The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 352

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Episode 352

352. Transcendant

Becoming a transcendent person was simpler than I thought.

All you have to do is lie down on the treatment table and absorb the energy of the God of Massacre.

[The energy absorbed from the outside is transformed into unique ingredients and overwritten.]

[Progress 1%… … .]

[Progress 2%… … .]

[Time remaining until completely integrated into the soul: 97 minutes and 31 seconds]

Ryu Min saw the message and asked Dojun Min.

“What message came out?”

[This is the process of becoming a transcendent. It takes about 100 minutes.]

“What exactly is the Transcendent?”

[There is a god in your dimension, right? We have a transcendent on our side. Strictly speaking, it refers to a being that can use Elsis’ functions.]


[Tell me about the system created by the primordial god ‘L’. You can use various functions, but you need energy called Divine Force. By your standards, would you say ‘Terra’ falls into this category?]

It’s Elsis and Divine Force, I don’t know exactly what it is.

I only roughly understand the concept.

In fact, Ryumin’s interests lay elsewhere.

“Anyway, if you become a Transcendent, you can restore the deleted rune system?”

[okay. You can load not only runes, but also levels, skills, items, and stats. If you become a transcendent and use Elsis’s functions.]

In other words, Ryumin was reborn as a transcendent being and a god.

[I am resting comfortably for 100 minutes. In the meantime, I will correct the energy boiling around next to you.]

“… … .”

How can you rest comfortably when a distant being is watching you with open eyes?

“Hey, Dojun Min. I have a question.”

[Are you curious about why I’m helping you?]

As if reading my thoughts, the answer came out right away.

[Nothing much. We are the same human being. It’s like looking into my past.]

Looking at Min Do-jun, who was smiling, Ryu Min felt puzzled.

I can’t believe that such a kind being has the terrifying nickname of the God of Massacre.

I can’t imagine.

[Rest in peace. Because I’m fine.]

“thank you.”

Ryumin felt relieved and closed his eyes for the first time in a while.

How long has it been?

The thing that woke me up from my sleep was none other than the voice of the system.

[Progress 98%… … .]

[Progress 99%… … .]

[Time remaining until completely integrated into the soul: 10 seconds]

[Progress 100%]

[The changed ingredients increase the level of the soul.]

[You have entered the realm of the transcendent.]

[Access to Elsis has been granted.]

[50.1% of the soul is filled with Divine Force.]

[New user. Welcome to Elsis.]

[From now on, you can enjoy all the benefits of Elsis by consuming Divine Force.]

[I hope El’s blessings, brighter than the light of heaven, will stay by your side.]

* * *

[Black Scythe? Black Scythe.]


[What are you so distracted by?]

[Oh, sorry. I was looking at the system.]

[Elsis’ system? or not… … .]

[The original system.]

Ryumin closed the system window that came up.

33 runes and skills, Thanatos equipment set, the last level of 635 and tens of millions of stats.

Everything was restored to its original state.

‘With this level, we can defeat Chaos. Even Gaia.’

Ryumin, who was smiling confidently, looked back at Kronos and looked apologetic.

[Were you reviewing the operation?]


[sorry. Shall we check again?]

Ryumin and Kronos were planning a strategy to deal with Chaos and Gaia.

No matter how much you regain your former strength, it is impossible to do it alone because the opponent is your opponent.

Kronos’ help is absolutely necessary.

Kronos also needed his help.

‘It would have been better if Min Do-jun was there too… … .’

In this operation, we had no choice but to exclude Min Do-jun, the god of massacre.


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Because it was a body that could not escape its own dimension.

[First, Black Scythe must secure Terra buried in Drakania. Then, Gaia, who has colluded with Chaos, will definitely appear, and then I will open space and time and throw everyone into the gap in space and time.]

[So, you mean we can just hit each other and fight in that gap?]

[Yes. This is a time and space I created, so you won’t be able to escape until you kill me.]

In short, they wanted to create an octagon where no one could escape and force them to fight.

[Will things work out as expected?]

[Don’t worry, Black Scythe. There will be no problem as long as you follow the strategy I have planned. First, let’s prepare for battle and get our breath together.]

Ryumin nodded and took out a scythe.

After a little practice with Kronos, we were ready.

[When should we leave?]

[It would be best to go as quickly as possible.]

[All right. Let’s go right now. Once you get Terra, please lure it in.]

[sure. Don’t worry, I will always be watching you with my clairvoyance.]

Ryumin nodded and walked towards the warp gate installed in Paradise.

[Coordinates setting is complete.]

[See you later.]

Suddenly, Ryumin’s scattered body disappeared.

* * *

Drakania is a barren land that can easily be called the land of the dead.

Ryumin stepped there again.

[There is no time.]


As soon as he arrived, Ryumin headed to the mountain range where Terra was said to be buried.

Since I already knew the location, there was no hesitation.

[We need to secure Terra as quickly as possible.]

Kronos was scheduled to arrive here with a slight time lag.

There was a risk that their location would be discovered as soon as they left Paradise, so it was right even if it was late.

[He’s probably watching my actions from Paradise.]

All you have to do is obtain Terra and lure out Gaia and Chaos.

The plan they made was to then join Kronos and engage in a two-on-two fight.


Behind the altar, beyond the dragons’ mountain range, you can see a large pit.

A huge amount of Terra, said to have been stored by Gaia, lies dormant here.


