The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 353

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Episode 353

353. Final Battle

‘The Four Gods of Death.’

Ryumin, covered in black air currents, wielded a weapon that was a mixture of the darkness-cutting scythe and Thanatos’ black scythe.

[You idiot with no learning ability! Your attack doesn’t work… … .]

Chaos, who was trying to cross space due to the phase change, hesitated.

A huge amount of Terra chased Chaos’ movements.

[Just avoid this… … .]

I tried to shake off the space by folding and folding it, but the chaos had already returned to its original place.

The power of time exerted by Kronos returned Chaos to its original time.

[What… … ! Wow!]

As a result, Chaos, who had been hit directly, screamed in pain.

But the screams were short-lived.

Gaia’s power of creation restored Chaos’s withered eyeballs.

[As long as I’m here, you won’t be able to hurt Chaos.]

[What a nice couple to see.]

Ryu Min, who laughed, changed his target.

If you can’t kill the dealer because of the support, just aim for the support.

It is Gaia’s turn to suffer as well, having stabbed her in the back.

[Do you think they will leave it that way?]

Chaos, who recovered his strength, took out the spear of instant death.

It pierced Ryumin’s body with lightning speed, but it was reflected back with the knight’s revival rune.

Chaos then twists the space to avoid the reflected attack.

No, I almost avoided it.

Even if Kronos hadn’t intervened.


Chaos, who returned to his original position, was struck by the spear he had thrown, causing instant death.

However, it does not mean that he died instantly as the name suggests.

Because behind him was a strong supporter called Gaia.

[Inoooooom! Chronooooos!]

Chaos’s anger exploded because of Kronos’ interference in everything.

However, Kronos did not feel intimidated at all.

Even though its direct power was weak, it was proven that it was possible to deliver an effective hit by attacking with a black scythe like this.

‘There is nothing to be afraid of with the Black Scythe.’

As the battle lasted, Kronos’ smile grew deeper.

Because I could see before my eyes that chaos was gradually disappearing.

[Wow! Big!]

Dozens and hundreds of lines cut into Chaos’s eyes.

Although Chaos was avoided by becoming transparent and changing phase each time, each of Ryumin’s attacks contained Terra.

Chaos could not shake off the energy that chased after his essence.

Because Cronus was changing time to prevent them from escaping.

[Kaaaaaaaa! Wow!]

As the means of evasion were blocked, all attacks became effective hits.

Pain and recovery were repeated like a leap.

Even though Gaia was treating him, pain was an unfamiliar experience for Chaos.

[Kaaaaaaah! Lord, kill! All!]

The feverish Chaos created a spear of instant death even while in pain.

The spear soon targeted Ryumin and Kronos.


Just like Chaos, all you had to do was fold the space to avoid it.

[This is a space and time I created. As long as you come here, your attacks will not reach you.]

[Have you seen this kind of bastard!]

[It’s no use swearing. Because you are no longer my father or anything else.]

Kronos’ cold gaze fell on Gaia this time.

[mother. Why did you change? Why did you covet my power?]

[Stop right now, Kronos! What are you doing to your father!]

[People who were thinking of killing each other are now very sad.]

Kronos, who laughed, turned his head.

[I no longer have a mother. Just know that and disappear.]


[Black Scythe.]

Ryumin nodded at the look in Kronos’ eyes.

It was a signal to stop looking at the liver and strike the final blow.

Ryumin’s eyes, which had already lost Terra, turned red.

The Red Moon and Moonlight Island combo is ready.


I focused all the Terra I had on one point and drew a scythe.

Moonlight Island, which had spread out in a 360-degree radius when killing the dragon, came in like a wedge this time.


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At such an incredible speed that it is difficult to react.


A frightened Chaos hurriedly tried to escape, but it was no use.

Because the time barrier created by Kronos blocked the escape route.



The world of space and time is shaken by how enormous the power contained in Moonlight Island is.

“There are still nine steps left.”

The enhanced red moon has a duration of 20 seconds.

This means that Moonlight Island can be used ten times in a row.

Ryumin’s Moonlight Island struck Chaos one after another.

[Wow! Whoa!]

Chaos, which had absorbed all the damage from Moonlight Island, began to crack as if it would break.

‘Seven shots, six shots. And five shots.’

When there were five shots left, Ryumin did not aim for Chaos.

Chaos is already broken and disappearing.

I immediately turned and launched it at Gaia.

Coo coo coo coo coo!


Gaia’s body was shattered by the powerful force that came in succession.

Even the mighty power of creation could not handle power beyond a certain level.

It was the end of Chaos and Gaia.


Ryumin, who had used all of his Terra, was in danger of falling.

However, he was barely able to come to his senses thanks to Kronos’ support.

[Are you okay? Black Scythe?]

[Ah, yes… … .]

[Don’t worry too much because you’re just experiencing exhaustion due to temporarily consuming a large amount of Terra.]

Cronus smiled and looked back at the primordial gods, who were broken and scattering.

[It’s done. Chaos and Gaia, both have disappeared.]

[thank god.]

[You did a really good job. really.]

Kronos, who was grinning, suddenly grabbed Ryumin’s head.

[Now take a good rest. Leave the world to me.]

[…] … !?]

Ryumin opened his eyes in surprise, but it was already too late.

[Huh, huh… … !]

Kronos smiled in satisfaction as he watched Ryumin twitch with the whites of his eyes showing.

[I twisted time and twisted your world line. After a while, you will become an idiot who can’t even remember your own name.]

Is that why?

Kronos continued to talk to Ryumin, who would soon become an idiot.

