The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 343

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Episode 343

343. Episode 101 (7)

Chaos, the god of chaos, has been feeling strange lately.

‘Why can’t I contact my subordinates?’

Nyx, the goddess of night, Erebos, the god of darkness, Ether, the god of air, Moros, the god of destruction, Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance, etc.

There are numerous scenes that suddenly become unavailable.

‘What is going on?’

If you had the back of your head, you would have felt cheap.

‘Gaia, this woman might know something.’

Chaos opened space and found Gaia’s home.

Damn it –

Chaos’ specialty is using space freely.

Even though she couldn’t have known that fact, Gaia was frowning as if she was uncomfortable.

[What are you doing? What’s going on without saying a word?]

[What do I need to say when a husband comes to see his wife?]

[Just state the business briefly.]

I wanted to kill Gaia for openly showing that she was upset, but Chaos couldn’t do that.

It was not because of a sense of moral responsibility that he should not kill his wife, but in reality, Gaia was a being that could not be killed.

Because the power of creation applied not only to creatures but also to oneself.

‘Do you still have any grudges about that incident? ‘You seem like a narrow-minded bitch.’

Chaos knew that fighting would only drain his strength, so he was content to click his tongue.

[Why aren’t you answering? What did you come to do?]

‘Should I kill him?’

The trembling Chaos showed patience for the first time in a while.

You may not know about other gods, but Gaia is a god you cannot touch.

Even Gaia can’t touch herself.

[I have a question and I wanted to know.]

Chaos honestly confessed his doubts to his wife.

The answer that came back was extremely cold.

[How do I know your men are gone?]

[If you are the creator and god of the earth, wouldn’t you be able to understand the movements of all living things?]

[I can’t see through everything.]

My wife turned her head away calmly as she said that, but Chaos knew.

The infinity of Gaia’s power.

‘Pretending to be humble to a subject who has the power of creation.’

Gaia would have been crowned as an absolute god if she had not been a failure because she did not have the power of destruction.

‘Anyway, you’re hiding something.’

I didn’t show it, but my intuition was telling me.

That Gaia has something to do with the disappearance of the gods.

[I get it. I’ll just leave now.]

Chaos folded space and disappeared without asking any more questions.

Gaia’s sigh flowed quietly in a space filled with silence.

* * *

‘Whew, I almost got in big trouble.’

Gaia’s heart sank when Chaos came out of nowhere and questioned her.

‘I thought I would realize it someday, but I never thought it would be this soon… … .’

Although he said he didn’t know, the truth is that he does.

What happened to Chaos’ minions?

‘The existence of the Black Scythe should not be revealed… … .’

The human he designed and raised has even completed the second deification.

They are slaughtering the gods and gathering Terra.

The weapon against Chaos is nearing completion.

‘No, it’s almost complete.’

In that situation, Chaos noticed that his men had disappeared.

Did he smell something?

‘No, fortunately it wasn’t an atmosphere that I noticed. ‘I just saw that he was gone.’

Gaia was relieved inwardly, but only for a moment.

The space opened and an unpleasant face appeared again.

[What’s happening again?]

He asked venomously, but Chaos showed a different reaction than before.

He laughed as if he had secured evidence of his wife’s affair.

[I was wondering if your wife was planning something, was it something like that?]

[What do you mean by suddenly visiting me?]

[Don’t act like a fool. Do you think I don’t know that you touched the boss room settings a while ago?]

Gaia didn’t even show an offended expression.

I had already thought of an excuse for this time.

[What does that mean? You can also change the boss room settings.]

[Why did you change it? Why is there a restriction that more than 5 people can enter the boss room?]


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[Wouldn’t it be easier to catch the boss if there were 5 people? So I changed it.]

[Even so, you changed it without telling me? And that while the round is in progress?]

So far, Gaia has never touched the design of an already created program.

It was natural for Chaos to look at him with suspicion.

Gaia still maintained her displeased expression.

[There is no reason for me to report to you, is there? I just fixed it because it came to mind, why is that happening?]

[There’s never been anything like this before, right?]

[That’s because there wasn’t anything to fix so far. Now, I thought of something to fix, so I fixed it.]


[I beg your pardon?]

[This kind of reaction is suspicious.]

Chaos stared at Gaia like a detective interrogating a suspect.

[You always treated me rationally and without emotion. But now you’re uncharacteristically excited. Just like when I broke up with my son.]

[Why don’t you talk about that? Because I feel dirty.]

[Look at this. You were excited.]

[Don’t force yourself.]

[It’s not unreasonable. It’s not an overreaction. Are you afraid that I don’t even know my wife’s personality?]

Chaos’s eyes shone brightly.

[Are you planning something without me knowing?]

[Ha, I have nothing more to say. If you’re going to talk nonsense, will you please leave?]

[I’m going to block the conversation because I think I’ll get caught? Well, okay. I can roughly guess what they are planning.]

Chaos smiled and turned around.

[I assure you, things will not go the way you think.]

[…] … .]

Gaia could not bear to catch Chaos as he opened the space and left.

The very act of catching him was like admitting that there was a plan.

‘What do we do? how should… … .’

Chaos is starting to take interest in otherworldly systems.

If left like this, it was only a matter of time before the presence of the black scythe was noticed.

[ha… … The black scythe should hold up well.]

It was the worst situation that made me sigh.

* * *

Ryu Min freed not only Kang Han-sik’s family but also other human souls who were in prison.

However, not everything was released.

By using the Time of Destruction skill to identify evil hearts, only good souls were released.