As he threw himself into the pit without hesitation, a bright light flooded into Ryumin.

The light that was sparkling and reacting suddenly turned into a storm and engulfed Ryumin.


An enormous amount of Terra squeezes through the blood vessels and rushes into the entire body.

It felt like his body was about to explode, but he was a god and a vessel containing Terra.

There is no limit to the amount that can be tolerated.



Suddenly, an explosion occurred in the pit.

The mountain shook as if there had been a volcanic eruption, but the person involved was fine.


Ryumin came running out of the pit, which was a mess as if a bomb had exploded.

[It’s a loud noise.]

Certainly, with an explosion of this magnitude, even Gaia, who is said to penetrate all movements of the earth, would not be unaware of it.

[It’s over there! I heard a sound from over there!]

[uh? There’s a human over there!]

[Crrr! Is it that guy? Gaia’s traitor who assassinated the Dragon Emperor?]

[Kill it! Kill me right now!]

Hundreds of dragons heard the commotion and came climbing the mountain.

[The opponent you are facing is a dragon.]

[All stats are doubled due to the Dragon Slayer title effect.]

Feeling his stats double, Ryumin summoned his scythe.

[If you want to kill me.]


The power imbued with moonlight and Terra made the scythe vibrate.

[Even if we prepare dozens of trucks of solvent, it won’t be enough.]

Eventually, as it rotated once, the Moonlight Island, whose range had expanded to 360 degrees, wrapped around the entire mountain and went down.


The moonlight of death, which cut down all trees, rocks, and terrain, cut down hundreds of dragons.

[Experience +413,920,293]

[Experience +309,528,901]

[Experience +598,230,138]

… … … … … …

… … … …

[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]

… … … … … …

… … … …

[You have reached level 740!]

As the entire area was devastated by just one Moonlight Island attack, Ryumin muttered.

[If you want to deal with me, you will have to summon Gaia.]

[Are you looking for me?]

A voice heard even when there are no survivors.

Ryumin could not forget that sound that seemed to echo through the ground.

[You have appeared, Gaia.]

There was no one where Ryumin looked.

But after a while.


Gaia, who took the form of a middle-aged woman, stared at me with a smileless expression.

[The atmosphere has changed a lot since I saw it before.]

[Where is Chaos?]

Gaia looked a little surprised at Ryumin’s words.

[That’s surprising. Did you know that I joined hands with Chaos?]

[I know. Even the fact that you and Chaos are targeting Kronos.]

[You know, but you show up to target Terra. Is she out of her mind?]

[Because if I had Terra, it wouldn’t be a problem to chew you two up.]

Gaia’s eyes rose at the bold statement.

[cheeky… … You’re trying to ruin our work over toys.]

[Ask again. Where is Chaos?]

[Here you are, lowly human.]

As Ryumin looked for it, the space opened as if he had been waiting, and a familiar eye appeared.

[I said I’d see it, but I was so shocked that I couldn’t watch it anymore. She couldn’t hide like a rat, but she showed up like this even though she knew she was collaborating with Gaia. It looks like she really wants to die.]

[Shouldn’t you pay back the debt you owe?]

[Hmph, he looks very proud because he got some Terra.]

[That Terra is worth 10 billion, so it’s not surprising.]

As Ryumin said, the amount of Terra absorbed a moment ago reached 10 billion.

The ideal amount to kill Chaos.

Despite this, Chaos didn’t look surprised and just snorted.

[It looks like the idiot doesn’t understand the topic. Who do you think the being before your eyes is? Gaia is called the goddess of creation. And I am Chaos, the god of destruction. The two of us combined, does that mean 10 billion tera? Try having 100 billion won. Could it be our opponent?]

[well. Isn’t it the way to know what’s long and short by just guessing?]

[You’re the only one who doesn’t know what you know without even asking.]

[You’re the one who doesn’t know.]

[What you don’t know… … .]

At that moment, Chaos, Gaia, and Ryumin fell into a gap in a pitch-black dimension.

Kronos, who appeared by surprise, opened space and time as planned and pushed everyone in.

[What is this!]

When they came to their senses, all three were in an unknown sub-space.

It was a so-called gap in space and time.

[W-this place… … A gap in space and time that only Kronos can open?]

[Damn, I got hit. I never thought Kronos would come.]

Everyone is trapped in a four-dimensional space where time does not pass.

[Do something quickly! honey!]

[It’s impossible. This is an infinite space, like an abyss. [It’s not a place you can escape through space leaping.]

The two were trapped, but that didn’t mean there was no way.

[If the gap in time and space were opened, Kronos would also come in here.]

[okay! If you kill that bastard, you can get out!]

Gaia and Chaos turned on their eyes and looked for Kronos.

Needless to say, Kronos was right in front of him.

In the shape of a human being.

[Father, mother. The son you were looking for has returned. Are you glad to see you?]

[Chronos! You stupid guy!]

[We finally met, you bastard!]

The first thing I say when I see my son whom I haven’t seen in a long time is cursing.

Kronos closed his eyes with a self-mocking smile.

I wanted to ask him why he wanted his power so much, but that’s enough now.

I guess it’s good.

You don’t need it all.

[I’ll just kill you. Both of them. And I will regain my freedom.]

[Chronos! How ungrateful are you to your parents?]

[Um, that damn bastard!]

Kronos’ eyes turned to Ryumin.

[Let’s begin.]


Ryumin nodded and ran out first, holding the scythe.

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