The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 342

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Episode 342

342. Episode 101 (6)

Ryumin was surprised when he saw Terra.

‘I only captured two, but absorbed 20 million tera… … .’

I feel a powerful force encroaching on my entire body.

The whole body feels full of vitality.

I also instinctively knew how to use Terra.

‘When using a skill, if you cover it with Terra, the effect will be strengthened.’

The power to track the chaos that tears apart space also comes from Terra.

In other words, if you consume a lot of Terra, you can inflict guaranteed damage to Chaos.

‘This is why we need to collect Terra.’

To inflict significant damage to Chaos, more Terra is needed.

Maybe that’s why I became greedy even though I became wealthy in an instant.

The desire to gain more power and Terra by killing the gods.

However, Ryumin shook his head and shook off the temptation.

‘I will not kill even a sinless god. First, kill only the gods who are helping Chaos.’

I am glad that Terra has increased, but I have no intention of committing merciless slaughter.

Isn’t God also a life?

‘It’s not something I would say, having annihilated the Elyos and Demons.’

After laughing self-deprecatingly, I checked out my new skill.

[Temporary Skill – Master of Air]

-Effect: A passive skill that completely dominates light and air. A variety of physical forces can be exercised.

[Temporary Skill – Hell’s Jailer]

-Effect: This passive skill allows you to control and manage the dungeon Tartarus.

‘Neither of them are bad.’

The level rose to 463, and the stats also increased significantly.

Satisfactory results.

However, the place is too dark to be happy.

There were also people tied up.

‘You’re a human like me, right? ‘You were tortured horribly.’

The man who was tied up and bleeding profusely was a face that Ryu Min had never seen before.

‘At least not the colleagues I was with.’

Ryu Min, who thought he might have been eliminated early because he looked young, flinched for a moment.

It was because I found out his identity by reading his inner thoughts.

‘this person is… … ?’

Ryu Min, who realized that it was not a threat, first cut the string that was tied with a sickle.


The human lying on the floor groaned and barely managed to raise his head.

When he sees Ryu Min, who saved him, he struggles to get up despite the pain.

“Thank you… … For saving me… … .”

“You were a player, right? “It also regressed 100 times.”

Are you surprised by Ryumin’s words?

The eyes of the person who was collapsing came into focus and became alert.

“How did you… … ?”

“I’m a player too. “In some ways, I would say he is your junior.”

“Huh, junior… … ?”

Ryu Min first introduced himself to the person who said he didn’t understand.

“My nickname is Black Scythe. The 7th Cheonma War is approaching, and I am still playing rounds as a player. you are?”

“The name is Kang Han-sik… … . Even the player nickname is the same.”

“Are you Korean?”

“korea? “Where is that country?”

Ryumin soon realized something after reading his thoughts.

That the other person was not the Earthling he knew.

“It seems like the Earth I’m on is different from the Earth over there.”

“How did you know that I returned 100 times?”

Now that things have come to this, Ryu Min decided to speak honestly.

‘There is no harm in revealing a secret to a single soul.’

Even if Chaos were to observe this situation with clairvoyance, he would not be able to read the conversation.

“I have a rune that reads thoughts.”

“Well, is that really true?”

“yes. I found out from the other side of your subconscious that you have regressed 100 times. “You got the time reversal rune, right?”

“That’s right. Hey, maybe you too… … ?”

“yes. “I also got a rune that allows me to regress 100 times.”

“Ah, that’s why I called you a junior.”

“What happened? Mr. Kang Han-sik. Seeing as you’re here, it looks like you’ve passed the final round. Why are you suffering this humiliation? “What happened during this time?”

“Whoa… … That’s a long one… … .”

Kang Han-sik recalled the past with a sigh.

“It was New Year’s Day. “The devil appeared and told me to clear until round 20.”


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“It looks like the guide there was a devil. “We were angels.”

“exactly? What about angels? “Do you really have an angelic personality?”

“It’s no different from the devil.”

“Hehe, for some reason, I thought that would be the case. Still, angels are pretty, but devils are like devils in what they are and what they do.”

Even thinking about it again, it was a strong expression that made me tremble and grind my teeth.

“The game was hell itself. As I listened to the devil explain the first round, I felt afraid even before I caught the goblin. But luckily, I got a great rune and had a chance to overcome the difficulties.”

“You mean the rune of time reversal?”

“exactly. That rune turned me from an ordinary person into an extraordinary being. I thought she was going crazy because she died 100 times, but… … She didn’t give up until the end. “She just believes that her wishes will be granted.”

“So, you passed the final round after 100 regressions?”

“That’s right.”

Ryumin suddenly remembered something.

That the race that loses in the Battle of the Heavenly Demons will have the opportunity to train humans for the next war.

“What year was the Great War of the Heavenly Demon?”

“You mean the final round? “As far as I remember, it was the 6th round.”

The Cheonma Daejeon that Ryu Min will host is the 7th.

‘That means this man is my former rider.’

Since the Elyos won the 5th Heavenly Demon War, the Elyos would have carried out the program in the 6th.

In that case, the anglerfish is correct.

‘But there was a time reversal rune in the program run by the demons?’

That means this isn’t the first attempt to kill Chaos.

‘I guess Gaia designed it so that weapons could be made regardless of whether they were Elyos or Demons.’

What if Ryu Min was selected as a host by a demon rather than an Elyos?

‘If you kill the demon guide, you’ll get a Reaper class advancement item, and if you kill the demon nobles, you’ll get the angel’s blessing buff? But aren’t the Akashic Records in heaven? Then, how do I contact Rubuahi when I’m caught by a demon?’