It wasn’t that difficult because he had killed Erebos and had become the de facto ruler of Tartarus.

‘I can’t believe so many people were suffering.’

They were all innocent souls.

They were poor souls who were imprisoned and tortured simply because they offended the gods or were human.

-Erebos. How many guards are there in Tartarus?

-… … .

-If I don’t say anything, it will be destroyed?

-There are about thirty people.

Through conversations with Erebos, who became a spirit, Ryumin was able to find the gods who participated in the torture.

And I killed it as soon as I saw it.

I am determined not to spare even a single person.

A few people noticed and tried to run away, but they were unable to escape from the hands of Ryumin, who could already control Tartarus at will.

‘I killed all the gods of Tartarus.’

After completing the hunt for the gods, a huge amount of Terra, 170 million, was accumulated.

Obtaining thirty temporary skills was a bonus.

‘Now that it’s like this, I’ll have to shoot for 200 million.’

Ryumin, who released the human souls, returned after locking the gates of Tartarus to prevent anyone from entering.

And with the help of Sitri, he visited heaven again.

It was to obtain information about other gods from Rubuahi.

“I want to know the location of Chaos’ followers.”

[Before that, I have some bad news.]


[Chaos has noticed your presence.]

For a moment, Ryumin’s eyebrows twitched.

Well, I expected this to happen.

“I thought you moved as quietly as possible, but did you notice in the end?”

[He was unable to contact his subordinates and even the other gods disappeared, so he should have been suspicious.]

“But there’s no proof that I did it, right?”

[There is no physical evidence, but there is bound to be a feeling. Wouldn’t you consider it suspicious just by looking at the level?]

Ryumin’s current level is 635.

It was an unbelievable growth compared to other players who couldn’t even reach 99.

Although it was a good situation to be suspected of exceeding the maximum level.

“So, he’s watching me?”

[yes. Gaia has warned you to be careful because all attention is on you. Stop killing gods for the time being… … .]

“I can’t help it.”

Now all that remains is 20 rounds and the final round.

Like the previous episode, there is a high possibility that Chaos will appear and try to destroy himself and his allies.

‘are you okay. In preparation for this time, you have thought of the next best solution, right? The levels of my colleagues were intentionally set so that they were not at max level.’

In the meantime, Ryu Min has managed his colleagues to receive less experience points.

Because of this, even before the 20th round, my colleagues were unable to reach full level.

Strictly speaking, I am level 98, so I only have 1 level left.

‘In my last life, I reached max level before the 20th round, but that shouldn’t be the case anymore.’

The reason I didn’t make my companions max level was because of the invincibility effect.

It was a preparedness plan that took into account the worst-case scenario that chaos might appear.

‘I’ve distributed points to my colleagues, so if I have the chance, I’ll be able to reach max level and become invincible.’

As of the end of round 19, there are 96 colleagues remaining.

As we tried to save more people, the number increased by 24 compared to the previous episode.

Among them are Ma Gyeong-rok and Ahn Sang-cheol, and Heo Tae-seok is also alive and not dead.

Now you have to survive through 20 rounds with these 96 people until the final round.

‘This time we will definitely save everyone.’

Ryumin, who had made up his mind, looked at Rubuahi.

“So, now that Chaos has noticed, are we going to take the next best option as planned?”

[That’s right. You know what to wish for without even having to say it, right?]

“know. But what if I kill Chaos before he gets to the wish room?”

[That will be difficult. We can’t fight Chaos with less than 200 million Terra. This is not enough to track Chaos’ spatial leap.]

“How much do you need it?”

[At least 10 billion won is needed.]

Ryumin sighed at the absurd shame.

“It sounds like you are telling them to kill all the gods.”

[But you probably don’t want to do that, right?]

Ryumin nodded wordlessly.

I don’t want to kill innocent gods just to get Terra.

“So what should I do now?”

[I already told you how.]

“You mean the next best thing?”

Ryumin asked Lubuahi a while ago.

What if something goes wrong and Chaos tries to stop him?

If you don’t have enough strength to deal with Chaos, how can you deal with him?

In case that happens, the plan Rubuahi mentioned was the next best option.

“Can’t we help it?”

[I can’t help it.]

“Let’s try against Chaos first, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll use the next best solution.”

[Please do so.]

Afterwards, Ryu Min returned to reality and gave the order to convene the Four Gods.

To plan a strategy against Chaos.

* * *

“Is it here?”

“What is the boss room?”

In front of the long-awaited 20th round boss room.

Except for Ryu Min, the 96 colleagues could not help but feel nervous ahead of the boss room.

Because I heard in detail what happens in the boss room.

‘In the previous episode, even I couldn’t tell you because I didn’t have any information. but.’

Now I know what happens because I have experienced it.

I also understood most of Chaos’ abilities.

Thanks to that, I was able to fully prepare.

“egg plant.”

Ryumin went up first, and the people followed him.

[At least five players are required to open the boss room.]

[97 players have been confirmed to have accessed the boss room.]

[The entry conditions have been met.]

[Boss room opens.]


The boss room opened and a dark interior was revealed.

When everyone went inside, the private quest changed to public and the red dragon Karmyugas appeared.

It was just as Ryumin had predicted.


Just shout for a moment.

The dragon died in vain from Ryumin’s scythe.

No one was happy to see the dragon that fell down.

Because I’ve already heard that this isn’t the end.

Because I know that there is a real boss.


Huge wings flapped along with a bright light.

‘We meet again.’

In this episode, we meet for the first time, but a familiar opponent, Artaros, is looking down at the humans with indifferent eyes.

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