The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 345

345. Lemegeton (1)

“Many ancient gods are in awe of the skills you have demonstrated.”

“Many ancient gods would like to reward you for exercising your skills.”

“Multiple ancient gods have paid a price to the Tower of Trials to seek compensation for you.”

「… … The Tower of Trials will activate #D-108 [External Intervention Compensation] and appropriate compensation will be given.”

System messages appeared in front of my eyes, blocking my vision.

‘What is this again?’

However, I could not understand the system messages.

That’s because there is no reason for the multiple ancient gods to reward me.

This would be even more so if the ancient deity had to pay a price to the Tower of Trials.

Of course, the attacks that were made with the physical ability that was 10,000 times higher than the divine <fighting spirit> were special.

Even if he could not achieve the ‘conceptualization’ of the ancient godhead, he was able to overwhelm, to some extent, those who had attempted to surpass the level of the ancient godhead.

‘I want to pay compensation for demonstrating my skills… … .’

Sublight speed.

It was truly the closest approach to light.

Its specialness was certainly something that even ancient deities could not help but acknowledge.

“… … .”

It was worth it.

Although deities vary greatly from case to case, they are able to use movements that are at the level of subsonic, sonic or supersonic speeds… … .

Still, no god could compare to the speed of light.

Even those who focused on the concept of speed itself often failed to surpass my physical capabilities.

Pulling it off could definitely be seen as a feat.

‘What on earth are they thinking?’

But that couldn’t be a reason for multiple ancient deities to act like this.

Sublight speed?

So what is that?

If there is no flaw in the state of ancient godhood, ordinary physical strength cannot become the center of battle.

Only the divinity of the concept and the power of the accumulated myth can determine victory or defeat.

That is the state of being an ancient god.

‘It wouldn’t be of such high value to an ancient deity.’

Even the physical force that can damage the divinity of a concept is nothing at that level.

The god of struggle and victory was not able to achieve the ‘conceptualization’ of the ancient godhead, so he was only met with misfortune.

I couldn’t understand why so many ancient gods reacted so violently.

However, it took a while for me to be so lost in doubt and think about it over and over again.

“The achievement ‘closest to light’ has been achieved.”

“Agility increases by 1,000.”

The moment the system message appeared before my eyes again.

“What is this…?” … .”

I had to open my eyes wide and be astonished.

‘As an achievement, I was able to increase my agility by 1,000… … ?’

It was worth it.

Because there are not many abilities that can be obtained through the original tower achievement system.

At best, the rate of increase in various abilities hovered around double digits.

Should I just say that it’s because I’ve never seen a four-digit increase in abilities before?

In an instant, I felt my mind turning white.

And then the Blood Heaven Demon Sword hanging on his waist trembled violently.

It’s no different… … .

―What is this…? … !?

Before I knew it, Dam Cheon-woo’s voice of astonishment and joy was ringing in my ears.

―Mi, is it possible for agility to increase by 1,000…? … ?

As if he couldn’t believe something this ridiculous had actually happened.

―… … no. In the first place, no matter how close you got to the speed of light, this level of compensation was—.

But there was no time for his words to continue until the end.

“The God of Darkness wants to pat you on the head and say you were great!”

“The God of Light is so impressed by you that he stands up and applauds!”

“The God of Proof is looking at you in bewilderment!”

“The Demon God tells you that this is an interesting situation in its own way!”

“The Dragon God says it is worthwhile to appoint you as a candidate for successor!”

This is because multiple ancient gods have been sending me system messages like that.

―… … no. Now that I see it, I think I know where this level of compensation came from.

And then, the shaking of the Blood Heaven Demon Sword decreased and Dam Cheon-woo’s empty voice rang out.

The reward is a 1,000 increase in agility obtained through the achievement ‘Speed ​​closest to light’.

It can be obtained because many ancient gods have paid a price to the Tower of Trials.

I don’t know why the majority of ancient gods cheered so loudly, but for me, there was nothing wrong with it right now.

‘Could it be said that the ancient deity is showing some kind of favor?’

Of course, I don’t know why everyone is so attracted to me.

But at this point, one thing was clear.

It’s no different… … .


“At this point, it might be worth trying just light speed instead of sublight speed.”

Before I knew it, I was able to move at the speed of light itself.

You can tell without having to move.

The gift of multiple ancient deities has now made it possible to reach the speed of light.

Even more than that could have been possible.

The 10,000-fold physical strengthening obtained through divine <fighting spirit> will allow you to achieve speeds that are completely outside the law through the agility of the system.

‘Perhaps it might be possible to exceed the speed of light.’


‘Can we expect what kind of ripple effect this will have… … .’

The moment a smile appeared on his face, showing some level of satisfaction.

“We have determined that the Tower of Trials has weakened the clear difficulty level and are proceeding with a balance patch.”


Suddenly, a system message flashed before my eyes again, and something strange happened.

“The Tower of Trials activates #A-047 [Clear Difficulty Adjustment], creating room for intervention in the trials on the 26th floor.”

「▶ The god of struggle, victory, and death is designated as the ‘vessel of the tower’ by the Tower of Trials.」

「▶ The god of struggle, victory, and death is chosen as the center of clear difficulty adjustment by the Tower of Trials.」

‘What is this… … .’

