <Fighting Spirit> meets the conditions and is automatically used.”

“With the divine <fighting spirit>, challenger Han Seong-yoon receives a significant buff in proportion to the level of fighting spirit.”

「※With Holy <Fighting Spirit>, recovery speed and total amount of recovery increase by 10,000 times.」

「※With sacred <fighting spirit>, all physical abilities become 10,000 times stronger.」

「※With Holy <Fighting Spirit>, attack speed is accelerated by 10,000 times… … .」

「※Divine <Fighting Spirit> increases external divinity resistance ability by 10,000 times… … .」

… … It was an overlap of divine <fighting spirit>.

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