As I continued to think, this was a question that naturally came to mind.

‘What’s certain is that that person doesn’t know. The existence of Rubuahi and Gaia.’

Even though they made it to the final round, they don’t know about their existence?

In other words, it would be correct to say that there was no opportunity to meet them because they were not fully developed as weapons.

“Mr. Kang Han-sik. Have you ever killed a demon in the process?”

“Devil? How do you kill them? “These are the guys who explode people with just their eyes.”

‘It looks like the demon side’s guides are also being given a chance to kill.’

If he had never killed a demon, Kang Han-sik’s growth would have been very ordinary.

At least in the eyes of the gods.

Ryumin asked some questions at this point.

“Mr. Kang Han-sik, was the 20th round boss a red dragon?”

“exactly. I can’t remember the name because it’s long, but I’m sure. Because he and his teammates barely managed to kill the guy and advance to the final round.”

‘It looks like the content of the round is the same, except that the host is an Elyos and a Demon.’

Ryumin said with a grin.

“Still, I’m jealous. I can’t believe I had a colleague. “I lost one regression because I didn’t have enough people.”

“What do you mean? “You’re throwing away the number of times just because you don’t have enough people?”

“The boss room. “If there are not more than five people entering, they disappear, right?”

“extinction? What do you mean… … .”

The response was that it was the first time ever.

Ryu Min thought it was impossible and asked for more details.

“Was there no limit to the number of people entering the boss room?”

“There was nothing like that.”

“There was no condition that if more than 5 people could not stand, they would disappear?”

“It certainly wasn’t. “Can’t I remember important rounds like round 20?”

I looked into Kang Han-sik’s head to find out whether it was true or not.

‘same. ‘Before I entered the boss room, I was guarded by 100 guardians, and when I got on the platform, I was moved to the boss room.’

But just one thing.

There were differences in entry conditions.

‘There was no limit to 5 people in that system… … .’

Ryumin’s face suddenly looked as if his brain had stopped.

For some reason, I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back.

Didn’t he blow away the 99th episode in vain because of that limitation?

“What happened after that? “Did you pass the final round alone?”

“Oh, we were talking about that. exactly. I was the only one to pass the final round and went to a place called the Wish Room. And I made a wish. “I don’t need your strength or anything, so please erase all my memories of what I experienced in this world.”


“It was so painful. “How can I live alone when images of my dead comrades are flashing in my mind?”

“… … .”

“But they say you can’t erase memories just because you don’t have enough contribution points. Then I asked him if he could make him rich, and he said yes. So she asked me to do it. “I wanted to live comfortably for the rest of my life.”

Ryumin nodded as if he agreed.

Since I’ve regressed 100 times, I probably wanted to rest now.

A faint smile appeared on Kang Han-sik’s lips as if he was remembering that time.

“It was such a great time. You don’t have to worry about being taken away every month, and you have a large amount of money in your bank account. In my 20s, I became what is commonly called a golden spoon. Ah, I don’t know if you know the golden spoon.”

“I know. “It’s an expression we also use.”

“exactly? Anyway, I lived without worrying about money, met a beautiful wife, and had children like rabbits. I lived without regrets. “I was really, really happy even without the power of the system.”

The end of his life was simple.

It was a happy ending as he lived to be over 100 years old and died of old age while watching the jokes of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“It was a noble person. It was a life without regrets. But he didn’t know until he died. I never thought hell would be waiting for me next… … .”

“What happened?”

Kang Han-sik, who was depressed, continued his story after a sigh.

“I was spending my time toiling in the underworld of the underworld, when I heard from the guard that my wife and children were trapped in Tartarus. Then my eyes rolled over. “I don’t know if you know, but Tartarus is a notorious prison.”

“So you came to save your family?”

“That’s right. “There was nothing I could do as an ordinary soul, but I couldn’t just watch.”

What happened next was obvious.

It was a story about how he invaded Tartarus to save his family, but was eventually caught by Erebos, the manager, and was tortured day after day.

“I believed that my family would not touch me if I endured the torture, so I stubbornly endured it. Resolutely bear all your family’s burden! “I felt like I was going to die at any moment, but the reality here was that I couldn’t die.”

“How many years have you been living like that?”

“exactly. “This is the story of what I have experienced so far.”

Ryu Min shook his head and looked back at Kang Han-sik’s life.

Another Earth player, Kang Han-sik.

He gained the ability to regress 100 times like himself, but he grew up normally because he didn’t have the strength to kill demons.

The only wish he made with the wish stone after winning the final round was to be granted by a rich person.

‘To sum it up, it has regressed 100 times, but it has not reached the point where it can be used as a god’s weapon like me. So there was no time to contact Lubuahi.’

He was no different from Ryu Min in that he wanted a normal life.

‘If only I hadn’t killed the angel… … If you didn’t kill the Archangel and grew up just enough to reach the final round… … ‘Would your life have been different?’

Ryumin shook his head as if to clear his thoughts.

It is a meaningless and vain delusion.

Because now it’s too late to turn back.

Above all, looking back on Kang Han-sik’s life, it is difficult to say that he was successful.

Aren’t you living a painful life in a dungeon like this?

His wife and children as well.

“Mr. Kang Han-sik. Do you know where your family is trapped?”

“I know.”

Ryumin said with a smile.

“Please guide me. “It was fate that we met like this, so I will help you get out of it.”

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