The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 351

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Episode 351

351. Meeting with Kronos

Dojun Min, who went upstairs briefly, brought someone down.

A handsome man with long hair and glasses.

It may be a symbolic figure, but you cannot tell whether it is Kronos or not based on its appearance alone.

But I could feel it.

Because as soon as I saw him, an unknown energy was shaking.

‘Is this it? A remnant of Kronos’ power that remains in my soul?’

It is definitely a different energy from divine power or Terra.

[I heard a lot. Black Scythe. He is called Cronos, the god of time. As you know, this figure merely embodies a human being.]

“… … .”

[A strange power is seething in your body right now, right? Do not worry. This is just a reaction when the source of power I planted meets a similar power.]

[Rather than standing like this and talking, should we all sit down first?]

Kronos smiled softly and sat down on the sofa with Dojun Min.

As soon as he did that, Min Do-jun’s wife brought out tea, as if she had prepared it.

[Thank you.]

Kronos took it and drank it without hesitation.

Unlike himself, he doesn’t seem to doubt Min Do-jun.

I wasn’t reassured by that sight.

I needed to calm my mind.


When Ryu Min finally drank chamomile tea, Min Do-jun smiled and said.

[Look. I said you would have to drink it.]

“Why is Kronos here?”

[I hid him as he was looking for a place to escape from Gaia’s eyes. If you stay here, you can avoid being recorded in the Akashic Records.]

“But according to Lubuahi, he found out about Dojun Min’s existence through the Akashic Records… … .”

[That’s an old story. I can’t see it right now because it’s blocked. Because watching from another dimension is unpleasant.]

“Then Gaia must have some suspicions as well. “If it’s a place that can’t be found through the Akashic Records, it’s probably limited.”

[Oh, you’re quite dizzy, aren’t you?]

Kronos, who had been listening quietly, let out an exclamation.

[It is as Black Scythe said. My mother suspects that I may have been hiding in this dimension. However, there is no way the God of Massacre would allow him to search the dimension, and there is no clear evidence, so he is not making any moves yet.]

“So you were trying to use me to find out Kronos’ location. “To secure evidence.”

[that’s right. But you won’t need any proof. If you know the exact location, you can get me out in an instant with my father’s help.]

“With the help of Chaos?”

[yes. If you extract the power of time by sacrificing Black Scythe, you can accurately measure the coordinates of someone with the same power. Then, they probably planned to get me out with the help of my father, who is good at space jumping. That’s why her mother will try to hold her father’s hand. Please help me find me.]

The two strongest primordial gods are trying to join hands.

Could there be a more desperate situation than this?

[But don’t worry. If two people hold hands, we can hold hands too.]

“You want to join hands with me?”

[yes. I hope Mr. Ryumin can help me. So that we can destroy Chaos and Gaia.]

Ryumin remained silent at Kronos’ suggestion.

I can’t believe the words of killing his parents came out of his son’s mouth.

In some ways, isn’t that immoral?

“Are you sure you want that? “But they are still parents.”

[parents? It’s disgusting to even call them parents. How can someone who wants to kill their child be called a parent? They are worse than animals.]

Kronos’s eyes trembled, as if he was showing extreme hatred.

[Even so, my father, I never thought that my mother would betray me. Everyone is falling for their power and just trying to use and kill them… … . So, I must kill them first before I get killed. Even if they are parents.]

“Uhm… … .”

It’s not that I don’t understand Kronos’ position.

Because parents aren’t the only ones who are good parents.

‘Even so, would you want to kill me like that? Still, they are parents.’

It was a feeling I couldn’t feel as someone who was desperate for my parents.

“Can’t I just live here? Of course, this is assuming that the God of Massacre allows it.”

[How could that be? I’m so grateful just for hiding it like this. I can’t be indebted to you anymore. and… … .]

Kronos sighed.

[I’m tired of running away now. Now I also want to live proudly.]

“Is there no other way than annihilating it? “What about turning back time with your power?”

[Even so, I can’t change my father and mother’s thoughts. All you have to do is rewind the tape. I will be chased again.]

In the end, the only answer was to destroy it.

‘I want that too.’

Following Chaos, Gaia has been added to the list of revenge seekers, but it’s still good.

If only I could destroy them and return to my original life.

‘Anyway, how can I help?’

I had every intention of helping, but I couldn’t help but worry.

How can we defeat the primordial god?

My own power is too weak to compare to those two.

At the moment, most of the player’s power has been lost.



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As I was pondering in silence, Kronos glanced at me with anxious eyes.

Then, as if he decided that he couldn’t make a decision, he made a suggestion.

[I guess you have to get something in return to actively help, right? If you help me destroy them both, I will grant Black Scythe’s wish.]

“A wish?”

[What Black Scythe wants is to live a normal life, right? If you help me, I will turn back time to a time when angels did not appear. In some ways, this will be the 102nd regression.]