[This is planned. The neat thing is for a hunting dog to vomit when its mission is over. Without you, killing Gaia and Chaos would have been impossible. I am grateful for that much.]

He removed his hand from his head, but Ryumin’s consciousness did not return.

His eyes were still twitching, with only the whites exposed.

Kronos looked at it happily, as if appreciating a piece of art.

[I’m sorry, but you will sleep forever in this gap of time and space. But what doesn’t kill it? Be thankful… … .]

[Can you kill me?]

Kronos turned around at the sound of a voice coming from behind him.

He had been unable to hold back his laughter just a moment ago, but now he could only remain as frozen as a stone statue.

Because another Ryumin was looking at him with a normal look.

[Uh, how?]

[The thing you’re harassing right now is actually my alter ego.]

As if to prove the idea of ​​self-immolation, Ryumin, who was twitching, disappeared like a mirage.

As Ryumin, who was fine, looked at him with a smile, Kronos rushed towards him.



As his hand touched Ryumin’s head, Kronos smiled in remorse.

[You idiot! You are done!]

I immediately twisted space and time to twist the world line, but strangely there was no response.

He just looks at himself with a still smiling face.

[Uh, what happened?]

[What happened? You were caught.]


Until this time, Kronos was unaware.

What happened to you?

What’s going on.

[Welcome prison. It’s one of Elsis’ functions. The God of Slaughter tells me that there is nothing better than this to filter out traitors.]

[Ji, what are you talking about now?]

[What you see, hear, and feel is all an illusion.]

Were Ryu Min’s remarks shocking?

Kronos said nothing for a while.

They just give me a look that says it’s hard to believe.

[Don’t you believe it? Then how are you going to explain this situation?]

[So I… … Are you saying you’ve been seeing illusions all this time, trapped in a place called illusion prison?]

[Is that so?]

There was a bloody battle with Gaia and Chaos just a little while ago, but it was all fake?

Although it was still difficult to believe, Kronos asked calmly.

[Where did the welcome come from?]

[From the beginning. So, it was before I got on the warp gate in Paradise.]

[what… … ?]

[Actually, I haven’t gone to Drakania, haven’t yet obtained 10 billion Terra, and haven’t met Gaia and Chaos. Same goes for you.]

[…] … .]

[It may seem to you that you have entered a gap in space and time, but in reality, you are not. I’m just seeing illusions because I got caught in the illusion trap I set up in Paradise.]

[I can’t believe it.]

[It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. Because what I wanted was your true feelings. I was wondering if you would really betray me.]

If that is true, then you were rightly wronged.

[Don’t blame yourself too much. I didn’t know either until the God of Slaughter told me to be careful. To be honest, just a little while ago, I wasn’t sure if this was even okay.]

[…] … .]

[But in the end, I did well to do as the God of Slaughter said. Thanks to that, I was able to track down the traitor who was trying to stab me. If it weren’t for God’s advice, what would have happened by now… … Ugh!]

Kronos seemed to be disgusted by the way he was pretending to tremble and shouted loudly.

[Inoooooom! I will kill you!]

[So how are you going to kill me?]

As Ryumin’s eyes flashed, Kronos’ movements stopped.

Just a little while ago, I could move and use my abilities at will, but now I can’t move.

I feel like I’m possessed by a ghost.

[Here, I am the god who installed the illusion prison. You can never escape. You can’t even use the ability to use time that you boasted about. It blocks the opponent’s mental power by imprisoning it.]

[This damned scum of a human being!]

[The way they speak is completely similar. With my father.]


Kronos, unable to hold back his anger, shook his body and went crazy.

However, it is already too late to escape the trap of the advanced system called Elsis.

[after… … Hehehehehe!]

Now it was Kronos who was laughing like a maniac, as if he was going crazy from giving up.

[Hehe, yes. You got hit. I was planning to use you as a hunting dog and then abandon you and live freely as the One God, but now I guess I was wrong. But what is it? Does it change anything just because you knew I would betray you? Chaos and Gaia are alive and well in reality?]

[…] … .]

[You’re not planning on keeping me here forever, are you? Then you are making a big mistake. Because you’re missing the opportunity to kill Chaos and Gaia. You know this because you simulated it with an illusion, right? If you and I join forces, we can easily destroy Chaos and Gaia.]

Kronos, who had calmed his anger, suddenly stretched out his hand.

[Now, let’s hold hands with me. I’m sorry for betraying you, but this problem can be solved by writing a soul contract. I promise not to betray you anymore.]

[…] … .]

[What are you hesitating about? Are you sure you’re not caught up in the stubborn moral notion that you can’t cooperate with a traitor? As you know, the only way to defeat Chaos and Gaia is with my help. There is no other way than for us to hold hands.]

[no. It’s not like there’s no way.]

Ryumin looked at Kronos like a wild beast looking at its prey.

[I just need to absorb you.]


[If I absorb you here and monopolize the power of time, I will be able to eliminate the original gods on my own without having to join hands with a traitor.]

[Don’t be funny! You can’t absorb me. The only way for you to have the power of time is if I hand it over to you myself. And unless you go crazy, there is no reason for me to hand over power to you!]

[I know. So, I said it. I will absorb it.]

[How can you absorb me?]

[I did not know? I have an eternal item that can take away the powers of the gods.]

[…] … what?]

As if he really didn’t know, Kronos couldn’t close his mouth for a while.

[I will kill you and take away your power. Kronos. therefore.]


[Die quietly.]

Ryumin’s scythe cut down Kronos.

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