The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 341

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Episode 341

341. Episode 101 (5)

‘what? 1,000?’

I heard from Rubuahi that when he is deified for the second time, he will be reborn as a complete god.

Then, you will naturally be able to feel Terra energy and learn how to use it.

‘But the energy I feel is only 1,000.’

No, it’s 1,001.

One just went up.

‘Does it rise naturally?’

It starts with 1,000 and accumulates naturally.

The road ahead was difficult.

‘Well, just because you open a bank account, there’s no way there’s money in it.’

Should I be thankful that at least 1,000 is included?

While I was complaining that I had unreasonable expectations, another message came to mind.

[There is a new Soul Binding quest.]

‘huh? Was there another quest? I heard that killing God is the last thing?’

Ryu Min, who was looking at the contents with a bewildered expression, could not hide his surprise.

‘What kind of quest is this? ‘You’re not kidding, are you?’

I had always acted according to system messages, but this time I couldn’t help but hesitate.

Because it was an order that made you doubt your own eyes.

Then another message appeared on my retina.

[With the completion of the second apotheosis, the function of the Eye of Insight has been opened.]

[You can now identify the weaknesses of all targets with the Eye of Insight.]

‘Fortunately, I have come back to understanding my weaknesses.’

It was like a welcome rain in a drought, heard in the midst of disappointment over the lack of Terra energy.

That wasn’t the only good news.

[From now on, when you kill a god, you can absorb Terra energy.]

[However, the primordial god cannot absorb energy even if killed.]

‘also. Rub’ahi didn’t lie.’

If you kill a god, you can absorb all the Terra it has.

That is the advantage of secondary apotheosis, Rub’ahi said.

Of course, this does not apply to other gods.

It is said that only Ryumin’s spiritual body was designed to absorb energy.

Only then will we be able to eat the gods and become stronger to fight against Chaos.

This was the way to fight Chaos.

‘I was embarrassed because there was less Terra than I expected, but there was no problem. ‘You just have to kill the gods to get it.’

However, I have no intention of killing anyone.

He intended to kill only the gods responsible for the massacre of humans.

‘Shall we first kill Erebos, the servant of Chaos?’

I don’t know the location of Erebos, but it doesn’t mean there is no way.

All you have to do is threaten the captured Nyx with your soul.

* * *

Somewhere deep in the dungeon of Tartarus.

At first glance, it looks like a blacksmith shop with a boiling furnace and various tools, but it is not.

There is no need for weapons or equipment in prison.

This was none other than a torture chamber where prisoners were tied up and tortured.

[Son. Take a look.]

Erebos stabbed the human prisoner with the iron skewer in his hand.

Sigh- Sigh-!

[I’m sure you’ll feel the pain, but you won’t keep your mouth shut, right?]

[I see. It just twitches like a bug?]

[But look.]

Erebos, who had dipped the iron skewer into the flowing lava and removed it, turned to the prisoner.

[If you bring a skewer heated in lava water to human flesh… … .]



[It can cause more extreme pain than just stabbing. look. Can you see the bones melting?]

[It’s true. Haha! It’s so fun. Can I try it too?]

[Okay. Now, try it.]

When Erebos handed over the iron skewer, his son Ether immediately followed suit.

Chii Iik- Chii Iik-!

“Off! “Offuuuuup!”

[Look at this person. Even if I die soon, I won’t scream. Is there such a thing as pride?]

[That’s why this person is special. Would you say there is a taste for conquering? Tsk tsk.]

[Well, if it’s easy, it’s not fun. Giggling.]

The rich man, who was laughing at the prisoner who was on the verge of fainting, proceeded with the torture again.

You may feel like you want to die, but this is a hellish prison that confines the soul.

The reality is that even if you want to die, you cannot.


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[ha ha ha! Let’s see how long you can endure, you bug-like human!]

‘Guy, you’re excited.’

Erebos, who had been watching his son’s torture with satisfaction, turned his head.

‘hmm? What is this signal?’

A signal was sent that someone was trapped in the iron cage he had set up.

[Son. Come back for a moment. Looks like someone got caught in a trap… … .]

[Baby, shall we see if we can endure this?]

Erebos shook his head excitedly, looking at his son who was torturing him in a trance as if he couldn’t hear what he was saying.

‘Would you like to see who got caught in my trap?’

Often there is such a spirit.

A foolish soul who breaks into a prison to take out a prisoner.

Usually, it’s like they were in love with each other before they were alive, or they’re family, etc.

‘They are foolish spirits. There is nothing more precious than your own life.’

To prevent such intruders, traps were set up here and there.

After passing a certain area, the iron bars will come down and trap intruders.

The trap has now been triggered.

‘Hehe, let’s check what kind of stupid soul came in this time… … .’

Erebos, who reached the iron bars, was so surprised that he had no choice but to stop.

[what? You’re a living human, right?]

The human soul can often be seen.

The guy who is torturing me now was also human.

But this is my first time seeing a living human being.

It’s not that it wasn’t, because this was an area where only the dead entered.

[How could a living human be here…? … .]

“You really came here on your own?”

Ryumin, the trapped human, welcomed him with a smile.

It rolled in on its own without me having to look for it.

“Are you Erebos?”

[What is my name… … More than that, you idiot, how do you understand me? no way?]