“Does that have any meaning? When the time comes, an angel will appear again, right? Besides, if you turn back time after annihilating them, wouldn’t Chaos and Gaia also be revived?”

[It does not come back to life. No, it becomes something that never existed. If you cut this world line and that world line and connect them.]

“… … World line?”

[Hehe, I think I should first explain the concept of the world line.]

Kronos, who was rubbing his head and smiling smugly, spoke like a teacher teaching his students.

[There is not one world line that Black Scythe is currently walking on. Have you heard of parallel universe?]

“I know that much. “It is a theory that there are infinite other Earths with different histories than the modern Earth.”

[Then the story would be quick. Black Scythe currently belongs to only one of the countless world lines created by parallel universes.]

“… … .”

[I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner. You know that when you regress, you usually go back to the past, right?]

Ryumin nodded.

[Half right and half wrong. It is true that when returning, Black Scythe returns to the past that you know, but it is not the true past. So to speak, it is a copied past.]

“Copied past?”

[In the first round, Black Scythe was killed by a goblin and made his first regression. But we’re not back to the past. It’s just a return to the same copied world line as in the past.]

“… … .”

[In reality, the world in the first episode where Black Scythe died exists somewhere. As a world where Black Scythe died.]

“… … So, the first time I died exists as a parallel world?”

[you’re right. 2nd round, 3rd round, 100th round. It all exists as another world line. Without the existence of Black Scythe.]

“Then who I am now…” … .”

[101st episode. Black Scythe is currently just a being living in the 101st world line. It’s not like we’re going back to the past.]

Was it because he knew the concept of parallel universes?

I vaguely understood the term copied past.

[It is impossible to completely turn back time that has already passed. Even for me, it is impossible to go back in time. That is an immutable law. It just creates countless world lines, like the branches of a tree branching off. The Wish Room, the reward for the final round, is also a similar concept.]

“… … “The wish room?”

[Think about it. If the wishes of everyone who passed were granted, how twisted and complicated the world would become.]

It’s not like Ryu Min hasn’t thought about it either.

Not one but 97 people are making wishes, so how can we apply them all?

Some may want a return, and some may want the death or resurrection of a specific person.

“Then it couldn’t be… … ?”

[Black Scythe is right. The Wish Room is nothing but a creation of each person’s world line.]

“… … .”

[In that world line, some people may be living rich lives, some may have returned to the past, and some may be showing off their abilities as players. In a way, can we say that it is the same as each person dreaming the dream they want?]

Kronos’ theory was reality, but it was not reality, it was an incomprehensible area.

‘So, does that mean Min-ri Min, Seo-rin, and Christine are living with their respective wishes fulfilled? Like a dream we each created?

Ryu Min and himself may or may not be there.

We are just living in another parallel world.

[Do you understand now?]

“I understand now. That everyone lives in their own world line. “The person I am now is not Ryumin from the first world, but Ryumin from the 101st world line.”

[This does not mean that Black Scythe is a fake copy. do not misunderstand. The concept of a parallel universe is not that simple… … .]

“I know. “Then what does it mean to connect the world lines?”

[Currently, in Black Scythe’s world line, 1.8 billion people have died. But what if we create a future without Chaos and Gaia, and then create a new world line and connect it? The population can be maintained and live in a world without Chaos and Gaia.]

“Is that possible?”

[If it wasn’t possible, I wouldn’t have made this suggestion.]

Cut out only the part you want and then connect the world line?

Then you can live in the world you want.

An ideal world.

‘To put it simply, you can select and edit only the parts you want.’

Certainly, if that happens, it will be perfect.

[How is it? Do you feel like helping me now?]

‘I made a contract to kill Chaos anyway, and since our goal is the same, I was planning to help… … .’

Ryumin thought there was no need to say anything.

“All right. Let me help you. But I don’t know what help I can give as I don’t have much power… … .”

[If you don’t have the power, just have it.]


[There is a huge amount of Terra buried in Drakania, right?]


Although it doesn’t have the same power as before, it’s worth a try if you have Terra.

Although it is unknown how much is buried.

[Plus, they say the God of Massacre here can help.]

“The God of Carnage?”

Min Do-jun smiled at Ryu Min’s gaze.

[I will restore all the power you had as a player.]

“I have… … “All power?”


“But it’s impossible because Gaia’s data has already been deleted… … .”

[Gaia may be impossible, but I am not.]

Ryu Min could only make a surprised expression at Min Do-jun’s confident smile.

‘If we restore the existing power and secure all the buried Terra… … .’

Dealing with Chaos and Gaia would not be impossible.

Above all, isn’t Cronus, the god of time, by his side?

[by the way. In order to recover data, you must receive a procedure from me.]

“yes? “A procedure?”

[You have to be a transcendent person like me to bring out the latent data.]


[It means that you can become a stronger being than you are now. Even more than the gods.]

For a moment, he looked puzzled by the sudden words.

Ryu Min’s eyes showed determination.

Is there any reason to refuse something that will make you stronger?

“Then please. “God of slaughter.”

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