An incomprehensible phrase.

But does that mean there is no need to understand it at all?

Before I knew it, the system message in front of me continued as if my thoughts had nothing to do with it.

“The Tower of Trials activates #B-091 [Forced Divinity Infusion], forcing the ‘Tower Vessel’ to acquire divinity.”

「▶ The god of struggle, victory, and death acquires divinity <Adaptation>.」

“… … .”

Forcibly obtaining divinity?

“Is this a blatant trick now? … ?”

When I saw that, I was dumbfounded and had to say that.

That’s right, because this is the first time I’ve ever seen a tower force a deity to acquire divinity.

I couldn’t help but be surprised that they used the excuse of adjusting the clear difficulty level because of me.

‘It’s really messed up… … .’

It’s not even just that.

“The Tower of Trials activates #D-421 [Character Information Reproduction] to reproduce part of the character information on the ‘Tower Vessel’.”

「▶ The god of struggle, victory, and death can inherit and use some of the physical abilities of 【Challenger Han Seong-yoon】.」

“The Tower of Trials activates #F-129 [Copy Skill List] to similarly inject a specific character’s skill list into the ‘Tower Vessel’.”

「▶ The god of struggle, victory, and death acquires some of the skill list of 【Challenger Han Seong-yoon】 in a similar way.」

“The Tower of Trials activates #E-615 [Forced Vessel Maintenance] to adjust the durability of the ‘Tower Vessel’ so that it can withstand the force.”

「▶ The god of struggle, victory, and death will be able to withstand all the power received as a ‘vessel’ of the Tower of Trials.」

“Really stupid things… … .”

An unimaginable abuse of power was unfolding before our eyes.

Only the physical abilities and skills of ‘Challenger Han Seong-yoon’ recorded in the top, and even the strength to withstand it all were given.

And what that meant was extremely simple.

It’s no different… … .

“Do you mean to make that guy a fake who can replace me?”

This would just be blatantly supporting the god of struggle and victory.

It was like that in reality.

It would be possible to pull off a trick like this if there was at least some justification… … .

That doesn’t happen anymore.

“… … “It’s fun.”

At this point, does that mean I don’t even care about that?

The Tower of Trials was overwriting my data on the God of Struggle and Victory.

My unique characteristics, my physical abilities, my skill list, etc… … .

A lot of data on ‘Challenger Han Seong-yoon’ was included as if it were being pushed into the god of struggle and victory.

As if that wasn’t enough, my emotions cool when I see people forcibly obtaining divinity or giving them various special benefits by calling them ‘vessels of the tower’.

“Does this mean we should just go now?”

And at that, I cooled my eyes and sneered.

―Not sane, not… … .

He was also astonished as if Dam Cheon-woo had similar feelings.

―There is no way the ancient gods who favor you would remain silent even after seeing something like this―.

however… … .

“A number of ancient deities are expressing their dissatisfaction with your situation.”

“Multiple ancient gods request that the Tower of Trials cancel the balance patch.”

“A number of ancient deities have asked the Tower of Trials to pay a price to stop abusing its authority.”

“The Tower of Trials activates #E-011 [Rejection of External Intervention] to block the direct intervention of the Ancient Godhead.”

―What the hell is this…? … .

Unlike the original tower, this time there was no room for ancient gods to intervene.

As if nothing could interfere, the Tower of Trials activated its exclusive authority and cut off the intervention of the ancient gods.

But there was no inspiration.

Anyway, I had no intention of relying on the help of the ancient gods, but rather I wanted to find out why the tower was doing this.

‘There must be a reason why the tower has come out like this.’

so… … .

“… … .”

I calmed my eyes and thought for a moment.

What does the Tower of Trials hope for by creating such an absurdly poor balance?

And as for the questions I had about it, I was able to come up with an answer not too long ago.

“We are assessing whether the Tower of Trials should accept the heterogeneity of challenger Han Seong-yoon… … .」

“Now I know what you want from me.”

It was simple.

“In other words, you’re telling me to prove that I’m worth more than just a hunting dog, right?”

So far, the Tower of Trials has raised me to be a useful hunting dog.

However, is it because he has now joined the ranks of ancient gods and is free from the control of the tower?

Before I knew it, the Tower of Trials was trying to figure out whether I should grow beyond the level of a hunting dog.

It is a process similar to a kind of quality verification.

“For some reason, I thought it had been so quiet so far.”

Only then will I be able to judge whether or not I will get the ending that TOP wants.

“In that case, you should welcome it.”

And I said sarcastically to him with cold, sunken eyes.

“The god of transcendence and death delivers a message to the invisible tower.”

[But since the situation has come to this, let’s make sure we get things sorted out. ]


[That way─. ]

Next moment.

「I use sacred <transcendence>.」

“All abilities are outside of their designated range.”

“The more you hit the limit, the faster all your abilities will go beyond their designated range.”

「The growth rate of all types increases [109] times in proportion to the level difference with the opponent.”

[ … … Because we’ll be able to prevent such mediocre modifications from happening again. ]

Just like that, I dyed my eyes gold and smiled like an animal.

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