Erebos’ eyes widened.



Instead of answering, Ryumin prepared Moonlight Island.

Erebos laughed at the sight.

[You idiot. You are now in prison. Even if you try to destroy it, it will burn… … .]

Erebos’ eyes widened as he was about to say it was impossible.

‘Now, wait a minute.’

I instinctively sensed danger due to the incredible energy and jumped away.

That’s scary.


An explosion occurred.

In the aftermath, Erebos was thrown back a dozen meters.

[Keuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … .]

Erebos, who looked up with painful eyes, could not help but believe his eyes.

The iron bars that were thought to never break were ruined.

[No, that’s ridiculous. The iron bars that have been around for 1,800 years… … .]

I heard that it cannot be destroyed unless it is Artaros, the god of battle, but it seems I was wrong.

Jeopuk- Jeopuk-

A monster-like person who broke the iron bars with one blow is walking towards him.

Normally, there would be no reason to be scared of humans, but now the situation is very different.

‘I broke the iron bars made with the divine power of the dead gods. This is impossible unless the same divine power flows.’

That means that even if the other person appears to be human, he or she is still a god.

It also meant that one could harm oneself as a god.

‘How can a human have divine powers…? … .’

It’s hard to believe, but the evidence is clear.

More than anything, the guy is staring at himself.

It doesn’t look like anyone has come to have a conversation.


In the end, Erebos had no choice but to surrender his pride.

“Are you trying to run away?”

Ryumin sneered as he watched Erebos fleeing into the distance.

To think you could run away from yourself.

Isn’t it funny?

‘Even if you jump, it’s within the palm of your hand.’

Since there is a tracking skill, there is no need to rush after it.

Ryumin was leisurely chasing after him, but Erebos was not running away without thinking.


Erebos turned his head at the sudden sound and smiled.

‘Got caught!’

A man was locked in a cage.

This is because they were deliberately lured into a trap.

‘I need to run away quickly before I’m released again.’

Erebos, who thought he had bought time, soon returned to the torture room.

[ether! ether!]

[father? What’s going on?]

Ether stopped torturing his father, who looked urgent.

[An intruder has arrived now! We have to run away quickly!]

[There are iron bars, so what are you worried about?]

[A monster big enough to destroy that iron bar has appeared!]

[madam… … It was fun for a while… … .]

Erebos looked frustrated with his grumbling son.

[This is not the time to procrastinate! You have to run away quickly… … .]

“It’s already too late.”

Erebos was startled by the voice heard from behind.

[Huh, how already?]

“I have the skill to leap through space.”

Being able to use Moonlight Island means being able to use other skills as well.

Escape by blinking was easier than a piece of cake.

[What is this? You’re human, right?]

At that time, Ether stepped forward and looked Ryumin up and down.

[Go, don’t get closer!]

[father. What are you scared of? We are only human.]

[Didn’t you hear what I said? That person now… … !]

For a moment, Erebos stopped talking and thought differently.

‘He is a man who can break down iron bars with one blow. If caught, he might be left frozen to death. but… … .’

There may be a chance only if someone stops it.

‘Because if you have another child, that’s enough.’

Erebos, who was scared, changed his expression.

[Son! Show that uneducated person an example!]

[Do not worry.]

Ether, who smiled confidently at her father, frowned at the human.

[I dare not even dare to throw away a human being, so I ask where this is… … .]

“Are father and son both trash?”

Ryumin, who immediately read the thoughts of the two gods, shook his head.

One was enjoying torturing human souls, and the other was trying to survive by using his son as a shield.

A vein appeared on Ether’s forehead, as if he was very uncomfortable with Ryumin laughing.

[This crazy human bastard. You have to taste the iron skewers to come to your senses… … uh?]

Ether, who was trying to lift the iron skewer, made a foolish expression for a moment.

Strangely, I feel no strength in my arms.

No, I have no feeling at all.

‘weird? Why don’t I have any strength? I was holding it in my hand just now… … uh? ‘That’s my skewer, right?’

Just then, a hand holding a skewer appears on the floor.

The arm is visible, and blood can be seen flowing from the cut side.

Also, your vision tilts backwards and you hit the bottom.

“I even sacrificed my children. What should I do about this? “Is it because you can’t make time?”

Erebos was horrified to see Ryumin cutting off Ether’s arms and neck in an instant.

[this person… … .]

I tried to say something, but there was no time to make a final statement.

Because Ryumin’s scythe mercilessly cut off his head.

[Experience +6,000,000,000]

[Experience points are replaced with 60,000 stat points.]

[Experience +3,000,000,000]

[Experience points are replaced with 30,000 stat points.]

… … … … … …

… … … …

[You have reached level 460!]

[From now on, the amount of stats increased when leveling up increases to 39!]

[The Soul Gauntlet absorbs the souls of slain gods.]

[Soul ‘ether’ has been stored in the gauntlet.]

[Learned the new temporary skill ‘Master of the Air’!]

[Soul ‘Erebos’ has been saved in the gauntlet.]

[Learned the new temporary skill ‘Hell’s Jailer’!]

[Terra is absorbed from the spirit body of the slain god.]

[5,012,039 Terra has been absorbed from the soul ‘ether’.]

[15,075,323 Terra has been absorbed from the soul ‘Erebus’.]

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